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Caught in the act

The band have played their first live show in nearly 2 years yesterday, February 10, 2022, at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida. Let’s see how the gentlemen have weathered the storm.

Two new tracks made their live debut — Nothing at All and Caught in the Act medley.


  1. Highway Star
  2. Pictures of Home
  3. Strange Kind of Woman
  4. Nothing at All
  5. Uncommon Man
  6. Lazy
  7. Keyboard Solo
  8. Perfect Strangers
  9. Space Truckin’
  10. Smoke on the Water


  1. Caught in the Act (incl. Going Down / Green Onions / Hot ´Lanta / Dazed and Confused / Gimme Some Lovin‘)
  2. Hush

Many thanks to Steven Oller for the video.

24 Comments to “Caught in the act”:

  1. 1
    mike whiteley says:

    It is wonderful to see Deep Purple back on stage.

  2. 2
    Artemis says:

    The same old songs…too small duration of the concert…and only one song from Whoosh in a Whoosh tour?

  3. 3
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    They’re alive! I’m alive! We’re alive! The music’s still alive. Thank you.

  4. 4
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Welcome back guys, we all still alive and kicking.
    They all look well and in shape
    Peace 👍

  5. 5
    Davedp says:

    What a great first show after such a long break from performing. Very impressed with this live show as I always am with this band. It seems they were never away. Would have liked some more of the new stuff but you can’t have everything in a little over an hour. Can’t wait for them to come to my neck of the woods. let’s hope this long goodbye tour is a very long goodbye.

  6. 6
    John says:

    Ian Paice gets Man of the Match for me. Amazing form!

  7. 7
    Peter J says:

    Waow, VERY impressed by Gillan…

    After all this time without singing and being 76, I can’t believe how good he sounds

  8. 8
    mike whiteley says:

    Ok,I knew it was wishful thinking that DP would stray too far from Machine Head in North America….
    That said, after such a long layoff, this looks like a damn fine concert. No room to mess around in a 75 minute set.
    The first outing for Nothing At All fit right in amongst the classics.
    I wonder what the vibe was like at the show ?? Reviews, anyone ??

  9. 9
    ilm19 says:

    It’s worth noticing that Roger’s bass solo was moved just before Space Truckin’.

    @2 Indeed, the setlist isn’t much changed, I was expecting more new songs too. But let’s not forget, that their US shows are always shorter, as they’re sharing stage with other bands. I assume we should wait to european leg to see a full Whoosh setlist.

  10. 10
    Tony Cools says:

    Now something’s washed up on the beach

    Deep Purple alive !!! Now What !? ……Great day for rock ‘n roll, if you ask me !!!

  11. 11
    HR says:

    Totally unrelated here (?) but a must listen:

  12. 12
    Dr. Bob says:

    I will see them on their 2nd date in St. Pete! Ever since I purchaced the ticket I kept checking to make sure it hasn’t been canceled. The show goes on!

    They sound great. I was hoping for another number or two from Whoosh & Turing to Crime. I am really surprised that And the Address didn’t bridge caught in the act and Hush. It’s actually my favoirt Mark I song. But under the circumstances they probably haven’t had a chance to practice and install the new songs for a 3 dare tour.

  13. 13
    Ivica says:

    Gillan STILL … and …. no reading “Nothing At All LOL !

    God bless Deep Purple !

  14. 14
    stoffer says:

    So good to see them back!! I just watched/listened from start to finish, they sound great and look rested 🙂 now please guys TAKE A CHANCE and play more new stuff..upbeat & faster paced new material! more from Infinite, Whoosh and TTC….maybe they will after they have more time to practice?

  15. 15
    ritch45 says:

    It’s nothing at all…

  16. 16
    Dr. Bob says:

    They just got together for a 3 date tour, so not much time to get ready for new stuff. Keep in mind that they hadn’t ever played anything together from Turning to Crime even when they recorded it. My guess is that 7&7 and Oh Well will show up in the European tour.

    I also suspect that will two years off that they need to work up their stamina to do more than 75 minutes. It is important to note that they still had a lot of energy when they got to the long encore. Maybe that will give them confidence to add another song in their 2nd gig.

  17. 17
    Aireight says:

    It’s been a while alright. They sound surprisingly good and tight.

  18. 18
    Dr. Bob says:

    The Saturday night show in St. Pete had the same setlist except they threw some bones too.

  19. 19
    AndreA says:

    I don’t appreciate the final medley without the vocals.
    It is not interesting..is useless..

  20. 20
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Rusty isn’t the word, but they sound very careful in their playing, almost delicate and a touch too well-behaved – as if everyone is concentrating on giving the best performance and making no mistakes. Even sounds a little cute to my ears – it shows they still care.

    A few more gigs and they will be back to their old sleek routine that always makes everything SOUND so easy (when in fact it isn’t).

    Five tracks from Machine Head (or four from MiJ if you will)! Yes, it is my favorite Purple studio album too (production, songwriting and inspired rendition all gelled on that album), but it has become the albatross around their necks in their live performances. They should do a tour under a “no Machine Head songs whatsoever” motto. ; – )

  21. 21
    Aireight says:

    CITA is was originally recorded the way the play it here. Great transitions. Useless? Give me a break.

  22. 22
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I like it that they have put Nothing At All into the set, for Purple that is almost a pop song – closer in harmonies to something you would have expected from, say, Mott the Hoople back in the day. Only the solos and the call and response dueling put this firmly in Purple territory.

  23. 23
    John says:

    Do we really need to hear Space Truckin and Lazy? Come on guys! There are so many great Morse era tunes. How Fingers to The Bones, Seventh Heaven, The Aviator, Ted The Mechanic, Silver Tongue? Just to name a few.

  24. 24
    Martin Davidson says:

    Censorship Test Number Two:

    Steve Morse has been in the band nearly 30 years. Isn’t it about time they start including some Morse era songs in their set lists?

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