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A bittersweet year

Roger Glover, London, Ontario, Feb 11, 2012; photo © Nick Soveiko cc-by-nc-sa

Roger Glover sends his traditional end-of-the-year message to the world:

From winter in Canada to another winter in France. In all, three months of touring, several hot months spent recording a new album, get the laundry done and that’s it; a year slips by. A bittersweet year.

It was in the studio in Nashville that we heard about Jon. It was a real blow to the body, even though we expected it. Stories and thoughts of him flooded the following weeks as the enormity of the loss sank in. Back in England we said goodbye to Jon with great dignity, the service was sadness made beautiful with music. When Jon first gave me Pictured Within, I wept at the beauty of it. At his funeral I wept again at the sadness of it. Such moving music. Music that has the power to stir emotions that run deep. He changed my life. I am a lucky man.

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25 Comments to “A bittersweet year”:

  1. 1
    James Gemmell says:

    Very sweet note from Rog.

  2. 2
    buttockss says:

    We all feel the pain of the loss of jon, very well spoken words from roger, “Pictured Whithin” is a very emotional piece of work by jon, lets hope for happier times in the new year.

  3. 3
    Tommy H. says:

    A bittersweet year indeed. Jon’s passing was shattering. I don’t know how it might have been to our heros to learn about that. Enough said, I don’t want to start again.

    I’m looking forward to a better year and of course everything concerning the new album.


  4. 4
    Syed Shahroll Jamalulail - Malaysia says:

    Sweet memories by Roger. Me too feel so sad with Jon demised. Imaging I was an ardent fan of Deep Purple since I was 8 years old. I grow up listening to Deep Purple and till today, in fact I was in all their concert which was played in Malaysia in 1999, 2001 (where Jon Lord was still in the band) and lastly in Genting Highlands (2010). Deep Purple FOREEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5
    al says:

    Always nice to read Rog,heartfelt and sad ! R.I.P Jon !

  6. 6
    tony lind says:

    I have always knows that Roger is a nice fellow !

  7. 7
    dave_wallis says:

    It’s disappointing Gillian can’t get her second album released. I thought the first one was really good and well performed. I think all of us – Purple people – should really help her by ‘liking’ her website. Well, that’s what I did, anyway.

  8. 8
    Radek says:

    Dzięki Roger….

  9. 9
    purpdawg says:

    ‘Nuff said.

  10. 10
    George Martin says:

    I have often wondered who was in attendance at Jon’s funeral and also who was not. It’s kinda obvious who was there but I wonder if Ritchie attended? After all they were friends and knew each other for at least 45 years. I guess will never know. May 2013 be better than 2012 for everyone! Peace.

  11. 11
    marc says:

    thanks for being very humain roger, yes indeed it was a big lost, jon not being here anymore.
    jon’s spirit and music will keep us going on.
    so roger, go on rockin, playing and making great music, as long as the wind blows……. we will be there

    marc,bazas,france 21/12/12

  12. 12
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Great commentary from one of the best expressionists. Contrite and to the point. Amazing how eloquent this stalwart member of the BEST BAND in the WORLD is. I truly wish you would write a book Roger. Your ability to phrase such things as vivid as you do makes it a must do. PLEASE DO SO!!!!

    Regarding the commentary of Ezrin and the album…..YEEEEOOOWWWW!!!! I have to believe this will be a great offering from our HEROES due to his remarks about being impressed and schooled during their recording venture. Roger is no slouch in that field and if he says it was that good, I BELIEVE HIM. I have spoken to him many times now and he doesn’t mince words. He says it, believe it.

    Yes, as he says….They are on FIRE!!!! Nothing like a full bore ‘Purple Flame’. As Neil Young says….’Better to Burn out than fade away’. No finish in sight from these magnifico’s.



  13. 13
    cyclone says:

    Is it me or does this great band not only play fantastic music but also seem like a old friend too!

  14. 14
    Ralf Schmidt says:

    Thank you, Roger. I will remember Jon my whole life. So many great concerts with him from 29.03.1975 (Köln, Sporthalle) until 15.11.2010 (Essen, Philharmonie). 35 years.

  15. 15
    daviep79 says:

    Merry Christmas Roger!

  16. 16
    Xavier says:

    We have lost a great musician and friend. Jon Lord brought more to Deep Purple than his talent, it was dept, imagination and creativity beyond rock or classical. He continues to inspire both musicians and friends to go beyond scales. Wishing deep purple all the best as we reflect the reason for the season. Looking forward to listen to the new album.

  17. 17
    Drdp says:

    Roger: We were all so lucky to ‘know’ Jon Lord if not ONLY for the music he gave us. It saddens me when I see 2012 retrospectives of who we lost this year and Mr. Lord is not included.
    He was one in a Billion!

  18. 18
    CARLOS RUBIO S. says:

    Cuantas veces compartieron escenario,giras,grabaciones de discos,etc,etc,eran más que compañeros en DP,eran amigos ,son sinceros y directos los comentarios de Roger,son más de 35 años de ser fan de DP,el 2013 sera mucho mejor que el año que se va,Jon Lord (RIP).

  19. 19
    Randy says:

    We are all blessed to have had Deep Purple and the fine men who comprise it in our lives for the past 45 years. Happy holidays, everyone.

  20. 20
    dave_wallis says:

    Ritchie wasn’t there. He was touring Europe at the time and wasn’t able to attend personally, but he donated one of the charities Jon was involved in. Rick Wakeman spoke briefly about the funeral in the Record Collector.

  21. 21
    micke says:


  22. 22
    cyclone says:

    @17 I read the list also and was shocked not to see Mr. Lord’s name. Pretty much another injustice to DP & it’s extended family.

  23. 23
    klausvonscribe says:

    Thank you, Roger.

  24. 24
    Richard Woodhouse says:

    Very nice thoughts from Roger on the passing of Jon. One of the comments above mentioned that besides all the great music from this band, That they seem like old friends. That is so right on, or as the English would say, Spot on. I met Jon in 1996 after a show in Pittsburgh Pa. He was so kind and just so down to earth. I was like a Zombie, because I was so star struck. But he was very understanding and He knew I was nervous. It felt like a member of the Family passed away, when I heard the news. Pictured within is Jon’s best work in my opinion. Even better than the Sarabande or Concerto. Haunting music, yet so beautiful. There was very deep depths to this Man. My father had to turn that CD off, I can see him getting tears in his eyes, and It took a lot to do that to my Dad. I believe in God, and I believe that Jon is in the presence of God, in some undescribable way. He has made my life so much more fun and enjoyable. I will never forget Him. Richard.

  25. 25
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 22

    It will always be like that.

    Yesterday I saw a so called historical documentary on the 70’s.

    It was annoying.
    To say the least.

    Apart from the music, I was amazed that they interspersed so much with music compared to other aspects one usually gets in historydoc’s.

    I thought, uptill now, that they made quite good doc’s.

    It is like this :

    When you nothing of a subject, you are easily led to think they know their stuff.
    But when you’re more familiair with a subject you are shocked out of your wits, constantly thinking : WTF?!

    At a certain moment the subtitles said it was Barry Manilow with the song ” Wild Places” (Wonderful song from way back)instead of Duncan Browne.

    But subtitles , overhere at least, are weird all the time.

    I first thought it happened automatically, but it must be done by some twisted motherfucker who thinks it’s funny to give wrong information!!!

    I m glad I dont have to depend on it yet!!!

    The collage gave us many short or a bit longer examples of so called 70’s music.

    Not a word was given to bands like DP, Zeppelin or Sabbath, Pink Floyd, etc.
    Hendrix was shown and Iron Butterfly was played(audio).
    But both are 60’s.

    Yeah, Golden(Our national rockpride, ahem) Earring was there who did find their inspiration in Highway Star for Radar Love.
    Punk, Disco, saturday night Fever, I can go along with that.
    It happened.
    It was there, whatever I feel about it does not matter.

    So, no Deep Purple.
    No DP with Child In Time, a song that has been number 1 overhere for many years in the past and uptill now always graces the top 5 in the top 2000.

    In my days we had a top 100, but that’s another side of the story.
    Appearantly we needed more than 100?

    But what did we get, and quite long it was :

    Roger Glover’s Love Is All!!!!

    Not a mention of Ronnie James Dio ofcourse.

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