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Purple family remembers Jon

Jon Lord: 9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012

Jon Lord’s death has made waves around the world with many people, newspapers, TV channels and web sites paying their tribute. Here is what the the people close to him had to say (in no particular order).

Official statement from the band:

Our beloved Jon passed away on this day Monday 16th July 2012.

We have lost a dear friend, a brother and a wonderful musician.

His dignity and graciousness touched us all. His music was an inspiration and took us to places beyond our imagination…A truly great man.

We humbly express our eternal love and great respect.

Deep Purple

Roger Glover:

It’s unthinkable that Jon is gone. My thoughts are for his wife Vicky and all his children and family at this sad moment in their lives. I wish them all strength.

A great sadness and sense of loss hangs over me. Not only has the music world lost a fantastic musician but a gentleman of the finest order. He was a giant in my life, a great friend, a fellow traveler, a teacher, not only of music, but of life. I am devastated at his passing.

Ritchie Blackmore:

Jon was not only a great musician, he was my favorite dinner companion. We are all deeply saddened. We knew he was sick but the word was that he was recovering and doing much better.

This news came as a complete shock. Without Jon there would be no Deep Purple. He lives on in our hearts and memories.

Ian Gillan spoke to Planet Rock telling how the band were still at the studio in the States when they got the news, and how they all sat around for a long time, feeling sad but also exchanging happy stories about their times with Jon.

Steve Morse:

Jon just died. I’m shocked and don’t know what to do, so I’m going to try to tell you a little about Jon.

Jon was the powerhouse keyboard player that brought rock and classical directly together many times. The first was his timeless organ solo on “Highway Star”. The next was his “Concerto for Band and Orchestra”. I was able to perform with the whole band as it was played at Albert Hall before we toured extensively with it. Just weeks ago, I was able to play on a studio recording of Jon’s concerto and share some heartfelt thoughts and words with him.

Jon was the guy that would stop us from giving up on an idea in songwriting because it wasn’t immediately obvious. I remember him encouraging me in the studio to keep doing what I was doing as I played around with an idea that I was intrigued with. After writing something as amazing as his concerto, he still had the imagination to hear ideas on top of anything I suggested. He always had a regal, gentlemanly manner. Like any of us, he could get annoyed, but he would only show it with his wry and dry wit.

Mostly, he was upbeat and a pleasure for anybody to be around. His humor was right up my alley, with us exchanging ridiculous thoughts like,”If Brenda Lee married Tommy Lee, her new name would be Brenda Lee……” Or having him finish the tune when an announcement at an airport would start with several musical notes to get your attention. It’s hard to give anecdotes that convey an ease that somebody could give you, but he sure had that ability. We all love people that will pay attention to our kids, and years ago he charmed my (then) 5 year old son, Kevin with a Donald Duck imitation even while he was being hurried to get out of the dressing room and go to the green room for after show greetings.

Jon retired from the endless DP tour schedule, but continued to do appearances with original material and performances of his concerto. I knew he missed the band he helped start, but at the same time couldn’t stand the relentless travel. From time to time, we would see him on tour, and he would sit in with us. The last time we played, less than a year ago, at the Sunflower Jam at Royal Albert Hall, he had just come offstage from performing with Rick Wakeman. Later I talked with him and his wife about how strange it felt to look around at the keyboards and not see him there at Albert Hall. We promised to do something together. Soon thereafter, we all learned of his battle with Pancreatic cancer. I kept hearing hopeful, positive reports that they might be making progress, but this sudden death caught me totally unaware. I thought we would meet and do a recording project in the future when he recovered from the chemotherapy. Well, we sort of did, but I had to record it and send it to him, as we were in different countries.

If you have friends, family, especially kids, don’t ever miss a chance to do or say something special….or simply appreciate the fact that they are there. One day, they won’t be.

Jacky Paice:

Sorry its taken us so long to put this up but all my time has been spent with family following the sad passing of Jon Lord.

Jon was the husband of my twin sister Vicky. He was a father, Husband, Uncle, Brother, Brother in Law and Friend to many.

We are astounded with the incredible worldwide support and love, honouring Jon’s life and music, Thank you all so much.

In 2011, Jon’s last live performance took place at The Sunflower Jam; he was also a trustee of the charity and held this event very close to his heart.

As a tribute to Jon, we would like to share some footage of him performing with Rick Wakeman at The 2011 Sunflower Jam, the piece written by both of them, for The Sunflower Jam, titled, its not as big as it was!

We have been asked if the 2012 Sunflower Jam Event will be taking place due to our loss, to which we would like to confirm, not only will it go ahead; we are working on a tribute to Jon, in true Sunflower Style.

We love you Jonny.

David Coverdale:

As I type this I’m listening to Jon’s classical music from his solo albums I’ve downloaded since his passing… Because we were out of touch for so long & involved in our individual lives & careers, I was unaware of so much of his more recent exceptional works… It is assisting me in processing the sense of loss of such a huge character & enormous inspiration from my life… I hope you can understand I felt it inappropriate to engage in our usual conversational interaction on the BBS & step back & just allow you to use the site as a memorial, or tribute to express your own feelings & thoughts of Jon & what he means to you… I am still somewhat uncomfortable posting as I see some of you proposing a tribute concert involving our former colleagues in both Purple & Whitesnake… Personally, I feel it appropriate & respectful to wait until we hear if his family wish to have a memorial concert before I respond, so I ask you respectfully not to engage me in possibilities until then… I have no doubt that with the healing passage of time that something wonderful will take place somewhere where we can all celebrate his extraordinary life & his many musical gifts to us, but, once again, let us be patient & await his families wishes before attempting to force any event on them… I will share with you, as I shared with my family, three personal memories of my initial introduction to Jon that involved his incredible warmth, patience & generosity that came immediately to my mind & for which I will be eternally grateful… My first encounter with Jon was as an opening act for the then early chapter of DP Mark 2 at Sheffield University… Jon came up to me after our show & was very complimentary about my singing & discreetly asked for my phone number… whispering ” in case it doesn’t work out with the new guy “… Ha Ha!… Of course, in those days, I was living at home with my parents & we never had a phone, so, I hastily gave him my address, shook hands & went out to watch some of their show before driving back to Teesside… Of course, it worked out beautifully & successfully with ‘the new guy’ as we all know, but, it didn’t stop me rushing down to the front door every morning for months to see if he’d written to me… As you can imagine it was an indescribable boost for my morale at that time in my life… Sweet, sweet man… he knew how to elevate your spirit… He had poetry & rhetoric in abundance… I told Pagey that he would have loved working with Jon… The next time was at my actual audition for Purple in London in 1973… I was pretty nervous, of course, but, determined… I’d discreetly brought a bottle of Bell’s whiskey that my friend, Roger, who had driven me to London had hidden from me..( which I found immediately & gave me cause to frequently slip away for quick nerve numbing shots… )… No one was more engaging, welcoming & calming to me than Jon Lord… He spoke to me so very kindly & encouraged me to the point where I must credit him for helping me relax & give a solid account of myself at the audition, God bless his cotton socks… The next example of Jon’s amazing character was at Clearwell Castle in Gloucestershire where we had gone to work on songs for the ‘Burn’ album… Jon was going to be late, as he had business in London, so, Ritchie, Glenn & Ian started jamming immediately in the castle crypt… Amazing music… amazing musicians… I wandered in & out, not knowing what the hell to do as this was all so new & unknown territory for me… I found out later that Jon had called Ritchie to see how things were going & how I was fitting in… Ritchie said everything was fine, but, I hadn’t sang anything yet… NERVES!!!… So, when Jon eventually arrived, he & I had a several snifters of some fine alcoholic beverage & walked down to the rehearsal room… & with him at his Hammond & me at the microphone I sang non stop for God knows how long… Beatles songs… jazz songs… blues riffs… Slowly, but, surely, the guys all came in & started playing along & suddenly I was a member of the best band in the world!!!… Thank you, Jon, with all my heart… I will never forget you & what you brought to my life… The many precious memories I will treasure forevermore… Bon Vivant… Raconteur… Musician & Gentleman Extraordinaire… Jon Lord… I salute you… XX

Anna Phoebe:

A very sad week with the loss of one of the world’s most talented, humble, inspirational and generous musicians.

Jon Lord was a true Lord in every sense.

I first met him over a lunch a couple of years ago, with his silver-white hair pulled back in a sleek pony tail, and tall imposing figure dressed all in black wearing blue sneakers. Despite the generational gap and the vast difference in scholarly experience, we talked seamlessly about music, family, life and other things. Jon came across as someone who was on one hand a deeply private family man, and yet completely open and warm with everyone, who never expected special treatment and always gave his full attention to anyone he met.

I would see this time and again on tour with him – where he would have to be rescued by his manager from hotel lobbies and stage doors, or else he would be held back for hours and hours, speaking to everyone who wanted to meet him, give him gifts or have him sign the entire Deep Purple back catalogue. I also noticed it leaving for my first tour with him to Russia, at Heathrow Terminal 5, where he patiently waited at the end of a long line of passengers to board the plane, until singer Steve Balsamo and I politely reminded him that he was flying business and he didn’t need to queue. He looked almost ashamed and embarrassed as we ushered him to the front of the line. I know people who have sold far fewer records and accumulated far fewer accolades who would not act with that kind of humility.

My first tour with him started the day after I found out I was 7 weeks pregnant with my daughter. Sharing the stage with him and playing his music whilst knowing that I was creating a human life inside me, gave the experience a spiritual quality, which only added to the magic which he so naturally created wherever he went. It’s hard to describe the feeling without seeming over the top or cheesy, but anyone who has ever met him will understand what I mean – anyone I have ever spoken to about him only has positive words to say about him.

After me gushing endlessly about Jon and his music, my partner finally met him backstage at the Sunflower Jam at the Albert Hall last year (which I think might have been Jon’s last public performance). Afterwards he turned to me and said “NOW I see what you mean. I’ve only just met him and I love him already!”. He just had that special effect on people.

I think the sadness also comes from knowing that he had so much more to give to the world. There was so much music he talked about writing…and there was a Bach violin/piano Sonata he kept saying he wanted to play together. Most exciting of all, at the Sunflower Jam he pulled me aside, absolutely high on adrenalin after an incredible musical battle with Rick Wakeman onstage: “I can’t believe I’ve never played with Rick before!! All these years where him and I were living parallel lives! There’s something there! I want to do a tour – will you come? Let’s start something! I want to write and record…Rick and I have been jamming in the dressing room all evening and there’s definitely something there!”. It was just brilliant to see him talk like an excited 10 year boy about two grown men with a lifetime of successes, about all the stuff they wanted to do together! Him and Rick were absolutely on cloud nine, as if they’d finally met their match! (There’s a video on youtube of the Rick vs Jon duel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yaLwfTfgXM)

My absolute love for Jon is based on knowing him for such a short time. I can’t imagine what it must be like for his family and close friends. My heart really goes out to them, because I cannot imagine what it must feel like.

I don’t have much more to add – except that if everyone who woke up grumpy in the morning, or anyone who was feeling down or negative thought to themselves “What would Jon do?”, the world would be a much more positive place. He really brought a lot of light into this world, and through his music and his legacy, will continue to do so.

Rest In Peace, Jon.

Rick Wakeman:

I first became aware of Jon Lord in the mid-sixties when Hush was released and I bought the album Shades of Deep Purple which was an album way ahead of its time. For obvious reasons I paid special attention to the organ style and sound as it was quite different from how other Hammond players were using the instrument. I became a genuine admirer and fan of Jon that day and remained so with everything he did

We became real friends just a few years ago although we had met on numerous occasions prior to that. We did talks together at music conservatories, we met for lunch and most importantly made music together. We wrote a piece 12 months ago for the Sunflower Jam at the Royal Albert Hall. We wrote this piece together at John Henry’s rehearsal studios in London and it was so easy because we had such different styles and because Jon was concentrating heavily on the Hammond and I on synthesizers, the blend was quite magical. The piece was performed just the once and I am told was filmed. although I have never seen the footage.

We sat in the dressing room which we shared at the Royal Albert Hall and made plans to do an album together. We were both utterly convinced that we could come up with something very special as our styles blended so well together. Our love of classical music and also working that style within that of rock music also completed the bond . We arranged to meet up later that month

One week before we were due to meet Jon called me with the news he was ill. He was very positive and actually said he’d never felt better in his life and so he would beat it however long it took and so to bear with our project which went on hold.

We spoke a couple of times after that and the last message I got was that he was responding well to his treatment. The news today has hurt me like no other loss of a musician I have known. I can only thank him for the legacy he has left us all with his great music, great vision and for his kindness as he was one of the most gentle and kind persons I have ever had the pleasure of being able to call my friend. My heart goes out to Vicki his wife and all his family.

Rick Wakeman
16th July 2012

Glenn Hughes:

Friends : I have just landed in LA from London, to hear the sad news of the passing of our brother Jon Lord.

I will miss him.
Prayers please.

I will sing and play a tribute track for Jon Lord with friends Chad Smith and Steve Vai in the studio tomorrow…

Joe Lynn Turner:

I am deeply saddened about the passing of Jon Lord…I am proud and humbled to have known him both personally and professionally …and blessed to share a special time with him. He was a true and gifted original…a Gentleman of the industry …and he shall be greatly missed!

My sincerest sympathies to his family and relations…and to all of us who have lost one of the great musicians of our time!…R.I.P. Jon…may God hold you in his hands.

Tony Iommi:

I was so shocked and saddened to hear the news of Jon’s passing . Jon was not only a magnificent keyboard player and musician but a wonderful human being and a true gentleman.

I’m honoured to have had the opportunity to play together with him. We’ve lost a true legend but his music will live on in all of our hearts.

My deepest thoughts go out to his family.

R.I.P Jon, my friend.

Doogie White:

Dear Jon,
Thank you for being the very best, the most honourable and memorable, the most inviting. The finest host, ( Ritchie often told me that you were his greatest and favourite dinner guest) I remember you telling me off for buying a round of drinks in Luxembourg?.

You paid anyway. Thanks sir.

You were the finest of story tellers and much much more. But really Jon, thank you, for not only being part of the most dynamic music I ever heard, that changed my world and that of many others, but also for the most beautiful musical moments I
ever had.


Yes. Those three, of the most outstanding and joyous concerts I have ever had the great pleasure to be part of. Great songs in a world I was not used to with an orchestra. You gave me a shot, took a chance and I will never forget those moments, nor how you, and Tarquin and Kasia (She liked it) mocked the Tartan suit I had bought for the occasion..

The waistcoat is now in Rio, the trousers in the closet.

There are those who have known you much longer and worked with you much harder but I will cherish those memories for all that remains for me.

Dear Jon, I will miss you so much. “..the Poet and the Pilgrim” Much love to the Lord Family and the extended Purple Family in these saddest of days. JON LORD. LEGEND.. Tonight I will raise a glass to the finest of men..

Bob Daisley:

This is a sad day, Jon Lord has ‘left the building’. Jon put the ‘deep’ into Purple, he contributed greatly to their sound. Whatever he did musically was first-class. I feel privileged, honoured and grateful to have been able to work and create with him, he was a great musician and a true gentlemen. He gave his Hammond organ and Leslie speaker a special ‘growl’, my joke nickname for him was ‘Growly Hammond’. Jon has departed, as we all must, but he’ll never be forgotten, he was truly one of the greats. He’s in the ‘real world’ now so Rock on Jon!

And a very emotional piece from Lars Ulrich:

Ever since my father took me to see them in 1973 in Copenhagen, at the impressionable age of 9, Deep Purple has been the most constant, continuous and inspiring musical presence in my life. They have meant more to me than any other band in existence, and have had an enormous part in shaping who I am. So obviously I’m beyond bummed, saddened and devastated by today’s news of the untimely passing of keyboardist Jon Lord.

We can all be guilty of lightly throwing adjectives like “unique,” “one-of-a-kind” and “pioneering” around when we want to describe our heroes and the people who’ve moved us, but there are no more fitting words than those right now and there simply was no musician like Jon Lord in the history of hard rock. Nobody. Period.

There was nobody that played like him. There was nobody that sounded like him. There was nobody that wrote like him. There was nobody that looked like him. There was nobody more articulate, gentlemanly, warm, or fucking cooler that ever played keyboards or got anywhere near a keyboard. What he did was all his own. Including obviously his unique sound. Whatever it was he did with that Hammond organ, the way the Leslie distorted what he was playing and pushed it to some unheard of place, the way he attacked it while he was throwing it around, and whatever the fuck else it was that was going down between Jon and “The Beast”, as he called his organ, it was unlike anything before, during or after. That simple.

Deep Purple of course was also an entity all their own, always unpredictable, often impulsive, never repetitive and most of the time, other worldly. I had the good fortune of seeing them three times in Copenhagen between ’73 and ’75, numerous times again on the reunion runs in ’85 and ’87. We even played a couple of gigs in Germany with them in the summer of ’87 and needless to say, every time was an experience that had a major impact on me. Seeing Jon on stage right playing the riffs, the colorings, the textures, the next level solos, intros, outros, blues bits, classical pieces and whatever else came into his head each night AND on top of that keeping up with Ritchie Blackmore song after song, night after night, was the sign of the master of his craft . . . the most accomplished, original and unique hard rock keyboardist that ever walked this planet.

In 1992 when we played Munich on the Black Album tour, Jon Lord and lead singer, Ian Gillan came down to the show and stood in the snake pit the whole time. I was in heaven. Performing in front of members of the band that had meant more to me than anything in my life was a dream come true. And when I got a signed note after the show that they had had to leave and get back to their milk and cookies and be ready for the recording sessions the next day, I was simply beyond psyched. My hero(es) in the fuckin snake pit.!!!!! “Look Mom, on top of the fuckin world!!”

….Full circle for the impressionable 9 year old from KB Hallen in Copenhagen in February ’73.

Rest in peace Jon and THANK YOU for everything,


46 Comments to “Purple family remembers Jon”:

  1. 1
    ian clements says:

    At such a sad time can I ask that all the musicans put the past aside
    and get together and remember the life and time’s on Mr Lord
    the sunflower jam sounds good

  2. 2
    Drumguy1988 says:

    Amazing words I just read. I especially like Steve Morses. You can tell he was a great admirer of Jon.

  3. 3
    Micalonues says:

    Reading all these has made my face wet, yet again. LLL. Long live Lord.

  4. 4
    Pete says:

    Such a huge part of my life is gone now. I must have spent thousands and thousands of hours listening to his music. Even my 6 year old was a fan. The God of the Hammond Organ is an understatement. My prayers to his family. Pete

  5. 5
    Dave Smale says:

    Wonderful to read everyone’s comments, especially Ritchie’s. For me, Deep Purple in Rock introduced me to the world of rock music and I still love it – and Purple – today, and much of that is down to Jon’s wizardry on the keyboard. My lasting memory of him is from the Colston Hall, Bristol in 2002 when, from nowhere, he appeared behind the keyboards with Don Airey for the encores and Ian Gillan had his arms around the pair of them as they did Smoke On The Water. Wonderful memories. Thanks Jon for all you did with DP & Whitesnake. God bless you and I know you will never be forgotten by any of us.

  6. 6
    byron says:

    Some kind words from Mick Box (Uriah Heep)
    Heep and purple used to share the same rehersal room in the beginning

    I was truly shocked to hear that Jon Lord 71, had passed away. Jon was one of the all time great, rock keyboard players, and composers, and he had the most amazing Hammond Organ sound ever.

    I have known Jon for many years dating back to the late 60’s, and he was always the perfect gentleman, and great company.

    The musical world has lost a giant, and his contribution to rock music will live on forever.

    When people have asked me who was my favourite keyboard player, his name was always first on my lips.

    Mick Box

  7. 7
    Mark says:

    It’s difficult to express how utterly devastated I feel at the loss of Jon Lord. Since I was 13 his music has been part of my life and now as I rapidly approach 45 I still get the same joy when hearing his hammond roar out of the speakers as I did then. I was lucky enough to meet Jon after one of his last shows with Purple in 2002. After all his years touring he still took the time to stop and chat with a very refreshed and starry eyed fan. My sincere condolences to his family, I’m sure he’s now leading a holy choir into Highway Star, RIP Jon

  8. 8
    marcelo says:

    Querido jon,estes donde estes tu hammond seguira sonando,gracias por hacerme escuchar tanta buena musica,mis bendiciones a la familia. Marcelo,desde Rosario,Argentina.

  9. 9
    Danny says:

    The world is a lonelier place. Very touching to read the words of former band mates, especially from Ritchie. Lord and Blackmore had much respect for one another and it is a real shame that one of them is no longer with us. Thank you for the music and the memories Jon Lord. You will not soon be forgotten…..

  10. 10
    daviep79 says:

    Loved all the tributes & comments! Rest in peace Jon! Feeling like I lost a member of my family! There will be nobody else like him! Thoughts & prayers to Jon’s family & to Deep Purple members past & present. and all of Jon’s fans!!

  11. 11
    Randy says:

    Oh Jon, for so long the glorious textures of your organ sound have graced the chapters of my life. And they will forevermore. Thank you and God bless you, dear man.

  12. 12
    Chip says:

    There are few individuals that have had such a profound impact on music as Jon Lord. I have spent several days digging through old Purple. Mark 1, Live recordings, Both version of the Concerto. What a legacy.

    The only thing equal to his musical talents was his kindness and good humor. I was listening to the Live in London yesterday and at the end of Mistreated….Jon introduces the band. The dry humor, effortless banter with the band and crowd, and the obvious effort to make the new members of Mark 3 feel included was a nice microcosm of the kind of man he was.

    No you are not Rick Emerson. You are Jon Lord. And you will be missed.

  13. 13
    Jon Lord mit 71 Jahren gestorben « Dirk's Blog says:

    […] The Highway Star – Purple family remembers Jon Darker Than Blue BBC The Guardian Heavy Rock – The […]

  14. 14
    Blane Puderbaugh says:

    I was deeply sadened with the new’s we had lost Jon. From the very first album I ever bought “Machine Head” Deep Purple has been my insperation, and my place to escape.

    So may songs, so many memories… Thanks DP and Especially You Jon!! You are and will always be missed.

    Don Airey, as you have for ten years… Make us proud!! Let’s go all out on the new album.

    God Bless

  15. 15
    big al says:

    great words from all…..lars ulrich deserves a pint for that one too. In 1980/81 my mate handed me a tape, on one side was motorhead’s no sleep, on the other, deep purple a;s and b;s album, what a great start to listen to jon lord! will miss him greatly. r.i. p.

  16. 16
    TheVincek says:

    Jon, play with Tommy …

  17. 17
    paul anderson says:

    I took my father to the Concerto at the Albert Hall and have the DVD and we are on there, tho a spec i the distant. My father had bought the jon Lord album and loved it. My dad died in 2009 and i had Wait a While played at his funeral. Hearing of Jons passing at band rehearsal was a huge blow. As Steve Morse has said, do something special with your loved ones and then remember them. 1999 at the Albert Hall was one of my special moments with my dad and Jon Lords music linked in 8 years later. Thank you Jon for your Life, your Music, Your Inpiration.

  18. 18
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 16:

    I was at a band rehearsal too as I was phoned up and told that Jon died. We immediately played Hush and Highway Star for tribute. It took a while to absorb those sad news. As I got home I searched the WWW about it and I burst into tears when I read all the heartfelt and honest comments on jonlord.org where I had to left an entry as well. With him it all startet for me on the Hammond organ. I didn’t sleep that night. As many have mentioned his likeable personality kept up with his unique talent and the great inspiration he has been to me for all those years.

    Jon, wherever you are, I hope you are fine!
    God bless you!

  19. 19
    Kenn says:


    What wonderous words from so many.

    For over 30 years of my life Jon Lord has set my world on fire. Thank you for all those memories Jon, take care x

  20. 20
    Rost says:

    I remeber that sad day when I heard about Jon Lord death. It was July 17, the day after actually. I just get inside the car to drive myself to the work and open an email and saw the message from one of my friends just stated – Jon Lord die. I start to drive automatically and call in parallel to that friend just to know from him about some details or something. And after 300 meters I stopped the car, turn back, get to my flat and took small bottle (50 ml) of whiskey and “Come taste the band” cd. I return to the car, I drunk this small portion of whiskey and put “This time around”, which I think, at this moment, the most express my feeling for such a great loss.

    As all of you, I feel the emptiness and darkness. Some great part of my life gone. I’m a fan of Purple music since 1987. They were the gateaway for me to the magical world of real and great music.
    They were and remain the best for me.

  21. 21
    moreno says:

    jon non e’ morto non morira’ mai perche potremo sempre vederlo a sentirlo ogni volta che vorremo grazie a tutti i concerti che ha fatto e a tutti i meravigliosi capolavori musicali che ci ha lasciato quindi tutti noi potremo ogni volta che sentiremo la sua mancanza inserire un dvd nel lettore e come x magia jon sara’ di nuovo con noi e quindi non addio ma arrivederci alla prossima volta jon ciao moreno

  22. 22
    Martin Bearder says:

    I cannot profess to even come close to the wonderful eloquence of these testimonials but like many others I was shocked and upset at the news of Jon’s untimely passing. Like many others my introduction to Purple changed my musical taste for life and to this this day I still love them. Jon Lord’s contribution to the Purple sound and classic rock in general is immeasurable but equally he was an incredibly dignified gentleman of the highest order..Great charm and wit but he will always be remembered as the keyboard player in the best rock band ever. I truly hope a worthwhile musical tribute will be instigated to celebrate a great musician and man. Words are never adequate, but my heart goes out to his family and all those associated with that band past and present…R.I.P

  23. 23
    Syed Shahroll Jamalulail says:

    It really sadden me with this news. The name JON LORD will always be remembered as THE BEST Keyboardist/Organist in rock world. Just tell me, who on this earth doesn’t know who JON LORD is! Well, he/she must not be a musician. RIP Dear Jon, my condolences to his family. Thanks for the music especially in ROCK WORLD. We’ll miss you.

  24. 24
    David Sanderson says:

    Heartwarming messages, love from the extended DP family, namely the fans, me and everyone reading this, everyone who left a message of respect and everyone who knew who Jon was (by the way I should say ‘is’ as his music will be around for a few years yet), everyone who ever saw Jon live and the Millions he brought pleasure to.

    I’m spending my saturday night, cracking open a few beers and playing ‘Around the World live’, actually I have to confess I went into work on tuesday a bit down but I felt lifted when I explained to someone who Jon was and why I wasn’t my normal self, simply because that person went home, googled Jon, watched a few vids on You tube then came back and said ‘What a musician’….

    Jon will live on in our hearts and memories, raise a glass to a true gentleman. R.I.P Jon, thanks for everything.

  25. 25
    jörg gorisek says:

    Liebe Freunde,
    ich bin gerade aus meinem Urlaub in Kroatien zurück gekehrt und habe dort vom Tod Jon Lords gehört. Ich bin schockiert…
    Unvergessen die Auftritte mit Deep Purple in der Essener Grugahalle….oder beim Open Air in Bocholt im Stadion am Hünting, als Jon und die Band das Stadion in ein Tollhaus verwandelten.
    Auch die Aufführung des Concertos für Gruppe und Orchester zusammen mit Ronnie James Dio in der Westfalenhalle Dortmund sind unvergessene Highlights für mich als Fan von Jon Lord und Deep Purple. Glenn Hughes schreibt auf seiner Homepage…Brother Jon is gone….mehr muss man nicht sagen. Ruhe in Frieden Jon ….. Jörg Gorisek,Essen,Deutschland

  26. 26
    Herwig Timm says:

    Jan Lord und Deep Purple haben mich seit meiner Jugend begleitet.
    Ich war geschockt, als ich Jon`s Tod erfuhr.
    Ich kann mich sehr gut daran erinnern als ich das erste Mal von Deep Purple hörte. “Fireball” hieß der Song und ich war begeistert, das war was anderes als das Schlagergedudel was meine Schwester immer hörte.
    Ich hätte Jon gern einmal “life” gesehen, aber dazu ist es leider nie gekommen.

    Mein Mitgefühl gilt seiner Familie und seinen Freunden, und natürlich allen Fans auf der ganzen Welt, die um ihn trauern.
    Mit ihm hat die Musikwelt einen großartigen Künstler verloren.

    Farewell Jon, and R.I.P. (Rock in Peace)

  27. 27
    David McCrory says:

    I have ‘spoken’on Jons’ website of my personal sadness at his passing, but am moved by the response from musical hierarchy who have been saddened by his untimely passing. He will be missed world wide, he was a true gentleman and a great musician.

    Rest in peace Jon you will be remembered forever.

  28. 28
    Victor Ponzo says:

    I dont know if any three musicians have ever touched that resposive musical nerve that i have more that Blackmore Lord and Paice. today I just want to say that Jon Lord has influenced my playing, my listening and my excitement abut music from the first time i heard him play. I cant think of one thing he ever recorded that didnt sound spot on. It was uncanny expecially when you have a band that improvised so much. Besides his eloquent interviews im just really really going to miss whatever the next piece of music was to come. RIP Jon and you should as you have made loads and loads of folks happy thru your music!

  29. 29
    joseph santillo says:

    after hearing hush on the radio in 1968, i bought shades of deep purple and was blown away by this group esp jon lord and ritchie blackmore. i am a fan for life. jon lord is and will always be my fav keyboard player of all time. i couldn,t wait when a new deep purple album came out, esp the solos betwween jon and ritchie were incredible,my fav jon lord solos are the songs fireball,highway star,rat bat blue and many many more and hush is one of my all time fav songs till this day. i am very sad about his passing. god bless and RIP

  30. 30
    Russ Olsen says:

    I never met Jon but he and Deep Purple gave me a lifetimes worth of musical enjoyment. Play the CD’s watch the DVD’s….He and his music will last forever and he is never further away than the play button on your DVD or CD player R.I.P

  31. 31
    Richard Woodhouse says:

    Its just so sad that Jon Lord has passed. He meant so much to Me and so much to so many others around the world. I did get to meet him in 1996 after a show in Pittsburgh PA. I was so in awe that I was like a Robot when I spoke to him. But He was such a kind Man, that He recognized my nervousness and put Me at ease. I remember my Mother talking to him like they had known each other for ever and her asking him about his family and if He was looking forward to Christmas as the show was in early December. My thoughts and prayers go out to his Wife and daughters and everyone who loved him. I know He was a spiritual Man who was not afraid to voice his belief in God. I know He is in a better world now, but I also know that He made this world a very much better place than it would have been without Him. Thank you Jon for everything and for a life well lived. Sincerely, Richard from the USA

  32. 32
    purrfect stranger says:

    Long Live Ronnie James Dio, Long Live Jon Lord, Long Live Cozy Powell, Long Live John Lennon, Long Live Elvis, Long Live Rock and Roll. And if they so desire may they rest in peace,

    Long live George Jefferson


  33. 33
    Joop Schmets says:

    I was shocked when I heard the news. I’ve seen Jon with Deep Purple and Whitesnake a couple of times. The best keyboardplayer who ever walked this planet. In some other world Jon is still playing.

    Rest in peace, Jon.

  34. 34
    Drdp says:

    Put on the Title track to PERFECT STRANGERS and let that intro WASH all over you. There has NEVER been a song to announce that WE ARE BACK like PS.and it is all due to those Keys! This man & his music first touched my life in 1968 when I first heard & bought the 45 rpm of “HUSH” and for the better part of 44 years he has NEVER let me down. The Professor,The MAESTRO will not ever be forgotten. I trust and pray he is resting in peace & pain free.

  35. 35
    Joe says:

    God Bless jon lord his music with deep purple and whitesnake were so awsome saw deep purple so many times in concert jon lord rock the house with perfect strangers and his keyboard solos . may jon lord and rick wright keyborad player from pink floyd rest in peace and there muisc will live on forever..

  36. 36
    Jefferson Dieckmann says:

    In September, I intend to enter the Royal Albert Hall and pay a sincere tribute to Jon Lord, in the temple where he many times, gave us with his art …! Rest in peace, Jon!

  37. 37
    Bill The Wizard says:

    Hello, Well we lost arguable the best Keyboard player in the world, and also one of the nicest men that played with arguable the best band in the world. I’ll never forget you Mr. Jon Lord! Also Bravo David Coverdale, you couldn’t have said it any better. God is getting some of the best Musicians for his or (our Dream Bands), Dio-Powell-Lord-Randy Rhodes-Tommy Bolin-Bonham, and I’m sure that I’m missing a few. We’ll miss you. Cheers Bill

  38. 38
    Philip Veerman says:

    I just checked “The Highway Star” website today, 21 August, as I do occasionally and among other things to see if there was any news on Jon Lord’s health. So sad to hear. Sad that it did not make the TV news in Australia. I think such a great talent and clearly a honourable man deserves it. I saw him only in 1984, 1999 & 2001 on DP’s Australian tours. There has hardly been several days in a row when I have not enjoyed Jon & his colleagues work, since I first started to take notice in mid 1970s.

  39. 39
    Francisco Garzon says:

    Jon, en España tambien te echaremos de menos.
    Toda tu musica ha acompañado mi vida. Hoy 28 de Octubre, me acabo de enterar de tu perdida y, ciertamente ha sido como si hubiera fallecido un familiar mio.

    Animo y todo el cariño para tu familia.

    Seguire escuchando tu musica, que te vaya bien Jon.

    ah! y cuando yo suba al cielo, te ruego me recibas con tu musica.

    un abrazo
    francisco garzon

  40. 40
    Alain Martel says:

    When I was 14-15, I discovered Rock & Roll with Deep Purple (Smoke on the Water). To me, Jon Lord was the image of the Rock & Roll musician. He is and allways will be the greatest keyboard musician of Rock & Roll history.

    I had the chance to see Deep Purple in concert in Montréal in 1996. I will never forget Jon’s great solos that made me scream.

    Jon, you will be in my heart forever.

  41. 41
    Dustin Dennis says:

    I was 12 years old when i whittnessed the power of Deep Purple. The passion for music it gave as a pianist and guitarist will never leave me! Lord you are the greatest pianist to ever come of this world. You are a god in your own right!!! Forever appreciated!!

  42. 42
    Sonia says:

    Jon….you were a mean dart player, a fabulous gentleman, a loving husband and father, a great friend to many and loved by so many people for a million different reasons!….it was a pleasure to have crossed your path and spent a very small incidental time in your normal world! PS you were quite good at your day job…which is how many will remember you!….sending love to your family..xxx

  43. 43
    Manni M. says:

    Hab mir gerade Perfect Strangers reingezogen…
    Dabei fiel mir wieder ein dass Jon nicht mehr lebt.
    Das hat mich sehr traurig gemacht.

    @ Jon
    grüße mir da oben Jimi und Jim (James Douglas)

  44. 44
    Daniel Milec says:

    If one stops for a bit and thinks, trying to recognize the place that Mr Lord has in ones mind and soul and if one truly do that, than its obvious what greatness is. There are countless people whose lives his music touched and that is going to continue forever. Everybody knows where they were and what were they doing when first notes of deep purple music caught their ear (all my friends do). I was sad
    with watery eyes when i heard but music will live forever.
    To all purple people my sincere condolences.

  45. 45
    Perrusset Didier says:

    Few words from a french fan : I’m very sad. Jon gave me the idea of playing keyboards and more especially fantastic Hammond Organ when I was a teenager. Lazy and its intro is one on my favorite song. Jon misses me. Really. He was a fantastic keyboardist and composer.

    Quelques mots d’un fan français : Je suis très triste. Jon m’a donné l’idée de jouer des claviers et plus spécialement le fantastique Orgue Hammond quand j’étais adolescent. Lazy et son intro est un de mes morceaux préférés. Il me manque. Vraiment. Il était un fantastique claviériste et compositeur.

  46. 46
    Episode #65 – The Jon Lord Tribute Special – The Deep Purple Podcast says:

    […] https://www.thehighwaystar.com/news/2012/07/19/purple-family-remembers-jon/ […]

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