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Danish treasures

Fan-filmed super8 footage has come to light from Deep Purple’s 1975 show in Copenhagen. Filmed at Brøndby Hallen on March 20, 1975 by Lars Kroman, the silent and fragmented film lasts nearly 10 minutes.

At first it shows the band filmed from the audience in front of the stage. Later and more interestingly, the camera has moved to an excellent vantage point behind the stage showing exciting views of Jon Lord and Ian Paice with the crowd in the background.

Now, we just need someone to sync it up to the bootleg from the show…

32 Comments to “Danish treasures”:

  1. 1
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Jon was at his sartorial high point towards the end of Mk III! And someone had even given Glenn a shirt to wear plus he was back to playing his beloved Fender Precision after his excursion with the Rickenbacker 4001.

  2. 2
    dpmuc72 says:

    Great footage !

  3. 3
    BreisHeim says:


  4. 4
    Andy says:

    Aww, c’mon. Silent Deep Purple? 🙂

  5. 5
    MacGregor says:

    As long as the audio of the same concert if available & can be synced to the video clips from that concert it could be good. There is nothing worse than different concert audio & footage being synced together in a sad attempt to make out it is a ‘genuine’ live performance. Here’s hoping. Cheers.

  6. 6
    Purpledaniel says:



  7. 7
    Gregster says:

    Yo, that is great footage, thanks for sharing ! I have a number of Queen film DVD’s of similar quality, but with the music too, & they are great to watch from time-to-time.
    I wonder if the footage has been spliced together from a few show perhaps ??? I say this based on the all-natural Stratocaster with maple-fret-board RB is playing at the beginning, & then we see him with the Olympic-white with rosewood fret-board Stratocaster, only to revert back again…( I only had time for a few minutes viewing ).

  8. 8
    MacGregor says:

    @ 6 Purpledaniel – thanks for the link, good to hear Gypsy, a favourite of mine from Stormbringer. I have checked out some audio over the years of this era of DP, but I don’t recall this one. I always owned the old album Made in Europe, a pity it was bits & pieces in a way however I still cherish it because it is the only ‘decent’ live audio from this band it seems, at least that I am aware of. Cheers

  9. 9
    MacGregor says:

    Call me a cynic & a skeptic, anything you like, but I have no doubt one of the reasons the Made In Europe album was edited that way was to rub out both Coverdale & Hughes dreadful vocal banter in between songs & also Georgia On My Mind & possibly even Highway Star etc. Speaking of which I will NEVER EVER listen to Coverdale or Hughes butcher that classic. I did enjoy hearing Gypsy on the Copenhagen concert though & also a few other takes on the Burn album & also other Stormbringer songs. We can hear on that concert Blackmore messing about much more, meaning he is bored with it all. Not to worry, I did see a Rainbow Rising & wasn’t it grand indeed! Cheers.

  10. 10
    purpledaniel says:

    @8&9 MacGregor

    I basically agree with the statement that (contrary to MKII), MKIII never reached the highs of their studio albums. Basically, I think that Coverdale and HUghes could not sing in such a high register for a full show-not so say full tour. Even the “legendary’ Live in London 74 recording is raher good, but not that great IMO. Not at least to be compared to MIJ.
    I would recommend the Zonic Zoom 2004 edition of Live in Paris though. It has avery good mix (much better than the Final Concerts and LAter Edel re-release), which makes a very interesting listen. And if you can bear with bootlegs (subpar sound, weird edits), listen to the Milwaukee 74 show on YT-now that is MKIII live.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpdvU0VmHjM&t=713s .

  11. 11
    Gregster says:

    @Macgregor…We hear you Sir, & I mostly agree with what you say too…But all things considered, time heals a little of the anxt, & should you ever acquire some of ( what I think awesome & much needed ) “Deep Purple ( overseas ) Live Series” of concerts, some much needed truths reveal themselves, in that there’s some sloppy playing, missed cues, out-of-tune instrumentation & singing etc etc from almost everyone in the Mk-III line-up, except for Ian Paice of course !!! This is why Made in Europe was mostly put together the way it was…(That said, the same series blesses us with a superb Mk-IV performance, that buries the “Last Concert in Japan” with flowers & all, & grants most of us a beautiful & rare Mk-II 1971 Fireball tour concert)…

  12. 12
    Janbl says:

    An unknown band, ELF, was support that day.

  13. 13
    Uwe Hornung says:

    All Purple line ups had duff and brilliant gigs and why shouldn’t they have. Mk III weren’t exactly adept at playing Mk II material though, SOTW being pretty much the exception. But then their live set was built around their own material, Highway Star and Space Trucking always sounded a bit throwaway and underrehearsed to me, ‘yeah, we’ll do those too’.

    It’s no secret that neither Glenn nor David were Mk II fans, neither of them had owned a Purple record before they joined or gone to a gig (except when David opened with The Government for Mk I at one time). Both, coming from the Midlands and the North, were entrenched in ‘blacker’ types of music – and to be fair: that is what got them their job at the behest of Ritchie in the new line-up as he wanted Purple to beome more Free’ish. He would come to regret that decision of course, but it was initially his and his alone.

  14. 14
    Coverdian says:

    Guys looked, especially DC, simply great in middle seventies! Cobenhagen gig as one of “warm-ups” for centerEuropean concerts,which resulted as Made In Europe.
    And one more wish:
    we have Graz gig, Paris gig,and what about all Saarbrucken gig,which was brilliant.
    PS: This silent film is rather spooky, love it, hehe.

  15. 15
    Fernando Azevedo says:

    Even without audio this band is wonderful!!!

  16. 16
    Matz Lagnefors says:

    As far as I know. It’s from Copenhagen 1973 and 1975. Been in my vault for years.

  17. 17
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Critics would say that DP is actually best enjoyed with the sound off! ; – )

    Heretics all.

  18. 18
    purpledaniel says:

    @13 Partly not true, David was in fact a fan of MKII. There was that episode in which his band (I think the Fabulosa Brothers) supported DP MKII in a n early gig. He even impressed the band members enough for Jon Lord to ask for his number i case GIllan didn’t work. Also, during one of the first MKIII rehearsals, they played SKOW t o which Davidknew the lyrics.
    @14 There were plan several years ago to release a box set with the final 3 MKIII shows in full plus a documentary with new footage. It was set to be released exactly 7 years ago (http://bbfc.co.uk/releases/deep-purple-lay-down-stay-down-video), but first DP Overseas fell into administration, and then Blackmore started a legal dispute with their former managers and old band mates. Those are the reasons why there haven’t been any live 68-76 archive releases for years. IIRC, the documentary was shown during a Glenn Hughes Q&A event a few years ago, at least in part.

  19. 19
    Arthur Smith says:

    Wonderful glimpse into the past!

  20. 20
    MacGregor says:

    purpledaniel @ 10 & Gregster @ 11 – thanks for the information & feedback regarding Mark 3 live, much appreciated. I will have a listen online to a few of those, Cheers.

  21. 21
    Ivica says:

    Footage from Brondby Hallen, Copenhagen, March 20, 1975. A few days before, DP played the first concerts of the European tour promoting album “Stormbringer”. Performances March 16, Pioneer Hall, Belgrade, March 17, 1975 Sportshalle, Zagreb in ex Yugoslavia. 1975 returning from Australia January 25, 1975 Melbourne (Sunbury Festival).
    I didn’t watch concerts in Zagreb and Belgrade (I was a 12-year-old kid from another distant city), but there are other stories, newspaper reports. The story goes like this.
    Before Deep Purple concert, big names from the premier league of R&R in a country that was in the Eastern political bloc, although Yugoslavia was a fairly liberal society out of all the communist countries. So R&R came first. Deep Purple concert was historically important because they opened the door for a series of the world’s biggest rock attractions that started arriving in Yugoslavia, Santana and Frank Zappa visited later that same year, and The Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull and Paul McCartney & Wings in 1976. And so it continued, etc., etc
    ELF did not perform as support, but local rock groups. In Belgrade, a young rock group” SMAK “(later one of the biggest Rn R in YU) performed. It was agreed that they would perform three songs, hoping that these three songs would last up to 15 minutes in total. Instead, they lasted about 45 minutes, maximally strong in improvisations, even vocally, so that their performance amazed even the proverbial “forever reserved” Blackomore – a. his statement backstage: “This man imitates rain on his guitar, he cries with with her, he laughs, swears, talks and sings along with her” .SMAK did not play at the next concert in Zagreb. Another band played.


    The audience DP March 16, Pioneer Hall, Belgrade in (between 6-7 thousand between them, and all of them the then unknown global band Scorpions ) listened to the whole performance sitting in their seats. When “Purple” came on stage, it lasted for about the first few seconds until the riff with “Burn” started, when the audience from the ground floor threw their chairs and frantically headed towards the stage, while those sitting in the stands jumped from the first rows to the ground floor . There was a general frenzy in the hall. The guys from the band cheered up and then played perhaps the best performance of the whole tour. It was awkward… there were no ushers, the order was maintained by policemen who were rude to the fans. And Ritchie reacted. Demanding that the policemen stop being rude to the fans or the band will stop playing. The concert was made up of the best moments of “Burn”, “Mistreated” and “You Fool No One”, which had a lot of added “Still I’m Sad “from the first album Rainbow which was already released.
    For many serious rock musicians from the Balkans to this day – today they remain unsurpassed in many aspects and almost everyone still mentions them today with the same amount of delight as then.
    Deep Purple is musically the best Rock band on the planet of all time. There are only more spectacular, commercial, sell more, have better music videos, concert production as (Stones, Floyd, Queen, Zepp, ACIDC, U2, Guns, Pearl Jam, Metallica,Foo Fighters ….), but not performers stronger than them in the rock domain.

  22. 22
    Uwe Hornung says:

    purpledaniel @13: That gig you mention (and which I mentioned too) was still an Mk I gig, Gillan was not yet in the band officially, but already secretly hired, Jon took down David’s telephone number “in case the new guy (Gillan) should not work out”. He never called and forgot about the incident subsequently; David, however, didn’t (but didn’t expect Jon to remember in 1973).

    Prior to his first audition, David had to scavenge DP albums together from his friends – he didn’t own a single one – to acquaint himself with their music, he knew them that little, he simply didn’t follow what they were doing. He thought he had to know some of their songs, expecting they would put him through the trials with old material. But as it turned out at the audition, Purple played mostly non-DP material with him (they were not looking for someone to sing Gillan songs, that wasn’t their concept), SKOW was one of the few DP chestnuts they actually did (and Blackers was pleased how David sang it).

    A young DC wasn’t much of a rock fan, much less a hard rock fan at all. He loved Hendrix


    and that was about as rocky as it got. Marvin Gaye was high on his list of favorite artists. It’s wonderful music, but not exactly Made in Japan.


    His music taste was thus not that far removed from Hughes’ love for black artists at all, that is what the two immediately bonded over.

    And mind you: It’s what Blackmore explicitly wanted at the time. He wanted DP earthier, bluesier, less organ-centric and he wanted a funkier bass player than Roger in the Andy Fraser vein (Free as a role model loomed large) – he wanted Black Purple so to say. All that he got in loads before the spirits that he summoned developed a life of their own. His later “shoeshine music” comment to denigrate the music on Stormbringer was therefore a piece of band history revisionism as it hadn’t been Paicey and Lordy who had pushed for the change from Mk II to Mk III.

    From one extreme to another: To my ears Dio-Rainbow sounded even less Black Music-influenced than Mk II (pretty much a white-bread affair save for Jon’s Jimmy Smith-tinged organ playing) ever had.

  23. 23
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Ivica @21: That’s a very interesting piece of DP history, hvala! I always wondered how those gigs went.

    I found this here:


    And this … possibly footage from Belgrade?


    Did I understand you correctly, the Scorpions were among the audience at the Belgrade gig?! I was aware that they toured often in France and the Benelux countries in 1975 (they were initially more popular there than in Germany), but not yet Yugoslavia.

  24. 24
    Jörg says:

    I’ve removed the clip for the moment. Somebody told me that he owns the video now. I believe that buying the video from the filmer doesnt give someone rights on that recording, because the filmer never obtained rights by filming a bootleg video himself. But I’m not in the mood to discuss that with that guy right now. Feel free to do whatever you like with your copy if you downloaded it on Youtube.

  25. 25
    Ivica says:

    Deep Purple
    This video clip from a concert in Graz (Austria) from April 3, 1975. There is no video or audio recording of Belgrade and Zagreb concert in 1975 (unfortunately)..only pictures
    1984-1988 (Perfect Strangers and The House of Blue Light tour Deep Purple did not tour Yugoslavia. The closest destination was Budapest, events called Hungary Days January 1987, 3 concerts, more than 40% were DP fans from Yugoslavia. I saw two concerts and was the only one who saw the best formation DP MK2. In 1991, MK5 toured in Zagreb, it was one of the last big concerts in ex-state. A bloody four-year war followed. Since 1998, DP regularly comes to new countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia,Bosna i Hercegovina i North Makedonija).
    Keyboardist Lazar Ristovski (sadly deceased) “Yugoslav Emerson-Wakeman and Lord” 🙂 ) played with the most popular band from Yugoslavia “Bijelo Dugme” in 1977 at a rock festival in Poland where Scorpions also participated. After getting to know each other, members of Scorpions said that they watched Deep Purple’s performance in Belgrade in 1975 and that the performance of a Yugoslav group left a strong impression on them, which really delighted them. Lazar Ristovski praised that he is precisely one of the guys from that group that he left in the meantime
    We heard about Scorpinos for the first time when LP “Lovedrive” was released in 1980 on Yugoslav music shops . And they immediately gained cult status on the wave of popularity “The new wave of British heavy metal”
    They performed for the first time (witnessed) in Zagreb in 1990 “Crazy World Tour” support were the American heavy metal band Winger (Rob Beach on guitar)

  26. 26
    Mathias says:

    damn missed it!

    Is it available somewhere else?
    Would love to SEE it.

  27. 27
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Ivica, vielen lieben Dank for the info. I had no idea that ze Scorps had already crawled that far from Hannover in early 1975 to play gigs in Belgrade (unless they were there on vacation which I doubt given the season and Belgrade not being the classic summer vacation destination in former Yugoslavia for German tourists looking for a beach!). In March 1975, even the release of In Trance was still half a year off and the 1974 Fly To The Rainbow album (the first one with Uli Roth) hadn’t made much of a splash (it had only been out a few months) – even in Germany (it’s well worth having for Roth’s lyrical soloing, just ignore the terrible pidgin English lyrics). 1975/1976 really cracked the Scorpions, they toured as opening acts of Sweet, Kiss, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band in Germany and did well every time. Manfred Mann even tried to poach Uli Roth for his own band , but Roth declined (there had been enough bloodletting for Anglo-American acts from the side of the Scorpions already with an 18 year old Michael Schenker being abducted by an UFO in 1973!).

    I knew that Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker had been to Mk II gigs in the early 70ies (and that they appreciated Purple), but not to Mk III.


    My first trip to still existing Yugoslavia was in 1984 and I still have the Whitesnake – Slide It In Yugoslav pressing I bought in Dubrovnik to show for it! (I remember wondering at the time why the record shop was so well-stocked with Slide It In of all albums and bands, but your explanation how pivotal those 1975 DP gigs were go a long way explaining that.) Sea urchin infested coastal waters – ouch! – aside, I only have good memories. : – ) That only a few years later, people would be massacring each other there for ethnicity was unfathomable then. A temporary lapse of civilization in the midst of Europe, collective madness.

  28. 28
    Rick says:

    Just read @24. Boots are for sharing, that sentiment is clearly lost on that guy. But eh, it’s the internet, there’s always options…someone that has it should consider posting it on Odysee..as far as I know its the same format like You Tube with less “rights” hassle from what I’ve seen.


  29. 29
    Rick says:

    And just to clarify my post at @28 when I said * Boots are for sharing, that sentiment is clearly lost on that guy* I meant the guy saying he held the rights, not the poster of @24, Jörg.

  30. 30
    Purpledaniel says:

    @24 Ivica- what do you mean? That the footage supposedly from Belgrade 75 is actually from Graz? It doesn’t seem to be Grza from the conparison against Graz pictures that I have seen, but I could be wrong of course.

  31. 31
    Ivica says:

    Uwe Hornung 27@

    Definitely The Scorpions came to Belgrade in 1975 to watch the DP:)
    A little story.. 1,2,3 click
    In that analog era (70s, early 80s) there is no WEB, music magazines mainly wrote about big RNR bands (by YU). How did I get Scorpions to buy my first LP theirs “Loverdrive”? A year before I discovered the British band UFO wonderful album “Obsession”. and especially the live album, “Strangers in the Night”, dominated by a great guitarist named Michael Schenker ( a long time I thought he was British or possibly American), then I read somewhere that he is German and that before he became the guitarist of UFO band he “played in The Scorpions” ” to a German rock band where his brother, leader, and rhythm guitarist still play. And that’s when the first click
    Searching, first I buy “Loverdrive” (a good album, at first I like the ballad “Always Somewhere”, great voice, guitars, atmosphere…then a friend from society, a bit older and a better acquaintance says “That song is influenced by Lynyrd Skynyrd Band and the song “Simple Man” ! who now Lynyrd Skynyrd Band !?I hear it for the first timenew… click number two 
    Let’s go back to Scorpions .. I started looking for early Michel since there was no release in music shop in Yugoslavia. I go to Trieste (Italy, a city on the border) buying everything under the name Scorpions and UFO where Michel plays). I buy the album “In Trance” from Scorpions ” And the concert “Tokyo Tapes” looking for Michel found I hear a new great player named Uli Jon Roth … and a new click
    Gentlemen have strange ways

    War is evil, greatest evil, what is happening in Ukraine is “déjà vu” of what happened in Yugoslavia (1991-1995), it’s hard for me to watch it all on TV, in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina we experienced it. Cities, people are collapsing they are fleeing to third countries, poor people (Ukrainian and Russian) are dying on the battlefield, they are in the same country, they speak the same language, they are of the same religion, they are mixed by family… because of a couple of old fools, the largest country in the world Russia (full of natural resources) wants more a little to expand its territory, why? is it worth so many sacrifices? .And planet earth has many important problems (climate change, etc., etc.), much more important problems that await the generations that come after us.

    Purpledaniel 30@

    I am conveying what my friend from Austria told me…I offer pictures from Belgrade and Graz



  32. 32
    Jörg says:

    Ivica 31@

    I have pics from the Belgrade show from Dzuboks July 1975 (and later), where the clothes fit to the movie that should be from Belgrade:



    There are no pics from Belgrade on the DPAS pic that you linked.

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