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Worth The Wait

Drove 4 hrs from Buffalo, NY with the wife to the Caesars Windsor Casino (Canada). Checked in for overnite stay and had a few hours before the show to gamble, have cocktails and dinner.
This was a 60th B-day present for me (wife not a fan) and hadn’t seen them since 2004, so I was pretty excited.
Full venue (3-4 thousand) and the sound was very good (I was 12 rows and a little right of the stage).
They exploded out of the gate with Highway Star/Hard Loving Man/Into the Fire/SKOW right in a row !!
The band was tight and in great spirits. Vincent Price was followed by Contact Lost/Uncommon Man/WD Guitar in succession. Paicy’s solo during The Mule was top notch. Lazy was followed by another new one called Hell To Pay which sounded great live. Don Airey’s solo before Perfect Strangers was just brilliant.
Space Truckin’ and then SOTW followed. The band went off for probably just one minute and came back out to do Green Onions/Hush/Black Night for the encore !!
Just an exceptional concert with great memories.

Daniel Viapiano

6 Comments to “Worth The Wait”:

  1. 1
    Alket Kellici says:

    The crowd simply sucked! No vibe at all

  2. 2
    Joe A Favinger says:

    Also, the same in Morristown, NJ…last night..crowd way too sedate. I mean, My God.. This was the Mighty, F—in’ Deep Purple ! I’ m no spring chicken, but a lot of the crown acted like we were watching Lawrence Welk !!

  3. 3
    stoffer says:

    Too bad about the crowd, Festival Park in Elgin was rockin’, dancing in the aisles, everyone stood for the whole show (don’t know about the lawn seats)….yes it was $89 for a folding chair outside but the only time people used the chairs was for ELO. I’m sure the band put on a fine show but the venue can make a world of difference. : )

  4. 4
    NWO says:

    I was at the show as well. Front and center stage.
    Good review Daniel. Pretty much nailed the night. I was going to do a review as well but I will jump on yours.
    For me, Iwas worried what Ian would sound like because they brought back Highway Star and the last time I heard him sing that it was not up to par. But surprise! It was great! The sound quality was pretty much the same as the Now What?! Live Tapes. If you like how they sound on that record you won’t be disappointed in the show. Got the setlist from them and Roger was kind enough to personally give my wife a guitar pick. We have met him a few times before but we don’t think he would remember us. During Space Truckin he looked right at us, reached over the people right in front of us and gave my wife the pick. I told her it was because she is hot!! I will work on posting pics for those who want to see some great pics. Not sure if I can link a flickr account here or if I have to e-mail to the webmaster. I got Black Night on video as well. Great Video but the audio buzzes because of the bass. Funny part about it was how Ians voice dropped as he walked away from center stage, Thats when I finally figured out we were hearing right off the stage as much as the monitors, and the PA was behind us so we didn’t get much of that either. Sounded great up front!
    Casino crowds usually suck (A sea of Blue Hairs) and Deep Purple need a festival type audience to get a buzz going in North America. Unfortunately most DP fans are old and lame. They would rather sit and watch a show. Been to every Deep Purple show in Southern Ontario since they got back together in the 80s except for one. Actually 2 but the Slaves & Masters tour was cancelled due to poor ticket sales! So everyone missed that show/tour.
    The 2 rowdiest crowds I saw them at in the past 10 years were at Rock the Park in Kitchener and before that at Live 8 in Barrie. The only time I have seen Ian really talk to the crowd and comment on how rowdy and cheerful they were. Looking back at my ticket stubs those 2 shows stand out. He barely said Hi in Windsor.

  5. 5
    oc says:

    I was second roll at Talking Stick Casino in Phoenix but felt like a coliseum venue concert. Everyone was standing for the whole concert except during contact lost. Here is a link to some pictures and video I took that night.

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m 49 and quite old and lame probably.

    But sometimes I kinda lose that ” stiffness” during a gig.

    But hey, thats not during a DP show.


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