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Sound clips after all

Edel gave us permission to link to three sound clips from ROTD today. We also got permission to publish the lyrics. Check out our updated ROTD special!

10 Comments to “Sound clips after all”:

  1. 1
    Charles Pivonka says:

    Yowee! I already pre-ordered the album from Amazon (through THS,of course),but the suspense is killing me.I’m really glad to hear these clips.I’ll admit,I was not that thrilled with Bananas,and when I heard that this album would be heavier than Bananas,I wondered if this was a deliberate step in that direction, like Abandon (which I was slightly disappointed with,as well).I hope these clips are representative of the album as a whole.Veteran bands have a habit of comparing their latest album to their most famous album,only to disappoint the fans with another trend-chasing bit of pandering.To me,these clips sound more like the Deep Purple of the 1970s than any since Steve Morse joined the band.

  2. 2
    Svante says:

    Is it really the bands that compare their latest records to their classic output? I think journalists and even fans do that even more. Personally I think it’s impossible to compare say ROTD to “Machine Head”. Two different bands, two different times.

  3. 3
    Charles Pivonka says:

    I first heard Machine Head in November of 1986.I immediately set about trying to convert all my friends to the Deep Purple cause,inhaling any Deep Purple product I could.Less than six months later,The House of Blue Light came into my possession,at the same time as a press blitz by the band.I was dismayed to hear the band repeatedly and favorably compare this album to Machine Head.I know,this album has its defenders;I’m not trying to insult or offend anybody,least of all the band.In all fairness to the band,the press must ask the band countless times a year how their newest album compares to Machine Head.Of course,they’re not going to say “it’s not nearly as good a sthat”.Actually, I’m spending a little too much time on this point,as it’s giving the wrong impression;after hearing the clips,I really want to hear this album.

  4. 4
    Milan says:

    Cheers for that! Most of all for the lyrics(most of all Rapture Of The Deep and Before Time Began).

    Someone at the Purple forum transcribed the lyrics for MTV, maybe you can secretly link to it? 😉

  5. 5
    -Marko- says:


  6. 6
    Marcelo Soares says:

    One can’t compare current Deep Purple to the “Silver Age” Deep Purple, except very punctually. When Blackmore left the band, I decided to leave it too, so I didn’t buy Purpendicular. When Abandon came out and I read on the old deep-purple.com that the new Purple record had a version of “Bludsucker”, I ran to buy it. I could compare Blackmore and Morse, and I’m glad to say Steve caught my appreciation. The overall sound is quite different, but I needed that single point of comparison to know whether to follow or not.

    About ROTD: the lyrics are great. Gillan brain at its best.

  7. 7
    Milan says:

    I also might draw everybody´s attention to this site:


    If you´re REALLY curious and absolutly can´t wait you might click on the files with “fl.ram” on them… 😉

  8. 8
    Milan says:

    Alternatively you can find soundfiles(Real Media) for all songs(except Junkyard Blues, MTV is not even listed)

    via this link:


  9. 9
    Andrzej Janiak says:

    I agree it is difficult to compare ROTD with Machine Head or Fireball or any other albums form the past.

    But if you look at all this maintaining a distance, if you take into account that the sound is different, that the muscial background of the guitarist is different and more importantly if you take into account the qulality of music, the lyrics and instrumental parts, I claim it is possible to make a comparison.

    Of course I will not say ROTD is similar to this or that album – it makes no sense. But as far as the qulaity is concerned it is one of the best purple albums. As good as Perfect Strangers.

    As for the lyrics, yes, just amazing

    I was literally blown away by Before Time Began

    well done Ian.

  10. 10
    Chris Hayward says:

    I have just listend to the soundbites on the edel site and apart from the last track they all sound good. I have also pre ordered the album and can’t wait to hear it properly.

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