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Tremendous return after 30 years

Just to add my two-pennorth….

Looking at reviews of other gigs each side of Sheffield on 2 May, it sounds like it was a similar set throughout the tour – but so good!

I haven’t seen Purple for about 30 years and was sort of dreading it – but they were fantastic – I’ve really got to say thanks for a tremendous evening.

Steve Morse and Don, picking up what others have said, could have been in the band forever. Don’s keyboard in particular sent shivers through me (close your eyes and the richness of the sound goes right through you – absolutely timeless); and Steve is just his own man, the newer stuff sounding right up there.

Ian G. also seemed to be really enjoying himself – huge grins all night long – same went for the rest of the band, it was great to see themselves so obviously having fun performing. OK so they have a few years on one or two of the Styx ‘show’, but still turn it on with the best of them.

The Arena here is a bit cavernous, but the sound was clear and fine. The key is to get standing tickets – heaven knows what it must be like to listen to Purple and have to stay seated!

Great stuff, see you again next time (next year?!) – please in Sheffield!

Richard, Sheffield

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