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Massive smiles all around – London

Right from the off, you could feel that they were going to do the business. Massive smiles all round and a palpable sense of
excitement…what were we going to get?

Now, Pictures Of Home sold me a dummy-I thought that, after using Silver Tongue as an opener on the last tour, that we might get something off the new album and initially feared that we weren’t in for anything new in terms of the way the set list had been put together.

All doubts cast aside as they do a Rapture era track (Things I Never Said) that didn’t even come out in Europe! From there on, I was steamrollered. Every single song notched up the excitement, reaching a crescendo with the back to back classics for the newer fans and still managing to sneak a newie in on the encore.

Everything I’ve seen so far, every comment, every review is talking about a band renewed, refreshed and pushing forward rather than standing still. If the set list remains this current (dare I say it would be nice to here Cascades again ?! Oh, I just did) then there’s going to be a lot more positive reviews and a lot of satisfied fans across Europe as this tour thunders on.

If you are in any doubt or had dismissed this tour after the recent years of classics-inspired set lists, get onto ebay, visit your tout or ticket agent, do whatever you can.

Possibly the most surprising and positive show I’ve ever seen by the band. I’m just checking to see what time I can get off to see the German dates…. pure magic.


(who thought the show was ok).

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