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Keep it short and use my version

Ian Gillan was interviewed by a US radio station KSHE 95. He endured the slightly clueless DJs who are more interested in Smoke and Jesus Christ Superstar than the new Purple album. At least they didn’t call him Gillian. 😉

KSHE 95 · Ian Gillan Of Deep Purple 11.15.21

Thanks to Ultimate Guitar for the heads up.

7 Comments to “Keep it short and use my version”:

  1. 1
    George Martin says:

    I hate interviews by guys that are clueless. Who’s in the band nowadays? Are you kidding me! Gillan said Deep Purple will tour the US in 2023. As we say from his lips to God’s ears. Please make it happen.

  2. 2
    stoffer says:

    I heard the interview that day live, YES they made fools of themselves!!!! One of the DJ’s tried to scream Child In Time, how freaking embarrassing! I live 35 miles from KSHE 95 and it used to be a great station until they were bought out by a corporate playlist owner (they own several stations in St. Louis) now its basically SOTW and VERY few others! Gillan was remarkably tolerant of these guys and their clueless questions. Welcome to the CLASSIC ROCK format. I now listen to a small independant station without near the signal but they play everything from MK I (even Chasing Shadows) to MK 8! Hoping the 2023 US tour will stop close, cause we will be going for sure. cheers

  3. 3
    mike whiteley says:

    Par for the course with North American radio interviews.
    Talk about Smoke/Machine Head/JCS, mention title and release date of new album.
    Insult with ” Who’s left in the band now” & Child In Time idiotic
    Afterwards, play an almost 50 year old track.
    Ian must’ve felt like this was a huge waste of his time.

  4. 4
    James Steven Gemmell says:

    Corporate American radio. I’m embarrassed by what has happened to my home country. I survived it for 35 years in the USA, mainly in radio news. It was a grand enterprise up until the FCC deregulated, and allowed corporations to own up to seven stations per city. The greedy corporate types swooped in and created their monopolies of 300 stations or whatever, and said “Thou shalt only play the top three hits” of any band” even if it was 50 years ago.

    They’ve pretty much gotten rid of anyone who isn’t a babbling rock-jock or program director and replaced with computers. The few humans who are left “voice track” liners for multiple other stations in a given cluster of stations, and sometimes even out of state.

    Gillan took my advice several years ago and convinced management to bypass the greedy Corporate American radio interviews, and got Purple on greedy Corporate American TV to play – surprise! – “Smoke on the H20” in 2015 on network TV’s “The Today Show” (NBC-TV). But, alas, he’s back to talk to the deejay morons. He should insist on talking to radio news stations only.

  5. 5
    Ivica says:

    An important date is December 4 for DP.
    In 1971 it burned to the ground at the Montreux Casino in Switzerland.Rest … is rock history

    For an American DJ reminder
    Gone …. 4.12 1976 in Miami Florida first American guitarist (of three in history of the band) great play Tommy Bolin

  6. 6
    Tony Cools says:

    ……but strangeways is all I got !

    ……anyway, the band is been stable for a long time, and Steve Morse is the guitar player,….
    ……you know……I see that as the best news for 2021 !
    An interview that is so bad, that’s it becomes funny !

    The alien has landed
    Finger in his ear
    Can’t hear a word I am saying
    But that ain’t such a bad idea…..but strangeways is all I got

  7. 7
    Buttockss says:

    @ 6….. Have you seen the headlines princess engaged, three million out of work but that’s on the second page,
    strange ways.

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