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Deep Purple live at Starlight Theatre (Kansas City, USA 2018-09-18)

Wonderful show in Kansas City on a beautiful Tuesday night! First group The Temperance Movement was energetic and sounded quite good, then Judas Priest hit the stage…LOUD LOUD LOUDER.. the first half of their set was newer stuff but went over well with their base fans but the second portion including the big US hits and the Harley making an appearance on stage really rocked the house!! As with previous double bill gigs I didn’t notice anyone leaving before DP hit the stage and for good reason! They came out with a scorching Highway Star and never slowed down..the setlist remains the same as in previous shows. Sometimes the energy level falls off drastically after the opening song but Pictures of Home is the perfect tune to keep it rolling and SIFLS fits in just right later in the set. The newer backdrop was a nice added touch over last years tour, the band seemed much more relaxed than last year with Alice Cooper, not rushing thru the setlist, performing every tune with true perfection!! Lots of gray hairs in the crowd but many younger fans too, just a few comments heard after the gig..”they were awesome I didn’t think they could top JP but WOW…they never stopped playing they just kept on with no breaks between songs…best show I’ve seen in years…they are all really good but that keyboard guy was so good…(and my favorite) so much more depth and texture to their music”. The motel lobby was still buzzing about the gig at breakfast in the morning..haha..we met lots of fans from all over the Midwest. All in all another great show, my 10th and my wife’s 6th. If you ever get a chance to see a concert at the Starlight Theater try to make it, what a clean and friendly environment and not a bad seat in the house! Thank you Deep Purple and I hope to see you again at least once! As Gillan says ..Take it easy, we love ya, bye bye!!!!

review by stoffer

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