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This one is going on Ebay

Another video from the NAMM 2017. Steve Morse shows off his MusicMan #1 and #2:

And once we’re at it, here are some more Steve’s guitar nuts and bolts videos from a few years back. Here he is demonstrating various features of the original MusicMan and Y2D, and how and why he uses them during Purple gigs:

Thanks to Amit for the heads up, and to Guitars Exchange and Sweetwater Sound for the videos.

6 Comments to “This one is going on Ebay”:

  1. 1
    errolarias says:

    no no no .. NOTHING upbeat a powerful Fender Stratocaster thru an original Marshall Amplification… Sorry Steve !

  2. 2
    Tommy H. says:

    The blue guitar “no. one” is actually amazing – a piece of science and I’d say still very much like that Frankencaster Steve had previously. It indeed has the genes of a Fender guitar. But I’m afraid that amp is simply terrible and I’ve heard a lot of tube amps over the years, also in side-by-side comparison. It’s not so much that it’s fuzzy but it’s not by far close to the overdrive sounds of an old Marshall Plexi or e.g. a Friedman. Steve should try the Friedman Brown Eye – that’s the sound, believe me (if you’re searching for a 100 Watt tube amp that is). The Brown Eye blows that Engl Signature out of the water in every possible way (clean/crunch/high gain/clarity/over all sound quality/the ability to cut through the mix etc.). I know, sounds are a matter of taste and experience which you have to respect …

  3. 3
    Tommy H. says:

    Actually, I watched some videos of the amp on youtube and it’s in fact not as bad as I thought – although still not my favorite. I’d say that it’s not very well setup here in these videos with Steve. Still he’s a tremendously good guitar player and, again, besides all his abilities he’s such a likable character too.

  4. 4
    Jörg says:

    One of the best guitarists I´ve ever heard. And a nice guy too. I wish he add more Morse style on the new Album. He should never Sound like Blackmore. He should Sound like Steve Morse. Like the early Albums with DP Purpendicular and Abandon, which is a such underrated Album.

  5. 5
    Dpfender says:

    It’s always funny to me how people think they know better than Steve.

  6. 6
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 5: “Better” is the wrong word. Different people make different experiences and in music a lot of people benefit from the knowledge of others. The passionate ones will always be interested in some input, no matter who they are and what they’ve already achieved.

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