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He’s got two or three

Glenn Hughes spoke to the Ohio Music Experience promoting the two upcoming Dead Daisies gigs in the area.

Ohio Music Experience: Thank you for taking the time this evening to speak with us. What have you been doing throughout all this?

Hughes: Like most of us, I’ve been home, as you can imagine. And I’ve been using that time to write more music and that’s what I’ve been doing, exercising, keeping my mind and my body in shape and been writing new music, which is what’s all about.

Ohio Music Experience: I’ve listened to the new album Holy Ground and man what a great disc. How did that all come about? And when did, when did you guys start the writing on that?

Hughes: I joined the band in August of 2019. And when I came in, David Lowy asked me to write some songs, which I did. And we got together in August at Sunset Sound Studio in West Hollywood. I only recorded three or four demos. And then in November of 2019, we moved to the south of France to a Chateau where we recorded, what would be the album you now know called Holy Ground. So in between August to November, we wrote as a unit, the rest of the songs. And now all those months ago, the album has been waiting to come out for so long. And of course the album came out in late January and it’s got amazing reviews and we’re so happy that things are going well.

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Thanks to Yvonne for the info.

2 Comments to “He’s got two or three”:

  1. 1
    Buttockss says:

    Going to the show in vineland nj….got my tickets for $50 Dollors, 4th row center.Can’t wait, will not be wearing a mask so i can scream my ass off.

  2. 2
    Adel Faragalla says:

    As Glenn always says ‘always says the truth as the truth will set you free’
    The bottom line is DP ‘whoosh’ sounds really tired and lacking energy in comparison to the Dead Daisies Holy Ground but as DP are all in their 70s now I think it’s a bad comparison form the age point of you.
    Having said that the creative side of DP has been slowing down for years and I really hope they won’t release another album just for the sake of touring more.
    I will defiantly buy tickets to the Dead Diases when they come to England but judging form the past it would be a miracle if Glenn Hughes doesn’t walk out from the tour after few months
    Glenn hasn’t got the lungs to last for a two year extensive touring like Ian Gillan can and that’s the truth if you like to hear it.

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