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A theoretical anarchist

A lengthy — more than an hour — interview with Ian Gillan, done by an Italian radio station Radio Rock 106.6 in Portugal, published a couple of weeks ago, and promptly blocked by some copyright police run amok — is now finally available for viewing worldwide. As you can imagine, a lot of dirt can be overturned in such a long conversation. There’s quite a bit of background noise in the beginning, but it goes away after a while. Dig in!

Thanks to Yvonne for the info.

10 Comments to “A theoretical anarchist”:

  1. 1
    Bruce Weldin says:

    If purple is so good now why don’t we here anything about them on the radios

  2. 2
    Kim Peters says:

    Thanks. I enjoyed that interview quite a bit.

  3. 3
    al says:

    such a great enjoyable chat with Big Ian….

  4. 4
    Nigel Young says:

    Old interviews: http://youtube.com/user/TheTVisions/videos?sort=dd&shelf_id=0&view=0

  5. 5
    Andrey Smirnov says:

    Alas, there is nothing left of the old classic rock. Aging “Purple”…

  6. 6
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Experience is the essence of life. When in Rome….. GET IT!.

  7. 7
    Chip says:

    #1 What rock artists are getting airplay on radio? In the US, most rock radio stations won’t play anything recorded after 1995.

  8. 8
    mike whiteley says:

    @ #1-Bruce,
    With respect,I’m not sure why you’re posting here.The tone of your question strongly indicates that you’re not a fan of Deep Purple
    Further to what Chip (no.7 ) says,commercial radio support counts for even less than album sales in the music market these days.Tours are how bands make money,and those tours are generally announced on fan sites.
    Radio airplay is no longer the ultimate ally of any band,at least in North America.

  9. 9
    al says:

    @ 1

    oh wow! you didn’t just ask that moronic question did you? You are in the wrong page dude,go find your crap that you like in the radio,Justin Bieber or your crap.

  10. 10
    edoep says:

    @#1 bruce: ??? i sincerely hope you are not one of these bitching “when ritchie left DP ceased to be” guys.

    this is the year 2017, mate, not 1957. bands no longer need radio stations and airtime for promoting new albums / their music / spreading news. because hardly anyone these days listens to radio any more.

    there is this new invention called the internet :-), providing boards, blogs, websites, forums, youtube, google, theHWS and other little miraculous sources of information where fans can read about / listen to / watch their fav. bands 24/365 almost everywhere. because: there is another new invention, it’s called cellphone.

    do not despair, one fine day, these gadgets also will be available in your neck of the woods.

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