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Beautiful insights into that band

Glenn Hughes and his parents

Antihero magazine has an in depth interview with Glenn Hughes, where he offers his opinion on a variety of things, ranging from the loudest band today to the state of the music industry, to deeply personal matters like dealing with the death of his mum.

ANTIHERO: What was your best and worst experience from the Deep Purple era?

Glenn Hughes: There were so many beautiful insights into that band. We were a band that extended songs – Jon and Ritchie were such outstanding players – and I fell in love with that aspect of it. There were a lot of shows I can remember that were off the charts and just incredible! Things like Madison Square Garden, or the Chicago Amphitheatre, the Long Beach Arena in LA and of course Wembley Arena with Tommy Bolin. There’s been a lot of great stuff, but I don’t debate after a show whether it was good or bad, I’m always onto the next show, so I never really think too much about what I’ve done and I don’t analyse things too much.

Read more in Antihero.

Thanks to Yvonne for the info.

9 Comments to “Beautiful insights into that band”:

  1. 1
    Ricrae says:

    Interesting he mentions Wembley with TB. I was at that show. While agreeing with Jon Lord CTTB wasn’t really a Purple album I did like it and was looking forward to hearing it live. My memories of the show were it was a mess. The power went off at least twice and the band had to stop. The sound was dreadful and TB was awful. ( I love his two solo albums). In all a really poor show and one of the very very few DP shows I didn’t make till the end as hating seeing my favourite band seemingly in self destruct mode. Shame.

  2. 2
    Lindsay Gaffney says:

    That’s a very interesting interview from Glenn covering a number of things . What can you say ? I’m glad that both he & all the extended members of Deep Purple are all still playing live & making music . Obviously it is still brilliant that Deep Purple are still writing , recording & playing live as much as possible !
    If indeed Ritchie had reached out to both Glenn & David about doing some shows , it’s disappointing that it didn’t happen . I am reminded that both Jon Lord & Ritchie had been talking about doing something together before sadly he passed away . In many ways time is of the essence & from what I can gather they are all very aware of that .
    Yes it’s true ( as Ritchie has stated ) that managements can get in the way of things happening . I have noted that Ian Gillan has said it’s too late ! Or is it ???
    But all it takes is some courage for someone to pick up the phone & start the conversation . I don’t believe that a Mk 2 reunion is out of the question , but as time moves on it is less likely .
    I do however feel that if it occurs, a performance in the UK , Europe & Nth America is warranted . As they say good things come in three’s !!! I suspect 2020 maybe the last of the performing years for Purple . As I said time is of the essence !!!
    I wish them all well in their current crusades !!! Best wishes to one & all !!! 👍😎👍

  3. 3
    Buttockss says:

    God Bless your parents Glenn !

  4. 4
    Electric Scooter says:

    What great photo ! Love and Respect !

  5. 5
    Fender123 says:

    Regret I have to agree with #1 Ricrae, I was at the Wembley show too and have to admit the band were dreadful, TB in particular was out of his head and his playing was as bad as I can ever recall from a brilliant artist, and GH was in full flight screaming mode and away with the fairies. For me, after the disappointment of Stormbringer I had high hopes for hearing a lot of CTTB in a live arena but it was awful. Don’t want to diss either of them but it was as poor as it gets. Wasn’t too long after that they disbanded. Credit to GH for coming out of it and bringing his real talent back to the fore. Cheers.

  6. 6
    Rock Voorne says:

    @ 5

    Still dont get why MK 4 still gets bashed so often.And current touringband get the thumps up.

    Like the Morse line ups, espescially the last 10 years, vocals were cringing and guitarsound out of place and often annoying.

    Like MK 4 the current line up still delivers great keys, bass and drums.

    Although Paicey might have been on top of the world mid 70’s and Lordy was…..well Lordy.

    May I be so bold to remind us all of the fact that the Morse line ups very soon declined into a greatest hits touring outfit and mostly disregarding the more current songs.

    If it was all so equally exiting why did that happen?

  7. 7
    NWO says:

    @6 – Very simple – Fans want hits -FANATICS – like on this site want to go deeper into the catalog ..
    If you know anything about touring then you would easily see why they play the setlist that they do. Also they only play 90 minute shows. Why is that? Probably because they can’t tour the way they do if they did 120 + minute shows a night like the old old days. Ian Gillan is an old man. I still love him, but I know he is going to have nights where he sounds like an old man and nights when you say WOW he is GREAT at 72!!! This is the same for the rest of the band.

    Finally – MOST Deep Purple fans at any concert would have NO CLUE what you are talking about when you say Mark 4 with Glenn & Tommy. It is mostly forgotten. For sure here in North America. To me CTTB it is not a good album, not a Deep Purple album, and even listening to it now years later, it does not stand up to time. I put in the same category as Slaves & Masters. But that’s me….

    I can see you are not a Steve Morse fan, so it is hard to argue about taste of musician. We all like what we like.

  8. 8
    stoffer says:

    NWO—-well said!!

  9. 9
    Pierced says:

    True Deep Purple fans know the marks of the band 1,2,3,4m5 etc etc. it’s a miracle that I got to see MK4 live! January 76 Johnson City Tennessee. They were on that night and sounded fresh but very loud!! DC sounded good, voice wasn’t cracking. SOTW was actually performed nicely! Glenn did scream over David a lot! which was annoying as hell. I think Come Taste the Band was a fantastic LP, adventurous fresh and a little over the top. yep, sounds like the Purple we all have come to love!!! Cheers BP

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