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Vocal cord worries

I had been at DP in Bratislava last fall and comparing that gig with last Saturday, I must say that is was pretty much alike.. .just a few changes in the setlist (only Wrong Man from RoTD) with the band performing superbly again.

The venue was almost packed and plenty of teenagers/youngsters chanting and enjoying all the songs. It is great to see more and more new generations around not only grey-hair buddies like myself.

The music was great but even greater was the guy’s attitude onstage… It is clear that they are genuinely enjoying themselves while performing which positively impact the outcome of the performance… It was also great that the first four songs (Pictures of Home, Things I never said, Into the fire and Strange Kind of Woman) went non-stop one after the other like if a DJ should have hooked them up… It was really a pleasant surprise…

In the review I sent after the concert in Bratislava, I finished it stating Long Live DP and after last saturday I am convinced that this will depend on Ian’s vocal cords… He needed to clear his throat a couple of times and in some parts he simply stopped singing to catch up with the band a few seconds later. Surprisingly and pleasantly after every throat-clearing, he came back at full blast.

img_7219_th.jpgDefinitely Steve Morse earned his place in the band history leaving well behind him all previous guitarrists, great performer! IP and RG are like the good wine, the older they get, the better they play. Simply fantastic! Don is complementing the band correctly but still (in my very humble view) makes me miss Jon Lord, a little bit.

In short, another unforgettable DP musical evening and hope and wish it could be repeated soon.

Long Live DP

Enrique Cotado

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