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Only Rog can rock him


Roger Glover and Joe Lynn Turner are among the guest musicians on Michael Schenker’s new album of UFO remakes. It is called My Years with UFO and is due to be released on September 20, 2024, via earMUSIC.

Track listing
  1. Natural Thing (feat. Dee Snider, Joel Hoekstra)
  2. Only You Can Rock Me (feat. Joey Tempest, Roger Glover)
  3. Doctor, Doctor (feat. Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice)
  4. Mother Mary (feat. Slash, Erik Grönwall)
  5. This Kids (feat. Biff Byford)
  6. Love To Love (feat. Axl Rose)
  7. Lights Out (feat. Jeff Scott Soto, John Norum)
  8. Rock Bottom (feat. Kai Hansen)
  9. Too Hot To Handle (feat. Joe Lynn Turner, Adrian Vandenberg, Carmine Appice)
  10. Let It Roll (feat. Michael Voss)
  11. Shoot, Shoot (feat. Stephen Pearcy)

The “house band” includes Derek Sherinian on keys, Brian Tichy on drums, and Barry Sparks on bass.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

5 Comments to “Only Rog can rock him”:

  1. 1
    Gregster says:


    There’ll be heavy-petting for many as they await this release…Good stuff, I hope it sounds great & sells well…

    Could serve as a greatest-hits with special guests release for both UFO & Michael.

    And if anyone is interested, you can grab the full 5-disc boxed-set of the original releases featuring Michael on the “Original Album Series” released from around 10-years ago.


    Peace !

  2. 2
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Schenker is a very gifted guitarist, both on lead and rhythm (Uli Roth is more just the lead type), also a tuneful songwriter, but, Himmel!, ziss looks like anozzer öne of heeze möre tacky pröjects … His discography is filled to the brim with releases like that. Years later, in interviews, he then regularly disowns them and says he had nothing to do with them being released under his name.

    Of course I’m guilty myself for stuff like this being released, my completist urge will lead me to buy this thing, but so far I never lost any sleep because I did not yet own a recording of Dee Snider bellowing Natural Thing or Axl Rose shrieking through Love To Love. Phil Mogg was in many ways a singer comparable to Phil Lynott or Ian Hunter, lacking a voice with a real hard rock range, the charm of UFO was more often than not how he used his voice to work around its inherent limits, eschewing any histrionics. That – in combination with Schenkers very tasteful playing – made UFO special.

    My favorite UFO album is actually No Heavy Petting, strange choice I know, but I loved what ex-Heavy Metal Kids Danny Peyronel brought to the band, both in terms of songwriting and his piano playing.



    Schenker eventually deemed it getting in the way of his guitar playing, he just wanted a little keyboards really (which is why he would have never worked as a Ritchie replacement for Purple, multifold personal issues aside). But to me No Heavy Petting stands head, dandruff & shoulders over previous and subsequent UFO studio releases. Peyronel gave the music edgy rock’n’roll excitement, a bit of Mott the Hoople mayhem.

    (Just listen to Peyronel’s blistering piano solo at 02:40!)

    That’s one band I really regret never seeing – UFO in their prime with Schenker (I’ve seen him with the Scorpions on the ill-fated Lovedrive Tour with ze Scörps – he stood forlorn and bewildered on stage like he didn’t belong – and solo of course in later years). In the mid to late 70ies they were deemed as a really hot live attraction and true people’s band in Germany. Concert goers would rave about their gigs.

  3. 3
    MacGregor says:

    I do remember some of the 1970’s albums of UFO. No Heavy Petting was one album I didn’t mind hearing at a friends house back then. It didn’t lure me to purchase it though, but they obviously were a good band as such. I never pursued them after that later 70’s period, however I did hear their 80’s music through different people that had a few albums.. Phenomenon was another album from memory that a friend owned, from the late 70’s. I still remember the Doctor Doctor song, who doesn’t. Very good musicians flowed through that band at times. Cheers.

  4. 4
    Gregster says:


    All of the UFO albums offer something that clearly reveals a theme / movement in a new direction musically. I guess that’s also another aspect of a producer per-se, to extract the best that the compliment has to offer.

    I’m glad that Roger & JLT contributed to this effort.

    As a side-note, Queen “have” officially sold their music enterprise per-se for 1.2-Billion US-of-A dollars…

    And Herr Uwe said…

    qt.”Phil Mogg was in many ways a singer comparable to Phil Lynott or Ian Hunter, lacking a voice with a real hard rock range, the charm of UFO was more often than not how he used his voice to work around its inherent limits, eschewing any histrionics”.

    * I disagree almost completely…He had / has a great voice, but lacked in the art of melody-making…And often a similar melody-line or selection of notes in a phrase would often repeat itself song-for-song, album for album. He liked bouncing off the Maj-3rd to the perfect 4th & back to accentuate a high-point in the delivery, both musically & lyrically. You’ll hear this especially with the 1970’s albums with Michael, take your pick.

    Peace !

  5. 5
    Uwe Hornung says:

    We don’t disagree, Mogg wasn’t a sophisticated singer or a great melodicist (as Schenken has repeatedly sighed about), but he worked extremely well within his limits and did not attempt to do things he couldn’t do. Since when were Ian Hunter and Phil Lynott, the people I compared him to, great at melody singing? Hunter tended to be flat and only sketched notes roughly, Lynott sang-talked over the music often (and charmingly so). Mogg had a masculine and very natural voice, less high-pitched than the majority of 70ies hard-rock singers. But it worked beautifully while a lot of MSG singers sounded twee with Michael (Assault Attack being my personal exception), Schenker himself once said that perhaps the magic between him and Mogg was the fact that he (Michael) was the Übermelodiker while Mogg was more down-to-earth in his approach, it made for a nice contrast.

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