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Indonesian beer band in Holland

At the age of 12, I got the albums 24 Carat, In Rock and Machine Head on vinyl from the guys at my mother’s ballroom dance hall. In the meantime Maiden, Priest and Saxon found their way to the public and to me.

I’m still a music fan in all these years, gonna play a little bit guitar, I had played in a band on vocal – still local… and then I became a roadie for The Bintangs (so called ‘Dutch Rolling Stones’ established 1961)

On June 19 2007 we get the van from Haarlem (the orginal name of Harlem, USA), get the amps and other equipment and went on the road again to Hellendoorn.

We see a little of the soundcheck of Deep Purple. Amazing in 10 minutes but without members of the band. After that we get the equipment on stage.

The Bintangs played their ‘smog rock’ straight into the air. Great gig. After good food backstage and a great Y&T, Purple find their feet and music on stage.

All you Purple fans, in one word: Great. Keep them alive!

Rock and roll!

With kind regards
Jur Kehl (crew The Bintangs, www.bintangs.nl)

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