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Jon Lord Face To Face with Rick Wakeman

No, they are not jamming together. Unfortunately.

Rick has been pre-recording a new music talk show called Rick Wakeman – Face To Face. One of the episodes features an interview with Jon Lord:

Update: Jon Lord’s official website features a longer trailer for the interview – watch it at JonLord.org.

The complete episode is 52 minutes long and can be purchased for $6 via rockondigital.com. You’ll have to go through a rather convoluted process of registering with them, purchasing “credits” through PayPal, and then exchanging credits for the download.

Thanks to Rick Wakeman Communication Centre for the info.

10 Comments to “Jon Lord Face To Face with Rick Wakeman”:

  1. 1
    Chrissy says:

    I love these guys they are the best

  2. 2
    andre sihotang says:


    If somebody on earth could tell any better than Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman jamming together..

    Unfortunately, this thread gave nothing but a joke in the first sentence.
    Nice interview indeed..

    Well, who’s the best, Jon Lord or Rick Wakeman? IMO, JOn Lord is an amazing keyboardist, but I give the edge to Rick Wakeman (productivity,improvisation,consistency), as Jon Lord, reffering to DP’s album, didn’t hold the music production too much in the eighties and nineties, sometimes he stucked in AOR/Techno music and in Mk7, Steve seemed to got more spotlight than Lord in the album. Yes, I think it was Jon Lord’s favour which slowly moved from rock music into his home sweet home, classical music. But for exception, of course, Jon Lord was more entertaining on stage than Rick Wakeman. Ah, what do you think..

    I hope they will go on stage together and play just keyboards for 3 hours. Anybody even wasn’t a DP’s or Yes fan gonna absolutely amazed of how two kings of keyboards having good time together. I will pay for any cost to see them make it (If I have money hehe..)


  3. 3
    Crimson Ghost says:

    As far as I’m aware, this TV program will be airing in Australia only, for now, hhmm, couldn’t get a wider audience? I’m not surprised to see that Jon is a guest, as Rick and Jon know each other, not to mention Ian Paice and likely other members of Purple as well.

  4. 4
    Chrissy says:

    They are both gr8 in their own ways…..

  5. 5
    Roberto says:


  6. 6
    More Black says:

    Hammond organ is Jon lord.Soulfull playing,vibe,musical taste at it’s best.
    Rick is good but musically is kind of hmmm a weding cake:too much pomp and none of a circumstance.
    But he could play fast in the old times.

  7. 7
    Patrick says:

    my dad says that during the early to mid 70’s circus magazine had a poll which rated the virtuocity , writing ability , solos, rythem playing ect… for each of the 5 members of the bands. and jon lord was always rated 1 2 or 3 the other 2 being wakeman and emerson …. but of coarse he STRONGLY feels JL is the better out of the 3

  8. 8
    Robert says:

    We feature one episode a week on rockondigital.com, the full episode is streamed ON Air for free. the current weeks episode is Face to Face with Ian Anderson, next week is Face to Face with the Zombies. We are also airing the series on UK TV later this year; as well as Australia, the US, Canada; and some European territories. 27 Episodes have been produced to date, with a further 25 in production.

    Each episode can be downloaded on the site, with a credit purchasing system, which is a little convoluted and currently being modified.

  9. 9
    james jay says:

    different styles–both great players–but JL made keyboards cool.

  10. 10
    Father Scott Arnold says:

    Well, yes two differing styles, but Wakeman could eat just about anyone’s lunch with his right hand. Lord, more soulful perhaps, but versatility, finesse and dexterity go to Rick. Now you can disagree with me, but really are you going to argue with a priest? Blessings to all!

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