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Will it happen again?

Ian Paice has appeared on the Metal XS show and talked about the past, present and future of Deep Purple. He went to considerable length explaining, among other things, his point of view on whether the band will appear on the same stage with Blackmore again.

Thanks to Yvonne Osthausen for the info.

33 Comments to “Will it happen again?”:

  1. 1
    micaloneus says:

    Great interview. Thanks!

  2. 2
    Patrice MONIN says:

    French version is here :

  3. 3
    Dan Cavil says:

    Great interview!

  4. 4
    MacGregor says:

    You could always tell Paice looked after himself, he looks good still to this day! Not a party animal like Bonham, Moon & Ward & no doubt a few others. Another good interview from one of my favourite drummers. Cheers.

  5. 5
    Oz says:

    Nice mini-documentary feturing Ian Paice…

  6. 6
    HZ says:

    I’d support Paice 100% on what he says, if they’ve dropped Ritchie’s tunes from live performances – Morse is as good as Blackmore crap, etc.
    No he isn’t, not even close to Ritchie. He’s maybe faster, better at jazz-fusion style which is something he’s found himself in, but for me as DP fan, Purple is what Blackmore has defined it to be – together with Jon in their time.
    Let them issue the new album as “Flying Colors”, and let them try with DP fans separated from the past, and we’ll see the result, so all this crap we don’t live in past or on past’s account just isn’t true, we all love them because of the past, and even younger generations, with proof of live performances and what they want to hear – 90% of true DP set list with Ritchie’s riffs.
    I love Steve and his solo work, I’m a fan, I even like a new album, listening to it every day; but it isn’t Deep Purple, no it’s not. Just like Slaves and Masters isn’t DP, it’s Rainbow.
    It’s just matter of someone prefer Blackmore’s touch and music that follows, or Steve’s – I am personally Ritchie’s fan, for me DP is Machine Head, Burn, Perfect Strangers etc., even Rainbow’s albums such is Rising and LLR’n’R are better, for my taste, than what they’re doing now.
    So, this bitterness and empty words of them becoming something else as successful as in time of MH and Burn, became utterly boring, just like their set list.
    Fans are with this line up on account of DP’s history, not present time – even kids want to hear Smoke in concerts, “the eruption” song, not because of words, but because of riff, and still they have to say something bad on Blackmore…
    You owe him guys, big time, stop crapping on your prime composer, which made you loved and famous at first time.

  7. 7
    George says:

    That’s not right for Ian to slag Ritchie like that, everybody has it in for him. Ritchie played so well on The Battle Rages On album, things haven’t been the same since. Plus on the tour he was very impressive. Ian Gillan was the one who stayed up late, partied , drank then forgot words to songs. Ritchie is the one who has got the band to where it is today , i’m sure if he was a second rate player they wouldn’t have done so well. They should consider to have him up there as a guest during a show.

  8. 8
    Mike says:

    Great interview! Ian is a great drummer. One of the best!

  9. 9
    Robert Daems says:

    Very nice interview. Ian Paice is a nice guy. Very polite in all his interviews.
    I like the way this item is directed. Very good background music-tracks with lovely old and new video-material.

    What was interesting is that Paice set off “Bodyline”, I think that should be the next single of this album. The tune is so catchy, I find myself humming it every day over the last few weeks.

  10. 10
    Tor says:

    Wonderful interview by the everlasting sublime drummer Ian Paice. No one will ever be close to that man behind the drum kit. I really like that he is so humble and reflected in his press appereances, you can’t say that about all rock n’ rollers.

    But i very much dislike the way Ritchie Blackmore is reduced to a simple unreliable musician by the other members. Ritchie have not been apart of the band for quite some time now so they seem to forget that everyone attending their gigs up to this day, do it because of what Ritchie made Deep Purple to be. They play all the Blackmore tunes (of course) every night and they should really be more grateful to that vast contribution of the man in black.

  11. 11
    MacGregor says:

    I didn’t hear Ian Paice ‘slagging’ off Blackmore at all. He was asked a question, he could have totally ignored it or reply with a truthful dignified answer, which he did! I am a Blackmore Deep Purple fan also, much more than this version of the band, but Paice has seen it all & he was just stating a fact as to Blackmore’s attitude’ at times with certain live performances! He said he loved the time playing with Ritchie & it is a monumental part of his life so to speak! I didn’t take any of his comments to be negative in any way! He has always spoken well, polite & with courtesy, in his interviews that I have read or viewed over the past decades!

  12. 12
    mcanic says:

    A nice interview indeed. Ian Paice is not afraid to say what he thinks. He is a very down-to-earth guy. I wish I was his neigbour so we could chat a bit 🙂

  13. 13
    al says:

    relax guys he is not dismissing Ritchie,he is stating the facts about Ritchie temper,through out their experience.Blackers is a legend and nobody;s is denying that,but Steve is such an easy going dude and very talented musician.
    @6 nobody is crapping anything dude,and stop comparing things,different times,different musicians.Ritchie is a legend and on his own,but he has been dismissive to his older stuff and doesn’t want to deal with the rock anymore,good for him !what do you want them to do,stop making music all together ? have you listened to the new album? it is the best produced sounding album that I have heard from Deep Purple since Perfect Strangers days !So that was then and this is now !

  14. 14
    HZ says:


    Al, you’ve got me wrong – unfortunatelly Paice was doing bad comparation, Steve’s good as Ritchie, we’ve moved on thing, we don’t want you Ritchie, because you should be aware of us, our wishes, not moody you, your wishes only.

    I’m saying: it’s not true, they’re still owing him everything they have now. He was more disciplined than any of them, he’s “asshole mode” was provoked by IG’s bad voice and drinking if I remember it well. Their set list is best proof on it. Even Ian Gillan said that’s what kids want to listen live, or Morse himself stating that SOTW is kind of “the ultimate eruption song”, etc. Therefore, Ritchie’s tunes are the ultimate Deep Purple – or to be more blunt it will last and represent what DP truly is in the future.

    So, in order to continue craping on RB – IG, RG and IP should stop forcing SM to play Ritchie’s tunes; they should leave the past and move on, playing only tunes of equally good and succesful guitar player and composer, and achive same or similar success as with MH, IR, Fireball, MIJ, WDWTWA – or at least as DP with Burn and Stormbringer, or PS, etc.; or as Rainbow with Rising for that matter. Up to that time it’s meaningless to slam Ritchie over and over again, and play SOTW, Lazy, Pictures of Home, and other RB’s tunes to the death. It’s so immature. Ritchie is eccentric but he isn’t this kind of …hole, he never slammed SM, or said for example: “Would you like me to explain you how to play SOTW properly? Anything for you, dude, just give me a call.” It would be nasty, wouldn’t it? Still all 3 of Mk2 members still craping on him, doing analysis of his personality, all of them Ph.D. in Ritchie’s psychology. Come on…

    Yes I’ve listened to the new album, it’s good in my opinion, listening to it every day. It’s the best there is in these days. From the other side I’m a crazy fan – on Ritchie’s account.

    Man, Ritchie is legend, he’s the only one able to produce great and recognizable music that will last for ages, and atract people without any reasonable marketing (no matter if it’s hard rock, AOR, new age) despite the fact that all media and his old comrades are craping on him simultaneously, including some DP’s fans…

    I’m sorry for sentences’ structure and spelling, English isn’t my native tongue..

  15. 15
    Andy says:

    I happen to agree with Ian,s view of working with Ritchie again. Sadly Ritchie does have a problem with temperament which affects his performances. Catch him on a good day like I did in Essen , Battle rages on tour he was phenomenal.
    A few weeks later when the rot had set in, the whole band were awful at the Brixton academy and we all know what the final one at the NEC was like.
    I have seen him when he has been exceptional and at his worst!!! The final time was at reading with blackmores night, something earlier had wound him up and he just strummed along like George Formby and walked off after an hour, that’s was the final straw for me. Yes he,s talented but temperamental is an understatement !!!!!! and at nearly 70 he ain’t going to change!!! Yet I still listen to and admire his talent and are Purple the same without him, of course not!!!
    Morse is solid , professional and dependable like purple are now, but they won’t ever be great again!!!!

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    If this is now and then is then actions accordingly should follow.

    Which will not happen.
    Setlist will be max 4 songs of the new album.
    So Roger said recently.

    Hopefully they ll change their minds.
    The album is GOOD and their credibility factor would gain momentum if they have the gutz this time to use a lot of it.
    And throw in some improved versions of other Morse era material as well.
    Songs on Bananas and ROTD are not all crap, some are great, others deserve a make over, thats all.

    Ian Paice politely backstabs Ritchie because he exaggerates the unreliability factor.

    Ian Paice is always the opportunist of the band, always been.

    He should also mention Gillan’s behaviour as mentioned above.
    He never does.
    Have a guess why.


  17. 17
    Jim says:

    Great interview. Talked to Ian on many occasions and what you see is what you get. A straight ahead guy who calls it like it is. As you can see he chooses his words very carefully. This should be a must see for all those up and comers.

  18. 18
    al says:

    @16,you are absolutely correct about Paicey!
    @14 I get your point brother !I,myself I’m a Big Blackmore fan,and throughout the years I didn’t like Gillan always taking cheap shots and low blows on Blackers,who from his part never mentioned or took and shots at his former band members!And yes,his legacy is untouchable and
    them being dismissive is not cool at all,and Gillan beck in the 80’s was a mess,drinking and partying too much and hurting himself,there were concerts where he couldn’t sing at all,and Ritchie being a perfectionist hated that!But we are talking about the new album which is great quality album that we,fans have been expecting for such a long time!I just hope they tour North America this year and listened to these song live !

  19. 19
    Tor says:

    All this nagging about Ritchies mindset as being difficult is being concluded now (2013) based on facts originated form over 20 years ago. If the guys of the band today has not spoken to Ritchie since he left Deep Purple how can they be so sure that he is an asshole today? For Ian Paice to say that he canno’t trust Ritchie on stage no more is just ridiculous. It is not a complete tour we talk about it is just joing each other on stage and share their fellow history toghether. I am sure that Ian Paice would be able to manage that, considering the fact that he has surivided every argument and line up change in this band. It just does not suit him to be such foolish regarding Ritchie Blackmore.

  20. 20
    MacGregor says:

    As I stated earlier, Paice has seen it all, he has been there right from day one & sitting behind the drum kit, he would have ‘seen’ it all big time! Even Jon Lord has said it also, as much as he liked him & enjoyed his playing, that Blackmore was difficult at times & especially when playing live in concert! You have to admit though, if any of you were in a a band & one member refused to play, or walked off or carried on unprofessionally on the odd occasion, it would piss you off! Blackmore is a classic, I love his playing , his influence. his songwriting, his guitar sound & all that. But I wasn’t in a band with him, so it is easier to say, it doesn’t matter or whatever! But to the other guys at times, it would have mattered! There is always 2 sides to every story though. But that is what makes Blackmore so good in some ways, the moody, unpredictable & fiery character that he is! After all, if he wasn’t like that, there would never have been a Deep Purple or a Rainbow! It definitely would have kept everyone on their toes no doubt. Spare a thought for the crew & especially his guitar tech! No harm from Paice’s comment, he is just enjoying playing in a ‘stable’ environment, & that is what he meant by the ‘not trusting’ comment I would think!

  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Whats also good to mention is that Ian Paice himself not always was the great rock God of a drummer he once was.

    In the 80’s he drummed in a way uncomparable with the heights of Live In Japan and This Time Around.

    The irony is that only Glover and Lord remained constant on stage.

    Both Ritchie and Paice changed their style in a frustratingly downsized way during the 80’s.

    Gillan fucked up many years due to his erratic drinking and smoking.

    My neighbour still had some old newspaperarticles with Gillan interviewed for me, last week.

    I read them and there he has the nerve to say :
    ” It is now 2005 and I think I can sing very well for a man that drank 2 bottles of wine a day just a few years ago.”

    One of thge most frustrating things is he was in great form again in 88 and they let him go while they had to carry him during 84-87!!!

    In 1992/1993 he was back in shape agai but forgetting lyrics all the time.
    I saw him in Essen that year and he just shrugged his shoulders when it happened.

    Lord was a wonderful man and musician but to say about Ritchie that he turned into black & white during the last year is a terrible lie.

  22. 22
    Peed Rupple says:

    Paice stated facts about Blackmore and it is not surprising that he would not like to deal with with his unprofessional and selfish behaviour.I’m only surprised that there are no reports of Blackmore getting his abusive ass kicked.

  23. 23
    Ian Gillan\'s Pants says:

    Here we go again…………..every opportunity to slag Blackmore off and they take it. I recall Paicey saying RB was ‘Wasting his talent’ playing folk stuff once. Leave it alone will ya FFS!!! After the past 20 years of attacks by Gillan, Glover & Paice, they are now officially pathetic. If you hate RB that much why don’t you drop all the songs he wrote,only play songs from Purpendicular onwards, issue T-shirts with your mugs on it, oh and change the name of the group then he won’t make a penny off you. But you won’t do that as nobody would go see you. It’s a commonly held theory that all drummers are thick and Paice just proved it. BTW, the new albums ok, like a poor mans Heep.

  24. 24
    Henrik says:

    Deep Purple is most certain the work of Ritchie Blackmore.

    He had the riffs.

    Bolin didn´t and most certainly neither does Morse.

  25. 25
    BS says:

    @14 – Ritchie’s tunes?
    @23 – all the songs he wrote?

    Deep Purple MKII – Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice. I thought all these guys wrote the songs together…They are in fact credited together so please don’t call this just Ritchie Blackmore’s songs or tunes.
    And Deep Purple today still have 3 of the MKII members in the band. I guess they can play whatever song they like from that era if they want….

  26. 26
    MacGregor says:

    BS @ 25 – Sabbath credited Butler, Iommi, Osbourne & Ward on all of the 70’s Sabbath. That is just something they did to even it out no doubt, there is no way they all wrote every song together. Iommi & Butler were the main writers there, from what I have read over the decades. Osbourne & Ward to a lesser extent, would have contributed on certain songs no doubt, Ozzy more so being the vocalist!
    The same with MK2 Purple, there is no way they all would have written everything together! It is the way some bands noted it, back then especially! After a while you started to see the individual songwriters mentioned only! In Purple’s case, usually Blackmore, Gillan & Glover. But occasionally Jon Lord as well & sometimes Ian Paice a little also! What HZ could mean is that Blackmore was usually the spark that ignited something from nothing. Lord said it recently in an interview, Blackmore was the cornerstone of the band. But usually the vocalist writes with him, the same with Iommi, & Page also! The guitarist comes up with the musical idea, or the bass player sometimes or even the keyboard player, then the vocalist writes lyrics with the melody line, verse & chorus etc! Just my take on it, but I think it could be close to what does happen, or has happened! Cheers.

  27. 27
    HZ says:


    Yes, You have read it properly – Ritchie’s tunes.

    If those riffs from 70s and 80s aren’t Ritchie’s work – why, oh why they can’t come close to IR, MH, Burn, PS or even Rising or LLR’n’R… don’t want to list any more…
    As Jon Lord said – Ritchie was always coming with that spark that would become what song is really about. So, please, spare us of polemic and argument which we all know everything about, by proof that they’ll play SOTW, and old set-list to the death – which is, as Martin Birch said only, and only about riff, as so many DP’s songs.

    Ian Paice is last person on Earth that should slam Ritchie…

    As someone said – they have officially became pathetic (IG, RG and IP). Enough of craping on Blackmore, and living on account of his talent.

    I’ve bought the new album, it’s really good, but all this .hit about Blackmore whenever they find opportunity is more than disgusting…

    Drop Highway Star, SOTW, Black Night, Pictures of Home… and then crap.

    Even the name – Deep Purple – is Blackmore’s legacy…

    Saying this I’d like to point on great work by Don and Steve on new album, Don was really really great on this one…

  28. 28
    Henrik says:

    Deep down, Ritchie has an inferiority complex.

    With his looks and wigs and whatnot.

    He is troubled individual, but the world´s greatest guitarist. But, that isn´t enough, if you have no self estem.

  29. 29
    purplepriest1965 says:


    What’s your point?

  30. 30
    BS says:

    @26 – MacGregor – I do agree with you about the “crediting” of songs. ( I should have mentioned that myself….)
    @27 – HZ – About Ritchie.

    Don’t get me wrong.I have always loved Ritchie and his fantastic riffs.I still do.He is one of my favorite players of all time.But i have to (at least) guess that Gillan and Glover also were a big part of the making of the songs back in the old days.And probably also Jon Lord in some parts.I like to look back at Deep Purple MKII as a perfect unit together anyway.( my opinion ).
    I don’t like this negative talk about Ritchie or anyone at all.I’m here for the love of their music.When Ritchie left in 1993 i thought it all was over.But they moved on and so have i.It will never be the same but i am very happy with Steve and Don in the band.They are excellent musicians and the new album is just fantastic!The fans and the charts have spoken. 😉

    My best to Deep Purple and to you all.

  31. 31
    Anthony says:

    It seems that when an ‘opportunity’ arises the so called Deep Purple fans slag off Ritchie..its really pathetic. @28 Ritchie has low self-esteem?? Ritchie is the very last person on this planet that would suffer from low self-esteem!! I find your comment quite funny..Have you actually seen the guy perform on stage??

  32. 32
    HZ says:


    I don’t advocate Mk2 reunion, I wouldn’t love to see any of it, I’d love to hear some Ritchie’s contemporary riffs in new Rainbow’s incarnation with new, fresh, young singer, etc.

    What I’m pissed of is this meaningless, pathetic slagging of Blackmore… I don’t get it. He named the band, he was the essence and the soul, Lord by himself said he was coming with “the spark” and what songs are really about, his era is the era, and they still slagging him every time they can. It’s pathetic and boring, just like their live set-list.

    Ritchie is eccentric, ego-centered from time to time, perfectionist, moody, but to say he has low self-esteem, well… no comment..

    I agree with Anthony, if you see the guy live you’ll understand that low self-esteem isn’t the word. Slightly crazy maybe – but mostly brilliant, I’d say. If there isn’t IG somewhere around, who has just forgot his lyrics, I mean… 🙂

  33. 33
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Roger said in a recent interview that he felt triggered to compete in the early 70’s because the musicianship(Lord/Blackmore/Paice).
    So he brought in a lot of RIFF’s.

    1. I wonder which riff’s he meant?How many? I always thought RB was the riff provider.

    2. If I m wrong why cant he deliver great riffs in the years since Ritchie left?

    On Now What is all the same tempo as well, only a few moments the speed breaks out of his coffin and HTP is hardly a Highway Star or Fireball or even Pictures Of Home.


    a. He never had good riffs.
    b. He does not feel triggered by the quality of the band.

    I can appreciate a lot of the new album but to call it Hardrock or Deep Purple? : (

    I wonder how Vincent would have turned out with someone like Iommi and Rondinelli instead.

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