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Morgenmagazin performance

Live on ARD/ZDF Morgenmagazin, Apr 24 2013

Deep Purple performed All the Time in the World this morning, April 24, live on Geman TV show Morgenmagazin. You can view the perfomance at DasErste.de

Thanks to all who reported it.

19 Comments to “Morgenmagazin performance”:

  1. 1
    Chip says:

    Nice understated performance of a song that definitely grows on me with additional listens. Is it just me or does this song sound a bit like Son of Alerick….kind of fleshed out a bit into a real song?

  2. 2
    nupsi59 says:

    “Son of Alerik” is an instrumental jam, “All the Time in the World” is more in the tradition of “Haunted”, “Walk on” or “Don’t make me happy”. I think it will be a good replacement for “Blind Man” in the upcoming shows.

  3. 3
    Average Joe Blow says:

    Wow! Great song! Great performance!

  4. 4
    micaloneus says:

    I really enjoyed that. In fact, I loved it.
    Thanks for the link.

  5. 5
    Chip says:

    Well I know Alerick is an instrumental, but the hammond sound and song structure is reminscent….at least to my ears.

  6. 6
    Randy says:

    That was really good. The band members look great – happy and relaxed. Made my day.

  7. 7
    buddyandian says:

    great song ! great performance from the band ! big ian sing beautyfully this song . great pleasure to see them all smiling !

  8. 8
    \'mon the Dale says:

    Quite impressed, looking forward to hearing the album.

  9. 9
    John Tob says:

    I hope I’m not going over the the top, but that was sublime.
    Intimate stage setting with the band nice and close. Loved it. Thanks for the link.


  10. 10
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    Very nice very very nice. After more than 40 years of digging the band I have to say that that was as good as anything they have done during their career. Among the best of those min-tempo songs. Really like Mr. Gillan’s singing. Makes me hope that he will not retire after this tour. We still want another album after this ?! Don’t we?! DON’T WE?!!!

  11. 11
    nix says:

    Playback on german breakfast TV 🙁

  12. 12
    Steve B says:

    Having been one of the minority (so it seemed) who liked the snippets put out earlier promoting the new album, I am feeling a little smug! The majority of comments for the two German performances are positive and the bands promotion seems to be winning over the pessimists. Now what do you have to say?!

  13. 13
    errol arias says:

    God Bless them ! Good to see them playing new material… Long Live Deep Purple !

  14. 14
    angel says:

    espero que el disco completo tenga la calidad de estos 2 maravillosas canciones estoy emocinado por este albun espero nque aca enargentina salga pronto

  15. 15
    Milan says:

    As far as comparing this with other songs goes, I´d say that at one point the hammond plays a very brief tune that sounds like it was directly lifted from the organ solo of You Keep On Moving, anyone else notice this? Maybe it´s a just a generic fill, but still makes me want to hum this MKIV classic everytime I heart that part.

    BTW: This seems to be the album version, why the cut off that extremly short intro for the single is beyond me. Are intros uncommercial?

  16. 16
    Mike Airey says:

    Nix @ no.11 That was totally live! No playback at all. I know as Im Dons tech, and we were at the TV station at 5am setting everything up! We had to downscale the backine purely to fit on the alloted stage! Just wanted to clear that up….

  17. 17
    Marcus says:

    This is a really great, an intense version of “All the time in the world”.
    By the way I saw that “Now What” (limited edition) is at number three in the overall Amazon music charts in Germany. It is number one in rock and hard rock.
    And SWR, a German regional channel, has a review saying that “Now What” is “sublime”. Despite being labelled “classic rock” it is, according to the author, never boring or stereotype but original and on extraordinary technical / musical level.

  18. 18
    Tracy(Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Great song!!! Well played!!! Do wish they included the rest of the instrumental breaks though. Though I am looking forward to hearing some of the ‘harder edged’ tunes off the album, I am extremely satisfied with how this one comes across live. This is just a live studio performance. Can you imagine it being played in a full bore concert setting with all the bells and whistles with those instrumentals thrown back in and stretched on? Really a great song. Still counting down till I get my grimy hands on the disk and seeing them play it live. Unfortunately there isn’t much of a chance of them touring the States anytime soon according to some of the interviews and unlike the title of this song, we truly don’t have ‘all the time in the world’. RIP Jon.


  19. 19
    Sabbatical says:

    Not bad for Ian Gillan Band … but it sure as hell is not Deep Purple the way we knew it way back when … and you know who is missing, don’t you? …

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