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Vincent Price is in top 3

Vincent Price promo video screenshot

Vincent Price took 3rd place in Classic Rock’s Song Of the Year 2013 poll.

The top 10 is:

  1. Dream Theater – The Enemy Inside
  2. Stone Sour – The Uncanny Valley
  3. Deep Purple – Vincent Price
  4. Black Star Riders – Bound For Glory
  5. The Temperance Movement – Only Friend
  6. Fish – The High Wood
  7. Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa – Strange Fruit
  8. Michael Monroe – The Ballad Of The Lower East Side
  9. Motörhead – Lost Woman Blues
  10. The Answer – Spectacular

See the full list on Classic Rock site.

Polls like this can be more accurately characrerised as a test of online fandom coherence rather than popularity. Not that there’s anything wrong with other entries on the list. Pretty much any track there is worth checking out, you never know if you might (re)discover another band that you like.

Happy New Year everyone!

70 Comments to “Vincent Price is in top 3”:

  1. 1
    stoffer says:

    Congrats to the band and to new producer….now how about some U S tour dates…………………..

  2. 2
    Roberto says:

    Have you heard the songs at N.1 and 2.? those should be better than ‘Vincent price’? …com’on…

  3. 3
    Mark Taylor says:

    ‘Vincent Price was Best single and promo video on MetalTalk.net http://www.metaltalk.net/news2013/2012105.php

  4. 4
    Réhm Ferenc says:

    Vincent Price Number One !!!!!!!!!

  5. 5
    MacGregor says:

    I cannot believe how Dream Theater ended up as number 1? That is a woeful excuse for a song, man they have gone downhill since the 90’s! I have 3 albums from that era, but you could hear a decline in their songwriting after that & now they are totally devoid of ideas! Cheers.

  6. 6
    Scoot says:

    That’s really cool. Congratulations to them all. They worked hard for the honors and notice they are receiving.

  7. 7
    HardRockPete says:

    Well deserved! Great song from a truly great album from the best hard rock band ever 🙂

  8. 8
    Robert says:

    to #2: Well, IMO N.1 musically is much more interesting piece than Vincent Price.
    DP is my all-time favorite band but objectiveness is also a good thing…

  9. 9
    Jerry says:

    Polls are what music is all about. I will sleep well, knowing this.

  10. 10
    T says:

    Despite being a huge Deep Purple fan, I would never give them a pass for something inferior. Having said that, I am not impressed at the top two spots. I wouldn’t say that “Vincent Price” is song of the year, but there is a lot to be said considering how long Purple has been active.

    The important thing is that their latest opus has struck a chord that we are still hearing.

  11. 11
    Thunderhawk says:

    @ Roberto.

    It’s based on personal taste ofcourse, me for example, i loved the new album from Dream Theater and the single ‘the Enemy Inside’ that came along with the album.
    Tho Stone Sour wouldn’t be that much of an option to me, not really my taste of music.

    You know the band Dream Theater is inspired by Deep Purple, over the years they did verious act involving music from Deep Purple, with the biggest one revolving around the ‘Made in Japan’ record, which they played live in it’s entire in Japan as a tribute to the great Deep Purple.
    To me Dream Theater is a sort of Deep Purple on steroids, taking the style of which Deep Purple is kown for and revamp it a little to introduce it to a new generation.

    I personaly had liked to see the top 2 being Deep Purple and Dream Theater, but to see these 2 bands at the top of the list proves that their progressive style of playing is still populair among many rock and metal fans nowadays, and that in my opinion is a good thing.


  12. 12
    KlausVonScribe says:

    Only 4 comments and this story has been up a while. How many comments on the Blackmore interview story…quite a few. I have always been a fan of Deep Purple…all time favorite band…I’ve listened to Vincent Price and some of the new album, but truth be told….I don’t like the song, I don’t like the video, I don’t like the album, and as time has passed, the more I hear of Steve Morse the less I like the entire band.

    Sorry…but this band should have just closed shop and rode off into the sunset 10 years ago and left us all with just wonderful, lasting memories. Now it’s “corporate” and stale, and old timers like me are just now…well…”unimpressed” and “disinterested”.

  13. 13
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    This is a true testament to proper promotion and using present time media….

    The video is what probably got them in. Sure worked for me. VP is one of my least favorites from the album, but coupled with that great video, it took hold and was a winning combination. Good job Purple and Promoters. You actually proved my repeated point. Just Do It!!!! As you should have been doing for the past 20-30 years. Better late than never.


  14. 14
    Brad DeMoranville says:

    Wow. I have actually seen live each of the bands in the top 3 spots. I saw DT open for DP once in Massachusetts. And I saw Stone Sour at a festival last summer in Jacksonville, Florida I took my kids to with Alice In Chains and Limp Bizkit headlining. I was just the driver. And the ATM.

  15. 15
    BobLawrinz says:

    I’ve tried to ignore your comment Klaus but can’t.
    1. Four comments because as the article says, not a big deal story, take it with a grain of salt. I am sure many like me agreed and moved on.
    2. You are not a fan of Deep Purple. A fan sticks with his/her team/band through thick and thin. Yes you can have your favourite player and favourite album / era but life goes on and thankfully so does Deep Purple.
    Being a fan of Deep Purple should actually make you a fan of almost all musical styles because at some stage or other they’ve played it. But no, some here persist in this very narrow definition of what defines this group. No better than than the classic rock radio people that define Deep Purple as forever something that happened in 1972.

    3. Take pleasure in Jon Lord’s final out pouring of classical manna. Strut around to the power and bombast that was briefly Black Country Communion. Dream and imagine with Blackmore’s Night. Sit back, contemplate with an Eye on Morocco and imagine If Life was easy. Top up with a visit to K2 and don’t forget to do it all with Flying Colors. When you are done all that, and there certainly is a hell of a lot more that I can’t fit in here, enjoy the core group that is Deep Purple and has continued to evolve and bring joy to millions, particularly open minded people.
    Why denigrate? Explore, taste, revel in diversity, accept people’s shortcomings and celebrate their achievements.
    4. Vincent Price is in my opinion not even close to being the best song on Now What?! but it is still the best song on the list presented by that magazine. The album is wonderful, far superior to many earlier Purple albums but again that is just my opinion.
    5. Corporate???? Yes, they must make a profit as do we all, yes there are many mouths that need to be fed by the Deep Purple touring machine but surely you jest or haven’t a clue when you label them corporate???
    The main reason they are not recognised for their achievements by the establishment is because they are the antithesis of corporate. They didn’t go Hollywood and they don’t have a budget the size of a small nation’s exchequer to spend on marketing. The history of rock and roll has been rewritten and by and large they have been written out of it by the corporate idiots that have allowed that industry to go down the tubes.
    Deep Purple have continued to do what they do, play music, write a few songs here and there and live their lives by their own standards. I am a fan. I do not have the right to tell them what to do or even have expectations as to what they should or shouldn’t do.
    I hope they record a new album. I hope to see them again in concert. I hope they come to the U.S. again. I hope they turn down their eventual hall of fame entry but if they don’ do any of these things that’s their business and I, the fan will still be there as their fan.
    6. You ‘Old timer’ are speaking for yourself. Do it someplace else.

  16. 16
    al says:

    @12 do you work for Rolling Stones magazine man ? lol Whatever preconceived opinions you might have about the band and taste,the album is just great and awesome,This band should not have stopped cause your watch is stuck in time,and you know why :

    Because of their professionalism and dedication,they can still perform like no other artist or so called rockers in music business,and they can still produce good music and Steve Morse paying in this album is better than has it been in years !Bob Ezrin has brought the best out of this band again! Finally a world class producer and the results are a great album and great songs,diverse and unique and even with more “commercial ” and “corporate” like you want to call Vincent Price song ! This band has paid their dues and deserve to be there!Thank God for that !you listened to some of the album ?! cmon man whether you like it or not,as an educated old timer as yourself,you can appreciate the work and songs in this album.You should give it a few more tries no offense before you “bash” the band and “the music”Tell me an” old timer” band that is better live and still sounding this fresh than Purple ? Are they even around ? They never sold out like an o”the old timer” who are mixing their music with Rap Crap and you know who I’m talking about ! Zeppelin mixed with Biggie Smile !!! please it makes wanna throw up!

  17. 17
    Scott W. says:

    Klaus, As far as the song goes i must agree. It is kind of corny i think. But, the album is the best since Purpendicular in my mind. I must say i was losing hope after Bananas and Rapture. To alot of fans the band lost their ‘Edge’ when Ritchie left. Mind you, these ‘Fans’ are sometimes the more casual types who have’nt bought a Purple Album since Perfect Strangers.

  18. 18
    cyclone says:

    @12 I agree if you were writing about the Stones but DP musicianship is still above par compared to any band…new or old. The real mystery is….This is a DP fan website….if you dislike them push the “next” button and move on…..

  19. 19
    al says:

    @17 Scott

    I wish the band and their idiotic management ( I’m being harsh cause I’m pissed ) would have been much more open minded and look to work with a big time producer like Bob Ezrin much earlier,and pushed for working out of “their safe zone “I’m referring to the results of Bananas and Rapture,who had some good ideas and songs but overall the were not pushed and finished with those ideas,and the sound ? oh well we all know that we were let down big time in that regard.I cannot believe “the critique” of some of the people in here who call themselves Deep Purple fans and every subject or interview in here,they like to spin it “yeah it is good album but they will never be Deep Purple again “! and reminds us that this band is done and over with !! What can you say in regard of the likes of Jimmy Page and Co ? Yes we cannot touch them cause they re GODS and whatever they do and play we cannot touch them God Forbid ,even though they haven’t done zip in terms of music and projects for the last 20 years or more ! These guys clearly can play and proven once again that when the right man comes on board the results are a great album like Now What ?! Clearly some of the fans,have decided to stop listening after Perfect Strangers album,good for them,but don’t tell us to more “open minded “fans that they re washed up and done cause their becoming “corporates”Stale and sell outs !!!!I have spoken to lots of fans and “old timers ” not necessarily Deep Purple hard core fans,but they we re all in awe to how good the album is !I’m begging for one more with Bob EZRIN,but even of they don’t make another one,I’m good with the last one,Honestly as much as I love the old ones,I like to listen to the new one over and over and over again,cause it is really damn good rock n’ roll album ! I learned the lesson,that being a stuck up and stubborn about something,it is not necessarily something that makes you look like good and above the other people,but exactly the opposite!


  20. 20
    Jack says:

    Yeah!!! Great song!!! Love it!!! Now What! is the best Purple album since The Battle Rages On!!Greetings from Mexico!!!

  21. 21
    John says:

    Bob @ 15 that was an eloquently put argument against KLAUS @ 12, Unfortunately I am going to have to lean more towards Klaus opinion about current line up.

  22. 22
    LRT says:

    One day it might click, the time you actually get through the entire thing once without distractions. I simply can’t believe it, it has nothing to do with anything but wearing the black coat and hat. Must be something in the diet. 😀

  23. 23
    Robert says:

    Bob@15 IMO, what you say is a perfect definition of a “fanboy” not a “fan”. Methinks, a fan should love the band and its works, but at the same time shall not fail to recognize the musical weaknesses and shall not fail to criticize them (in a polite and respectful way). Putting up the fanboyish motto “DP is the best, their latest album is the best just because it’s DP” is the worst favor we could do to the band. If the song/album is not up to DP standards we shall loudly say so. In a way, we shall challenge the band and encourage them to deliver the best of their very capable abilities in songwriting in performance. Otherwise we ourselves will turn the living band into “holy cow” which noone is allowed to criticize and, eventually, into the boring ‘greatest hits’ band.

    BTW, by saying “DP standards” I don’t imply that every song shall sound like another SOTW or HS. For me “Blind”, “The Shield” or “You Keep on Moving”, while standing musically as far from Mk2 as one can imagine, are still some of the finest examples of DP music, which, as you rightfully mentioned is very diverse and spreads over many different genres and musical styles.

  24. 24
    T says:

    The consensus seems to be that “Vincent Price” was not the best song on the new album, but was chosen in this competition because it had a video–and still did very well against some much younger acts. If you were to distill the song down to the main riff sans the effects and humor, you would find the essential characteristics for which Deep Purple are famous. We’ll have to wait a few decades before we see if any of the others are still making ripples.

  25. 25
    Peter says:

    Ritchie here, Steve there, David upstairs, Ian downstairs, we ALL still have our beloved Band with us !! Times are a changing. It´s a fantastic new Album and it touched my soul !!! Hear the fine Basslines together with the swinging rolling Drums, it´s superb !! Hear the fantastic Organ-Sound in front of the mix !! Yeah, by the Way, the mix, he´s powerful, transparent and very very good, great work. And i tell you what, ALL Line-up´s are great ! Why not ??? Nevertheless i´m a big Blackmore fan, nevertheless i´m a big Lord Fan. THANK´S FOR ALL THAT GREAT MUSIC OVER THE YEARS !!
    SO WHAT ?!

  26. 26
    MacGregor says:

    BobLawrinz@15- Klaus was merely stating his opinion as you correctly acknowledged in the last line of your comments! However in your very last few words in that last line, you have no right at all to tell Klaus to ‘do it someplace else’! Why? Because he doesn’t like this ‘version’ of Deep Purple? Or doesn’t like the album or whatever? What does it matter if someone else doesn’t like something that you may like? He is entitled to his opinion just as much as you are! The other comment you said was that he ‘was not a fan of DP”!
    Really? How would you know that? I wish I could have certain people telling me what I am a fan of or not of, that would make my life so much more predictable & incredibly ‘boring’! You said being a ‘fan’ of DP ‘sticks with his/her/team/band through thick & thin”.
    Mate it isn’t a sports team, that is usually what goes down with the ‘loyal’ sport enthusiast. It is music, some is good & some not so good, just like food, or fashion or people or countries or on & on & on & on etc.
    What really should only matter is what you enjoy, it is irrelevant what others enjoy or don’t enjoy, it is absolutely irrelevant! The irony of your comment is that you tell Klaus to ‘take it like a grain of salt’! Cheers.

  27. 27
    Deeperpurps says:

    Good day all! I have read some very passionate, well articulated and diverging viewpoints by you all on this topic. What impresses me is that all of you express your points in a well thought out and civil way, with no name calling or insults. That to me is what makes a Deep Purple fan a cut above fans of many other bands, especially after seeing some of the drivel, outright hostility and vulgar commentary that tends to dominate on certain other band’s website forums/blogs. Kudos to you all for your class!

    Now with regard to the Vincent Price music and video. I like it. I think it is representative of where the band is at this juncture in its career. Is it the strongest, most memorable thing on the album, or in their canon? No not necessarily, but it is a very fine effort, it is a good song, very listenable, well played, and entertaining.

    Now What?! is the best, most cohesive, most tuneful album Purple has put out since Perfect Strangers. Though there is no Jon Lord nor Ritchie Blackmore on it, I can get past that….the band has moved on, grown, evolved. There is far more to Deep Purple than just Mark II 70’s.

    I recall how close-minded I was about Purple when Blackmore left in ’75 and was replaced by some young upstart named Tommy Bolin. Back then I did not even try to give him or the band a chance. I was so blinded / deafened by my complete fanaticism of all things Blackmore, that I wrote off the band and especially Bolin. I listened to Come Taste the Band once, maybe twice and disposed of it. I think back now to that time and realize how young, foolish and narrow-minded I was.

    I re-discovered Tommy Bolin about 25 years later on some Jazz-Rock fusion compilation CD. Didn’t know it was him playing on some song called Stratus by one Billy Cobham. I was completely blown away. When I read the liner notes and saw it was Bolin, I searched out other albums with him on it. With each new discovery I was flabbergasted at how good a guitarist he was. I returned to Come Taste the Band and listened with an open mind and more mature ears. It is a fine fine album. No its not Mark II 70’s, it is completely different. But that’s a good thing. Who wants to hear the same thing over and over again?

    The point is, Deep Purple as a band has never stayed the same, it has moved, shifted, evolved, changed, sometimes successfully, sometimes less so. But it is a living, breathing entity with huge musical credibility and integrity. And virtuoso musicianship in spades. We will all have our favourite version/ Mark / album / song. But to the enlightened open-minded person, there is a huge treasure trove of excellent music all throughout their vast catalogue. Things you can go back to and listen to again and always hear something new, different, something that you haven’t heard before. One of the contributors above mentioned “The Shield” . Yes! In fact I was just listening to that song the other day for the first time in a couple of years at least. It is absolutely excellent, and shows just how far ahead of most bands Purple were, even in the early Mark I period.

    If we go right back in time to 1968 when the original premise for the creation of the band was to have a constantly shifting roster of top-rate musicians go in and out of the band, and in fact call it “Roundabout” for that very reason; that does in fact describe the essence of what that band became, Deep Purple! It has always been thus.

  28. 28
    KlausVonScribe says:

    BobLawrinz, a true fan, like a true friend, has the courage to tell someone when it’s over, otherwise they are not a friend/fan or whatever else you’d like to label them.

    I’ve seen Deep Purple the last two times they’ve come to Boston within the last 5 years…and yes, they were “good”, but Gillan is no longer Gillan, and Steve Morse is no Blackmore. For me, they were two very good shows – much like having two very good ham sandwiches. I enjoyed them, but I wouldn’t order them every night.

    I’ve seen Blackmore’s Night the last two times they’ve come to Boston and they are fresh, they are alive. Candice is youth and energy. The backup singers are youth. Most of the band is youth and energy. Say what you want about Blackmore, but he has fronted three successful, multifaceted bands – no one in Deep Purple can come close to that. Why?? I don’t know, I would suppose there are reasons none ventured out to form other successful bands (Talking MK II now). I enjoyed the Gillan solo thing – should have gone further with it. And Roger Glove has had a great career behind the scenes producing and such. It’s not about the success of it all, it’s about “what was”. And “what was” is gone. Deep Purple is not going to come out with another Machine Head, Made in Japan or Perfect Strangers. That’s simply the facts. These are not the “times” when those happened.

    As for Black Country whatever – no interest there at all. Glenn Hughes is in competition with Steven Tyler for votes on who looks more like an old lady ready to kick-off into the grave. After Burn, Deep Purple lost me then as well. I gave Stormbringer a chance, but after that, it was nothing short of garbage.

    Whitesnake hasn’t done anything – original – for a long time so it’s hard to wave a banner for them. For me, Slide It In was the last thing relevant from them. And I like Coverdale, when he puts his mind to it, he’s damn good.

    Scott W. I have never heard a sound of Purpendicular or the other one. As I said, I cannot get into Steve Morse…it doesn’t work for me. This is how I see it:

    Deep Purple, Mark II and the return of Mark II in the 80s was a Ferrari. Without Blackmore, Deep Purple is that same Ferrari but with a Buick engine.

    Yeah, it works, but it is nothing – performance wise – of what it once was, and no amount of fancy “tune-up” equipment is going to change that.

    It is what it is and at some point you have to cash in your chips and call it a career.

    Thanks MacGregor…the argument is no different than the WhaaHoo’s who I argue with over Boston sports teams. It’s only my opinion, but I must be pretty powerful, and have quite a presence for my opinion to irk and cause menstruation to so many.

  29. 29
    al says:

    @26 mac Gregor
    Like I’m pretty sure man that you would not like affirmative sentences like we all do it sometimes (emotional ) that “this or such line-up is crap or doesn’t do it without giving the piece a try.Of course we re going to criticize and and give our opinions about albums and songs,otherwise what is the point of being here.?! This is not a right Wing blog where we all have to obey to the leader,we are fans who like the band and I think are educated enough to make their own observation,but still colors and taste are different for every body.I like Battle Rages on,some other people like Slaves and Masters better.Meantime I’m atill waiting for those North American dates at some point this year ! Any news anyone ?

  30. 30
    cyclone says:

    @26 ref @12,,, DP should of closed shop ten years ago? what a fan!

  31. 31
    Svante Axbacke says:

    I’ve always said that there are the Blackmore fans and the Deep Purple fans. I don’t know why people get provoked by that (because someone always is when I say that). It seems pretty simple to me that the people who think DP died when RB left and now enjoy BN are Blackmore fans. Fans of Deep Purple like the Bolin and Morse periods too (although not necessarily both of them).

    And as for being powerful because ones words make people upset, maybe that has to do with how those opinions are expressed. Sort of those Rolling Stone reviews discussed elsewhere in this site. I think most people are ok with differing opinions as long as they are presented in a sensible manner.

  32. 32
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    KlausVonScribe @28,

    Your last paragraph says it all;

    “Thanks MacGregor…the argument is no different than the WhaaHoo’s who I argue with over Boston sports teams. It’s only my opinion, but I must be pretty powerful, and have quite a presence for my opinion to irk and cause menstruation to so many.”

    Somehow you are under the impression that your opinion about the validity of the present Deep Purple matters in life and stands as some sort of definitive conclusion toward their need to exist. Powerful? Yeah, the power of the computer keyboard with I would have to imagine, no talent beyond that. You make absolute no sense when you make the statement that “you haven’t heard Purpendicular or the other one”, yet you expect your negative view of Purple with Morse to have substance. On what grounds? Yeah, we get it. Blackmore rules, whether or not you have heard the ‘other guy’. Power? Stupidity isn’t powerful. Dangerous maybe, but powerless against intelligence. Your expression regarding whether or not Present Purple is worthy or not reminds me of this article posted elsewhere;


    Regarding a negative review of an album in a magazine by somebody it turns out never even listened to it. Your ‘assumption’ that Purple of present day without Blackmore has absolutely no merit. So you have been to a couple of shows. Big deal. That’s the leg you stand on regarding their total package? Sorry to let you in on this little secret….. You are one of very few whom feel this way in contrast to bazillions whom aren’t drunk on the “Blackmore or Bust Kool-Aid”….


  33. 33
    al says:

    @28 Hey Klaus

    you got our attention sir good for you and this will boost your ego man!
    I can see where you coming from,doesn’t seem to like any new stuff from the “old band”.It is your taste and your stance.I,myself I’m a big fan of Blackmore,and I don’t doubt the talent and the performance he could put live.My opinion about his music and style has not changed.
    I know he is very happy with his banjo and pointy hat,but I think he is been doing that crap,for way too long,repetitive,covers and boring self indulgent so called “new renaissance”,I’m pretty sure you are familiar with the cheap European videos of the band….no comment there totally ridiculous ! I think you have a problem with biological clock with singers and looks ! He is not his fault that he is 68yo and he is getting older as we speak.Obviously he cannot sing like he did in his 20’s and 30’s but tell me a better singer out there that can put on a live performance than he does ? No one ! I will take their their music over that techno crap of Blackmore anytime of the day,but this is my opinion of course, you said for Deep Purple sold out and corporate ! I think your wigmaster sold out and he stale big time but hey he is happy about it ! so so be it !

  34. 34
    MacGregor says:

    For some ‘fans’ who may need a little help in the definition & meaning of the word!

    Shortened from fanatic.

    fan (plural fans)

    An admirer or aficionado, especially of a sport or performer; someone who is fond of something or someone; an admirer.

    Or this:

    Definition of: fan

    (fan) noun Colloq.
    1. An enthusiastic devotee of any sport or diversion, as of baseball or of motion pictures; a fanatic.
    2. An ardent admirer, usually of a public character, writer, artist, etc. [? <the fancy (see under FANCY)]
    Most often used phrases:
    fan base
    fan club
    fan site
    big fan
    fan favorite
    fan fiction
    fan sites
    huge fan
    fan page
    fan tutte
    ge fan
    fan favourite
    avid fan
    fan film
    fan community

    We could go on, but really, why? Cheers.

  35. 35
    MacGregor says:

    I have said it before & I am about to repeat myself again. Why do some people take offence, feel threatened or can’t handle someone else saying they don’t like something??????? It is pointless worrying about what other people like or don’t like, it is utterly irrelevant!
    No band, solo artist or duo has ever release 100% good material. No one in this world is perfect, every rock band that I am a ‘fan’ of, has released dud songs & albums! It happens & it will always happen!
    Some bands as we know, have different members at different moments in their respective careers. Not all lineups are liked by everyone, myself included, it doesn’t matter. Back in the 1980’s, it took me a few years to let go of my bias in regards to my favourite bands. When I finally admitted to myself that “I cannot handle that album” I finally let go of my bias of saying to myself ‘it is all great’, when it clearly wasn’t. Jethro Tull’s electric sequenced drum machine album ‘Under Wraps’ was the album that helped me overcome my mental block towards my favourite artists. Then Yes released the appalling album Big Generator in ’87 & that proved to me that it happens to other artists, even my favourite ones. Then Deep Rainbow’s Slaves & Masters in 1990 & on & on & on!
    There are other flavours to enjoy & if not, we return to the flavour we are familiar with & we enjoy it again. It is what we like or don’t like, it’s a bit like food in many ways.
    I don’t like licorice, most people I know love it. I don’t like the taste of beer, give me spirits any day! I have tried to enjoy beer but it just doesn’t taste nice to my palate. In my younger days, some male beer drinkers used to get angry when I didn’t have a beer, “every man drinks beer” etc, etc! Biggest load of crap I have ever heard! For some reason beyond my imagination, they couldn’t handle me not drinking beer! Why do some people resent what another person doesn’t like? Cheers.

  36. 36
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    @35 MacGregor,

    Amen to all that you laid out well. Good stuff.

    Here’s to a rum and Coke tonight as Now What?! soothes a tired corporate soul. That would be me…. :>



  37. 37
    cyclone says:

    wow the good fight is on…I dislike “The Stones”.. “Greatful Dead”.. “Springsteen”…etc… because their musicianship is sub par and egos over inflated. I admire DP because throughout misfortunes during the years they continued to tour and put out quality music. They did not continue to live off past glories… but attempted new ones and got bashed when it could not cut the “Machine Head” mustard….an impossible task…. What has any super group done lately? Black Sabbath got a pass and praise for yet another typical “Ozzy” album. Same O Same O. That said…I do not scroll their fan based websites and bash the Ozzy’s-Springsteen’s–Stones etc…. I do it here!

  38. 38
    Scott W. says:

    All of the differing viewpoints are what make the world interesting, just like different music. I am a HUGE RB Fan, but that does not stop me from also liking ‘most’ of the Morse Era DP, as well as having to be in a certain mood to even get thru a BN album! Do yourself a favor Klaus, at least give Purpendicular a listen. You might like it, if not, no harm done. I certainly still have a hard time getting into ‘Bananas’ and some of ‘Rapture’. I feel some of the tracks to be (dare i say it), ‘throwaway Music.’ At least i have listened to (and own) these albums, and went to the respective Tours. No one is going to make me feel any different about liking or not liking something because of a post on this site. We all can at least offer our opinions after at least giving said music a listen first! I am looking forward to a follow up to ‘Now What?! and welcome a change in style for BN.

  39. 39
    KlausVonScribe says:


    I know adjectives as well. But if you read my first post I point the stick at no one individual. If you read my second post – the paragraph that got your YaYa’s going…I said “WhaaHoo’s”…if you and others want to self-identify, by all means go right ahead but don’t look for me to be dragged into nutsville to defend an opinion that overall has the universal importance of yesterday’s toilet paper.

    You and others chose to take exception with my opinion. I believe it was you and others telling me how “powerful keyboards are” and labeling one or their opinion as “stupid” …then you point to a site about “academics”, to I guess legitimize whatever your nonsense is. If you think you’re threatening or bullying, you’re sadly mistaken. Try this, grow up. I could care less who agrees with me or doesn’t…when you pay my bills, or put money in my pocket then I’ll consider you more than a fly.

    I’ve read plenty of opinions here and elsewhere, and if I didn’t like them I simply moved on to the next, and not made an idiot of myself by attempting to exercise the “macho pose”. And also save the “go somewhere else” garbage…when you own the site, then you can tell me to go somewhere else.

  40. 40
    stoffer says:

    @ 35 maybe you should try dropping some licorice in a beer, never know you might like it…………….oh wait two wrongs don’t make a right ..hmmmmmm……. or do they?!

    @28 Klaus, you are probably not as powerful as you think, but if i feel a menstrual cycle coming because of your posts I will agree with you…thanks

    now before anyone gets all hot and bothered this is just sarcasm and I do like beer?!?!

  41. 41
    Deeperpurps says:

    MacGregor @35…..yes you make very good points.personal taste is just that, personal. We all have our favourite versions, albums, songs, members of Deep Purple. Likewise we all come to Purple from different vantage points, different experiences….You like Jethro Tull and Ozzy Sabbath as I understand it. I can appreciate Tull in small doses, but I can’t stand Ozzy. Not that I can’t appreciate some of his material, but overall he just doesn’t appeal to my senses. I love Grand Funk Railroad and the Doobie Brothers (early 70’s version before they went soft under Michael McDonald), two very underrated bands who get hardly any press coverage in the rock music “establishment”. Whatever your views of those 2 bands I can appreciate and respect that. What the main point is, is that Deep Purple appears to be on top of all the other bands for us fans here, it is for this reason that we all return time and again to this particular forum to discuss our passion for it.

    And ALL FRIENDS on this forum, I can relate to what KlausVonScribe states as well, though I don’t necessarily agree with it all. Klaus comes to Purple from a different perspective, but his opinions and tastes are no less valid. Again we all have our likes and dislikes, but there is one thing for sure, we are all Purple fans.


  42. 42
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 15

    No, like many others YOU make the same mistake.

    He does speaks for many others.

    And Mr real Deep Purple fan. I know several youngsters who share the same opinions.

    Very long piece you wrote.
    How considerate. 🙂

  43. 43
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Btw, I listened to the album many times .

    And what has Led Zeppelin to do with this?

    Surely Klaus did not pull them into the discussion. 🙂

  44. 44
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 27

    Appearantly according to Roger glover MK did not write good songs.
    Yeah, right Roger!

    Lots of great tracks by MK I outshine easily most of the Morse era stuff.

  45. 45
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 28

    First defend you bro, but in this post you really fall down man.

    Minimising Glenn’s efforts to his exterior is completely nonsense and childisch. Btw, you re not alone in doing that here.
    Both camps now and then, some more than once unfortunately, keep coming back with remarks about how people look.

    Even distancing yourself from MK III , well yeah, they are rightly saying you re stuck in 1972.

    As people know here, I always tried to stay open minded.
    Somehow I started that way :
    When I encountered the music of the DP family tree together with the likes of many other bands between my 12th and 15th ALL the different incaranations and so on came to me in one big tsunami 🙂

    Ok, I started with Live In Japan and will always see those early 70 albums as my favourites, but man…….I d not have wanted to miss out on all the rest that came after and before(…)

    I saw at least 10 shows with Morse and played the albums with him countless times.
    But yes, most of it just does not touch me as the old stuff, or Gillan or Rainbow or old Whitesnake.
    The last Snake albums I forgot already.

    DC has been repeating 1987 ever since, a few exeptions aside, and I dont see their shows as well, I can t stand witnessing these former Gods in such a bad state.

    Btw, Svante, I m still amazed by the lack of empathy you seem to have for people who dont like the Morse era as much as you seem to do.

    Quite simplistic, your words, again.

    Everyone is entitles to his /hers opinion,but it keeps bewildering me.

    More bizarre are ofcourse posts like the ones from people above talking like litte kids, you re no real fan when you dont stand behind them all the way.
    Where do those people come from?

  46. 46
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Come to think of it……………..

    I lately rarely followed THS as I did before and also my comments became rare.

    I m on other boards, also wasting my time again because disccussing stuff is like …………..singing when you re to old? Hi Dave 🙂

    I wonder how many others like me shipped out the Purple frame and never looked back.

    It took me years to admit to myself that I no longer declared myself a Deep Purple fan anymore. And I kept on doing that at least untill 2005.

  47. 47
    cyclone says:

    Let’s just say most here are guilty of the RB or SM era disagreements… heck ..myself and very few here think “Slaves and Masters” is the best post 1984 DP album ….but all are fans of the band. What struck a nerve for me was “they should of closed shop ten yrs ago” statement. Yes..they are aging like they rest of us…but I find it amazing their rigid touring and playing at a high level. If they did close shop ten yrs ago….what we have is more Bieber Fever and Yo Yo Yo music….and yes we all have our opinions…….

  48. 48
    MacGregor says:

    Ted@36- cheers for that, I swallowed a few vodkas yesterday & cranked Floyd’s Animals album, the new remastered one & loved it. Cheers.
    stoffer@40- that would be a nasty drink to force feed me whilst I am tied to a chair, torture indeed, cheers for the idea of mixing them both together. Yuuuukkkkk, I get the shivers just thinking about that!
    Deeperpurps@41- thanks, I just try to look at things on a level playing field. I have always tried to not fly off about things, but of course emotion is a powerful thing indeed & i am not innocent of going off at all sometimes, just verbally though & more so in my younger days!
    I have deleted a few postings on this site as I commence a reply, as I look at it & see something I don’t like.
    Regarding Sabbath, I am more a Iommi fan, having followed him right throughout his musical Sabbath journey. Big fan of the Dio material. Ozzy does embarrass me, so much so that I refuse to watch the new Sabbath dvd from the 13 tour. I went to the gig & really enjoyed it, but I don’t want to sit at home & watch & listen to Ozzy going off & stumbling around like a geriatric. The only 2 albums of his I have are the first 2 with Randy Rhoads & Bob Daisley writing the songs. I remember GFR albums from the same cousin of mine who introduced me to Purple & Sabbath back in 1971. Mark, Don & Mel I think one was called & the ‘live’ album, if my memory is correct, a good power trio they were indeed!
    The Doobies I used to own Minute by Minute years ago, still love the track China Grove also, but I am not familiar with other albums but have always respected them. Yes this is a Purple site after all, hence my joke at another section here regarding taking over this site & turning it into a Tull site. Purple & Sabbath were the first 2 rock bands that I fell for way back in ’71 as a impressionable young teenager. Cheers.

  49. 49
    al says:


    I guess the title of the last Purple album “Now What?” encompass all of this! you cannot make every one happy.The ego in here ! wow patronizing as well!

  50. 50
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:


    All you have to do is re-read your original post as though somebody else wrote it so you can see it clearly. You can’t help but recognize that you are exactly who you are pointing the finger at. You don’t care what others think? Then why the long dissertation of your long winded evisceration of this band? Nobody takes time to express themselves like that without some sort of concern about the point being heard or read and responded to. Otherwise, what’s the point? You can’t expect to tear apart a band on a Fan Site and not be hit in the head by somebody. It’s like going to a football game and sitting on one team’s side of the field and rooting for the other team. You will get a hot dog stuffed up your ass quicker than you can say “WhaaHoo”. Hey, is that where you got that term from? I can hear you now as the fans around you, throw you down and cram the dog up the bun. “WHAAAAHOOOOO”!!!!!! Nothing like a hot dog with ‘Sauer-Kraus’.

    Don’t like present Purple? Sorry that you have been so unhappy for the last 20 years. Might want to pick a new band. Your Lord and Savior ain’t coming back and 20 years is way to long to still be mourning it….. The Battle Rages on in your head and you lost. Hey heard about this dude ‘Beiber’ needing a happy fan or two. Might want to check that out. Steve Morse isn’t his guitarist. Might be more up your ally.


  51. 51
    al says:


    Thank you Tracy ! Amen to that bro! Hey Tracy do you feel a new album with Ezin coming up in 2014? I cannot wait for another beautiful Morse-Airey shredding it up! Or is too much adulation from my side and I should feel guilty for that ?! lol

  52. 52
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    MacGregor @48:

    Your reference to GFR ‘Live Album’ stirred my nostalgic bone. I remember that being the most talked about and popular Rock album of that time. It was their ‘Made in Japan’. Though they were already popular when that album was released in 1970 (or 8-Track in my case), it sparked an even stronger attention (as happened with ‘Made in Japan’ for Purple 2 years later). ‘Mean Mistreater’ and ‘Inside Looking Out’ were released as singles from that album. The album went gold really quick and even charted at #5. Pretty amazing for a LIVE album. I wore the 8-track out. If any of you out there haven’t heard or experienced GFR, track down ‘Live Album’. They were an amazing Hard Rock band and could really jam live. Especially for a trio. They had great songs over the years. They truly delivered and I would recommend looking them up. We even covered ‘Inside Looking Out’ a couple of times in my old band ‘LOzT CAUz’. Great jam song. I bought the re-issued/re-mastered CDs a few years back. I am now going to try and dig them out and take a trip on the ‘Railroad’…


  53. 53
    al says:


    Thank you Tracy ! Amen to that bro! Hey Tracy do you feel a new album with Ezin coming up in 2014? I cannot wait for another beautiful Morse-Airey shredding it up!

  54. 54
    Deeperpurps says:

    MacGregor @48..all of us on this site have arrived at Deep Purple from some other direction at some other time. And the beauty of this forum is that the discussions can take some of us down different music paths. In fact your mention of Steve Wilson on a different topic / post a few months back prompted me to check him out. I now have most of his catalogue as well of that of Porcupine Tree. Thanks for that.

    As for Ozzy, I agree completely with you on all fronts and I have the same albums as you. Dio is the man for Sabbath.

    For Iommi, if you haven’t yet heard “the Dep Session 1996” with Glenn Hughes of their 2005 album “Fused”, try to hunt them down, they are both excellent….very heavy but very melodic as well.

    For Grand Funk, the best albums to check out are Grand Funk Live 1970, E Pluribus Funk 1971, We’re An American Band from 1973 (some tracks on it are not dissimilar to some of what you hear on Purple’s Burn and Stormbringer). Their best live album is Caught in the Act, from 1975. The singer / guitarist is Mark Farner. He is not a technically gifted player but he is an amazing singer….a lot like Glenn Hughes. The bassist Mel Schacher is very fluid and heavy, a lot like Geezer Butler. Don Brewer is a solid drummer and a good singer in his own right.

    For the Doobie Brothers, the must have albums are The Captain and Me from 1973. China Grove is on it but there is a treasure trove of even harder songs on it too. The other must have is What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits from 1974. The musicianship and song craft on both albums is par excellence, and it is beyond me how the Doobies have received such short shrift from the rock music establishment in much the same way as Purple has gotten the shaft in that same industry. Only in the Michael McDonald years when the Doobies sold out and starting churning out radio friendly pop ditties, did they receive any attention from the industry (ie: Grammy award, lots of coverage, etc). But that’s a topic for another time. Check out the real Doobies from the early 70’s up to about early1976, you won’t be disappointed if you like hard well played melodic rock.

    As I have said before, we all have come by Purple from different musical experiences, exposure to other bands, etc. Our personal tastes and opinions are just that, personal. Many of us have been on different cars of the Purple train, and some of us have jumped off at certain stations when the band’s make-up changed. Some of us have jumped back on the Purple train later and re-discovered music which we may have initially dismissed as unpalatable, actually is pretty good, even very good.

    And in that vein, KlausVonScribe!! You have certainly stirred the pot this time. I like it, it is refreshing, it has provoked lots of passion and insights on the part of the members here. I don’t necessarily agree with some of what you have written but I do understand your perspective and some of your points. Really though, try to track down some of the Morse era albums and listen to them in earnest. I am sure there are some nuggets on them you will find to your liking. The latest album Now What?! is the crowning glory of the Morse/Airey version of the band. No its not Blackmore/Lord era 1970-74, but considering all that has happened in the music landscape of the past 40 years, and all that has happened to members of the band; Now What?! is a very very solid piece of music, well written and well played. Check it out, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

  55. 55
    KlausVonScribe says:

    Hey Tracy,

    Fortunately, I never heard of you before this. But it appears the strength of your garbage is attacking other people’s views or being led down the road of comments from what others write – short of independent thought of your own. Hey Whatever.

    But once again…you want to drag it to a lower self-deprecating level, exposing your sexual fantasies of foods and condiments…well…it takes all kinds, really. Speaking for myself only – I can live without the knowledge of your culinary skills or desires. So again, we must address the cyber-school-yard-bully – a muscle-force in their own mind.

    Remember, Steve Morse comes from the Dixie Dregs, this is not Dexy’s Midnight Runners and their fabulous hit song “Come on Eileen” of the 1980s apparently stuck in your head, and replayed far too many times in your world. And now you have a fixation with Justin Beiber…that, and the examples included in this post, about kills your relevance as “knowledgeable”.

    That said, I also believe Freud would have a less than complex explanation of your condition considering your use of hierarchical terms for Ritchie Blackmore – “lord and savior”, rants about “Blackmore rules”, “Kool Aid”…blah…blah…blah…You must hold a terrible grudge against Blackmore for leaving the band. However, absent are equal adjectives for “his replacement”, whom you apparently idolize.

    Concerning the last 20 years…how much “new” music has Deep Purple released, and how much “new” music has Blackmore’s Night released?? Unless I’m wrong, Jon Lord (solo) released more new music than Deep Purple, or inclusive of Deep Purple.

    Let me ask you, Tracy…have you ever personally met, shook hands with, or had a conversation with of any member of Deep Purple that wasn’t a “meet and greet”??

    I’ve shattered you by stating I don’t really like Steve Morse in Deep Purple (let me be clear though, this refers to his style – not him as a person, because I don’t know him – before you get out your GPS and attempt to nuke my house), and the new album doesn’t excite me – no apologies necessary – it isn’t that important to most. You get your undies in a knot, and one of the next articles on this site contains comments from Roger Glover stating they’re not going to please everyone, and appears fine with that – because that’s – Reality!!!!!!!!

    Now to truly send you over the Rainbow – you most likely never read my post a month or so ago where I said I take with a grain of salt all this “reported feuding” between Blackmore and Gillian, Blackmore and anyone else in the band. I see it as theater – again, just my opinion – but I believe Deep Purple, Rainbow, and all the other “extensions” of it are One Big Corporate Brand which benefits them all equally, and what better way to remain relevant then stories of constant bickering, fighting, throwing water at band members wives, etc. The most advantageous thing to all members of all the bands is “communication” – to have people talking about it.

    Have you seen the DVD the “Making of Machine Head”…there’s Gillian and Paice sitting with their backs to a bar talking about the riff for Smoke on the Water, joking that Blackmore got that from Bulgarian radio signals though his hat – laughing about it…the next segment is Blackmore stating the same thing…straight-faced as can be…who wouldn’t believe this???? BUT…they hate each other!!!!!!!! PLEASE…….read P.T. Barnum……

    What sounds better, causes more controversy, and makes better theater…Blackmore quits Deep Purple, tries to shut down the band on eve of Japan tour….other members and management angered to the point of hating “the Man in Black”, or Blackmore tired of extensive traveling, gives six month notice to quit band. Which is more compelling??

    BUT….Joe Satriani just happened to be available, and polished to the point on the show and the music to immediately step into the band for Japan tour…..PLEASE…….

    As I said – Mk II was a Ferrari. Today, it remains a Ferrari with a Fiat engine! (getting rid of the Buick analogy for apparent reasons)

    And I do delight that you take exception with the term “WhaaHoo”, it proves how much of a Deep Purple fan you are – historian of the band, are you?? If you watched the DVD “Come Hell or High Water”, the only remaining original member of Deep Purple, Ian Paice uses that exact term referring to a night the band played in Texas…

    So instead of fantasizing about my attendance at football games – I’ve shoved it up your ass (Hopefully the editors hear will extend me the same courtesy as was given to my stalker) more than once WITH FACTS. Like I said at the beginning of the post, the relevance of your post is your ability to be led down a road. Without an idea or something else to insult, you’re most likely dead in the water. And once again – “WhaaHoo” – has led you like a good sheep down the road to intellectual slaughter.

    There You Have It Tracy….FACTS….And As Short of “Name-Calling” and “Innuendo” as Possible….Now, GROW UP and Give Us Some FACTS from that vast knowledge of Deep Purple you carry!!!!!!

  56. 56
    KlausVonScribe says:


    I actually saw Steve Morse back in September with Joe Satriani here in Boston…I avoided that fact in the Deep Purple post(s) so as not to confuse a certain stalker to the point of suicide. I’ve seen them both before on various tours. It was a good show, but again, neither are doing anything “ground-breaking”…

    Unfortunately, the music scene in Boston has died a horrid death…nothing like the 80s when we had a club called “The Channel” which used to bring in the big acts. One I remember well was seeing Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden on his Tattoo Millionaire tour where Janick Gers was his first tour (I believe) before joining Maiden. The club and the show was memorable to Dickinson as well, as he referred to it when Maiden played a year later in Worcester…one of the best shows I saw there. The place was small and held something like 300 people – mainly standing room.

    The other really great place to see a show is the Paradise…I had a table at the stage when Gillian was on his Glory Road tour…that also was a great-memorable show…That really was Gillian in his prime!! Unfortunately, today it pretty much caters to Indie-folksy stuff that usually fades out within a year…nothing significant.

    But for me, there really isn’t much happening music wise in the world right now. Got to see ZZ Top over the summer in a really small venue here, and Cheap Trick is playing the same place next month…so it isn’t totally dead.

    That’s one of the reasons I respect Blackmore so much. What he’s doing today is just “different” from anything else others are doing. Like or hate him (it), he’s fronted three incredibly successful bands. I also honestly believe that his work in Rainbow’s hey-day (musically) was overall better than his days in Deep Purple (not theatrically), rivaled only by Perfect Strangers – but that again is maturity. I would have also loved to have seen Jon Lord solo, but to my knowledge, he never came here.

    I have no problem with anyone not agreeing with me. If everyone did, it would be quite boring. But “name calling” and that type of childish behavior is pretty much unnecessary and just exposes a level of ignorance. I have little respect for a “school-yard-bully-wannabe” stuck playing War Pigs for life. I can hurl insults with best of them when necessary…and I hope everyone sees, even doing so, I try to include facts to backup my opinions.

    There are a lot of great points, or just valid opinions made on this board. And those I don’t agree with still have my respect. There’s no need to rip into someone who likes something I don’t or doesn’t share my opinion, and there’s no reason for me to degenerate to a fifth-grade level. However, those who think they’re going to try to push me around hidden by the muscle of their computer are sadly mistaken. I also know that an in-person encounter lowers the level of toughness considerably, unless of course, you hail from the George Zimmerman state.

  57. 57
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    @ 55 and 56

    Wow, for somebody who doesn’t care what other’s think, again I advise you refer to your own latest 2 posts (yes 2 @55 and 56), as I did originally with your original post @28. I refuse to waste time dissecting and responding to your obvious and overwhelming increase in being offended by multiple responses to your original post here. Just as I stated with my last entry, RE-READ your own TWO posts now and all your answers will be divulged. No name calling took place. No bullying either (sorry if you felt threatened, it wasn’t my intent. Please don’t do anything stupid like hanging yourself), I made specific remarks to specific things you stated @28 using a little tongue and cheek sarcasm as I usually do when making contradictory points. Judging by the bulk of your extremely long winded ‘double response’ @55 and 56, thank GOD you don’t care how others view your posts, because I doubt there is enough space on this site for your responses if you did. I only targeted a couple of key points from your post and you came out with guns (keypad) blazing. Apparently to the extent of ‘blog jumping’ to try and compile something to substantiate your response. I guess that last 20 years of discontent with Purple lacking TMIB pushed you over the edge and since you don’t like the music, your time is wasted doing ‘Fan Profiles’ on this site. Surely there is a place on the Blackmore’s Night site for you to slobber instead of wasting your time here complaining.

    Bro, just RE-READ your own entries. Actually, I recommend you start doing that before you hit the ‘Post’ button. It might save us all a lot of grief.
    Man, my finger is worn out and I grow weary wasting time typing this response. I don’t know how you got through all that crap you typed. Oh, that’s right; you were motivated by not caring what others think….


  58. 58
    MacGregor says:

    Tracy@52- I thought you mentioned GFR a month or so back somewhere which prompted me to hit youtube a few weeks back for a look & listen. I had forgotten all about them until I read your post, or maybe it was someone else. It is a long time ago since I have heard anything of theirs as haven’t ever owned any of their albums. I remember them from my older cousin who introduced me to all this ‘classic’ rock from the golden era back in’71!
    Although when Kylie Minogue started out she broke through with a version of Locomotion, so that reminded me of them back when she covered it. No, I am not a fan of Minogue (Ha) as I cannot stand her, but the single was played incessantly on radio here in Oz back in the 80’s. I tried to tell people GFR had a hit with that song & people said whats that or who are they? I said to them, forget it!
    They are a great jamming band indeed & they may have been America’s first stadium band me thinks, they were huge back then. I cannot see them without Mark Farner though, as Bruce Kulick (isn’t he ex Kiss?) is now the guitarist & they have a another guy on lead vocal.
    It certainly is a trip down both the memory & nostalgia road for me. I will keep digging around for more of their classic material from those early albums! Cheers.

  59. 59
    MacGregor says:

    Deeperpurps@54- yes the Porcupine Tree albums are great, superb songs & a good mix of hard rock, trippy psychedelia & melodic acoustic songs. The rock albums of theirs I have are ‘Stupid Dream’, ‘Lightbulb Sun’, ‘In Absentia’, ‘Deadwing”, ‘Fear Of A Blank Planet’ & their last album ‘The Incident’! Their earlier albums are not as rock orientated, a more experimental & instrumental style & no drummer I think from memory, also less guitar possibly. I don’t have those albums, have only read about them. ‘Signify’ is where they brought in a drummer & started the more song orientated style.
    Steve Wilson is a master of sound & their gigs are superb quality, possibly the the best sound at a concert I have ever heard. I went to see them in 2008 & 2010 here in Oz, brilliant gigs. He was here a few months back with his solo band performing the ‘Raven’ album in Quad sound apparently, I was slack & didn’t go up to Brisbane for it. He also is much sought after in the 5;1 surround remixes that he is known for of the 70’s King Crimson, some early Tull (Aqualung & Thick As A Brick), Hawkwinds ‘Warrior’ album which I purchased a few months back & it sounds brilliant & a few ELP albums from that era also!
    Regarding the earlier Doobies, I have been listening online, it is a lot rawer than the McDonald & Baxter influenced material. Those albums are minus Tom Johnston I noticed, hence the totally different style of music. That might be a reason they were looked favourably upon by the nobs also, as McDonald & Baxter came from that more ‘sophisticated’ band sound of Steely Dan, who are highly respected in the upper echelon of the American music industry. They have had hits from both bands from that era though, gee they are almost like 2 different Doobie Brothers bands in many ways!
    Regarding the GFR, I commented also in reply to Tracy as to my knowledge of the band. A lot of their material I am unfamiliar with from that era, but I have fond memories of them being a very good ‘old school’ power rock trio from that era! I am currently checking out some of their other material, thanks for the reference to the albums. Cheers.

  60. 60
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Klaus, I can live with your opinions differing from mine but I can not accept you misspelling GILLAN! 🙂

  61. 61
    KlausVonScribe says:

    Svante…apologies…but check out my word count, something was bound to fall through the cracks!

  62. 62
    KlausVonScribe says:

    Tracy, you now have enough to analyze, compare and contrast and whatever else you’d like to do for life. Have no idea what your newest post says…I’ve given it the attention I gave Perpendicular…I read the first few lines and got bored…I’ve graced you with far too much attention, bye now!

  63. 63
    al says:

    @62 I know where you coming from,I had the same arguments and “issues” with my brother,who doesn’t consider this line up a true DeeP Purple line up,but I guess there is some good stuff with the current line up as well,Alas they were always going to be compared with the “classic line up ” with Blackmore and Lord!Lets just say that it is still a very good band and much better than a lot of shite out there.It is funny that you mention Worcester Mass,cause I used to live there and watched a lot of bands in the area! Me no like the area though but that is different story ! lol

  64. 64
    stoffer says:

    Ahh yes GFR Live, my first LP I played it on my parents stereo with a tonearm that probably weighed 5 lbs. They were my favorite band until I discovered DP, there was a music store in our area that claimed one of the HUGE speaker cabinets in the store were from GFR (maybe, maybe not)but it made for ‘cool’ conversation. Good memories for sure and they too belong in the sham that is the rock and roll hof?! (will not use caps until DP is in).


  65. 65
    MacGregor says:

    stoffer@64- excellent story regarding the GFR speaker cabinet, I could see that as being true, that sort of thing happened back in ‘the good old days’! Funny you mention the ‘5lb’ tonearm, yes they really did gouge there way through a record! My first ‘stereo’ was my old mans ancient HMV, all in one radio & record cabinet storage thing, a huge beast it was! We used to play the old 78 records on it! My haven’t we moved on from that up to cd!
    I will not mention Mp3 (oops) as I don’t consider that a sound source of any quality at all! I would back my old mans old 78’s to sound better! Cheers.

  66. 66
    Deeperpurps says:

    MacGregor @65 & Stoffer @ 64….ah yes! ….I am getting all misty-eyed and nostalgic now! Me too, I used to tape pennies onto the top of the tone arm of my old record player to solve the snaps, crackles, pops and skips…. If that didn’t do the trick, just added another penny! No wonder all my old LPs wore out so fast!

    Or how about this, all my old GFR, Doobie Bros and Purple 8-Track tapes that would get a little wobbly and warbly inside my car’s 8 Track player…I had a trick for that too…..jam in some matchbooks or wooden clothes pegs as shims along the sides and bottom of the tape case. That didn’t always get the best results though…instead of getting beautiful Hi-Fi, I would end up with about a quarter-mile worth of brown tape spaghetti spewing out of the player….Does that bring back heart-warming memories too?

  67. 67
    stoffer says:

    ha ha…………..Deererurps I remember all too well, I used to take the 8 – tracks apart and splice the tape back together where they broke…OUCH and that awful sound whenever the splice ran across the tape head…..also remember the matchbooks as shims too?! and putting black electrical tape around the 8 – track to hold it tighter in the player…also carried around a small bottle of rubbing alcohol and q-tips (in the car) to clean the dirt off the 8 track player heads…………….”Remember The Good Times”……PAL
    cheers and still laughing

  68. 68
    MacGregor says:

    Ha, you guys with your ‘old’ 8 track machines, classic! I never had one but I remember them in the hifi/record shop my old man worked in. They were being touted as the next best thing at the time & in a way they were in many ways! I certainly have spliced together many a chewed cassette tape though. The coins on the tone arm was a common thing though, especially with us devoted rock ‘n rollers, frustrated as to the scratches & deformities of a much played (or abused) record. Although I always looked after my lp’s, but some people treated them with disdain & I could never handle that attitude! Cheers.

  69. 69
    Deeperpurps says:

    Yes great memories indeed! Weren’t we resourceful way back in the Analog Age!!! And speaking of caring for our LPs, remember how some people used to heat them up and shape them into ashtrays?

  70. 70
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    KVS @62:

    The monitors omitted my response due to having a ‘political reference’ and time passed before I felt like redoing it. I guess there is nothing to actually respond to since you basically reiterated the whole point of the matter by repeating the fact that you evaluate without actually experiencing. So be it. That may work for you, but when you impose your views as gospel when you haven’t even done the research you are just wasting other’s time. You remind of the typical child that won’t eat something on his plate and says ‘I don’t like that, it tastes bad’ and yet he never tried it to begin with. Sound familiar?

    Maybe you should begin your opinion statement like this:

    “I actually haven’t listened to, read or experienced what it is that I am going to give my opinion about regarding the subject, but I have a definite view of what I think about it…..”.

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