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Unresolved issues

Glenn Hughes was the guest on That Jamieson Show (on the air January 19), promoting the latest Dead Daisies release. For reasons better known to himself, the host decided to ask a question the answer to which seems plainly obvious to everybody who’s been following the matter.

DJ: [Suppose] you get a phone call, and it’s the Deep Purple camp, and they’re saying “Hey, you know! Not for nothing, maybe just for one time around the world we get Mark 2 and the Mark 3 singers together.” So, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, and David Coverdale all out on the road. Do you consider it?

GH: I would not consider it.

DJ: Wow, breaking news! Would you like to elaborate on that at all?

GH: Because I’m way past that now. It was such a long time ago. Let’s just say that there are some unresolved problems from the past. And for me, the time I have left to do my work on this planet, I need to keep making new music and plowing on forward. Yes, I have done some shows in respect to Deep Purple music, but as far as re-engaging with them chaps again in the live form, I can’t see it happening.

Here is the complete chat:

Thanks to Blabbermouth and Gary Poronovich for the heads up.

25 Comments to “Unresolved issues”:

  1. 1
    Uwe Hornung says:

    That was very considerate of Glenn, he’d outsing them both. : – )

    Would I like to hear Glenn and Ian or David and Ian sing together? Sure thing, but perhaps not within a DP context. Outside of that – doing some standards – it could be fun. I alway wondered how Glenn and Ian together would sound, perhaps a bit like this here, where Gillan und Gustafson trade the lead vocal spot (Gustafson’s voice it not wholly unlike Glenn’s).


  2. 2
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Glenn’s right… he’s better off as things are. In any case, the current DP isn’t the band he worked with. Even if he did go out with them, it would be an ‘in name’ thing only… There would be no RB & no Jon.
    Smoke on the water… a peachy apple pie!
    🍑🍎🥧 🙄😁

  3. 3
    stoffer says:

    What a STUPID question!!! I’m not a big GH fan but he answered a STUPID question quite well. GH looks like he’s doing and feeling well and I’m genuinely glad for him!

  4. 4
    Bo Finn Poulsen says:

    The way Gillan behaved at the RHOF introduktion to David and Glenn was SO wrong.
    I fully understand why Blackmore did not join and understand Glenn saying NO. The Gillan ego is to big and to complicated. So so sad.

  5. 5
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    I’m quite sure that GH would do it would it ever happen.
    What GH is thinking goes something like this:
    GH: “I would not consider it, because it would not happen because IG would not be interested in getting involved in it.”

  6. 6
    Georgivs says:

    Yep, this is how you create non-news out of nothing. You ask someone a hypothetical question about something that’s not gonna happen, and get a confirmation that, no, that’s not gonna happen. Yawn.

  7. 7
    Ron says:

    This is comical. I like Glenn. Ive seen his last two appearances in the local area….2019 and 2018… doing his Deep Purple show. Fantastic! He still has it and in fact he’s better than ever. Nevertheless, Im certain Purple would never extend the invitation. I’d be surprised if Gillan and Glover even consider him a Purple alumni. The snipping all comes from Coverdale amd Hughes. I don’t think it reaches Gillan’s noise level.

  8. 8
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I’m cynical enough, if a strong promoter got behind it and there was enough money for everyone, the only ex-DP members not up for that reunion world tour would be Tommy Bolin, Jon Lord and perhaps Rod Evans.


    But the current Purple organisation won’t have it, David’s vocals are shot for heavy rock and Ritchie would again walk out mid-tour. : – )

    Unrelated: Can we get away from that “my Mk … version is better than your Mk … version”-thing? My take is simplistic, anybody who played and wrote on a DP album is family, ok? Without Mk I and there ersatz-Vanilla Fudge charm (already a little behind the times even in 1968) there would be no Mk II und no Blackmore-Lord-Paice core so vital for Purple, Mk II forged the DP sound for eternity, Mk III carried the torch admirably that Mk II handed them (and relied very little on Mk II material live, not taking the easy way out), Mk IV was short-lived, but left us one wonderful album that has aged admirably well, Mk V still recorded DP’s best AOR album (which thanks to Jon’s and Little Ian’s contributions is head and shoulders over any Rainbow JoLT-era album), Mk VII gave an old warhorse a new lease of life with Steve liberating the creativity of the band and Mk VIII …, hey, I’m happy they’re even still here and Don gave them a much-needed kick in the butt after Jon had been coasting a little from Abandon onwards, his heart was no longer in it. What’s not to appreciate within a (more than) 50 year legacy? Purple is a mosaic, take it all in! Or go listen to Zed Deppelin or whatever they’re called …

    (I did not mention Mk VI/Satriani because he did not record with them – he was nevertheless vital for Purple getting a glimpse of a new life after Ritchie. That line-up still deserves the release of an official live album, can’t someone sort out the rights?)

  9. 9
    Adel Faragalla says:

    Ron @7
    Well said m8
    Glenn and David gets lots of publicity from having a dig at the purple camp.
    Best thing to do is laugh at them those two ungrateful jerks.
    They can’t have it both ways and DP name is still bigger than any band they formed. Truth hurts as JLT once sang !!!

  10. 10
    Micke says:

    @4 But it’s interesting that all the BS comes from Coverdale/Hughes.. Have still not heard one bad word from Gillan. In what way did Gillan “behave” at the induction..? Care to explain?

  11. 11
    Coverdian says:

    it´s like windmills go around, but for christ´s sake, where the animosity between Hughes and gillan, gillan and coverdale, and viceversa and on an´on came from? My honest task to more dp relations-educated ones as Uwe or Blackwood of anyone… thanx. Where this have started… but it might have… as die-hard dp fan with love for every Marks I´m starvin´for answer, believe me.
    I was so pleased and happy to see Glenn with Ian P on celebrating Jon L, I´m proud every minute when Candice mentions this and this Ritchie wrote with DC… etc.
    All this great persons are not to prove anything to anyone, so what´s the PROBLEM? I mean, not to release some altogether gigs, but to answer those question in so strictly mode? My heart bleeds.

  12. 12
    john says:

    @4 @10 Yeah, Bo Finn, In what way did Gillan “behave” at the induction..? Care to explain?

    Jealousy is a bad feeling. And it seems GH is a liiitle jealous that, despite his efforts, the truly DEEP Purple is MII, although all pieces of the puzzle are unmissable of course.

    Stupid question, of course, but the Voice of rock could have just not gone further than his first answer.

  13. 13
    MacGregor says:

    Uwe @ 8 – each to their own & we all hear certain things differently & that is always (well usually) a good thing. However, the JLT Rainbow had passion, fire & heaps of commitment by all concerned, especially Difficult To Cure & Bent Out of Shape. Very good songs & superb instrumentals. Slaves & Masters I owned for a few years, I couldn’t hear the drive, fire & passion that Rainbow had. All I could hear was a flat, mediocre album that sounded like Glover, Lord & Paice were plodding along to for the sake of it. I would doubt that they would have been over the moon with that lineup.
    Not into it at all by the sound of it to my ears. A low point in Purple’s life & why the hell did they get Turner in? They allegedly were trying to get that ‘unknown’ vocalist who’s name escapes me for some reason, well I just mentioned the reason. But at least he would not have had the ‘Rainbow’ connection & would have possibly been a better vocalist for Purple’s music, of which Turner is not. A dreadful album for me & gladly not in my collection any more. Cheers.

  14. 14
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I think the whole “they hate each other”-narrative is overplayed. Of course, other people’s family strife always has an entertainment value, I’m as guilty as anyone here.

    I can’t see what Glover and Gillan should have against Hughes und Coverdale, the latter two never secretly rehearsed with Blackmore, Lord and Paice while the older line-up still existed, quite unlike the former two gentlemen when the end of Mk I was in the cards! If anyone should bear a grudge, it’s Nick Simper who – adding insult to injury – wasn’t even invited to the RRHF for no coherent reason except that no one in the Purple organisation saw it fit to make the RRHF aware that they had simply forgotten Nick because he had waived all future royalties for a settlement payment after his forced departure while Rod – after he had paid off the damages for his ill-advised bogus Purple coup – had started to receive them again after some 20 years or so. Wherever he is.

    It’s not like Mk III aped Mk II either, neither David nor Glenn copied Ian Gillan and Glenn certainly never bothered to play a single bass run Roger wrote, the three-note-chromatic intro (E/F/F# to the root note G) to SOTW excepted “and even that sounds totally different the way Glenn plays it” (a Ritchie statement).

    Glenn and David were not fond of the DP Mk II sound, they both liked, played und listened to more black than Blackmore music (which has a pronounced Teutonic flair, ich sollte es wissen … and guess why Purple was always populär in Germany). That again is ok, it was in their job description as formulated by Blackmore to be more black in influences than Ian G and Roger. An inconvenient truth that the Mk II zealots here tend to brush off. Pin it under your Rainbow Rising posters: In 1972/73 your beloved Ritchie wanted a lot less Lord, no Roger and no Ian G to morph DP into something akin to keyboard-less Free. Mk III was his doing.

    In fact, I believe that the two bassist/singer camps are relatively oblivious of another, both preferring the music THEY played with Purple, but not really bothered by what the other guys did before or after.

    John Lennon once said long after the Beatles hat split: “It’s weird, people either think that Paul and I hate each other or that we’re still the best of friends. The truth is: We’re neither.” I think that sums up the relations between different Mk-factions of Purple too. That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been skirmishes in the past or perceived insults/disrespect between them, but I don’t believe that Ian G and Roger have regular nightmares featuring molten candle faces and winged stallions nor that David and Glenn wake up every morning in a sweat with the weight of the Mk II Mount Rushmore on their chests.

    All of them can rest assured that their status as elder statesmen of rock they enjoy today wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for Purple. David is the only guy who can credibly say that his post-DP outfit Whitesnake at least in its hairspray form eclipsed Purple sales in the US of A for a few years, but even he freely admits that to get from Redcar to Lake Tahoe you needed to take the Purple public transport “on the first part of the journey”. Ok, nuff said, before I start humming America’s “Horse With No Name”!!!

  15. 15
    Uwe Hornung says:

    And one other thing, we sometimes forget in our scientific zest und zeal here for dissecting and differentiating the various line-ups that most people, who casually listen to and like Purple plus know, say, about 10 of their songs (= at least 60% of the audience at any live gig Purple do these days), have no frigging idea that the guy who sang Hush is not the guy who sang Child in Time or SOTW and that there are even two altogether different guys who sang Burn. Anything they know is automatically identified with Ian G and “the guy with the hat” (meaning Roger in the 70ies). And the amount of people who do not know that the guy singing Here I Go Again also sang on three DP albums is just extraordinary (not just in the US), never mind that they cannot hold Glenn and David apart on Mk III material either.
    (Truth be told: When I first heard Burn as a 14-year-old in 1975, I immediately thought the album was a cracker, but neither did I think that the lead singer sounded any different to the one on my In Rock record nor did I even realize that on Burn there were two lead singers passing the baton to each other from – mostly – verse to verse before singing the chorus together. Only once I started studying the sleeve credits did I notice that some names fell away, others were added, my curiosity was heightened … Roundabout indeed!)

    My brethren, our schisms here are strictly among the fervently devoted and deeply knowing!

    : – )

  16. 16
    pacuha says:

    Excellently written. I totally agree..

  17. 17
    NWO says:

    I call BS!! The money would be too good from Glenn to pass it up. Because it IS all about the $$$$. However, they are all OLD and who really cares to see them perform live anymore? It is not like we are going to get some type of spectacular performance. Their best days are well behind them now….. It would be a nostalgia show, and it could be UGLY!! I LOVE DP and would never miss a show (If they EVER play again!), but I am a realist and I know they are nowhere near as good as they used to be. Every once in awhile you will get a gold nugget show, but you get what you get when 70+ year old musicians hit the stage…..

  18. 18
    MacGregor says:

    Uwe, I would hope that Nick Simper not receiving royalties after he accepted a payout all those decades ago, would have anything to do with Simper’s atrocious snubbing as to a bona fide induction into the HOF. Something else at play there me thinks or maybe some past or present member of Purple should have mentioned the Simper oversight to the Committee & he should have been included as an original genuine member. If it was a mistake in the first place! They did it with The Moody Blues & Denny Laine after a ‘oversight’ originally excluded him.
    Now about the ‘like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives’ soap drama of past & present Purple members allegedly not liking each other. We remember Gillan being pissed off about Morse & Airey not being inducted, there may be a possible clue? Also, I mentioned a few years ago when Hughes was not onstage at the encore jam at the Jon Lord tribute concert at The Royal Albert Hall.
    Paul Mann replied to that query on this site & simply said they had not thought to invite him. Something along those lines anyway. Maybe Hughes had to leave after his earlier performance to catch a flight or something, The fact that he wasn’t onstage from my memory of that performance had me thinking.
    Does Glenn Hughes rankle certain people with his hyper over the top energy at times? I don’t know, at the R&RHOF induction there seemed to be tension, or maybe there wasn’t, it just came across that way. And Blackmore wasn’t even there, imagine if he rolled in.
    I don’t know if you watched Yes being inducted, Steve Howe was annoyed looking to the extreme by the look of it, even more so when ‘Grumpy’ Rick Wakeman commenced his naughty jokes rant. Talk about certain band members & their like or dislike for each other at times. Do I enjoy it, not really, however we all probably would like everyone to respect each other & get along, even just for the cameras. Maybe we all just need a nice cup of tea & a good lie down for a while. That should solve the dilema.
    I enjoy your comments, keep it up. Cheers.

  19. 19
    Frank Beltran says:

    MacGregor Wrote:

    JLT Rainbow had passion, fire & heaps of commitment by all concerned, especially Difficult To Cure & Bent Out of Shape. Very good songs & superb instrumentals. Slaves & Masters I owned for a few years, I couldn’t hear the drive, fire & passion that Rainbow had. All I could hear was a flat, mediocre album that sounded like Glover, Lord & Paice were plodding along to for the sake of it. I would doubt that they would have been over the moon with that lineup.

    Regarding Slaves and Masters, it always been one of my favorite records and you can hear the energy on that record as a lot of it was recorded live in the studio. Rainbow JLT era I love too, but it has a more polished sound to S&M, so I cannot agree with the above comments about about the lack of energy, but I respect your opinion. I have a buddy who generally doesn’t like Purple that much, but really liked King of Dreams. To me that song stacks up against anything in the Purple catalogue. Timing on that record was off with grunge coming out… Released in 1985, it would have sold a lot more records and still sounds good to me today.

    About Glenn’s comments… not sure where the friction with the current lineup is and I suspect it mainly with Gillan for some reason. I know Big Ian has no interest in jamming with ex-members, but it seems odd but personalities sometimes can be oil and water I suppose.

    My 2 Cents,


  20. 20
    Uwe Hornung says:

    But Steve Howe is ALWAYS annoyed. : – )

    I met him backstage at an Asia gig once and while Wetton (the ole scatterbrain: “Was Demons & Wizards the Heep album I played on?”) and Palmer (“My children are doctors, lawyers and airline pilots!” ) were outright chatty, Howe is about as verbose as Nosferatu and has the impatient air of a scientist who has just been disturbed in an import experiment by the most mundane, tedious request, giving you the “academic death stare”.

    Watching him on stage whenever he has to play the Trevor Rabin-penned Owner of a Lonely Heart is priceless, blatant distaste and revulsion (plus sheer puzzlement that any living being might like the song) ooze out of him. : – )

  21. 21
    Rascal says:

    You would think that GH & DC would let the matter rest now. How many times do we have to hear about these issues they have concerning DP?

    Old men with ‘unresolved issues’ not willing to give the full story, just enough to make it and them sound interesting and relevant.


  22. 22
    rock voorne says:


    “Old men with ‘unresolved issues’ not willing to give the full story, just enough to make it and them sound interesting and relevant.”

    Like Gillan suggesting the TBRO tour had no attendance numbers?

  23. 23
    Kazz says:

    I’ve seen his great Deep Purple Mark 3 celebration show. I really enjoyed it. Still wondering why it still hasn’t a proper release, knowing that some shows have been recorded and filmed. It was so much better than Coverdale’s very poor performance with the same material.

  24. 24
    Rascal says:

    @22 rock voorne

    ‘Yes’ if you say so.

    Not sure of the relevance, or if it made Gillan sound interesting or relevant tho.

  25. 25
    Torsten Hannemann says:

    Moin DP-Lebensgefühlte,
    ich bin 59 und 77 zu Deep Purple gekommen, als sie sich getrennt hatten. Mein Kontakt zur Rockmusik war ein Konzert von Queen – also total geflasht mit der S-Bahn nach Hause gefahren und erstmals das Problem gehabt, dass ich meinen Kumpel nicht verstehen konnte, weil die Ohren noch zu waren.
    Queen mit Freddy war für mich prägend, aber Made in Japan noch stärker. Seitdem habe ich alles, was an Rockmusik nach Hamburg kam, genossen. Da DP nicht ging bevorzugt Rainbow, Whitesnake, Gillan Band. Vielleicht lag es an meiner Heimat Hamburg Altona – Nähe Reeperbahn, wo die Beatles jeden Abend spielten. Mittlerweile glaube ich das hatte einen unbewussten Einfluss auf mich.
    Jedenfalls war DP ein wesentlicher Faktor in meinem Leben. Der Höhepunkt war 2000 das Concerto im CCH. Auf dem kurzen Weg vom Bahnhof zum Konzert wurde ich massiv angebettelt meine Karte zu verkaufen. Hinterher wusste ich warum!!!
    Im letzten Jahr hatte ich ein extremes Erlebnis. Ich hatte eine Hirn-OP und als ich nach 2 Tagen wieder klar war, bekam ich ich die Info, dass es eine neue DP-CD gibt. Die hatte ich mir sofort bestellt und war das erste, was ich nach dem Krankenhaus erlebt habe.
    Spätestens seit der Erfahrung, weiß ich, daß Mark x Diskussionen sinnlos sind. Ich liebe sie alle!!!
    Das Konzert von GH in der Fabrik war mega
    LG Torsten

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