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Dear Jon is Gone

Jon Lord: 9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012

Jon Lord has lost his battle with cancer. He passed away in the morning of Monday, July 16th, at The London Clinic. He has suffered a fatal pulmonary embolism.

Please leave your condolences at JonLord.org.

79 Comments to “Dear Jon is Gone”:

  1. 1
    Mikey says:

    I thought I would post here as I feel it is the main place for the extended Purple family.
    Jon I’m thinking of you and your family, about the boundless gifts you gave us and my hope is that you are in a better place, you deserve it.

  2. 2
    Lee Wood says:

    There are only so many keys on a piano keyboard, but Jon seemed to find one more every time he played! His vision was groundbreaking, and the fact that a man so blessed with talent saw the same legitimacy in Rock ‘N’ Roll as his beloved classical music, meant that we were lucky enough to see and hear the 2 forms mixed to their ultimate potential!
    We know that Jon was a perfectionist and strove to better himself each time he played, but he did so with an unerring understanding that in rock music, ‘Wrong is sometimes Right’. Standing at the bow of a boat in Sydney Harbour with him in 1990, he made me laugh, astonished me with his breadth of musical likes and dislikes, and supped graciously on French Champagne all afternnon. I met him a number of times in Australia after that, — but the boat, the tales, the thrill of it all, will make that day a very special one for me, eternally.
    Jon — we have been blessed by your music, wit and plain good heart! Now, — Bach to the collection ‘Before I Forget’ …….

  3. 3
    c.g says:

    R.I.P John. You will be missed. Deep Purple ends with you. C.g

  4. 4
    al says:

    R.I.P. Mr Lord ,you made my life better with your beautiful music.Hope the up coming album of Deep Purple is dedicated to you.

  5. 5
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    I sent my regards on his site. It pained me to do so. It pains me to type here. What a loss. What a perfect example of the negative effects of putting things off to a later time. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame should be shut down for allowing this death to happen before the man and band were recognized for their contribution to the music world. Even Ritchie Blackmore posted on the Blackmore’s Night site regarding the passing of Mr. Lord…..”There wouldn’t be Deep Purple if not for Jon Lord”.

    Well, I guess we can put to rest all the crying for a MK3 reunion.

    Jon, you are one of a kind and without a doubt the King of the Hammond. Your presence will live on through the mountains of music you produced for the world to enjoy. I think I will dig out “Before I Forget” and finish this night listening to you…..


  6. 6
    Krzysztof says:

    Jon dziękuję za muzykę, dziękuję za Deep Purple, dziękuję za Poznań 1991 – RIP Jon Thank You

  7. 7
    kraatzy says:

    What a lost.
    What a great musician (&) gentleman has gone.
    We miss you – R.I.P.



  8. 8
    Ljubisa says:

    First heard about sad “event” through Steve Morse FB page, which I fallow…
    Will repost what I writed on his page.

    oh… so sad…
    Can’t find proper words to exspress my fillings regarding “the guy” who made sutcha convulved solos that I was stoned first time hearing Lazy, or Highway Star or all others to tell the truth, like 30 years back… And his sollos, at first, hooks me up to UNBELIVABLE Deep Purple.
    Dear Jon, wish you to make even greater heavenly songs. We will all join you some time, sooner or later.
    Rest In Peace assured that your name is allready among the IMMORTALS here on earth.

    My deep symphaty goes for his family.

  9. 9
    Arik says:

    Dear Jon
    tanke you for all the great music you made during so many years,
    love and peace from israel

  10. 10
    Jetze says:

    There’s only Lord and his name is Jon! R.I.P.

  11. 11
    dpdave says:


  12. 12
    JMAC says:

    RIP Jon!! You were an inspirational gentleman. We will all miss you greatley

  13. 13
    MacGregor says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jon Lord back in 2003 at a Hoochie Coochie band gig here in Australia! Met Bob Daisley also after the gig & chatted with him regarding the Osbourne’s ripoff! Jimmy Barnes sang When A Blind Man Cries as a guest at this gig! I am not a Barnes fan so to speak, he can sing melodically as long as he doesn’t start to scream or attempt to! Thankfully he didn’t scream & squawk at all & sang it melodically!
    This gig was an intimate affair at the prestigious Hyatt Coolum Golf resort on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland! Everyone sitting around their respective tables outdoors, feasting on superb cuisine & downing high quality wine & witnessing Lord on a Hammond Organ, with the band hammering the blues & other old covers, from the classic older days of Rock & Blues!
    The real highlight for me was standing within 2 to 3 metres next to him & watching him play, especially when he broke into the Lazy & Highway Star riffs! I have superb photos from this standing position! What a night it was & he remains a huge influence! RIP Maestro!

  14. 14
    Germain Lorang says:

    Very , very, very , very sad. The world lost the best rock’n roll, blues,classical …… keybord player ever born. He was visiting Luxembourg very often , being it with DP or during his solo tours and it was always an absolute great experience. Again , very sad that this is all over now.

    He left us nevertheless the numerous live and studio recordings on CD and DVD which will help us to never forget this unique artist.

    Jon , you are in good hands now and be sure that all of us will follow you sooner or later . I hope we will meet then the greatest band ever seen which , i am sure , you will form together with your fellow musician colleagues wich left the world before you.

  15. 15
    Vidya Narayan says:

    The first time I heard Deep Purple was on a friend’s cassette player in school in 1974 – the album was Machine Head and I was immediately enraptured by the interplay between Jon and Ritchie. That amazing Hammond sound and the strong classical influences are etched in my memory and also led to the discovery of artists such as Jimmy Smith. In various interviews I have seen of John on TV and You Tube, I have always admired his humility, respect and ability to engage with people – the sort of guy you can have a friendly conversation with as a ’perfect stranger’. You will no doubt make more friends in the other world, may your God be with you Jon.

  16. 16
    Krister Adolfsson says:

    Feels extremely empty even though I did’nt know the man in person.

  17. 17
    Mike Collins (aka Killans) says:

    I’ve been a fan of Deep Purple for pretty much as I’ve been a fan of rock at all, and in a band of extremely talented musicians, Jon’s keyboards always stood out as one of the defining features of the band. I’ve always loved his keyboard playing, and there are few musicians who have been as much a soundtrack to my life as he was, from Deep Purple through PAL and Whitesnake and various other projects. He’s always been a musical hero of mine, blending technical ability with a strong sense of passion and emotion, not to mention a huge range – 1998’s melancholic “Pictured Within” and the rip-roaring blues live album with The Hoochie Coochie Men were both fantastic if lesser-known works, which showed the breadth of his talents and interests. I never met the man (as many here have), and my only online interaction with him was a one-off response from him to something I posted online and never expected him to read, but by all accounts he was a very friendly and good-natured person and I’m sure it would have been a pleasure to meet him had I had the opportunity.

    Hearing about his passing has made me feel very sad. I hope it’s some comfort to his friends and family that he surely knew that he’d lived a full and extremely productive life, and brought an enormous amount of pleasure to millions over nearly 50 years of making music.

    Rest In Peace, Jon, and thanks for all the wonderful music you’ve left behind you.

  18. 18
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I heard even Rod Evans rose from obscurity to give his reaction?

    Weird that on the so called ” official” Deep Purple site the news was being brought somewhere inbetween the rest…….

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, appearantly they woke up and realised they were putting on a shameful attitude :


  20. 20
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Still interesting to see they chose a DP incarnation picture without HIM on it(…)

  21. 21
    David Sanderson says:

    Jon isn’t gone, his music will live on forever and that’s the most important thing, he’s no longer in this World but his music is alive and Don Airey is being blessed for bringing joy to millions and being accepted into the family, you’re not forgotten Jon, R.I.P.

  22. 22
    Astrid en René says:

    O what a sad news, Jon was for us the great man off Deep Purple his talent and skills sounds today in the music of Purple. At last is the kind big man began at his own Space Trucking between the stars but he will be the brightest off them all. R.I.P

  23. 23
    Peter Gowen says:

    I “Discovered” Jon & Purple when I became aware of music aged 12. I always felt that Jon’s Hammond was the driving force behind the band- it made my hair stand on end. His power and discipline was what made Purple a great band.
    It was always Jon that really made Purple special for me.
    A true gent, a special talent and a very skilled musician.

  24. 24
    Andy worthington says:

    Whilst sad I’m so happy to see all the lovely comments from fans and entertainers alike.
    A true gentleman and one of the finest rock musicians to have graced the planet.
    I’m sure we all send our thoughts to Jon’s family and our thanks for sharing Jon with us for all these years.

  25. 25
    John says:

    RIP Jon, thank you for bringing so much music, concerts and great memories into my life. Words fail at this moment to express the sadness and loss not just for your family but from the fans who shared so many great moments with you. Thank you for being so warm, friendly and a gentleman. The world is a sadder and quieter place without you in it.we are forever grateful for so many wonderful songs.

  26. 26
    Jim Manngard says:

    I will miss you Jon! You were an amazing man! You were always so kind and nice, A real gentleman! God bless you! My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family and friends! R.I.P. Jon! Peace & Love to you always and forever! JimSee More

  27. 27
    Moreblack says:

    Dear Jon,it was great.Thank you very much for all you gave us.Ans thank you for a lesson in life throu the last 37 years. And the crowd yelds Jon Lord Jon Lord….

  28. 28
    frank miller says:

    On monday july 16, I went to Johnson City Tn. USA at Freedom Hall to buy smackdown wretling tickets which was the only time I got to see jon lord perform. It was in 1975 the Come Taste the Band tour and after I purchased the tickets my son and I went into the arena to see where we would be sitting and I began to remember where I was standing when I saw Jon Ian P. and the rest of the band. They were great and loud. Glorious memory. Then I get home and go to the Highway Star and find out Jon had passed away. To me that is very strange and ironic. This is the saddest time in music. We hace lost a true friend and gentleman and the greatest keybord player of all time. May GOD be with his family bandmates and fans. I will really miss him. I am really thankful for his music because it will live in me forever. GOD BLESS All. fm

  29. 29
    Phil says:

    This will produce tears for sometime yet.
    Jon was an incredible example of human excellence.
    I never met him, but personally have been influenced greatly by his example in life.
    A a fan I will dearly miss waiting to see what comes next,as a grown man who finds himself crying
    I would offer my heartfelt condolences to Jon’s family and all the people he loved!

  30. 30
    RENO says:

    RIP Jon, We will miss you terribly ……………………

  31. 31
    Syed Shahroll Jamalulail says:

    My condolences to Jon Lord family. R.I.P. Jon. The best Organist/keyboard player I ever heard. Listen to his piece on HIGHWAY STAR, BURN, LAZY, PICTURES OF HOME, FLIGHT OF THE RAT, RAT BAT BLUE and many more to mentioned. no replacement and there will be no DEEP PURPLE without JON LORD. All time favourite Keyboard/Organist player.

  32. 32
    HZ says:

    RIP Jon. Legends never die, so you’ll be with us forever.

    “Official” DP site is everything that DP wasn’t and shouldn’t be, it’s a picture of nothing – I was mad to know about Jon’s death from Joe Satriani’s official FB page, followed by Ritchie’s FB fan pages, went over there to “the official” just to find some small and dry message, like if it was their neighbor they saw from time to time. Jon is DP, he wasn’t their friend as they quoted, or as administrator did – correct is to say as other media, well respectable one, did. At least to say what Ritchie has said, which is beside his feeling for his friend simple truth.

  33. 33
    Andra Thompson says:

    Jon Simply the best Lord

  34. 34
    Micalonues says:

    Long Live Lord. Thank you for all the music.

  35. 35
    Rick Damigella (@LinerNotes) says:

    I had taken the day off on the 16th to recover after Comic-Con. I wasn’t planning on doing any writing that day, but when a friend sent me an email with the news about Dear Jon it hit me like a ton of bricks. On went Made in Japan and off went my fingers, writing an obituary for one of my most favorite musicians. I’ve written obituaries professionally many times previously, but this one was by far the hardest one I’ve ever done. I spent the day writing, re-writing and re-re-writing it until I felt it was at least ok, and even then I don’t feel I captured the essence of what I was trying to say. I ended up writing it for the people out there who really didn’t know his name apart from “Who is this Jon Lord on the Twitter Trending Topics?”. Hopefully, a few people were introduced to the man, right at the very end.


    There really was no other musician like Jon Lord, before or since. I can’t even name another musician who really strived to emulate him. He should be a pictorial example next to the definition of “unique” in all dictionaries. To say he will be missed is an understatement of the highest degree.

    I only got to see him play live one time, the first time I ever saw Deep Purple perform. The energy coming from his rig was pure magic.

    RIP, Jon…

  36. 36
    Jouko Juntunen says:

    A GIANT among musicians, his work will inspire and awe people for a LONG time! Jon Lord & Deep Purple forever!

  37. 37
    Drumguy1988 says:

    The Hammond maybe silent. But Jon’s music and the music he created with Purple Lives on.

  38. 38
    Gino from Ronse Belgium says:

    Dear Jon,
    Thank you for the great music.We never forget you.R.I.P.Jon

  39. 39
    byron says:

    Jon..you’re gone just before the new release of your Concerto..I think you were so proud of this ultimate version
    The first Concerto in 69/70 was the beginning of an era (as you wrote it in your sleeve notes)-you leave with the final version-full circle?
    Thanks for your music,we’ll never forget you

  40. 40
    Carlos H. Naldoni says:

    Thank you Mr. Lord for all these years of great music, wich will live on and on …
    From a brazilian fan since a kid.

  41. 41
    Roland Marzuoli says:

    Dear Jon, I will never thank you enough for all the pleasure and happiness you’ve been bringing to my life for 40 years.

  42. 42
    LRT says:

    I suppose a eulegy is in order at Music Street Journal. What to say will liklely come to mind while writing, as all of my work tends to fly that way. I can’t believe the showing of respect for Jon all over the world that never seems to know what is has till it’s gone. RIP -Mr. Lord -you changed so many lives and made them worth living. -LT

  43. 43
    al says:

    I wish they will have some kind of tribute about him,a concert or album but there’s too much animosity and hatred going around.

  44. 44
    Masse444 says:

    Massive, massive loss, got the news while on the road…still out here which almost makes it unreal (cause the travelling somehow gets you out of whack….and bad Internet connections) When I´m back at my resting place, I will have a huge glass of red wine, crank up “Pictured Within” and soak it in and I’m sure , shed big tears just ’cause it’s such a beautiful piece about his family…. Who wouldn’t have wanted the talent to write something that beautiful about your family? I have no words!

    Apart from all of us already knowing Jon was the best Hammond-person in the world, I think his personality over shadowed anything and my guess is that he was far more important for DP than has been admitted…

    Jon, since 1972 and onwards you left the impression of a lifetime in my life , you will be sadly missed!


  45. 45
    Jose Luis says:

    Heavy rock, majestic orchestral pieces, blues, jazz, most styles in music, amazing sinthetizer sounds, Jon Lord was the best keyboardist ever, RIP Jon, your music will always live!!!

  46. 46
    al says:

    one of the best eulogies about the Meastro I ‘ve read :
    Jon Lord: Deep Purple’s Lord of the amps

    Russell Smith

    Special to The Globe and Mail

    Published Wednesday, Jul. 18 2012, 6:26 PM EDT

    Last updated Wednesday, Jul. 18 2012, 6:53 PM EDT

    One of the most entertaining moments on Made In Japan, Deep Purple’s 1972 live album, is a bit of barely-audible banter between an unidentified band member and the sound guy. “Could we have everything up a bit, please?” calls the musician. “What,” calls back the techie, “you want everything louder than everything else?” “Yes,” comes the reply, “everything louder than everything else.” It’s hard to tell if he’s joking.
    More Related to this Story

    This is the stereotype of the deadly serious overamped metal band that was so deftly parodied in This Is Spinal Tap, and one of the many inspirations for the “It goes up to eleven” joke. Deep Purple was listed at that time in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the loudest band in the world, having attained 117 decibels in concert and knocked out three members of the audience.

    But Made in Japan is seriously an amazing and transporting set of musical improvisations and noise, an unsettling voyage through a number of musical genres including jazz, blues, classical, spacey electronica and sheer crazy drugged-out angry power feedback. There is an eight-minute drum solo. It’s a long trip. It has the edge-of-coherence feeling you get from heady poetry, the sense that it might all collapse into random sound. I listened to it when I was 10 years old and it changed my world, set my musical tastes forever – I was from that moment on fascinated by the deep darkness and sexual energy of noise, and by the hysteria of fast percussion. I couldn’t listen to soft or pleasant pop music from that moment on, and still seek out a hard edge.

    And at the centre of that aesthetic, at the centre of the band and the revolution in musical sound they were a part of, was the classical composer and organist Jon Lord, who co-founded Deep Purple and died last weekend at the age of 71. In films of Deep Purple, he’s the super shaggy guy hiding behind the organ and a mustache the size of a dog.

    If you’re wondering why so much ink has been spilled in the past week on this non-front-man of a band that hasn’t been in the press for 40 years, take a look at some videos of performances of Deep Purple from 1970 to 1974. This is their heaviest incarnation, usually called Mark II, and the period of their greatest commercial success. Those performances look quite foreign and even mildly scary now: the tight clothes and masses of hair look uncomfortable, the noise is gritty, the pace blistering, the singer sweaty and pale and screechy. They all seem demonically driven and not entirely happy. And the clubs are filled with pale and serious kids, sucking in this violence like a new drug. It’s a drug we have in our water now.

    That wailing, ear-sanding sound was made up of fuzzy guitar and an electric organ carefully prepared by Jon Lord. (The singing in Deep Purple was always the least interesting part, the words trite and perfunctory. The attraction was sheer musical texture.) In interviews Lord has described how he experimented with pairings of organs and amplifiers to get just the right amount of distortion – to make his organ sound “throaty”, to match the “vicious” sound of Richie Blackmore’s guitar. He settled on putting the Hammond directly through a Marshall guitar amp, resulting in a machine the band members called the Beast. It’s funny – he was at the time ignoring synthesizers, which were just on the market. But what he ended up creating was a classic synth sound, that grainy buzz later perfected by the cheap Roland TR-303, and he used the sliders on his organ to create all kinds of siren-like effects. All these came to infiltrate mainstream pop music only in the 1980s.

    Why was this so interesting? Jon Lord was a guy trained in classical piano and capable of scoring an entire symphony, who nevertheless chose to pursue the ragged edge of art, the chaotic and the primal. This serious, sombre man – he often seems faintly disapproving in interviews – channelled the Dionysian. Popular music has little space for people like this today, just as it has little time for a four-minute organ solo with a clever little reference to Ralph Vaughan Williams.

    Try putting Made In Japan on headphones as you work. You can’t. It will make you very uncomfortable very fast. It’s too intense and unpredictable for anything. You were meant, in that long-ago time, to listen to it.

    In memory of Jon Lord, play Space Truckin’ at your next party – and see frenzied dancing arise.

  47. 47
    stoffer says:

    My most heartfelt condolences to the family of Jon. Thank you for sharing him with all of us. Jon Lord’s music will live forever.

  48. 48
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Met him the day after a show in 1998, nicest person you would ever want to meet. He took the time to sign my program, and discuss music for approximately 15 minutes. I will never forget that day! Rest In Peace Mr. Lord.

  49. 49
    George Fotis says:

    Jon was a big part in our lives, there is always a Deep Purple cd that you want to listen to, most day’s of the week. Plus seeing them play at a concet is a special moment. You can really hear him stepping up & giving his all when Tommy’s arm was injured in December 75. He also did the same on the Come Hell Or High Water dvd. Plus let’s not forget he played in Whitesake also. His playing sounds rich, & to the point , he doesn’t play all these stupid sounding notes. It’s was very skillfull of him , to work out how to give the organ a heavy sound like a guitar .

  50. 50
    Deep Purple Tour Page says:

    R.I.P Jon Lord

    16. July … a sad day for all music friends …

  51. 51
    purplepriest1965 says:

    And he had so much to offer still!!!
    Reading Anne Phoebe’s comment underlines that much more : (

  52. 52
    Wildtrooper says:

    This is what I wrote on my FB site whilst trying to put into words how i felt about the sudden passing of the great man. Personally it feels like the loss of a much loved teacher and friend although I never knew him….

    Cant believe what i am reading on facebook. Jon Lord is dead???? The most marvellous man and musician, undervalued in Rock and Classical music. An improvisor without equal and one of the Greatest composers this country has produced…I am so sad to hear this news 🙁 Believe me when I say we will not see the likes of him again RIP Maestro xx

  53. 53
    Altan says:

    The reason that me and my son started to learn to play organ. Thanks for the music. Dear Jon, we will miss you.

  54. 54
    Kostas says:

    Jon was the music…

  55. 55
    evillouie says:

    Rest In Peace, Jon. Thank you for all of the wonderful music – even though we have never met, you have been a big part of my life.

    I have been anxiously awaiting his “Concerto for Group and Orchestra” coming this fall, but now its release will be very bittersweet.

    I’m sure he is up there making music with others in the Purple family who have gone before him: Tommy Bolin, Tony Ashton, Mel Galley, Ronnie Dio, etc.

    I can only hope that this new album that the Purple boys are working on will be dedicated to his memory.

  56. 56
    Rommel says:

    This is sad news! But he was a great person, a great gentleman, and an excellent musician. I remember the first time I saw Purple in Mexico (back in 1994 in that “warm-up” tour with Steve Morse) I was amazed by the way he played the Hammond. I had the chance to see him 4 times performing live, another in 1998 and 2 with his magnificient concerto in 2000. With his concerto I was so pleased because I never thought of experiencing something that could blew my mind away!!! He was just perfect writing music. He will be missed.

  57. 57
    Skow says:

    #31 …#18

    This were the thoughts that my friends and I have too.

    I looked up the official Deep Purple website, but nothing then in the middle a common dry briefment…nothing changed a few days later…

    The Highway Star showed a great contrast with this, on this site all was stroke down to let HIM our dear Jon receive all the attention and emotion from sorrow and regrets and mournfulness…I think that THS showed the most respect and love possible for Lordy.

    I vistited al lot of official websites too after the shocking indiffrence at the DP official site…

    My friends and I also found the comment of Steve Morse truly out of his soul and warm and sensible…many others (were too…and at their websites…true words of love,gratittude ,admiration, friendship,foto’s as well (Iommi)……and also very moving was the page of ‘the darker then blue’site!

    Mr.Lord…we are not such a gentlemen as you are to raise our voice…but it is only because we care deeply for you !You deserve all love and respect!

    Thanx dear Jon for the enrichment from your wonderful fantastic music,your humor and friendlyness.
    We will miss you so much…but you will always in our hearts and especially wenn we listen to your hammond…

    Thanx once more for all you gave to us!

  58. 58
    purpdawg says:

    Very sad. I used “Pictured Within” in my wedding. Hard to grasp that the gracious gentleman who basically invented rock keyboard is gone. The band in Heaven just got a whole hell of a lot better.

  59. 59
    Jarek says:

    Our Lord seems to be so selfish! He took his namesake too early and without any reason! Dear Jon – just show him he made mistake! Don’t play any concert for Him in Heaven:) We all gonna miss You! You invented DP 44 years ago. Thank you for that!

  60. 60
    Joe Sanchez says:

    I was taking private piano lessons many years ago, studying from a church and classical piano teacher. But while that was entertaining and cool for a while, my dad introduced me to Deep Purple by popping in a cassette tape with three songs (Lazy, Pictures of Home, and Highway Star). I can’t remember how old I was when he did (I think I might have just turned 13 by that point), and I didn’t know who DP was; I just thought it sounded good. But when I heard the “Made in Japan” record, I thought, ‘This sounds really cool!’ And Jon Lord’s impact on the way I played was immeasurable. I still took lessons for a few more years, but after hearing Jon’s work on many other songs and albums, after my teacher and I went our own ways, I became strictly a rock keyboardist, and I haven’t looked back since.

    I even got to see him with DP in Oklahoma; that was a complete surprise. I had heard that they were coming to where I live in Dallas, Texas, but we were going to be out of town. I had actually been listening to a CD of “Made in Japan,” and when we got out of the car, I heard “Woman From Tokyo” on the other side of the wall. As we moved closer, we went up to the ticket booth, and I quickly realized that we were actually going to see DP themselves! Man, they put on a great show, and I was over the moon about it for a while after that.

    The next year, DP came back to Dallas. Fortunately, we didn’t have any vacation plans that time, but Jon had already retired by then. We still went and saw them, though. Again, it was a great show, and Don Airey played some great keys, but it wasn’t the same as Jon. Those two shows were some of the best nights of my life, and I will cherish them forever.

    Jon passed away two days before my 26th birthday, and I heard about it the day after he died. That made me really sad when I heard the news. Jon’s playing opened up my creative floodgates, and he was one of my biggest influences and inspirations. He was brilliant, classy, and brave to the end. He will be forever missed, but never forgotten. Thank you very much, Jon Lord, and everybody else who has come and gone from the band, for changing my life so much, and making me want to be better, just like the man behind the keys himself.

  61. 61
    Skow says:

    IMPORTANT ADDITION OF 56 FOR ALL FANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and confirming #18/#31

    I saw that on the DP official website they made days later their homepage dedicated to Jon.First I thought better late then never..so..o.k.now…BUT:
    What I read under it astonished or rather shocked me…
    “Our EXCUSES for the INCONVENIENCE on our Homepage…the Jon Lord news on our Homepage dedicated to Jon is only there for a very short time…And then….unbelievable: For managers or bussiness things …all our activities are going on… please use the number above!!!!!!!

    This is worse then I ever could dream..Excuses that a homepage is dedicated for the love and honour and respect for their ‘dearest friend’….

    But that is not all:
    Today 22/07 the homepage was already back to normal….
    What a contrast in comparison with ALL other related sites and beautiful comments from his true collega’s and friends .Also Doogie White’s comment was so emotional and moving…

    And wath to think of the Foto …They used the line up with Jon /Gillan/glover/paice/MORSE…
    Not at all that I have something against Steve…he had one of the most beautiful reactions by Jon’s death…it is not his choice…
    But when remembereing and honoring Jon…wat about the line up with the two founders of deep purple…LORD/BLACKMORE.This is not about publicity, it is about Jon lord.They should have placed Lord/ Blackmore and the FIRST Line Up (like we heared in the BBC interview announced at THS.)
    And when really nececarry for themselves, an other foto with the current line up…

    I have lost all my respect for Deep Purple management and the Deep purple members who do approve this…

    Jon lives always in our hearts, but Deep Purple and all they stand for has dies in mine 🙁

  62. 62
    Gambler says:

    I was not impressed by the ‘official’ website, it’s a business website and they clearly showed that last week. Compare it to the official whitesnake website last week and you’ll see how poor the DP and its management has really been on this one. Jon was DP to myself, it was Jon’s hammond and his interplay with Blackmore and his equally gifted successors, Tommy, Joe and Steve which always made DP different and unique. What saddens me about Jon’s passing is that we can never again witness this majestic musical combination in full flight ever again, death is the final curtain and also that Jon still had plenty to give in terms of creativity. What fills me with joy is the huge catalogue of work that he has left behind for us and future generations to enjoy and also see how deeply this man touched others. Jons death has brought out the best in Blackmore and Coverdale’s characters and the worst in the purple managements and who knows, Jon’s funeral is going to bring a few people who havent worked together for a long time together again and Jon with his remarkable piece ‘Concerto for Group and Orchestra’ specialised in bringing bits that didnt fit and werent really compatible together with spectacular results and I believe that this man has the power to achieve this once more from beyond the grave. In Death there is always light and a new beginning.

  63. 63
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I must say I dont have the problem with Steve on the shown pic.
    After all , it is a tribute to Lord and to Blackmore.

    Maybe they thought it would be good to show Lord’s being part of that band, dunno…..

    Maybe a respectsign from the current line up would have been best…

    But on the whole the “mistake” pales to what the site or their organisers(Who are the people btw behind that site?!)were pulling off.

    We will always miss Jon, even though some of us had the big satisfying experience of seeing him live or meeting him.

    Always the why’s and how and if’s will come along.

    One of mine is not understanding how it could happen that Wakeman and Lord did not get to that kinda meeting and understandings before?
    40 years!!!!

  64. 64
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Forgot to add “:

    “It is a tribute to Lord and NOT to Blackmore.

    Weird : One just became a father again , the other had to sign off : (

  65. 65
    HZ says:


    Exactly. This DP isn’t DP at all. Lord/Blackmore/Paice (in this order) is essence of DP, their tunes are those that are repeated even in this incarnation of “IG’s money making on old tunes DP but saying oh we’re going some new direction, and Blackers is ass”.
    Their management, and I’m sure some of them also, don’t have any respect to memory of once hugely loved band, and even more important they’re not honoring 1st co-founder of DP on which songs only months from now they’ll make their living.
    Seems to me that someone couldn’t help himself even in such sad occasion.
    Shame indeed.

  66. 66
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    It’s sad really all of this finger pointing and name calling during this monumental untimely Purple catastrophe. All of present Purple members have to be extremely low right now. Our heroes (those that are left) have all associated with the late great one. Some more and some less, but ALL have. They have to be totally devastated to say the least and are probably even more aware of their own mortality now that this has taken place. Can’t the negative bickering stop even for this? Let us all just remember who and what Jon Lord was all about and find time to escape into some of his music instead of being the backseat quarterback pointing fingers at who shoulda, coulda or woulda….


  67. 67
    LRT says:

    It just shouldn’t be advertised as a lost battle with cancer. A pulmonary embolism is not cancer.

    HZ, any opportunity to slam the current Purple is like something you thrive on. Pointing any figers in the management direction is a laugh as usual, especially when it comes to that website… see below:

    @60 -what do you expect… that website is run by people who haven’t a clue in hell what’s going on, they run a lot of them for many bands and aren’t directed to come off as if they even know what they’re doing, but if something extremely out of line were posted there, they would step in, for sure. Of course they should, but it’s a corporate fix for business. That site is really only set up for booking and media grabs. They have no interest in presenting them properly, it would take integrity and research time to do that. Anyone with any sense should be able to tell that by now. That is why they only pop up news once in a while. The site is tour interest based, in disguise, nothing more. All they care about is posting VIP packages and other stuff that manages a buck, and use the booking prospects they get there. And to think Purple aren’t highly about money, would be like expecting them to work for free… they probably deserve more than they’ve been getting for a long time, and anyone who can’t agree with that is lost by now. I can’t believe my eyes here!

    What a page full of sour grapes, but then a passing like this can do that to people, I know I was mad at the press at first, but then I read the news and saw it wasn’t the cancer that killed him, even though it has been mistaken for that because he had it. They say a full recovery from it was made before this suddenly happened in a fatal swing. You don’t record a studio album from a chemo chamber. I’m thinking there was a sign though, or his family wouldn’t have been at his side. Tragic to even fathom, and you guys are bitching about the online aftermath?

  68. 68
    Skow says:


    Just read my comment once more…
    Of course it is not about Blackmore,I mentionned that , but it is about as respect for Lord and his co-founders with who he formed Deep Purple!
    The chosen foto doesn’t fit at all in this tribute of honnor .
    But don’t worry, their homepage is back to normal 😉

    # 64
    Yes ,shame, and Jon was supposed to be their dearest friend…
    Anyway…we know now that it is money 🙁

  69. 69
    Gambler says:

    Whats the name of that song on Whitesnakes Lovehunter album where he goes and shows the whole world that he was every bit as capable of creating remarkable sounds on a synthesizer as he was on a hammond, but then he got an excellent tutor with the synth in Tommy Bolin. Correct Pulmonary Embolism isnt cancer, probably side effect of the drugs they use to treat cancer

  70. 70
    purrfect stranger says:

    With the passing of Jon Lord we lost more than just the greatest rock keyboard player of all times. We lost a kind man with an incredible sense of humor. A person from a Party of Five that changed my life in the summer of 1971. I was with two friends that are merely aquaintances now, perfect strangers as it were. I was in the back of a 63 Mercury and hearing IN ROCK for the very first time. The power of that 8 Track nearly ejected me through the back window of that car. Deep Purple were the driving force behind my picking up a microphone and completely destroying whatever future my father had planned for me in medicine. I could not stand the sight of blood anyway. Things never worked out in music because Jon Lord got Coverdales address instead of mine and the rest is just a cold slap in the face. Once I had a dream to sing before the queen (FOTR) Thank you Jon for that night at the Long Beach Arena in 1973, and for Anaheim at the Convention Center in 1972, also Long Beach on the Perfect Strangers Tour. You are the man, and much more, A STAR among simple planets and Shakespere among illiterate ESL students. The keyboard solo on NO NO NO was EPIC and whatever you did on Rat Bat Blue is timeless. I leave u with my fondness memory of Jon Lord on the Rockline with Roger Glover and Bob Coburn. Someone called in completely stoned and drunk. After the caller asked his question which was completely inaudible gibberish Jon kindly replied could you please get me THIRTY DOLLARS WORTH of whatever that caller was on. Jon YOU will be missed, My condolensces to family and friends.

  71. 71
    HZ says:


    I don’t slam Purple, this formation isn’t Purple at all. They’re like their official website shows, IG’s money making true Purple slammning tribute band.

    It’s still written DP lost friend, which is incorrect of course, DP lost it’s founder and most prominent figure, beside Blackmore. DP will be remembered mostly for these two, and not for Gillan or Bruce or any other person that’s running show right now. Music is art, .uck business related explanation, fans are not into DP for business considerations.

    Yes I’m dissapointed in current leading persona of so called DP, as well in their PR management – they’re diminishing Jon’s role, while all other media noticed the obvious, even outside English speaking world – DP’s founder died, followed buy what he meant for rock world and how his work defined DP together with Blackmore.

  72. 72
    maurizio says:

    sono molto dispiaciuto di cio che è successo
    jon era il mio idolo piu grande e i miei occhi sono ancora pieni di lacrime..

    ciao grande LORD


  73. 73
    Maurice Corver Delft,NL says:

    I’m almost ashamed to react this late, but I am very sad to read that Jon lost the fight from a nasty complication being in a serious battle with cancer.
    I still remember my first experience of a live concert of DP in Genk, Belgium late 70’s when they were the loudest rockband of their time! After the gig we had the sound of a hundred fighter planes in our heads during the rest of the night!! 😉 Still these days me and three of the five ‘kids’ in my family enjoy the classic to recent Purple, and Rainbow and Whitesnake music! Even now being 57 years, I often don’t need the radio or cd-player riding my motorbike or car; the music’s all in my head and stays close on every bend. That’s what good music can do if you understand it, d’ya dig?
    Our condolences and respect to his family and , well, everybody he has to leave behind so sadly.

  74. 74
    mike o'd says:

    I have lost a Member of My Family. A true Gentleman and a master Musician. The World has lost a Great Human Being but thankfully I have the Recordings to Remember and Help me Carry On. Sleep Tight and until we meet again cast an eye my way. You will never be Forgotten.

  75. 75
    Conny says:

    Dear Jon, thank you for the music. I never knew you in person but it feels more than empty.

  76. 76
    Peter says:

    I did not want to write words here, because words are not enough and I had big issues to describe all those sad feelings in my own language, so I originally did not want to write here, but reading some comments made me even more sad and anger too – its really sad what fans can even write about members and people around their (supposed) favorite band.

    Im absolutely sure, that aside from family, there is noone who would be more devastated by this sad situation, than DP… Noone, fans are sad, because they saw him, had a chance to meet him, his music is important for their lives, but noone from us can even imagine what the band (and especially Ian Paice) must go through…. It makes me anger that some fans are able to say, that DP websites (which are really used for “running the company”) shows anything negative against Jon – its simply NOT true!

    Dont forget: Jon left the band 10 years ago, but still they were in contact, they even had a plans to do something together (read Steve´s commentary), so in fact the band lost great friend and former band member, who I would say never really left, because he still is great inspiration for them, but I honestly do not know what else should they done? Steve, Don and Roger published their “statements” on their own websites and when you read them, you can feel that their sadness is something different than we all feel….

    The band (Mk8) is going on, they have scheduled dates, they are making new record right now – Jon´s passing is sad for all of them, but I feel that its really right to go on…. I really think that Jon would want to have his music still played by DP. I really do not think that this truly sad moment should mean the end of Purple, because Jon is huge part of Purple´s history…. but not present.

    Other than that – I feel it sad, when some of you thinks that love is measured by the words written on websites……. It´s sad how hypocritical these internet times can be….

  77. 77
    NightRider says:

    Rest In Peace Jon!

    Thank you for all that music you left for us!
    We are always going to remember you!

  78. 78
    Australis says:

    A terrible loss. Although I’m a bassplayer, it was his keyboards that inspired me to think about playing music, the incredible versatility and sheer fun and style he brought to DP

    I will miss him very, very much.

  79. 79

    The Lord gives and the Lord takes, but our JON LORD will remain in our hearts till the end of times. SIEMPRE VIVO!

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