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UK tour goes on sale

Tickets for the short Deep Purple tour of UK are going on sale this week.

Presale for Glasgow starts April 14, register at TicketSoup.com. Presale for the other three shows starts April 13, but we do not have any information on how to get into the presale. Post it in the comments and, hopefully, Svante will be able to approve them in time.

Update: the presale will be available through Planet Rock VIP Club (thanks to Mike McBain).

28 Comments to “UK tour goes on sale”:

  1. 1
    George says:

    Deep Purple at the O2 arena!!! Wheeeeeeeeew that’s cool 🙂

  2. 2
    George says:

    tickets presale for all UK shows begins at TicketMaster, 13 april

  3. 3
    Paul Jacklin says:


    Also Planet Rock Radio.

    Looking forward to this – I hope ticket sales are good

  4. 4
    Mark Bethell says:

    What about the North East, only 4 dates ridiclous

  5. 5
    eiricd says:

    will they sell out the o2 ?

  6. 6
    TW says:

    Where is Manchenster?

  7. 7
    Simon Wakely says:

    Yet another so called “tour”. Living in the South West it means 2 days off work, an over night stay plus all the other bits and pieces. I don’t get paid all that much …
    Come on guys – this is the country of your birth. Tour here properly.
    As Mark B says, “Only 4 dates ridiculous.”

  8. 8
    Black Sheep says:

    Surely Purple won’t be able to sell the O2? It could be embarrassing.

  9. 9
    Matt Love says:

    Black Sheep, maybe they’re banking on people coming from all over the place (like Simon Wakely from South West and Mark B from Northwest) to fill it? I did think the same as you tho!

    I bought my tickets tonight and it says “Deep Purple with 38 piece Orchestra”, does anyone know any more??

  10. 10
    Paul Jacklin says:

    I must admit I have concerns about the attendance at the O2 – although I guess with orchestra and all the seating plan won’t have anything like the max 23,000 capacity. Did they sell out Hammersmith x2 in 2009?

    However, I’ve mentioned I’m going and have had quite a lot of interest from people who probably wouldn’t be called fans and wouldn’t even have logged the event was happening but for word of mouth.

    So spread the word and fill your car/train carriage/mini bus

    Hopefully, there’ll be a slightly bigger UK tour (the last possibly?) for the new album that seems as though it could well happen!

  11. 11
    Dale says:

    If they release an album in the summer then they can easily sell out at the O2…otherwise…it will be only a small section of the O2…Or it might depend on who will be supporting them…

  12. 12
    George says:

    While earching for the news about Purple’s upcoming O2 show, I found something interesting: Blabbermouth reported in 2009 that it was broadcasted by some London based radio, that DP would do a 3-day reunion shows at the O2 Arena of London. Blackmore’s manager refused it.

    Now, it seems that guys are preparing for something very special, something that sells 20,000 tickets for the O2. Otherwise I’m not sure if they’ll manage to fill even the half of the arena. Last year they sold 6,000 tickets for the two Apollo concerts.

  13. 13
    David Sanderson says:

    I’ll be going to one of the dates (maybe Glasgow, fancy a mini break in Scotland actually) but would have much prefered a standard rock show in theatre sized venues to promote the new album and maybe a one off orchestra type show, the band have been touring for nearly 5 years with no new material, is this a record? (no pun intended).

  14. 14
    Black Sheep says:

    They sold out both the Hammersmith Appollo gigs but that was a Friday and Saturday night, the O2 is a Wednesday.

    They won’t have a new album released by then Dale, so that’s not going to be a factor.

    George, you’re clutching at straws! The show will simply be the one they’re set to tour America with.

    I have no idea how support slots will work around the gear needed to have an orchestra etc.

  15. 15
    Paul Jacklin says:

    If they sold out at Hammersmith x 2 that bodes quite well (Sat & Sunday I think because I was at LG Arena on Friday). I don’t think it will be a complete sell out at the O2 (LG Arena wasn’t in November 2009) but if they could crack 15,000+ I don’t think that would be embarrassing.

    For what it’s worth 211 pre-sale tickets were sold between 11:19 and 24:00 of the 1,039 seats for sale. I know that there were more tickets than this in the pre-sale because I looked before 11:19 without counting, but when I looked at 11.19 all the front block pre-sale had gone. I can well imagine that the rush (if any) for the pre-sales would be immediately after they went on sale.

    I’ve not got mine yet as I’m waiting to see who I can get to come with me and I don’t expect them to sell out any time soon. There’s still more than 200 days to go!

    I don’t quite understand the knockers in this thread. I was born in 1968 and think it’s amazing that I can still see a great band who started in the year of my birth. 4 gigs is better than none and I don’t mind travelling 110 miles to London for privilege.

    The symphony approach gives it a certain originality even if the lack of a new album means there will be no new content. Also it will only be my 2nd DP gig and not all of us are tired of hearing the classics (incl Steve Morse era).

    Finally, there have been strong hints that a new album will be forthcoming including on the initial promotional blurb for this tour. So health, permitting I’d have thought that there’s every chance of more UK gigs to support that when it comes out (health of the band permitting of course)

  16. 16
    Paul says:

    I will be very pleasantly surprised if they manage to avoid embarrassing levels of ticket sales for this tour. After the last UK tour Ian Gillan remarked that it was not worth touring the UK due to poor ticket sales – try performing new material and setting ticket prices at a reasonable level! I, and I suspect many other regular followers of Deep Purple stayed away from the last tour due to a combination of overpriced tickets and having seen too many shows with the band apparently just going through the motions, with nothing new to liven up the show.

    At £50 per ticket, this will be another tour that I will miss!

  17. 17
    George says:

    WooooooW, according to TicketMaster, Purple’s London show seems to be some 70-80% sold-out already. That’s GREAT

  18. 18
    George says:

    Paul, you’ll probably really miss this tour, because O2 tickets seems to be 70-80% sold out already and only 48 tickets remaining for the Glasgow show 🙂

  19. 19
    Black Sheep says:

    Good post Paul Jacklin!

    Paul #16, is a 38 piece orchestra not something new to liven up the show? I know I’m excited to see it.

  20. 20
    clive robey says:

    This will be the first tour I’ve missed since 71. Reasons? (1) Cost of tickets. I can afford to get to the O2, however combining the ticket price and the train fare, plus a beer and a bite to eat means that mates who I am trying to persuade to come won’t. Therefore I’m not going on my own. (2) I agree with Paul – 16 – about a set list that will be so predictable that 99% of us can list them now. (3) While I applaud the principle of the orchestra, DP will not sell out the O2. Get back to rock. No ‘name’ support, no triple bill, just a night of hard rock. Raid the back catalogue, not the same old stuff.

  21. 21
    Paul Jacklin says:

    I’m watching ticket sales closely on Ticketmaster’s interactive map, but there are other vendors (and I don’t mean resellers) – See Tickets and Ticketline to name two. However, I suspect upper tier tickets haven’t been released yet by TicketMaster but it would be good to know for sure!

    By the way I’ve got about 5 people who’ve said they’ll come with me and they’ve never been to a DP gig before! Price maybe a bit steep and (orchestra don’t do it for free I shouldn’t think) but it didn’t stop the people I’ve told from wanting to go. So it won’t be “the same old stuff” for them.

    If it were to flop I suspect they would be less inclined to tour UK again in future.

  22. 22
    George says:

    For those, who thinks that Purple won’t be able to sell out O2: according to the TicketMaster, Deep Purple went #2 in the list of biggest ticket sellers of UK’s current touring artists (I mean, in the list of who’s tickets are on sale right now). Only “Download Festival” managed to beat them.

    Being week’s #2 ticket seller just after Download Fest is something I couldn’t imagine few days ago for Purple.

  23. 23
    Black Sheep says:

    Deep Purple are number 1 on Ticketmaster’s best sellers today George! Ahead of Download and Rhianna.

    They seem to be getting a bit of a push, even being announced on mainstream BBC radio (Radio 2) which doesn’t normally happen.

    Decent promoters for once? Often you can visit a town and never have any inclination that Purple are playing.

    Looking at the Ticketmaster website the O2 looks very close to sell out. Would that be right? Or is it a case of the unavailable areas simply being sold through different ticket vendors or not all areas having gone on sale yet?

  24. 24
    Paul Jacklin says:

    There are a number of official registered vendors for this concert (plus a number of resellers who seems to have had a lot of tickets from day 1). I’d also logged the No.1 seller on TicketMaster but I’m still a bit worried about attendance and haven’t got my 6-8 tickets yet.

    There are other agents selling (Gigantic – 10% profits to Oxfam, See Tickets etc)


    “Who are your registered ticket agents?

    Ticketmaster are the appointed ticketing partner of The O2.
    UK Customers: 0844 856 0202
    Customers outside the UK: 00 44 (0) 161 385 3211
    Ticketmaster telephone booking service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    The O2 also recognises the following frequently used agents as authorised to sell tickets. Other ticket agents may also be appointed by the event organiser or promoter, but please check before buying if you are unsure.

    See tickets http://www.seetickets.com
    Ticketline http://www.ticketline.co.uk
    Ticketweb http://www.ticketweb.co.uk
    Gigs and Tours http://www.seetickets.com/gat
    Piccadilly Box Office/Ticketline http://www.ticketline.co.uk
    Lastminute.com http://www.lastminute.com
    Keith Prowse http://www.keithprowse.co.uk
    Gigantic http://www.gigantic.com
    Stargreen http://www.stargreen.com

    ps….I’ve found it really easy to get a crowd to go, so probably worth asking some mates

  25. 25
    Doug MacBeath says:

    My wife has been off ill the last few days, and assures me that she saw a TV advert for the Glasgow show…

    Funny what you can get done with the right promoter, isn’t it…?

  26. 26
    George says:

    TicketMaster and Eventim – both official LiveNation outlets say that Purple’s Birmingham show at LG Arena is SOLD OUT after just one week of sales!

    Add the second one!

  27. 27
    Paul Jacklin says:


    I wish it were so George, but TicketFactory says availability of tickets is ‘excellent’ for LG Arena and I can still find tickets on Ticketmaster and I’m not sure Eventim are a big promoter for any of these DP UK gigs

  28. 28
    micke says:


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