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BCC new album teaser

Black Country Communion’s 3rd studio album will be called Afterglow and will be released on October 30, 2012. Pre-ordering will start on September 11 and will be available at BCCommunion.com.

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

20 Comments to “BCC new album teaser”:

  1. 1
    purpledaniel says:

    BCC=ROCK in all its glory.

  2. 2
    buttockss says:


  3. 3
    Peter Miller says:

    Love the “a-la Bolin” at the end.

  4. 4
    kraatzy says:

    Yeah guys

    its time to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooock !!!!



  5. 5
    Drdp says:

    Hope to be BASKING in it very soon.

  6. 6
    mike whiteley says:

    Man,those guys are churnin’ out the albums. If only they’d take some time to do a proper tour.(Exact opposite to the Purple scenario,in that regard).
    The songs on BCC2 were stronger than the 1st album,so I hope the progression continues.
    Oh,and turn up the Hammond !! Use it for more than shadowing the guitar riff and filling in the background.

  7. 7
    Gillanfan says:

    Without a doubt it would be very different from first two albums

  8. 8
    HZ says:

    BCC, Rock saviours lately….

  9. 9
    Alan says:

    Glen seems to be making up for lost time. This is a good thing. I just hope Joe doesn’t burn out…
    Looking forward to ‘Afterglow’ though.

  10. 10
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    I have to be honest. It looks as though this band is doing what is usually the opposite. They are actually following up each record with a better one, and in a short period of time. 2 was better than the debut, even though the debut was an incredible record. Now it looks like their 3rd “Afterglow” will blow them both away. It appears they have really decided to take this venture serious and want to put their stamp on R&R history with some incredible music. This little ‘teaser’ showed and said a lot. Man we are being blessed with some great stuff coming at us over the next few months, to eventually include one from DEEP PURPLE!


  11. 11
    Sami says:

    Bring it on BCC, should be a treat, again!

  12. 12
    kraatzy says:

    I think, its possible, that “Afterglow” burn the next DP album away from the charts …

    I hope out DP friends are in good condition … this will be a nice (chart-)competition.

    And I remember the arguments of out DP friends … “CDs are not lucrative” … and what about 3 albums from BCC in nearly 2 years ???
    Okay guys, they don´t get a pay check for their album, they have to pay for us to buy … lol

    … You’re lazy just stay in bed
    You don’t want no money …

    * LLRnR *


  13. 13
    LRT says:

    If you want a good orange, eat this, if you want a good apple, eat the next Purple. If your taste buds can’t handle both, get a new mouth! I see/hear no rason to suspect neither will be good.(this business about Purple albums being no good just because people can’t handle who’s ‘not’ on them, is about as ridiculous as it possibly gets…. I suggest people find a better reason to call something bad)

  14. 14
    RB says:

    I preferred the songs on the first album (‘Song Of Yesterday’ is a modern classic) but the production was slightly better on BCC 2 (although I have to say that Shirley’s production isn’t particularly good on either), and the live album showed slick performances but lacked the excitement, risk taking and chemistry I’d hoped for (and Joe’s solo on ‘Burn’ has to be the most bland I’ve ever heard anyone play on the song). Having said that, it’s still better than the majority of what passes for rock music these days.

    The main problem for me is that Glenn seems to produce the lion’s share of the song writing (not surprising as Joe’s schedule is somewhat hectic), and for me I think that Glenn produces stronger material when he collaborates more with others (eg. Trapeze, Purple, Pat Thrall), whereas, if left to his own devices the end product can sound predictable, a form of rock by numbers (still, at least we can be grateful that he’s reigning in the histrionic vocals and not sounding like a castrated gibbon!). Glenn realises that BCC is his probably last chance at achieving anything approaching the success he experienced in the 70s and he’s certainly grasping it with both hands (and we can’t blame him for that), but perhaps this desire is blinding him from a greater degree of objectivity, and instead of producing an album every year all four members should take a little more time to combine their skills and make something very special. Obviously, they certainly shouldn’t take as long as Purple as that would mean waiting an eternity, but certainly give Joe more time to recharge so he can contribute more. Moreover, I hope that Derek gets more involved in the whole process so he can make his mark.

  15. 15
    Roberto says:

    “it’s still classic rock”….yes but too classic, or better too derivated with not originality on it but most of all not superior song writing, that’s why they don’t keep on interest me…my favourite Hughes related album are still HTP2, Iommi/Hughes ‘sevent star’ – ‘dep 1996 sessions’, ‘play me out’, ‘bulding the machine’ and the Trapeze…

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I really like BCC.

    But to compare the 3 behind Glenn with Lordy, Blackers and Paicey…..?????

    Or are some really thinking they will produce a “IV” as zeppelin did?

  17. 17
    Bo says:

    I’m sure the next BCC will be great. No not great – but G R E A T!!!!
    Purple – I dont know what to expect. I hope for a rock album, but those days are over I think. But I still hope.

  18. 18
    Roberto says:

    …and the one with Gary Moore…

    anyway at the beginning of this video I hear The Who playing…

  19. 19
    kraatzy says:

    Hey guys. Here in the following words of Glenn Hughes about the Afterglow-Album:

    “Big Train”:
    “It’s very quirky and British-sounding. Jason Bonham is an incredible timekeeper. I love the way he provides the engine room on that song.”

    “This Is Your Time”:
    “Let’s give Jason Bonham a little more love. He writes his songs on an iPhone whilst driving his car, which is completely nuts. It really helps the groove factor. He emailed me some footage of him playing this song. He wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics. It has a huge chorus, too. Jason is not just a brilliant drummer — he’s a great songwriter.”

    “Midnight Sun”:
    “I had my wallet stolen in a Starbucks and arrived late at the studio. When I got there, the guys were fooling around with a song that sounds quite a lot like THE WHO, thanks to those Rabbit Bundrick-style keyboards. I picked up my bass and joined in. It’s quite a romp; there’s a definite vibe of Moon and Entwistle.”

    “The first album had ‘No Time’, which was slow and groovy. I wrote ‘Confessor’ that way too, but when Jason heard it he insisted upon playing it — in his own words — like his dad would have done. We’re a democratic band and I went along with that. When he turbo-d it up it really came to life.”

    “Cry Freedom”:
    “I sang this one alone originally until Kevin pointed out that the album didn’t have a song with split vocals. Joe and I sing well together. I’ve never had a problem sharing a microphone with other great singers. We really let rip off one another on this one, which has a ZZ TOP/HUMBLE PIE kind of a vibe.”

    “[At more than six minutes long] it’s an epic song. I was adamant that this album should have a proper title instead of a number. I played it to the band right at the end of sessions — purposely so. When they heard it on acoustic guitar, everybody agreed that it should name the album.”

    “I wrote it slower than we recorded it; maybe I had too much coffee that day. Had we done it that way then maybe it would have sounded a bit dirge-like. Jason sets the tempos — he’s got a really good ear for the way that a song should sound.”

    “The Circle”:
    “It’s one of my favorites on this record. It gives me the chance to use my ‘breathier’ voice. Kevin asked me to sing it an octave higher than I intended, and it worked. The high voice in the chorus is not my falsetto, it’s my upper register natural voice. I’m singing about being powerless; being in a dreamlike state. People have spoken about my voice and bass playing for so many years, I hope that this time they notice my lyrics because I’m very proud of them.”

    “Common Man”:
    “That’s another of the songs that came from Jason. When he sang me its melody acapella, I could hear myself singing it. It could have been a song from DEEP PURPLE’s ‘Stormbringer’ album; he wrote it for my voice.”

    “The Giver”:
    “When you listen to the end of the song, if people are trying to figure out what key it’s in, I’m playing a capo [a device that raises the pitch of notes] on the fifth fret. When I wrote it, I deliberately held back from completing it because it needed Joe’s input. Kevin helped as well.”

    “Some people may know that this song was going to be on ‘BCC2’ but we held it over because there simply wasn’t enough room. To me, it fits this album a lot better. It’s a really aggressive song — it’s dangerous and angry. I love it. It’s a great way to finish the record.”

    Glenn Hughes, Berlin, Sept. 2012

    Internet resource:



  20. 20
    RB says:

    Yet again Glenn likes to remind everyone how wonderful his voice is (and bass playing), it does my bloody head in!!! All I can think is that he is quite an insecure person who constantly craves adulation. He is certainly talented but unfortunately his ego is even bigger.

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