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Coverdale at Vegas Rocks! awards

On August 26 David Coverdale received “The Voice of Rock” award from the Vegas Rocks! magazine. Here’s a red carpet video report of the event:


The awards ceremony from David’s prospective:

Rather nice of him to give credit where credit us due.

Sammy Hagar, who also got an award, was playing with Chickenfoot in Lake Tahoe on September 1 and DC, who lives in the area, dropped by to share the stage and sing a cover of Zeppelin’s Rock’n’Roll:

Thanks to Try CW and onemorshow for the clips, and to Yvonne Osthausen and Daniel Bengtsson for bringing them to your attention.

9 Comments to “Coverdale at Vegas Rocks! awards”:

  1. 1
    jaro says:

    What about Ian Gillan? 🙁

  2. 2
    stoffer says:

    Class and Professionalism Coverdale has it and others do not!!
    I wish I was a big ROCK STAR and could drop F’bombs wear shades and spit on stage…that is soooo coool….
    To introduce DC as David mother f…ing Coverdale??? c’mon grow up…..the audience and DC have
    Why wouldn’t hagar say the name Deep Purple?? afraid of too much applause… maybe….
    Class?…. DC has it……others DO NOT….IMHO…………………….this post was not approved by any political candidate..ha ha

  3. 3
    Micalonues says:

    Gillan’s too interesting.

  4. 4
    purrfect stranger says:

    These awards get rather meaningless when u hear about outstanding vocalists that never got the award. Nonetheless, Coverdale earned it. His work with Page is easily one of the Top Twenty albums ever PERIOD

  5. 5
    Lenny says:

    whole lotta hype and hairspray…. can we get back to deep purple please?

  6. 6
    HZ says:

    Ian doesn’t sing Zeppelin’s songs, so he’s out… 😛

  7. 7
    RB says:

    Hagar’s introduction is the usual American rock star hyperbole (he probably didn’t mention Purple as he wanted to leave the audience guessing, creating a greater degree of drama about the introduction). With regards to David I just don’t understand him, we’ve all seen and heard clips of his dodgy live vocal performances over recent years but hear he nails it and also shows that his voice is more powerful than Hagar’s (can never warm to Hagar’s voice. I know that he can sing yet there’s something about him that makes me dismiss him vocally when compared to others). Moreover, love the way David takes control of the stage and the band, and dominating the whole thing. I think that David’s voice just isn’t as resilient as it once was, and therefore quickly tires over the course of a tour, but here just doing the one song as a guest he sounds great and shows how far that young lad from Redcar has come. Nice one DC!

  8. 8
    Roberto says:

    now we wait for the next year a MKIII reunion or better a Coverdale – Hughes reunion…

  9. 9
    David says:

    We know that Purple/ Gillan are the best bands in our Mr. Univese (what about Glover & Paice)…speaking of Hagar, I’ve always liked him more than DC’s Whitesnake (ya’ grow-up). Hagar was more mature in Montrose.

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