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Joe Bonamassa & Bernie Marsden at Loreley cancelled

The festival planned for June 16, 2018 featuring Steve Hill, the Henrik Freischlader Band, Bernie Marsden and Joe Bonamassa has been cancelled.

9 Comments to “Joe Bonamassa & Bernie Marsden at Loreley cancelled”:

  1. 1
    Dirk says:

    You can find info here … https://www.loreley-freilichtbuehne.de/programm-2018/16-06-2018-crossroads-festival/

  2. 2
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Reasons being?… Surely ticket sales wasn’t a problem?.

  3. 3
    Buttockss says:

    Maybe cause of age gap ?

  4. 4
    Svante Axbacke says:

    From the basic German I know I get the understanding that Joe Bonamassa went out in his social media channels and said he couldnĀ“t play the show due to personal reasons. This surprised everyone including the orgianiser. With the big headliner gone the organiser canĀ“t put on the show.

  5. 5
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    To our great surprise, the artist / headliner Joe Bonamassa’s participation in the Crossroads Festival on 16/06/2018 at Loreley was personally canceled by him on Instagram and Twitter. We are in contact with the management of Joe Bonamassa, which confirmed the cancellation “for personal reasons”.

    Without Joe Bonamassa as announced headliner, unfortunately we see no possibility to perform the festival on 16 June 2018 and do not want the concert visitors / fans not to abandon this. Engaging a high-profile replacement in the short time is impossible. We do not want to put the fans off here. Behind such festivals are months of planning. Affected cardholders can return the purchased tickets at the ticket outlets where they bought the tickets.”

  6. 6
    Adel says:

    Even Glenn had problems with Joe during touring with BCC. Is Joe the new grumpy in black??!!

  7. 7
    Buttockss says:

    @ 6 Could be…….Joe has been known to have tantrums once in a while and hurl heineken bottles in the crowds.

  8. 8
    NWO says:

    Joe has always been a bit of a prick! First time I saw him was back in 2005 in Jersey. He was the third or second act up in the afternoon playing in front of 50 or so people (Joe was the support act and for bands like We Might Be Giants, Joe Bonanno?, The Smithereeens and Joan Jett headlined – I might of missed an act or 2 but whatever). We were fans of his and another guitarist of his ilk at the time named Anthony Gomes. When we went up to get him to sign a few things you could tell he was not interested and into himself. A bit of a turn off (One of the reasons I don’t like to meet any musicians) Anthony’s career never took off like Joe’s but he was always a nice guy (Probably cause he is a Canuck like me!). So maybe it’s true. Nice guys do finish last! Say it aint so Joe!

  9. 9
    Kim Peters says:

    It was cancelled? Yeah…there is a god.

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