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I haven’t ever had any ambition in my life. I just drift from day to day with a stupid grin on my face. It’s very fulfilling.

Ian Gillan was recently interviewed by The Express and Star newspaper about the upcoming Deep Purple tour in the UK.

For a man with no ambition he seems to have achieved rather a lot and there is no sign of that stopping any time soon, with Deep Purple and their 38-piece orchestra descending on Birmingham’s LG Arena on Sunday, November 27, 2011, on their ‘The Songs That Built Rock’ tour.

Gillan winces at the name of the tour: “Don’t get me into that. The title of the tour, well it’s a marketing thing. It just seems a little trite to me but I guess you’ve got to name it something.”

With a history over four decades and counting, it’s not the first time that Deep Purple have worked with orchestras of course, most famously when performing former keyboard player Jon Lord’s Concerto For Group And Orchestra with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in 1969 at the Royal Albert Hall.

“Jon Lord with his orchestra composition, brought all of those elements. Ian Paice, big band swing, of course. Ritchie with his studio experience, rock and roll and all that sort of thing. I had my soul music and blues. So there’s a great deal of structure in these songs that lend themselves to different interpretations. This is a new interpretation for us and it’s very exciting.

Gillan continues: “The orchestra is very much integrated into the band. We don’t actually use them on every song. There are some songs where there’s no validity for having an orchestra, which makes it even more dynamically interesting during the show.

“It’s fantastic, when you hear something like Perfect Strangers, the orchestra gives such power to the riffs and to the structure of the song. And then you hear them swing like a train on songs like Lazy. It’s incredible, it’s quite an experience.

“It’s totally different to an ordinary Deep Purple show. It’s edgy, very edgy . . . with lots of mistakes!”

Read more about the upcoming tour and the plans (or not….) for a new record: http://www.expressandstar.com/entertainment/2011/10/25/deep-purple-and-orchestra-to-play-birmingham-lg-arena/

52 Comments to “I haven’t ever had any ambition in my life. I just drift from day to day with a stupid grin on my face. It’s very fulfilling.”:

  1. 1
    Drdp says:

    Too bad the enthusiasm & inspiration is not there for a new album. And yet individual members create new music for their own projects. Maybe the expectations due of any new DP music now exceeds their collective abilities. They have set the bar pretty high and it’s possibly led to a block in creating new music of comparable quality. And, so we wait……………………..

  2. 2
    jeff says:

    And the new music happens when ……?? Or is DP out of fresh ideas and just re-hashing old ones ?

  3. 3
    purplepriest1965 says:

    The carrot is starting to rot, guys.

    A “marketingname” for the tour (Bruce his idea?) he dislikes.
    Maybe it would not be necessary to make up such nonsense if theyhad left the` easy way` behind …..them.

  4. 4
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Not a very positive outlook on an upcoming album from Mr. Universe here…..
    “We were in Spain for a little while and we had a week off. We spent most of the time in the bar to be honest with you. It was a good session but nothing absolutely dynamic came out of it.”
    “I think to get some progress as far as an album’s concerned you’ve got to have a target, you’ve got to work to a date, and that gives you pressure. If you’ve got the pressure you get stuff done. We don’t have a plan to be honest.”
    “People like to do stuff that they’re good at, that they enjoy, that they get something out of. So while it’s fun and we’re all getting older and bits are dropping off here and there, it’s still great. I think there probably will be another album.”

    A different take on the session in Spain than his other band-mates have expressed.
    Pressure? Surely the band is feeling the pressure from the Fans. Every meet & greet I have attended since ROTD was released, the most common question fans have asked the band is….”When is the Next Album coming out?”
    He thinks there will ‘probably’ be another album. That’s a bleak look into the future of Purple beyond becoming a Greatest Hits Touring Band. The next album is a big Maybe. That pretty much sums up any expectations of one after that. 2012, probably the last Purple Album, maybe. If it happens at all. If there is enough pressure….. One thing is obvious. Gillan exudes No Ambition toward cutting another album with Purple. Funny, coming from the man whom bitches the most about “Classic Rock Radio” only playing the Old Stuff….. “MTV from ROTD anyone?” As I stated elsewhere, it’s time that the members of the band whom want another album start applying “said Pressure” and bust a move. Steve, Roger, Paicey and Airey should book some studio time and continue forward with the album. Gillan states here that he writes all the time and has much ‘colour’ in storage. Steve and Don need to take charge regarding this. A little aggression from the ‘New Guys’ would go a long way towards a good Rock Album from this band. Come on guys….Stand Up and SHOUT!!!!!

  5. 5
    T says:

    Shocking interview.
    What was he thinking of, mentioning Ritchie Blackmore without slagging him off?
    Tut tut.

  6. 6
    stoffer says:

    Nice interview not really anything new. although “nice” (nice- meaning nothing BAD) said about Ritchie . I am not going to be in a hurry for a new album, cause they sure are not. To drift from day to day with no ambition and a stupid grin on my face would be fulfilling to me too, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a fistful of cash…………………cheers 🙂

  7. 7
    Jeff Summers says:

    Ian’s obviously ambitious. He must have been ruthlessly ambitious at some point to have made it so big in the hardest business there is…showbusiness. His extraordinary talent as a young man helped with his cause, so he may have lost some ambition once he made it big with Purple. I’m not holding my breath for a new album, if it turns out to be a great one (which I doubt) It will be a bonus for me…

  8. 8
    MacGregor says:

    Well, say no more guys! Since when do musicians record music for other people? They record music for themselves, meaning they create something out of nothing, for their own enjoyment, not simply for the fans expectations! Some musicians record new music to throw at a record company for contractual reasons, but that could be another story again. That is the last reason these guys would want to record any new material, for other people! If they don’t want to record new music, then they will not record new music, they don’t owe anybody, anything!
    It is usually a lot easier doing your own solo album, simply because you can do what you want to, with whoever you want to, when you want to! A slight difference there than to a larger expectation (a successful band name) from either fans, record company or management! I can hear some one singing…………………………

  9. 9
    Kenn says:

    I would drift from day to day with a stupid grin on my face if I had managed to join a band remove two founding members who where the escence of the band replace them with yes men and tour the world cashing in on the name of Deep Purple. Lord and Blackmore should form a band called Deep Purple, play the music they wish leaving Gillan with a not so big grin on his face.

  10. 10
    Tommy H. says:

    Another controversial interview. I still ask myself if his view on things goes hand in hand with that of his band mates. It’s strange. I’m happy for him that he has so much fun when performing. Who can argue with that?! I’m grateful for what Deep Purple did in the past and they did a lot. At the same time I’m bored and disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm to create new music.

  11. 11
    micke says:

    A new deep purple album is nothing I for one look forward to, they have had a glorious time but now is the time to wrap it up. They will always be my fave band whatever.

  12. 12
    big al says:

    here’s a blinder of an idea.. double cd, called morse code, features best of the morse era with 4 new tracks…build the tour next year around that! send my fee to blah de blah etc

  13. 13
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    On average 5 years between albums. That is pretty lame especially when a New Direction with New Members is at the front and the big complaint is that only the old stuff is being played on the radio. Surely that should motivate the band to ‘pour out’ New Material of their own to show Who They Are Now. Lack of Production and lack of Promotion puts them in the category for a segment on “Where Are They Now”. As I have stated many times in the past, most people I discuss music with are not even aware that Purple still exists. That’s totally uncalled for.

    It’s kind of strange about the ‘Bonus Track’ from the album Purpendicular, whereby Gillan basically took over the helm as band leader after Blackmore ‘abandoned’ the band. The title of that song ironically seems to be the proverbial handwriting on the wall regarding their future album output from that point on……”Don’t Hold Your Breath”.


  14. 14
    Pete says:

    I am a massive Deep Purple fan,i think they are still the best band in the world,but,frankly,i’m disgusted with Ian Gillan’s comments about not giving a toss about recording a new album.IT’S BEEN 6 YEARS!!!In the 70’s it was an album every year,and they were all great,so what’s the problem?I would like to see them touring less,so there’s time for a new album.What annoys me most is that i,for one,can’t afford £50 plus travelling etc for a ticket,and if i could i wouldn’t pay it,far too expensive!Fans that do pay want to see new material now and again,so they’re being ripped off,even though the band are amazing live.But to have no interest in a new album after 6 years is absolutely ridiculous.I notice they find time to record solo albums though!Come on lads,give us a fantastic new (heavier) album soon,along the lines of ‘In Rock’,the original and best!

  15. 15
    RickF says:

    Back in ’09 when recording a new album was mentioned on stage, I managed to see Steve Morse in concert that October supporting his new solo album OSITF. I asked him about it. He grinned from ear to ear. He was excited to get it started. Studio time first of ’10. I caught him again the following April. He was in no mood to discuss the failure of not entering the studio. Now Steve, Roger and Don have all clearly stated that 9 tracks are done. Don mentioned it on air! Supporting his solo album. I have said along that Ian Gillan has been the hold-out. I heard that he was quoted as saying that DP did not need a new album….during the US tour he said that he had put his solo album on hold till the new DP album was completed. Is Ian having fun with us? I guess it all comes down to what day of the week he is asked. Ask him again tomorrow……

  16. 16
    stoffer says:

    @15 probably said it best when he says ” I guess it all comes down to what day of the week he is asked”, IMHO what Gillan says must be taken with a lightly, he isn’t really too serious about anything, although I believe like many here he is the biggest roadblock to a new album…………….

  17. 17
    John says:

    Why is everyone so critical? You have to expect the unexpected.. I saw dp 3 times on this past USA tour and loved every bit of it.. They rocked! (and u all read the reviews, all of which positive).. Take what you can get people, if not, go see the bloated banjo player. I really don’t care if they put out a new record..As long as they keep touring, I’m happy.. I’d like to see an all Morse-era set with SOTW as the encore. Now that would be great!!!

  18. 18
    dave_wallis says:

    Democracy is what has been killing this band since Blackmore left. He may have been a tough character, but it seems he was able to keep the ‘creative machine’ going on.

    Tracy, you wrote: “That’s a bleak look into the future of Purple beyond becoming a Greatest Hits Touring Band.” You’re wrong, that’s exactly what Purple have been for almost a decade now, excluding brief periods of the early dates of the Bananas and ROTD tour when they managed to squeeze in more new numbers.

    No matter what Gillan says, Purple is a “classic rock radio” band simply because the old numbers sound better than the new ones and are better promoted than the current output. Check all the archival recordings coming out from time to time. It’s not only the music that matter in respect of marketing, it’s the whole package. You even can’t compare the artwork of Bananas or ROTD with the wonderful anniversary editions of Burn or CTTB. AND, what’s even more important, the old albums are supported by POSITIVE interviews whereas all we get from the current line-up is moaning. According to Gillan it’s everybody’s fault except for the band. The industry’s bad, the media are cruel and even fans are bad because they do not buy new albums but download them and watch YouTube. I can’t agree with that. We do buy albums, we do attend concerts, we do watch YouTube because we love that band and after all these years it’s part of us, part of our egos and characters. And we simply would like to be patted at the back. We don’t expect anything above average. We simply simply need some positive vibrations, some good words, some feeling of excitement. I used to check all the interviews with the band but these days I just skip through them as I don’t want t be embraced by the trauma that seems to be flowing from current line-up.

    And gosh, what a terrible waste of talent. Check Steve’s and Don’s latest offerings. They’re really fantastic. So are Gillan’s and Glover’s, though extremely different, but proving broad musical horizons. Why is Deep Purple a less-loved child?

  19. 19
    Bigger Al says:

    Seems that Jon and Ritchie may have had more to do with new material when they were a part of the band than we think,Ian always seems to roll with punches, I remember JLT talking about the making of SAM, some of the band didn’t have much input.Heck, they seem happy being the band that never quits,just like in thier heyday.

  20. 20
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Maybe they can release an EP now and then?
    Less pressure and out of those 9 tracks there must be something of worth to listen to?

  21. 21
    Roberto says:

    ‘MTV’ (lyrics) eat Gillan himself…

    Classic rock radio, why?: no new songs to let listen to…

  22. 22
    Masse444 says:

    @ 13 “On average 5 years between albums. That is pretty lame” I totally agree! From my point of view, I see very few artists selling enough albums to make money. But it’s essential to prove that you’re alive as an artist…which is still done by producing new material.
    Why not pay for and release a new recording digitally around the world. You still have a production cost, but well rehearsed, that would be a very low cost though with todays technology..Roger’s album was done at large in hotel rooms and stuff according to him, but soundwise it’s lightyears ahead of/better than “Rapture”….

    @ 14″ I,for one,can’t afford £50 plus travelling etc for a ticket” Exactly….. Touring (as I’ve mentioned on a few occasions before) is the main source of income for artists today..hence the ticket prices. DP is a big organisation, how would they pay they employees with records that won’t generate any money.. As stated before, unless we buy their records, on the road’s where they’re gonna be..and ticket prices are sure not getting cheaper. Since we pay either way, do we want new music or more gigs, that’s about where it stands…

  23. 23
    Pete says:

    The problem i have with ticket prices is that they have almost doubled within the last couple of years,whereas cd prices have dropped a bit.Therefore,i would much prefer new music,at least before a six plus year gap has elapsed!Other major bands are far more productive,they record an album every two years then tour to promote that album with the added excitement of new material.As a result,fans get better value for money.Another problem for me personally is that living in Portsmouth,i have to travel at least 50 miles to the nearest venue Purple(or anyone else!) are prepared to play.We have a great venue called the Guildhall,the band wrote Highway Star while travelling there,but they abandoned the place years ago.I love Deep Purple,no one will ever come close,but i have lost a bit of respect over this,which is sad.

  24. 24
    scott says:

    are you referring to RB as bloated? !!?.. RB has stayed in shape his entire career! IG looked like a bloated indian on the abandon tour! IP and JL had the chubs on the reunion tours. RG has stayed fit as well.

  25. 25
    StratKat (a.k.a. 'T') says:

    Re: #5

    Although I no longer use the moniker “T,” I have used the pseudonym enough years on this site so as not to have it appropriated by a Dopplegänger and cause confusion.

    As “T,” I predicted there would be no album as promised in 2009…or 2010…and now 2011. There will be no album in 2012.

    The recent orchestral tour was a gimmick to give the fans something “new” in lieu of any new music. The video of the Montreux show looked and sounded good and “Hard Lovin’ Man” was appreciated. It demonstrated an effort and I give the band credit for that–but in the long run, it is merely re-packaging. New labels and artwork are fine–but it’s what’s in the box that counts.

    It is not that the current line-up is incapable–it is more that the members do not have the necessary enthusiasm. Maybe it is better to leave well enough alone than to put out something half-baked.

    Rapture of the Deep will remain Purple’s final opus. Glenn Hughes will be the most prominent member of the family to keep the flag flying–both solo and in BCC.

  26. 26
    Bigger Al says:

    @ 17 John, the “bloated banjo player” is why what you saw the last 3 times was so great. Funny, the man has been out of the picture for almost 18 years and he still creates controversy, it like he never left.I prefer RB to SM, but that doesn’t mean SM isn’t doing a great job

  27. 27
    F says:

    They’ve become one big touring band with same-old-same-old material, without any GREAT virtuosity & improvisation which you could see during live shows in 70/80/90s. Everything seems so staged and pre-rendered. Like they are perfect audio player for album-like tracks with bad/old (but legendary!) singer. Steve Morse is the only one who keeps the band alive and giving them fresh sound for that 40 years of (good) music.

    If you’re seeing DP for the first time, it will probably be one of the best rock concerts ever (maybe with a bad comment for singer – but who cares, you could not even hear him?) . But for the old fans, I doubt it. Something seems (sounds) wrong. They still great, but not that great. I liked them up to 2007. After that, they simply sounds boring (if you are a hard-core fan, and know what real DP is). Same old, same old, same old…

    And for the new material – i would kick the Gillan out of the band. I like the guy. I think that guy is one of the best rock vocals in history, my favorite. But when you need choose songs on the matter what singer in the band can sing or create new album with that voice, that’s a little bit of a problem. If IG loves DP, he would leave the band and find some new young hope for carrying on the legacy.

  28. 28
    Rascal says:

    New album, or no new album – does it matter?

    Ive enjoyed most of what they have done over the years – they have achieved a great deal. If they want to spend the final years just touring – it hardly matters.

    Im not consumed by the need to hear another album or to see a MKII re-union. The moment has gone and they have had a good run.

    Get a life – some good bands out there if you care to look

  29. 29
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Rascal @28….

    If Purple called it quits today, I too would be totally satisfied with all that has been offered by them all, separately and as a whole. BUT, if they are going to continue on as Deep Purple, then as Deep Purple there is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with wearing that hat. One of which is maintaining a regard to the legacy, the present and the future that they represent. It is too important a band to just flounder as a greatest hits touring band. Though they aren’t that as of yet, they are truly teetering in that direction. A new album will remove all that. Plus, if they do make 2012 their final album offering, they should then totally revamp their set-list, promote the new album by playing the majority of the songs from it, then once that period is over, arrange the set-list to include the majority of the songs to come from the MK7/8 era records and go out smokin’

    Oh and to “F” @27…….F Off.


  30. 30
    Roberto says:

    probably they will do the last album just in time to celebrate their 70 years old birthday…quite soon…

  31. 31
    John says:

    @24. Have u seen RB lately? Have u see IG? He’s in very good shape.. Long Live the Morse Era!!!

  32. 32
    John says:

    @27 ..Are u serious? IG is the band, without him there is no DP.. My god, that is one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever read on this forum.. Long Live the Morse Era!!!

  33. 33
    StratKat (a.k.a. 'T') says:

    Re: 29

    Well said.

    Perpetual touring without a product to promote since 2005 and a set list heavy on Blackmore-era classics could render Deep Purple as a greatest hits dinosaur band. A new album would maintain relevancy, particularly in a line-up with only one original member.

  34. 34
    purplepriest1965 says:

    What’s “Well said” about telling someone to Fuck Off? : (

  35. 35
    marcinn says:

    @ F

    How do you know that the band hasn’t recorded an album because of Gillan’s ‘no’? Did he tell it to you personally?

    Can you tell us who do you have in mind for Ian’s replacement? I’d like to know.

    I wouldn’t leave my girlfriend if I loved her – even for her own sake.

  36. 36
    Gary says:

    Indeed, well said, Tracy !

  37. 37
    Rascal says:


    Tracey……….What you say would be a wonderful way to complete DP. But, the truth is DP have been touring for the last 15+ years relying on MKII material – of course its been interspersed with occasional newer material – but in essence its reliance goes back to the 1970’s. A new album wont affect the bands dependence on its past. To go out with a MK7/8 setlist would be good – but the reality is it wont sell tickets and therefore will not happen.

    As much as it appears to gall some fans – DP are still able to sell a reasonable amount of tickets doing what they do today

    @33 As to maintaining relevancy – those that continue to go to the gigs most probably still find them relevant. Not everyone is concerned about history/legacy/original members – some just enjoy a live band playing good music. Maybe unfortunate for the all or nothing Die hard fans – but the truth non the less.

  38. 38
    Larry R. Toering says:


    I’d feel that way too, if I believed everything Ian Gillan says in interviews… and I have interviewed him. Hype might as well be his middle name, and truth is often replaced with irony, because he seems to get off on it. When it comes to such things, I hold my breath, but I do agree he is the anchor that drags the situation.

  39. 39
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Just like you to only pick out a word (or letter) to center your attention on. I doubt “T'” was referring to that portion, though he probably agree with it.


    I think what most folks seem to forget is the fact that Purple music is Purple music no matter the era. Plus, all those MK2 songs played are ‘Gillan, Glover, and Paice’ songs which in case you also forget are presently 3/5th of the members of Deep Purple. It’s time to stop pigeonholing the era as ‘Morse/Blackmore’ era. Purple play songs from Their era. Yes I do believe there should be more songs from the newer times. I have advocated that over and over, but they have at least broadened their setlist to cover more albums than the ‘Previous Era’ did. A few more from the present times would be a blessing.


  40. 40
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Dear Tracy

    Although you re right I focussed(no pun intended really) on the ending, why applaud the repeating of a mantra?
    It reminds me of the unreal and dishonest outings, or should I say they mean well???, of European politicians the Euro won’t crash and all that.

    I just thought it helped push down T’s authority on this board a bit more.
    I feel he was stronger way back, sorry.

    But that has to do partly because of the wide spread , which I am also subject to sometimes(…), idea that he is the one with the authority to speak.
    He’s only human after all : )

    And why would replacing Gillan be less believable than losing Blackmore or Lord?

    The wish for changing setlists and playing songs of all DP era’s has become a typical way to spend one’s time knowing it’s all academical.
    I do empathise with that kinda dreaming but chances are not very plausible it will happen.

    Ofcourse, I understand why some question my integrity here : ) , I d welcome a great no bollocks rocking album in 2012 as well.

    But let’s be honest, PURPENDICULAR is not a heavy album.
    ABANDON might be heavy but it failed terribly.
    Anyone remember that awful cover of Bloodsucker?

    Bananas and ROTD have their moments but never really rock.

    And I thought Ian Gillan once screamed out in anger : “Are we a rockband or not?!”

    I take it for how it comes but…..

    Right now I feel DP’s legacy, once by me hailed as superior CLASS ACT compared to their so called inferior working class cousins Black Sabbath, in general has become a depressing downward spiral.

    BS had several classic albums in the 70’s.
    They repeated that more than once with DIO and Martin.

    The Martin Era started the 90’s on a great level with albums like The Headless Cross, TYR and Cross Purposses.

    DP had 1 great album in the 80’s.
    HOBL and S & M were not exactly what they were capable of.

    TBRO and Purpendicular were still very good, in the 90’s.

    My personal dissappointment not only is about DP but also Tony Martin.

    I thought Forbidden was not very good. Maybe they felt, unjustified, by that damned GRUNGE wave, I don’t know.

    Maybe his album with Hughes was good, too me it felt to modern and industrial.
    I missed the warmth of 7th Star and The Eternal Idol.

    Well, gonna go to bed.
    Wish you all happy dreams : )

  41. 41
    TruthHurts says:

    If Gillan is the band, then why not call it The Ian Gillan Band?

  42. 42
    purplepriest1965 says:

    ad. Typo’s :


    I meant Tony Iommi instead of Tony Martin concerning my dissappointment.
    Up untill THE album of 1993.

    Have you ever heard that warm and exiting introduction by Martin : “Welcome To the Black Sabbath Tour of 1994.”?Listen to several great boots of the CRoss Purposses Tour.

    I love the boots, folks.
    Recently I found myself a recording of Groningen 1992 I attended that gig with the MONUMENTAL SOUND way back : ) ., and noticed Dio’s voice is better than on a better sounding(Always the same frustrations over here : ( boot from America. Chicago it was, I think.

    Martin is a true gentlemen and one of the biggest voices in heavy rock.
    Bring on the CROSS PURPOSSES tour Part II !!!


    “I thought Forbidden was not very good.
    Maybe they felt, unjustified, by that damned GRUNGE wave, I don’t know.”

    I forget the word “intimidated”.The collaboration with Ice T.(Or should I say Body Count?)was another terrible low.
    The Forbidden Tour did not reach Holland and so I was surprised to notice that Forbidden had Rondinelli on drums!!!!!

    I have trouble still with co existing with my pc and that’s very annoying because I found a Torrent from which I should be able to extract a great quality gig from that era.
    I think the place where they played is called “Gottingen”or something?

    Can somebody give me a good uplink perhaps?

    Thanx and have a nice still great Indian Summer weekend.


  43. 43
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Priest….too many points to respond to here. It put me to sleep so I guess I’ll dream on it…


  44. 44
    StratKat (a.k.a. 'T') says:

    Re: #40

    Tracy made a legitimate point that if Purple were to quit today, the music they have produced over the decades–be it in the group proper or in spin-off bands–is more than enough for fans to be satisfied with. The catalog they have produced is massive.

    However, I also agree that if the band is to continue, it has a responsibility to maintain that legacy by remaining active in recording before the group regresses into a mere tribute-style band playing mostly Blackmore-era classics and nothing newer than six years old. Deep Purple really needs to make a contemporary recorded statement.

    As far as “F”‘s comment at #27, I can understand the frustration that some fans have regarding the lack of recorded output and the surplus of essentially the same live material. That Gillan is the roadblock to anything new is circumstantial, but certainly someone within the Purple camp is more than mildly opposed to the idea. Gillan still has it within him to do one more Purple album, and after much discussion about his performances about a year ago, the reviews of late have been quite good. The point that Deep Purple could use an infusion of new–or “new” old material–into the set list is well-taken.

    I would not tell someone to “F-off” as a matter of principle; however, some people have a great deal of passion on particular subjects and “F” hit a nerve. Everyone is entitled to his opinion, and both “F” and Tracy are entitled to theirs.

    It was the remark about being satisfied with Deep Purple should they quit today–and if not, that they need to release new material in order to maintain their credibility–that I thought was well-said.

    Have a great remainder of the week-end.

  45. 45
    purplepriest1965 says:

    All respect but……

    The point that DP are in danger of becoming a “tribute-band” Or whatever one might like like to call it is not new.

    ITS OLD!!!!

    Everyone knows they ditched new songs quite soon after performing them.

    The Purpendicular tour was very promising in approach set list wise but …

    Unfortunately it never became like that adventurous approach again.
    Ok, they interpolated(ahem : ) great ones since then and often that was a great pleasure.
    But mainly they continued the Machine Head route as a safety belt.

    It would be so wonderful if they took up some old fashioned hunger and try to end on a more intersting level than just gathering pensionfunds again.

    To me DP will always be mainly the core of the original trio but ….

    If they really dont care about that why not embrace the original ROUNDABOUT idea by refreshing the band over and over again?

    If such an evolving line up will maintain the oldies format live, and no interesting new albums, it will be like “Thin Lizzy.”
    Positive ly endorsed by Mama Lynot or not I don’t think that’s enough.

    Better this than nothing is often the argument.
    I can understand and follow that….for some time and then I ll get bored and annoyed by such an approach.

    Ok, I love Brian Downey and Scot Gorham, Roger and Ian Paice but the rest ain’t equal to ones like Lord, Blackmore, Coverdale and so on.

    What’s truly important or exiting?

    Last night I saw some great specials focussing on George Harrison and an entire block of people doing Beatles Covers.

    Am I wrong or didnt we have a VIDEO of MK I doing HELP?
    I mean to say that I felt frustrated seeing they left it out.

    Sorry for being Alzheimer again, I should know if such a video exists, if only recently dug up.


  46. 46
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    I would have thought that you of all people ‘Priest’ would have gotten my “F….Off” sarcasm. He whoever He is shows up Once as “F” and makes this total blanket negative remark including ‘kicking Gillan out of the band’. I played on his moniker and threw in a quickie. It was an ambiguous gesture of wit that unfortunately even those familiar with my jargon didn’t get. The F was just that…..F. You took it for what you took it for.


  47. 47
    purplepriest1965 says:


    There it is.

    Annoying they still dont want to know about that.
    Already when Tina Turner came with her version I got so angry because DP was there ages ago first with a slow version.
    One wonders if the Turner version was triggered by DP’s?

    So why id it not get included in the Beatles Covers special?
    There were several one could judge “dubious” so the crititeria of neglecting a bad cover seems unlikely to me.

    Maybe because DP, espescially MK I, often is being scrutinised in the press in England?

    I ll never forget the sarcastic reactions shown on TV when they performed in 1984.

    The guy introducing the Perfect Strangers clip looked to pissed off that he had to do that!!!

  48. 48
    purplepriest1965 says:


    It’s finally sinking in : )

    Mijn kwartje valt nu.

  49. 49
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    It’s a no-brainer at this point that Purple has been left by the wayside regarding accreditation. Just as with the song ‘Hey Joe’. Purple’s version was hand over foot much better than Hendrix, yet the Hendrix version got and still gets airplay. They were both release within the same era, yet I have never heard the Purple version receive any credit for their version. This is a song I believe should be put into their live set. Great tune and perfect for Gillan now.


  50. 50
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 49

    I once read the DP version was cut short on the editingfloor?

  51. 51
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Cut short? It runs 7.5 minutes long. I’d like to hear what they cut….


  52. 52
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 51

    Me too : )

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