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Refund, please – Melbourne

Never did I think I had to write this. Since 1968 in my youth days, I have been a fan of DP. We are all around the 60 years of age, and I have been to every concert after that here in Australia.

However, after the concert in Melbourne with Status Quo, I have to call for Ian to hang up his microphone. Totally out of tune for the first three numbers, and not really good enough for the rest of the concert! I ought to get my ticket money back for such a dismal concert.

Thankfully, Steve and Don saved the night! The best band in the world in my books for such many years, but the time has come for Ian to bow out gracefully before being thrown out.

And somebody ought to set up the other Ian’s drums a little better for the rest of the tour. Terrible sound, not what one has been used to over the years. Ian P. is one of the best, and still is, but the actual drum sound was dreadful.

I write this as some constructive criticism and hope next time down here all will be corrected.

Tony Lindhard

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