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Carthage to Stockholm

Don Airey has contributed his keyboard skills to a new single by Swedish musician Stefan Berggren. It is called Wild Flowers and is a preview for Stefan’s yet unnamed upcoming solo album. His previous album Stranger in a Strangeland, released in 2016, featured contributions from Bernie Marsden, Stephen Bentley-Klein, and Neil Murray, among others.

Another of Don’s guest appearances came out earlier this year — a Tunisian band called Myrath has released a live album Live In Carthage via earMusic in April 2020. The album featured bonus track called Believer which was a studio remake of one of their more popular songs with Don on keyboards.

And just not to make a separate post about it, Paicey is featured on the cover of the December 2020 issue of Czech magazine Muzikus, with an interview inside.

muzicus 2020-12 cover paice

Thanks to Yvonne for the info.

2 Comments to “Carthage to Stockholm”:

  1. 1
    Coverdian says:

    Hallo everybody on THS, especially Ian P. I am Czech (an´ from time to time contributors for very Muzikus). Please, let me explain you this weird transcription of your name on the above cover… “Ianem Paicem”, as you see.
    Cause the slavia languages (means eastern Europe, but not all) transponing/breaking the substantivum on 7 varieties…. therefore there are so hard languages to learn. English tongue has ONLY 1 an´only call/fall: I am Ian, for Ian,with Ian, without Ian etc. In Czech languages we´re speaking: Já jsem Ian…. pro Iana… s Ianem… bez Iana… as i said it´s strange and weird your englishspeaking guys!
    So, only for explaining and interesment… this “rozhovor s Ianem Paicem” means “interview with Ian Paice”.
    Anyway, to hell with the slavia pronounciation, he´s a good drummer, ain´t he?
    The BEST!

  2. 2
    WillemPurplefan says:

    I’ve seen the Don Airey band a few years ago with Stefan Berggren (Company of Snakes) as a singer. I’ve seen the Don band also lot’s of times with Carl Sentence. Carl is a good singer, but Stefan is a brilliant soulfull and bluesy singer. I hope Don will tour again with him in the future. The old David Coverdale feel: Stefan Berggren has it.

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