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JLT on Geeks of Doom

Geeks of Doom has a new interview with Joe Lynn Turner.

On Blackmore:

Joe Lynn Turner, promo imageThe only difficulty we had once was we were going to have a punch out and we threw everybody out of the dressing room and we were staring at each other, glass of scotch in hand, yelling, ‘Fuck you!’ All of this kind of stuff. I said, ‘You want to hit me? Go ahead but you better take your best shot because I’m coming back [at you].’ It just kind of ended into a drinking session and talking it out and everybody was against the door kind of listening, I’ll never forget that; it was like a comedy and we ended up laughing hysterically about the whole thing and because of what jerks we were and how foolish we were about things! We thought about it: what’s the problem here? You’re the singer, you’re the guitar player. There’s no problem here, you’re doing a different job than I am. We got along great, I can honestly say Ritchie and I had a very frank, honest relationship. He had said to me, ‘I don’t like to get too close to people’ and we’re drinking again and I said, ‘I know that this will come to an end at some point.’ …but I think there were evil forces at work beneath this…

Read more at Geeks of Doom.

49 Comments to “JLT on Geeks of Doom”:

  1. 1
    Monika says:

    So – he’s not only the guy ‘responsible’ for the DP reunion in 1984, but also the one who made Joe Bonamassa a singer and brought out Yngwie Malmsteen’s best.
    JLT must have either a huge ego or none at all, and trying to compensate that.

  2. 2
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Nothing but self slobbering here. As usual from the master at it. It was a painful read. As I have stated over and over. Great singer. He just needs to stop talking. He said here…” Everybody can scream but not everybody can sing”. I say “That goes for talking too”. SING BIRD SING. Sing and shut up!


  3. 3
    ManInBlackFan says:

    After many many years of reading the articles and comments here, I have to make a comment myself.

    And it’s all down to mister modesty, mister self reflection, the one who makes everyone better, who writes better, composes better, sings better , yes even plays the guitar better then anyone out there in the entire world.

    JLT go dye your hair and don’t ever again do an interview, please please pretty please.

  4. 4
    MacGregor says:

    Yes, Turner needs to fly to another planet indeed! Preferably one that I will not be on! Man he talks self centered, insecure rubbish! Between him & Glenn(me, myself & I) Hughes, enough, please! That Phoenix Rising DVD Documentary interview with Hughes banging on about his drug problem was painful! Does anyone really need to know his personal issues on a Band doco? He just went on about it too much in my opinion! Also, it was interesting to see or not to see, any recent Ian Paice or David Coverdale footage of them being interviewed! Is this why Hughes was given so much time, to fill it out a little perhaps? Wonderful Jon Lord interviews though! Cheers.

  5. 5
    Boswell's Johnson says:

    “…we were staring at each other, glass of scotch in hand…”

    Perhaps Ritchie had a scotch, but JLT more than likely had a peach and mango wine spritzer in hand.

  6. 6
    evil_louie says:

    Yikes…of course the fact that the guy conducting the interview sounds like a bit of a suck-up himself doesn’t help matters any…and I’m sure if he let JLT ramble on long enough, he would say that he discovered Bolin, Coverdale, Hughes, Satriani, Airey and Morse for the guys in Purple…and probably discovered Yngwie along the way as well.

  7. 7
    kraatzy says:

    Yeah – self slobbering – thats the right word for (t)his JLT – statement.

    Ritchie himself had said about him, that his “modesty” is his problem, as a singer he is very fabulous.

    But to say, “… with Hughes Turner and in fact I (JLT) think our songs are more memorable than BCC, I’m sorry but they were. We had a lot of power in that (HTP) project… ”

    And were was the sucess with HTP ??

    On the other side: We can look to the very very sucessful BCC !!!!!!

    “…This business is filled with egos…” Thats right, you are one of it J L T !



  8. 8
    T says:

    First of all, when you do an interview, you DO talk about yourself. No journalist wants to know about your take on the weather or if you prefer Cocoa Crispies over Frosted Flakes.

    Second, although it is difficult for many people to swallow, Rainbow was far more successful with Turner than with any other line-up. Blackmore chose him for that purpose–and Turner delivered in a big way. This probably explains why Turner remains the single singer with whom Blackmore continues to have a positive relationship.

    Finally, it is also true that Odyssey was by far the best Malmsteen album.

    Turner was responsible for a lot of successes in rock history but receives a lot of grief and very little credit. If the man sounds bitter and defensive, it is for good reason, and the “fans” do not help matters much.

  9. 9
    Scott W. says:

    How did they both fit on the same stage?!!!?… (The Hughes Turner Project)…?

  10. 10
    Ianfan says:

    As usual if you want to hear how great JLT is just ask him.He will be more than glad to tell ya. Ever hear him try and sing Child In Time? Sounds like a chicken who is having its throat slit? Is he a good singer,yes when he tries to be JLT, when he attempts to be Gillan,Dio,or even Bonnet he is brutal.

  11. 11
    Roberto says:

    @8 I agree with you….
    @7 “I (JLT) think our songs are more memorable than BCC…” that’s true in my opinion…do you rate by success?

  12. 12
    al says:

    Listen this guys is been going around and yapping and self promoting himself as a great musicians and what a great singer he is.
    I cannot believe this guy ego! He is saying that his project with Glenn Hughes is better and has catchier songs than BBC….please first of all,never liked that project and second Ive had enough of his complaining about being the scapegoat on Deep Purple when they gave him the boot and how he “saved” Deep Purple and crap like that.He was not supposed to be on Deep Purple at all with his style,but Ritchie wanted a more commercial “American”AOR style.I’m not saying the album is bad but IT IS NOT DEEP PURPLE.he is got to get off his high horse and do covers of other big bands ,that’s what he is good for and to shut the hell up.

  13. 13
    The Greek Tie Coon says:

    For the past 30 years, JLT is earning his money because Ritchie once chose him to be the singer in Rainbow.
    Without Ritchie, he would have been NOBODY.
    Nuff’ said.

  14. 14
    al says:

    @13 Amen to that.

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I tend to agree with T the most.
    But I guess the “truth” is somewhere in the middle.

    Yeah, he is overestimating some of his efforts but in general it is true that


    He made great albums with Blackmore and Malmsteen.

    Ofcourse I m one of those to choose the DIO era if I had to but I really love those other albums as well.

    The only singer, who sang quite well on Stranger In Us All and live around 1996 , I cant stand anymore is Doogie.Sorry. I KNOW how wonderful he probably is as a person.

    ODYSSEY is a mammoth classic, just suck it if you want to deny that.
    Live with Yngwie he was excellent as well, saw him in Zwolle 1988.
    Unfortunately Malmsteen gave the director of “Live in Leningrad” the instruction to film MAINLY him!!!!
    Talking about an ego, there you have one.

    And for those who are too lazy or arrogant to give things a chance “because they just dismiss anything made him”: he made many great songs on his solo albums, for example RED BLOOD SKY.

    We had this shit debate over and over again overhere.
    It is clear that on THS most seem anti JLT and pro Gillan.

    Do you know what?
    Joe was not always that lucky but right now he must be laughing all the way to the bank reading your shit.


    As with bashing Gillan for it, I m sometimes guilty as well, it is ridicilous to constantly yapping about his looks.
    Btw, I think he does his best on that front.
    How will YOU look at that age?
    How do you look now?


    HTPP made 2 great albums, no matter if it did sell enough or not.


    Gillan can’t sing CIT proper since 1984.
    So why are you belittling JLT’s screams?

    Seeing Joe live with OTR I think he does a fairly good job at those.

    Maybe Gillan could have been less of an EGO, not singing stuff originally sung by other singers of DP?
    Yeah, he does HUSH. Big deal, he should have done more MK 1 material. After all, did he not have the upper hand after Blackmore left?

    It was all Ritchies fault, the setlist, BLABLABLA
    What do we see for many years now WITHOUT Ritchie?
    In general the same setlist.

  16. 16
    al says:

    @ 15 Good analysis ,except for the cynical sentence “Joe was not always that lucky but right now he must be laughing all the way to the bank reading your shit.
    Cmon dude we know he made lots of dough and he is a consummate professional,we re fans and we have the right to compare the periods and line ups and musicians.He just comes across as too cocky and arrogant.I don’t think we would bash let’s say the great late Ronnie James Dio as arrogant and cocky,he was always respectable and charming and so down to earth and a sweetheart till the end and we all know Ronnie James’s body of work. It is impeccable and he was part of some great rock and roll albums.
    We can discuss the taste as well,some people likes JLT some don’t.you either hate him or love him.To be honest I’d rather listen to his solo stuff than that shoe shine music that Ritchie Blackmore is making the last 15 years or so,but that is debatable as well lol
    Let’s hope for a good album from Deep Purple with the legend Bob Ezrin.

  17. 17
    Ianfan says:

    He’s laughing to the bank? He plays clubs! If he’s so great why does he sing tunes like Burn,and Smoke On The Water in his shows? One he didn’t sing on the recordings and two he sounds horrible singing them. He is so jealous of the other Purple and Rainbow singers its making him a joke.If it wasn’t for Ritchie Blackmore he would have been singing at Italian weddings in Jersey for a living. Tell him to keep dying his hair,doing the combover and keep his mouth shut. Every time he opens his egotystical mouth it clouds the good recordings he did with Rainbow. SHUT up Joe or get a clue. You never were and never will be Ian Gillan. Get over it.

  18. 18
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 15, point 4, regarding the setlist:

    I always thought that since Steve has been part of the band Ian had the chance to play more songs from his beloved Fireball record for the very first time. There are songs like “Pictures of Home”, “Fools”, “No One Came”, “Mary Long”, and quite recently “Hard Lovin’ Man” which were added to the setlist. I would say that their repertoire of live material regarding the 70ies stuff grew after Ritchie left. Leaving out the 3 or 4 songs from new albums they were promoting in the 80ies and early 90ies to me the setlist was more “the best of”-thing with Ritchie than with Steve. With Steve they played less known material as well which is one of the reasons Purple got interesting again (at least for me). I sounded fresh to hear those songs in live. What sounded fresh either was “Burn” with Mark V.

    I’ve to say that it’s Ian’s (Gillan) well thought out decision that he doesn’t sing other line-up’s material, although Mark I songs sounded a lot better with him on vocals (e.g. “Mandrake Root”). Both Mark III singers sound a lot different to Ian and because of that I’m quite sure that none of them is able to do justice to the other singer’s songs. And I understand that Ian doesn’t wanna do Mark V songs at all. So what else should they play. Nevertheless I’m missing Mark III songs played live as many of them are fantastic and on the same level as Mark II material. Imagine how songs like “Burn” or “Stormbringer” would sound, especially with Steve and Don.

    Regarding JLT: Same old, same old.


  19. 19
    Wildtrooper says:

    Bloody cheek, JLT has to stop singing (s’cuse the pun) his own praises and wait for others to do so. thats what makes a great artist. @ T The JLT era Rainbow was only most successful in the US, not Europe. that was the Dio era.

    JLT was brought in to give Rainbow a commercial edge for the US market explicitly. RB new he had to make Rainbow big in the US. JLT IS a great singer, but there are many of his ilk who are better. That blue eyed soul thing has been done in a far superior and more original way by the likes of: Brad Delp, Lou Gramm, Paul Rodgers, Steve Perry etc. etc. To imply that Gillan is just a screamer reeks of jealousy…Gillan is and always has been far more than just a screamer. He is a great, great singer and when you add his extraordinary Falsetto in to the equasion, you have possibly the greeatest and most original rock voice of all time!

    All of Joe’s success has come off of the back of Rainbow and the hit “I surrender” Malmsteen only used Joe because of the RB connection…As he always does. You are not a great discoverer of talent Joe, you are just a very naughty boy!! 😉

  20. 20
    HZ says:

    Indeed, JLT is really good singer, he’s done great job in Rainbow fullfilling purpose Ritchie brought him for, as well with Malmsteen (that I’m huge fan of, but who used to emulate even Ritchie’s persona, bossy approach, being asshole, etc.; which doesn’t deminish his art and talent), but there’s a fact that he’s insecure, mainly for not being a person who created his own path. Which is very often case with really talented people who lack other experiences and diversity. Not that he couldn’t make the huge path for himself, but as I told he is what he is.

    I don’t get it, why being so bitter when he worked with guy that’s one of greatest talents in world of music and musically genius with no doubt. How many people would “kill” for that oportunity.

    Still he has to find peace with himself, to understand that there are very very few guys like Ritchie in all history of music who can afford to be brave and constantly kick it forward, who have so many ideas, emotional inteligence and strenght not to follow carved paths but to carve new ones. He doesn’t need to say that he had a drink with Ritchie, as if they are equals – musically of course – because they aren’t. I mean even Gillan can’t say it, because he as well still kicks same old Ritchie’s tunes, while Ritchie’s opus is by far greater and more diversified, for pleasure of much broader group of fans.

    He should be happy in my opinion, life’s a bitch, but not to him.

    And why bad words for Doogie, Doogie is great, perfect for Strangers In Us All, I wouldn’t like to hear JLT singing Ariel.

  21. 21
    kraatzy says:

    @ Roberto

    I do not rate in success, but I have seen and hear both combos and could honestly say:

    … was okay – the 2 albums are great and live: “it rocks, but not more…” (in German we say: “na ja”)

    B U T

    … is very great – the albums are bombastic and live they are sensational like out friends in PURPLE.

    This comparison is flawed. Because BCC rocks in another class of music as HTP.

    @ 13
    That is the thing. No JLT without Ritchie Blackmore.
    His hole singer job is to cover (live) DP and Rainbow songs.
    That was in HTP, in Over The Rainbow and and and …
    His disapproval about Doogie White ( … sing like JLT … ) said enough.

    His own CD material is mostly medium rock stuff. Very good songs are only with the influence of R.B. or G.H. or other great musicians. He alone is only a medium song writer but a great rock singer on studio album.
    I have seen him live after Rainbow for a few (6 or 7) times (at last with O.T.R.) and I think:
    His LIVE-voice has gone !
    Okay – a lot of people said, that the time of I.G. as a live singer has gone too, but how long he cries all over the world his CHILD IN TIME …
    Or what about Glenn Hughes, Ronnie James Dio and their voice ?

    And at last, who is legend: Ronnie James Dio, Glenn Hughes, Ian Gillan, or a guy who named JLT ???
    I am not anti JLT but I hear and read the facts about and/or with him.



  22. 22
    Purple Tickler says:

    I would have to agree with the majority here.

    JLT to me was never proper “Purple” material. Whilst he is a decent Rock singer, he should refrain from slaggin off Coverdale and Gillan, whom to me are truly great Frontmen in each their own ways.

    I liked JLT in Rainbow, but still preferred Dio. Indeed, at the “live at the Rotterdam Ahoy” gigs, it was Dio who joined Gillan and co on stage.

  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Maybe some should check out more of Joe’s live stuff, for example Live in Brasil 2009 and 2011.

    I m the first to say I d love him to ditch Purple tracks like the MK 2 songs for more S & M material and solo songs and maybe some of the things he did with Brazen Abbot, Mothers Army and HTPP.

    It is always the same : the stupidos that get frustrated if they dont get the classics like SOTW and so on.

    It is true that not all Joe did was superior stuff but there is so much inbetween the mediocrity that is wonderful.
    Yeah I know, it takes trouble to take the time to explore a bit more.

  24. 24
    al says:

    @17 love the sentence he would have been singing at Italian weddings in Jersey for a living. Tell him to keep dying his hair,doing the combover and keep his mouth shut. lol
    I still don’t get it when people have the audacity to compare great singers and musicians like Ian Gillan and bash him that he cannot sing anymore and crap like that.At 66 yo he is still a better musicians than the rest of the crap out there,he is legend and he has a persona that could not be repeated.

  25. 25
    Ianfan says:

    I would love to hear Gillan sing Burn. I think he could really do justice to that tune. As good as it was originally I think it would sound great with his voice. As for Ian being just a screamer someone send JLT a copy of the Jesus Christ Superstar album Ian did years ago. I remember back a few years in Italy he was the only singer at the Pavoratti benefit concert that actually sang an opera tune with Pavoratti,all the others chose their own material. Gillan could sing a phonebook and sound good.
    Wildtrooper you are right on the money!

  26. 26
    T says:

    Re: #13

    That point could be applied to just about anyone who worked with Blackmore.

  27. 27
    Roberto says:

    despite the performance, which in this case is always great, what it’s essential is the songwriting: that makes HTP 2 album the best one Glenn sang in recent yeras (so better than any BBC album)…

    Joe Lynn Turner is one of the best Aor/Hard rock melodic singer I can remember and if you don’t like that style it’s not Turner’s fault…(that’s Purple’s fault at least)

    Yes, He has a big ego, trying to spot light on him…but he is un underrated singer…

    His looking is near to be ridiculous but I think none here should care too much about ‘looking’ if we talk about 60/70 years old musicians…

    Joe Lynn Turner wrote some very good songs in each solo album he did (2-3-4),so he wrote a good bunch of very nice songs…

  28. 28
    Roberto says:

    These, for example, are very good songs…:



  29. 29
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Yeah, it is about time to gather a good list of Turner songs and shove that into the naysayers faces(Could not resist)

    My first contribution :


  30. 30
    al says:

    @ Roberto,the first song sounds a lot like “Gates of Babylon” of Rainbow,same intro and the same feeling.He is a good singer but he should not have sun for Deep Purple.totally different kind of music,they re British rock and roll band and JLT sings AOR/HARD ROCK,but that is Ritchie’s “fault ” for wanting more control and American sound direction.Its is what it is and the album is not bad anyway,like a lot of people say,It’s the best Deep Purple album that Rainbow never made with JLT era.

  31. 31
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Al

    So you agree that using Americain guitarplayers was wrong as well?! : )

  32. 32
    Wildtrooper says:

    @ 30 Roberto…Agreed, you cannot change the lead singer in a band and expect the band to retain its sound. The problem with 80’s DP is that they only made one great album (PS) “the House of Blue Light” needed better songs, it was very weak after PS and incomparable to the great albums of the 70’s. Changing to a more AOR/American sounding singer reeks of desperation and although S&M was a good album, it was too JLT/RB dominated (like Rainbow) JLT’s voice was so opposed to IG’s that the fans were not interested. This was all down to RB making these decisions…Imagine The Stones replacing Jagger or perhaps LZ kicking out Plant at the height of their success, replacing him, recording a new album with sub standard material and expecting the band to retain their International status??

    I know IG had a drink and party problem in those days, but perhaps someone should have told him to behave himself and stop letting down the fans. He must have been unhappy to have behaved that way in DP. I know for a fact that he behaved much better in Gillan and his live performances from this period back this up!

    Just my opinion…All this from a die hard Ritchie Blackmore fan…:)

  33. 33
    The Greek Tie Coon says:

    R: #26

    You are right, but I suppose that JLT overdid it with all these Rainbow Tribute Bands…. And he never made it big after Rainbow (except a brief time with Yngwie).
    I couldn’t say the same for Glenn Hughes or David Coverdale for example.
    The fact is (as a lot of people already spotted) that JLT is a mediocre composer who has created a plethora of mediocre albums. I have every album he has recorded, I have listened to all of them for a couple of times, but it’s not the stuff that i’d choose to fill my ipod with. A lot of people buy them because of the sticker “Ex- Rainbow/Deep Purple vocalist”.

  34. 34
    Peed Rupple says:

    JLT comes off as an egotist but all front men are to some degree. I have found that if you strip the bluster away from what he says, he is usually quite accurate.

    JLT has always struck me as an absolute pro and is an excellent singer. He was a “fish out of water” in DP but “Slaves and Masters” is a very good album even though it is not regarded as part of the canon.

    But what’s my opinion worth even though I always know better?

  35. 35
    Peed Rupple says:

    JLT comes off as an egotist but its an occupational hazard all front men face. I have
    found that if you strip the bluster away from what he says, he is usually quite accurate.

    JLT has always struck me as an absolute pro and is an excellent singer.
    He was a fish out of water in DP but “Slaves and Masters” is a very good
    album even though it is not regarded as part of the canon.

    But what’s my opinion worth even though I always know better?

  36. 36
    Roberto says:

    @30 I know that tune is totally ‘gates of babylon’ (+ ‘eyes of fire’ I would add) but it’s a great tune anyway with great vocal melodies…probably the best song from Rainbow derivated act (so better than Demon’s Eye, Rata Blanca or 60/70 rock band).
    I agree too he was not the right man for Purple…He seems not to be enough humble and his looking could be arguable but I’m just here to say he is an underrated singer which wrote some very good songs if you have the patience to listen to his solo albums…(I made a great compilation for myself). Probably one of the top 3 Aor/Hard rock melodic singer ever…

    I prefer HTP 2 album over BBC, I think the songwriting is more interesting and peculiar…

  37. 37
    al says:

    @ purplepriest
    Nope.Steve Morse was a good choice and their first album Purpendicular is awesome,but I cannot say the same about what came after that.I could listen that album from start to end and enjoy every part and note of it.
    Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the rest of the albums.Of course there are songs that I like in every one of them(Morse era),but I was left wanting for more.Don’t you think Satriani might have been a better choice if he stayed with Deep Purple,better suited with his sound ? I’m just saying.I believe and that’s is my opinion that JLT albums are mediocre but every one his own think and taste is different for every one.The bottom line I could never listen a JLT album from start to end,just songs.
    @36 I think we should stop comparing who is better apples or oranges.Demon’s eye is a good song from a great album so let’s stop with this comparisons man.lol

  38. 38
    al says:

    Hey priest do you think Ritchie Blackmore would make another rock album in this lifetime ? JLT stated in some interviews that Ritchie wants to make some rock,but his current wife got him by the balls really good.Isn’t kind of ironic that RB used to call Hughes/Coverdale funky style “shoeshine music ” and He know himself his doing some Renaissance pop repetitive crap and covering others people songs.It is a damn shame,one of the most talented guy “wasting ” his talent with that.Oh well he is happy to where is at I guess.

  39. 39
    Roberto says:

    two other lovely songs from Mr. J.L.Turner…:



  40. 40
    LRT says:

    Music is to be rated by efforts, not the people who write and performs it’s character. That has nothing to do with rating music and everything to do with beating down one’s character, whether they ask for it or not. The focus is out of whack on this. Any great musician can act like a putz, but can things be accomplished the other way around? Have at that one, fellas.

    What’s bad about JLT judging from all of this? I’d say his capabilities as a musicican seem to have very little to do with it, and his character being once again sadly ranked out of context.

  41. 41
    MacGregor says:

    al@38- More like Turner ‘wants’ to work with Blackmore again & knows it will never happen, hence his “Stranger in your Ass” comment regarding the mid 90’s album. Being a little boy lost that he is, he then realised Blackmore wasn’t going to do another Rainbow album with him & chose another vocalist! Funny that isn’t it? At last Blackmore isn’t treading the same old rock n’ roll path that he has worn out decades ago……..some people really do have trouble moving forward…………….

  42. 42
    Bill The Wizard says:

    Well, I’ll say this, Joe is never at a loss for words is he? Personally I don’t think the Malmsteen CD with Joe is his best one. It is one of the better ones, but probably not the best. And for Slaves & Masters, Fortunteller is (for me) the best track on it, with Fire in the Basement with Blackmores solo a close 2nd. But as far as Rainbow, I like Miss Mistreated real well. oh well Bill

  43. 43
    Roberto says:

    @36 ‘Demon’s eye’ is a Rainbow style band where Doggie White sang…

  44. 44
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Not exactly 2 of my of my faves , sorry.

    And the Youtube uses a pic from 1985(The Rescue You album, his classic first solo album) and the text 1982 while FANDANGO song is much earlier than , to start with, his great entrance on Difficult To Cure in 1981.

    The 2nd is 1 I never really liked, prefer other songs on that album.


    Comparing is all we do, year after year.

    And I agree with some of your ideas about Purpendicular, the lesser albums after and your perception of RB’s music with BN.

    I sometimes can enjoy some of BN’s stuff but in general it bores the hell out of me way too soon.
    On the other hand, the man can still play.
    Candice might not be our cup of tea but she sure can sing.

    Like with the JLT albums it IS possible to make compilationsalbums that give you at least 2 hours of sheer pleasure.

    Ofcourse you have to weed out some of the “mediocrity” ofcourse .

    Roberto’s examples and mine already show that we seem to be on the same wave lenght but we are not.

    That always has been that way, ofcourse.

    Listening to bootlegs from 1971 right now and hearing peoiple talk like there’s no tomorrow during the softer parts of Child In Time tells me :

    Deep Purple fans have always been people in the same “hall” but also from completely different planets.

    Heard Gillan say after Speed King(The song is not on the boot, unfortunately): Hey, what is that microphone?!

    Probably coming from the foolish idea that boots are wrong.

    I wish we had YouTubes , incl full gigs, of DP of that era.

    They were too stupid to realise the worth of recording EVERYTHING they did.

    After 30 years Led Zeppelin finally released a live DVD of the Royal Albert Hall in 1969. Or was it 1970?
    Or did Page polish and overdub that one all those years? : )

    Can you imagine us having a newly found FULL SHOW ON DVD from the early 70’s?

    I d almost wet myself : )

    And no, it does not seem likely Blackers will spend his last days with more overall balance.
    He could have done bluesalbums ( a trio with Lord and Paice)and classical(duetting with Lordy) albums, SOA like instrumental albums and still have the BN thing for about 4 albums.

    It is the way it is.

    God decides and God thinks that he knows best.

    I lost my appetite for religion when I was 10.

    I almost wish Ritchie had found a Sharon instead of that …..well……sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    At least OZZY gave people more of what they want instead of making pretentious music while it is filled to the rafters with KITSCH.

  45. 45
    Roberto says:

    @44 I know that’s a wrong date but that’s not important…I published it because that is one of JLT’s very good songs…(in my opinion of course)

  46. 46
    al says:

    Or make an album with his favorite singer Paul Rodgers (Blackmore)

  47. 47
    purplepriest1965 says:

    ad. 44 referring to Sharon :

    On the other hand :


  48. 48
    TruthHurts says:

    I wouldn’t wish Sharon Osbourne on any guy

  49. 49
    al says:

    what av nasty bitch she is.She is cashing in every way she can.

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