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Lärmbrei im Kiel

Zuerst: Tolle Leistung der Band. Leider nicht eine Ballade. Dafür reichlich Klassiker.
Schade: Die Tontechniker waren nicht in der Lage, die schlechte Akkustik der Halle auszugleichen. So kam beim Publikum eigentlich nur ein Lärmbrei an. Zeitweise waren die Verzerrungen und Überlagerungen so stark, dass man glaubte, Steve hätte das Gitarrespielen verlernt.
Liebe Band: deshalb war das Publikum auch so zurückhaltend: es war leider kein Genuss! 5 dB leiser und es hätte so schön sein können…

5 Comments to “Lärmbrei im Kiel”:

  1. 1
    Blackmorse says:

    Yes, it was VERY loud. I was up front where the sound is always dominated by either Roger (very loud) or Steve (extremely loud!!!), but I noticed that even for a DP concert is was too much. People seemed restrained as Thomas notes. Steve seemed tired and almost had a quarrel with Don during KAYBD….that was fun to watch! Don was in very good form and I have never heard him more agressive and with such a MiJish sound. Great stuff. Ian, Ian and Roger were in good shape and did their best.
    I got to meet them afterwards and they signed cd- and LP-covers (yes, I stiil have ´em…the LPs, that is. All true gentlemen and all smiles. Kiel defenitely did it for me.

  2. 2
    Karl-Heinz says:

    I made a different review – here (pdf)


  3. 3
    blackmorse says:

    Karl Heinz:
    Great and very thorough review. My German is somewhat rusty, but to my understanding you are not the biggest fan of Don and Steve.
    Steve is my hero so I am subjective as well and Don is getting better and better soundwise and in his new “attacking” style on the Hammond. Synthezisers are ok with me and Jon did dabble a lot with them since 1974, so that´s fine with.

  4. 4
    Karl-Heinz says:

    To blackmorse:
    I think Don is the best replacement for the maestro Mr. Lord. He’s is a great choice, and I like his playing in DP concerts. Only this time I think we was very tired and uninterested, and the sound of his new Hammond is not as good as the old one, and he uses synthesizer much heavier than before. On the 2006 tour he was fantastic, this time not.
    Steve is a great guitar player, but much more a technical player than a moody, soulfoul player. I thinks he overacted a lot with his “alernate picking” , especially in the old songs and in SIFLS. BUT – I accept him as the current DP banjo-player, and think he is good for the band. Much better, than a returning Blackmore. He should play a little bit heavier, as he did on the “Living Loud” CD’s. I’m sure he can do more as picking. But he donÄt want to play different.
    Kiel was not bad, but I saw better concerts with them – but I was satisfied. I hope this helps.

  5. 5
    blackmorse says:

    This sure helps!
    I didn´t know that Don had a new Hammond. It sounds great to me, but again, I was up front where teh sound is very different. I had to use my earplugs after the first song, so it was too loud. According to Steve I am happy that you think he is able to play differently, which his Magna Carta CDs shows.
    Again, I was in awe that I met them afterwards and I don´t know what I would have thought of the gig if I hadn´t…

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