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Video Lude?

A video interlude. This is not a reference to the erstwhile practice of humans taking horse tranquilizers called, “Quaaludes.” Shortened to “ludes” as those two-syllable words can really hit the drugged out pretty hard. I think it might be a sedative and hypnotic nonbarbiturate drug C16H14N2O that is habit-forming, but I don’t exactly remember.

Drugs are bad. Don’t do drugs.

Okay, tonight I have a mishmash. An olio. A potpourri, if you will.

I think this is the biggest waste of a doubleneck in history. The drummer is hitting as if his sticks are brittle and irreplaceable. Also, the bird singing looks like JLT.

JLT Bird and the Wasted Doubleneck

Now. Lip-synching on Playboy After Dark. Deep Purple played live when they were on Playboy After Dark. Remember, that song Hush? Much more complex than Iron Butterfly. Somehow Deep Purple played live, didn’t they, then? I’m just asking, that’s all.

Just lip-synching on Playboy After Dark. Good dancing though.

Finally, I’ve been having recurring nightmares about being married to Edgar Winter. His albino looks are fine with me, it’s just he hogs all the instruments. Drummer Chuck Ruff should close his mouth more, but he sure plays drums well. Oh, and that’s Rick Derringer on guitar, not Ron Montrose. Dan Hartman (RIP) is on bass.

The Edgar Winter Group.

So, maybe there will be a Rod Evans update next time.



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