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The ghost of Ritchie Blackmore

Joe Satriani reflects on his Purple stint in a recent interview for Living Legends Music:

It was the easiest thing in the world to step into it. Because it’s just like sitting on top of a perfect wave that keeps carrying you along and giving you a great ride…

Here is the relevant part:

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

66 Comments to “The ghost of Ritchie Blackmore”:

  1. 1
    Crimson Ghost says:

    This is such a stock comment from it it’s not funny.
    It clearly follows along the lines of the very first time he commented publicly about it in 1995.
    I can see people scratching their heads thinking he ultimately turned down the gig for any other than contractual reasons, just because of what he said here, but the interviewer never asked why he actually didn’t continue with them.(anyone can reflect the way Joe does, but it doesn’t take anything away from the facts… he left because his record deal was simply in the way, and he owed them from an advance on it, and Purple needed him to be fully committed at that juncture, period)

  2. 2
    stefan says:

    I´m glad he left,he wasn´t the right man to start with, and he realised that himself!In my mind he´s just another introvert,selfindulgent and weird guitar twiddler!Sure he can play,but he is one of those guitar masturbators that have to learn “less is more”!!ROCK ON!

  3. 3
    T says:

    The recording and music performance industry is admittedly a very complicated business. However, contractual obligations and agreements are amended and changed all the time. Purple’s reunion came together despite these huge differences in managers, labels, and publishers. Gillan & Glover were practically “stolen” from Episode Six’s management in 1969. In the end, things CAN be worked out to mutual satisfaction if the parties involved are willing to hammer out a deal.

    The fact of the matter is that Joe Satriani was an international guitar ‘god’ that had the name and skills to get Purple out of a jam on short notice with a high likelihood of not disappointing fans. His inhibitions, however, prevented him from taking over Blackmore’s spot as lead guitarist since it was soon obvious that he wasn’t right for Deep Purple on multiple levels.

    First, the bootlegs show that Satriani was unwilling (NOT ‘unable’) to allow his style to penetrate Purple’s sound in the same way that Steve Morse has made Deep Purple his own. Steve Morse was successful in bringing a new sound to old classics. Whether this is a good or bad thing is a matter of viewpoint; however, the recordings I have heard across multiple performances demonstrate that Satriani abandoned his own style in favor of trying to keep the guitar in synch with Purple’s recorded versions. He admitted to as much in other interviews. Had he managed to go all out and bring the Satriani Sound to the group, it could have been very interesting.

    Second, Satriani is a solo artist used to playing two-plus-hour shows of guitar madness. His music rarely has vocals since his guitar does the singing. His phrasing takes the place of the singer, and it is very easy to see the “vocal line” his guitar takes as opposed to “solos”. Satriani would never have been happy strumming along while Gillan sang verse after verse, and without the ‘Joe Sound’ unleashing in the old numbers, the guitar took a ‘tribute’ role. That would never have worked in the studio with new material as Joe tried to second guess “What Would Ritchie do?”

    As a huge Satriani fan–and as a guitar player–I can testify to the fact that Satriani is a musician’s musician and an amazing composer who COULD have brought a unique element to Purple–and maybe in time it would have come about. But, time was something that Purple were not willing to invest when results were questionable given the circumstances–with some of the circumstances being the contractual situation.

    It just wasn’t worth wading through the red tape when all parties concerned likely saw that the result probably would not be worth the sacrifices. In the end, it’s just as well since Satriani has put out some amazing albums since his short stint in Deep Purple.

  4. 4
    andre sihotang says:

    He is just a substitute player, not a real deep purple guitarist. I don’t know why phrase “Mark 6” appear??

  5. 5
    Robert Daems says:

    I totally agree with ‘T’.

    Satriani is a great guitar player, I recently have seen him in concert in Arnhem. His show doesn’t need any lyrics.

    However, when I saw him play with Purple it gave me a lot of pleasure. The other guys had a lot more fun than they had with Ritchie Blackmore being on stage.
    It also was the first time in years that all guitar notes were played and where the guitarist was on stage during the whole gig.
    I was listening to the NEC recording the other day, and despite the fact that Blackmore is a great guitarist, it’s not a complete band you hear.
    Jon had to fill in a lot of gaps with his hammond and Blackmore is very often not there. (You can also see this on the “Come Hell or High Water” video.)
    If you read through the credits on the Purpendicular sleeve you see that Deep Purple thank Joe to get them over the bridge, and they welcome Steve to discover what’s across it.
    All three guys are great guitarists, but Ritchie is a selfish bastard, Joe is a great, friendly guy who is better of playing solo. Steve is bringing a very good element to the band as a whole. The synergy is best with Steve.

  6. 6
    Roberto says:

    Satriani is good but I am happy with Morse which has a more different style than Satriani from Blackmore…

  7. 7
    AndreA says:

    Sometimes Morse remember to me T.Bolin,Don’t you?
    I mean mainly the sound of guitar,not the style…

    I saw him along a part of TBRO Tour at Genova,Italy.
    he was really great…
    they played on stage also a piece from SURFING WITH THE ALIEN (Satch Boogie).

    it was very NICE too see Paice Glover Lord to be involved into this amusement on stage!

    cìn cìn

  8. 8
    AndreA says:

    Oh sure,
    JS is a “monster” at all,and with his guitar is a free man that decide he wants…

    it is normal he leaved DP,nobody care it,everybody (this is my opinion) is glad to him when he replaced RB,the real unreliable man…

    so…I agree with Robert Daems and T.

    satriani sure enjoied to stay with DP,he loved this as the same he loved to play with Mick Jagger and many others great musicians..

    RB loves to sleep into his castles,with his fairy and with his poor minstrels of the sad Middle Ages….

    thanks to satriani!

  9. 9
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Thank-you Mr. Satriani for bridging the Blackmore/Morse eras. I never had the opportunity to see you perform with Deep Purple, but did see you open for them, along with Thin Lizzy, years ago. Awesome show! I only wish you had taken the stage for at least one song with Deep Purple. You’re very talented and I enjoy your work. Be well. 🙂

  10. 10
    Stephen B says:

    I never heard Satriani play with Deep Purple either, but to simply dismiss him as some of you as a “substitute” is a little harsh. He sounds as if he was respectful of the sound, and all the guys in the band were on record as saying that he was instrumental in their discovering that there was life after Blackmore.

    Also, to call him a “weird guitar twiddler” is doing him a disservice. Without Satriani filling in, there would probably be no Deep Purple today. He sounds like it was fun, but he had his own thing to do, and we all should thank him.

  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Quite funny but in the end very frustrating to see time and time again people discrediting themselves when trying to prove RB sucked at the end of DP they think that show of the NEC does the trick.
    That they use that one to prove their point speaks volumes about their insights.

    And again it s time to lower themselves to the level where thy try to belittele RB as a person

    Sometimes the masks fall off.

    Maybe JS had a lot of sense when he realised there sno way you can replace someone like RB

  12. 12
    dpprpl says:

    Listen to Stuttgart ’93

    Best live Deep Purple cd of the past 15 years!

    Next year it will be the best live DP cd of the past 16 years and so on…

    The Mule reworked is something Purple has forgotten how to do (mainly because the one doing that was almost always RB)
    In the hall of the mountain king!
    the middle section solo of Knocking!
    ANYA!!!! best DP (and all of rock?) solo of the past 15 years

    btw, the goat of that recording is IG.

    MK 6 is no Mark, JS was a guest guitarist for a tour.

    and he is very wise to state why he couldn’t stay.
    All the other people here can’t stand that he is praising RB. Then again, of course the music business is complicated. YEEEEEAAAAAAAH IT IS!
    JS is his own man and if he ever decided to stay, then he would have. It’s not like he was an unknown puppet. Obviously, as HE says it, he took a lot of time developing his name. If it had been another band, maybe he could have done it, but not with DP mainly because he admires Ritchie.

    SM decided to take the job, he could have easily said No
    as well. He has made his records and has left his mark and presence felt. His DP era is really good. I do prefer RB’s stuff played by RB. However, SM stuff is more than very legit.

    BTW, IG started singing more controlled since Morse’s arrival and the new songs in a different key, so the improvement is there on immediately as far as vocals go. He says he became happy and I believe it!

    Ritchie was an asshole only to him for taking disregard of his job by forgetting lyrics, not being able to hit the high notes (and it’s not the age! Listen to DIO nd he is older than IG, Coverdale can still sing too, but he is also behind from his past) In fact, nowadays IG is screaming better than 15 years ago! It was the bad blood between those 2.

    Now we can all enjoy a 21st century schizoid DP,
    and a 16th century man in black.

  13. 13
    stefan says:


    `Bout Stuttgart `93….Blind,dumb and tonedeaf is no way to go throgh life,son!

  14. 14
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I disagree with T, but what else is new?

    I actually met up with Satch and the Purps with Morse and talked to him about it myself, among other times on the phone, T.
    Believe what you want about contracts but it seems you know nothing about who is the slave and who is the master concerning them… he would have been sued for as much or even more money than Purple would had they called it a day when Ritchie bailed in mid tour.
    I study contract law, FYI.

    Plus, I also disagree about how he would have recorded with them in the studio, lets just say it would have likely been very much in the Purpendicular vein, which followed the Gillan and Glover AOP line of ideas and varied approach, completely dropping 75% of the classic Purple cliche’s and moving on… Purpendicular and AOP are albums quite like ‘Flying In A Blue Dream’ in their eclectic approach… this is not necessarily just my opinion, it’s Joe’s, Roger and Steve’s as well.

    As I said, “stock comment” from Joe, you know, one of those rehearsed speaches in case he is asked… usually he’d rather play up to the ghost than get into all the red tape, he paid homage to the music of DP and Blackmore and thats what he’d like to remember most about it, and he did an amazing job.

    Man, the things missing Ritchie can do to the mind.

  15. 15
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Try his version of KAYBD, before you talk about unwilling to “penetrate.” Or perhaps his pedal solo in CIT.

  16. 16
    andre sihotang says:

    I love both Blackmore and Morse. They are different but they made Deep Purple great. There’s no problem who is wrong, who is the loser, who is the saviour, who’s to blame, who’s the best, or anything else. It is just about personality. But I am here to hear Deep Purple music, not to criticize someone’s personality. That is Deep Purple story, let alone it. Now I’m waiting for Deep Purple mk8’s new album (and new set list, should contain more Morse era songs than Blackm’ era, coz’ only Mr.B can play MKII tunes better.) Steve make these his own, but I hope he realize that he is also a songwriter in Deep Purple.

    Satriani not a real DP guitarist. But he’s one of the best guitarist ever. Thanks to him.

  17. 17
    CE-Music says:

    I fully agree on your statement about Stuttgart `93 I consider it one of the best live albums ever made by Deep Purple…probably second to “Made in Japan”…but that maybe also a matter of taste…With Morse they never reached that energy level…They are having fun now…which is good for them and the fans since the band continued due to that…
    But I never was as revited as I was by MKII…But I also don’t have to fear any more that the gig will last only half an hour or that there no guitar afterwards…even though I never experienced that my-self
    and I agree on your statement about Gillan vs. Blackmore…and his much different approach to singing since Morse joined the Band…which is due to the different approach of writing I guess…together as band…
    Unforunately I never saw them with Satch…but judging from their solo work I am quite happy Morse took the spot….

  18. 18
    Roberto says:

    stuttgart ’93 is wonderful but the bootlegs: Bucharets ’98, Pistoia ’99, Argentina ’05 are really wonderful too….among the best gigs they ever played…

  19. 19
    AndreA says:

    This post,this new Strange Kind Of Rainbow,mean that we all miss RB on a rock Band..

    Poor RB…what a disgusting..

  20. 20
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Ritchie told Jurgen to go on and do ‘Over The Rainbow’ and gave him encouragement.

  21. 21
    T says:

    Regarding #12, dpprpl, you hit it on the money. I have said in the past that this particular show is a highlight of anything Purple has done in their career. I took the highlights of the NEC and Stuttgart shows, mixed and spliced them together including making a very long extended “Paint It Black” from both shows and came up with something that rivals “Made in Japan” in places.

    As for Crimson Ghost, there is no point in hashing it out once more with an intolerant intransigent, a student of every discipline and the know-all see-all end-all of everything Purple or otherwise. There is no competing with omniscience and such an intellectual giant.

    I respect his opinion as everyone is entitled to one. But that is all it is. An opinion. It is best for all concerned to learn the difference between an opinion and a fact. We can extrapolate a conclusion or formulate a thesis from a set of facts, but it’s still just theory–an opinion–and I have opinions of my own.

    As any law student knows, contracts are broken every day. Sometimes it is because of vague language. This is called “a loophole.” Sometimes it is through mutual termination. The bottom line is if Purple wanted Satriani in the same way that the various members of MkII wanted to reunite with each other in 1984, DESPITE their contractual obligations, they could have gotten him, just as Purple wanted Gillan and Glover and violated THEIR contracts with the Episode Six management in 1969. Capisce? No one was sued, and everyone walked away happy. That’s called “negotiation”.

    Satriani, for reasons we know and for other reasons we don’t, was not right for Purple and everyone knew it–or they would have gotten him. What were they going to say? “Satriani just didn’t cut it with us.” They would have more respect for him than that. It’s much easier to say “Contractual dispute”. Speaking of stock answers!

    He helped Purple out of a jam and it was evident he wasn’t The One for DP. If the man has been saying the same thing since ’95, maybe there is something to it and we can take him at his word.

    Ghost speaks of “stock answers” but picks and chooses only those stock answers that best illustrate his point.

    I’m not a lawyer and don’t claim to be a legal expert. But I have had practical experience representing people on legal issues, and I work under a contract. A contract is not the final word, hence the phrase, “Getting out from under a contract.”

    Satriani was not right for DP. “Period.”

  22. 22
    Crimson Ghost says:

    “Satriani was not right for DP. “Period.””

    Talk about ‘opinions’ by 100% definition, thanks for expressing it as if it’s some sort of fact, good on you.

    Getting out of a contract involving hundreds of thousands of dollars can be easy, trying to win the lawsuit they slap on you is complicated, so quit trying to simplify things, it just makes you look like a misguided preacher… really, you need to keep that practice where it belongs, as we aren’t your students… it’s time you remembered that and stop acting as if it applies here. I’m not telling you what to do, just suggesting a better way of opining.

    It’s not my opinion that Satriani left because of contractual reasons, it’s a fact… remember, he wasn’t asked here as to why he did not continue with them, he was merely asked about how it felt to be in Ricthie’s shoes… another “fact.” This is all… I added that people might be confused about that, if you read all of what I wrote, instead of just what fires you off at me.

    Back to him leqaving, you sound like you don’t know what went down at all… he signed for a tour of Japan, which we all know consists of a small amount of dates. He was then asked to continue, and he was only able to commit to the European dates they had lined up, otherwise it would have been over after Japan, but he stretched it as far as he could because he was having the time of his life with them and didn’t want it to end.

    This piece only talks about how he felt about the ‘replacement’ factor, nothing more is explained.

    Btw, all the rubbish you go out of your way to add about “There is no competing with omniscience and such an intellectual giant.” Really shows where your head is at, so thanks for sharing.
    (reading between the lines is your mistake)

  23. 23
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Btw, for the courtesy of the preacher/teacher, all should recognize the typo, but in case it’s seen as something else, like a spelling error, “leqaving” is actually spelled l-e_a_v_i_n-g. LOL!

    My proof reading leaves a lot to desire, but at least I’m responsible for it, instead of some smug educator these days. Tee Hee!

  24. 24
    Tracy Heyder says:

    OK then….

    Let’s stop quivering about who is right or wrong for Purple. It’s this simple…..whoever got the job would be right and that is who we would be listening to. We will never know the difference, because Joe never got to record a new record with the band. This is where I stand on the whole argument that exists regarding whether or not the present line-up is the real deal or not. It’s a mute subject. Remember when Ritchie left the first time? JOE WALSH was one of the sought after guitarists to replace him……..I love Joe Walsh, BUT. NO FRIGGIN’ WAY!! But then, you never know. It would have been, if that was the choice and that is what we would have known then. Who’s to say? THE BAND, that’s who. The rest is up to us. The fans who either dig it, or not.

    Now, in all actuality, I have to agree with the fact that the ‘Satch’ era doesn’t constitute as an officially recognized MK. He was an interim replacement in an emergency, while on tour. He never recorded a studio record with the band and never wrote one note of music for a song for the band. This is where I hold my account on the ‘legitimacy’ of a band.

    That being said, I do appreciate the fact that when “Satch” hired on for the “Bail Out”, they played my favorite tune from “Battle Rages On”……’Ramshackle Man’. This is the most “Purple Song” from the album and should be played today. A great ‘uptempo Bluesy Tune’. This is the only line-up to play this. Other than that, Joe was a great filler, learned the songs in an extremely quick amount of time, and like it or not, could have easily been the permanent replacement. I was actually hoping for ‘Gary Moore’ (MK9 mabe?) but am totally pleased with Steve Morse. MK7 and 8 is HIS, and it totally works. I don’t think there should be a MK6. It’s like an elevator that doen’t recognize the 13th floor. It’s there, BUT.


  25. 25
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I found him very “right” for the job, especially when I heard him play with them. Can’t think of many that would be as right, and I still don’t think Morse is right for them when it comes to the classics, in fact I can leave that over taking it because I’d rather hear the guitar solos going with the rest of the band and following the actual melody of the song instead of unorthadox widdling, but his material with them is another story, so I’ll always be 50/50 there. It doesn’t mean I think it’s not Purple, but the whole Purple/Dregs combo only appeals to me when it’s exactly that. Classic Purple combined with Dregs does not appeal to me much at all, so when listening to them live these days I only listen to the first half of the shows and I’m satisfied, even if a classic or two is in there, the rest is what I’m interested in, and that works so well that I don’t miss anything concerning not listening to the classics. Seeing them live works a little better, I just pay less attention as the show wears on and it gives me a chance to mellow out before hitting the road home or to the hotel bar in most cases.

    Back to topic, after a tad bit of nastiness because someone fires off at me without reading every word I wrote and interpreting it properly… I maintain that not reading all of my first post is where the reply to what I said was misguided.
    This is not about why he actually didn’t continue with them, it’s about how he felt about replacing the “famous guy,” at the time and since then, nothing more. But I just added that it might confuse people, and it surely looks like it did confuse someone, or at least a line of it did…. the rest was obviously glossed over.

    Yes Joe learned the songs very fast, he practiced to a tape of half a show, complete with spots where Ritchie could not be heard because he was playing selectively more and more to the increasing annoyance of the others. Then when he arrived in Japan, they went through the set once and did the show that night, amazing for someone who only practiced half of the numbers and only rehearsed with them once. (I have the show and it’s a cracker, in fact I have every circulated audio and video boot from the tour, which makes up nearly all of the shows and I still enjoy listening to them)

  26. 26
    Nero says:

    He’s not my favorite DP guitarist,.. that are Tommy & Ritchie but his quote is brilliant though showing the comitment to ride the wave,… not boost it.

    Even Satriani can ride the DP wave though I prefer nowadays “mister toothpaste smile” who makes more of a difference and not only rides the was,… also boosts it.

  27. 27
    Roberto says:

    Tommy Bolin and Blackmore are my favourite guitar players ever…but Morse has been the right guy for some years.Now it’s time to change something in the band.In reality we all love Deep purple even for their changments that bring every time new life and adventures…I hope for a new MK…thay have become boring..while Gillan,my hero, looks tired…

  28. 28
    T says:

    Purple chose Joe Satriani to help them maintain their touring schedule following the abrupt departure of Ritchie Blackmore. They chose Satriani because of his personality and his status as a guitar god–a well-known name with a reputation for guitar playing on a world-wide level. Rather than start auditioning guitarists, which would take time, they went with someone they knew and someone the audience knew. “It was the easiest thing in the world to step into it.” It was a ready-made relationship that would perpetuate the band and tell Blackmore to stick it at the same time.

    Although Satriani played well, it just didn’t work out. It happens. Satriani was self-conscious about Blackmore’s legendary status and how to approach the music. “I couldn’t get over Ritchie…the ghost of Ritchie Blackmore on my shoulder all the time.” This is borne out by the exceptionally competent but cautious performances, many of which closely resemble or do not stray far from recorded versions or the philosophy of the time. The shows are well-played, but Satriani was unwilling to provide an element that would elevate him from being merely a temp to an integral part of the band. In short, Satriani was unable to inject his own style and direction into Purple music in the same way that Morse would eventually do, or in the same way that Tommy Bolin did. There is no reason to expect that would be any different on a new album. “I’d be finally joining a ‘real band’ and putting all this ‘crazy music’ aside.” The “crazy music” is what would have be incorporated into Purple in order for Satriani to be successful–the way Morse and Bolin were. Had Satriani been able to incorporate sounds like “Super Colossal,” “Crowd Chant” and “The Extremist,” among many, many others, it would have been a shade of Purple unlike any other–modern, spacy, and heavy, and in line with the level of Blackmore’s legacy. “Cool #9” would have fit right in alongside “Lazy”. The problem was that Satriani felt like he was stepping on someone’s grave in the process.

    The contention that Satriani was not a permanent fixture merely due to contractual obligations is pure, utter, unadulterated, asinine and ridiculous NONSENSE. Some speak of not buying into “stock answers,” but “contractual obligations” is the biggest “stock answer” next to “artistic differences.” If this were the ultimate problem, it would have been easy to say so–and leave it at that.

    Instead, Satriani opened up about a more psychological aspect of the problem–and it is very good of him to discuss it as it makes for interesting listening and reading. Any argument to the contrary presupposes that Satriani is a liar. In #1, the poster brought up the fact that Satriani had been saying the guitarist had trouble with “the ghost of Ritchie Blackmore” since 1995. That is a long time to perpetuate an untruth.

    It’s easy and convenient to just claim being a student of contractual law–or being any kind of authority–to further an argument. Any pre-law student knows that contracts can be a modified via an addendum or through mutual agreement. Most contracts provide provisions for termination in the event that one party cannot fulfill the contract. Usually, there are consequences involved and that is where additional negotiation is required. If you have ever traded a car in before it was paid, broke a lease, sold a house with a mortgage, or quit a salaried job, you have broken a contract. The reality is that circumstances will come up in the course of life that necessitate amendments, changes, and provisions.

    Bottom line: If Satriani were right for Purple, he would have been a permanent fixture in the band. The ‘contractual obligation’ theory just does not hold water, especially in light of Satriani’s OWN WORDS.

    Note: IF Satriani WAS THE ONE, it COULD have been WORKED OUT. THAT IS NOT TO SAY UNFULFILLED CONTRACTS WERE NOT A STUMBLING BLOCK. To leave things as they were, with no negiation of any kind, then yes–a lawsuit would likely be pending. Purple managed it when they reformed.

    I find the objection to my use of the word “period” amusing. Some have used it ad nauseum with impunity, as if they wre the final authority of a given topic.

    I’m offended that some people find my profession objectionable. Yes, I’m an educator–and it took eight years of university study to become one and I’ve been one for 20 years. I’m proud of what I do and have helped many go on to lead productive lives, including becoming anything from other educators to becoming a nuclear physicist. Personal attacks on what I choose to do for a living is a cheap shot and has no place in this forum.

  29. 29
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I completely follow you there, T

    But why no comment some time ago when I asked you about your myspace?

  30. 30
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Not attacking you T, I’m merely educating you somewhat and you just don’t like it, nothing more.(not that any of it is actually important, but you’re here too)
    You have to understand that you’re infiltrating a hard core fan base here, and using your profession as an approach to people who’ve been visiting this website since 1993 when you likely didn’t even have an internet account yet is becoming increasingly annoying and seems to be about nothing but you in the end, really.

    Now, allow me to guide you once again concerning what you don’t know.
    It’s okay to be wrong, deal with it, don’t be offended… isn’t that something you’d like your students to practice in life?

    First of all, saying that someones opinion, theory, or even proven facts are ridiculous is easily as “assinine” but you knew that already, right? But if so you wouldn’t be so defensive.
    As I said, “deal with it.”

    The idea to get Joe was not even remotely Deep Purple’s.
    It was “Udo” the famed Japanese promoter who was putting on the tour, he said and I quote, in case you claim it as another “theory,” I will only be interested if you got Jeff Beck or Joe Satriani, now I don’t know if thats a fact but it’s published by Roger, and he said he’d give them both a shot… directly called Jeff Beck and asked him, and for the second time he turned down a formal invitation to play with them, saying simply, sorry mate, not my cup of tea… so of course he then called Joe… no managers involved yet beyond the feeler that was put out to them by Bruce, so Joe was not surprised at that point to hear from him.
    His first comment to Joe was as follows… ‘Your’e a great guitarist, but the problem is you need a great band’ so you see it was Udo who would have had to sue his friends if they didn’t come up with one of those two players, but you make it sound as if it was their idea.

    It always helps your case when you were around and following their progress at the time, but you’re all hearsay over a decade later.
    I’m just pointing out some facts that you insist on being short of and calling it more from your opinion. Our opinions tend to drive for us, but one’s might be a bit on the self centered side.

    Remember, I’m not chastising you for being wrong, you’re just wrong and thats okay, but don’t come after me for being right, just absorb the facts for once and stop preaching.
    Being an educator is very commending and I respect that and your opinion, it’s when you try to educate myself and many others here without knowing some very tangible facts that I feel is unnecessary.
    I am educated enough myself, thank you, and I do mean academically.
    My wife also a doctor, so my assinine self is a great case study? LOL!

    Lighten up tiger, it’s okay to stand corrected, isn’t that a fact?
    All I go after is what you publish here and how you go about it, not you yourself sir, but you’re so easily offended because your approach is more important to you than the truth about whats gone down.
    I only said something about being an educator because you use it for leverage all the time and I find it annoying because it’s so unnecessary, especially when people here know more about the greater scheme of it all.
    I see you as trying to lead something that can’t be lead by you or anyone, so the way you come off about it all is where I come in… and try and make good understanding of the lol acronym, it goes a long way in showing light of heaviness. If you did that we wouldn’t be stretching this. Just some friendly advice.

    So it’s not you T, it’s your approach thats irritating, the rest about you is solid as far as I’m concerned, don’t sweat the petty stuff, just pet the sweaty stuff. LOL!

    Btw, I only use the word “period” when it comes to published trivial facts, you used it concerning your opinion, there is a difference you know, but I’d say you fire off too quickly without interpreting or possibly even reading every word of my posts, and thats biting your own ass.


  31. 31
    Crimson Ghost says:

    One more thing… who are you to say what does and doesn’t have a place in this forum, which is actually a blog, not a forum.
    Plenty of your approach can be debated on that plateau as well, so your hypocrisy is a bit puzzling, as it can tend to be.
    Just untite, don’t try and be the zoo leader, none of us are beneath one another.

  32. 32
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Not to dwell, but Satriani’s “own words” here, have nothing to do with why he didn’t continue with them, it sticks directly to the obvious question and thats “how he felt” not why he left in the end.

    To speculate that is not a crime, but it doesn’t cancel the fact that your are indeed speculating as I predicted some would in my first post here, T. But just as sure as the party that interviewed him in this case, I have talked to him about it myself and credit myself with his “own words” to me, and unlike them, I directly asked him the question they didn’t.
    Now you can go on and try to discredit that, but it is what it is, truthfully.

  33. 33
    T says:

    Larry, I hammered you pretty hard in a post that I just deleted. It was good therapy to write it, but in the end I could not hit the “post” button because it is out of character for me to go off like that, and I think it would have disappointed a lot of people on this site had I done it. I simply do not want to say something that I cannot take back.

    I do not believe I am wrong and I stick by what I said. I’m also unsure of whether or not you actually understood my point. Be that as it may. We’ll have to agree to disagree–once again.

    This all reminds me of a movie called “The Enemy Below” in which an American destroyer pounds on a German U-Boot. The two had mutual respect for each other, and in a different reality, the two could have been great friends. I suspect that that is the case here.

    I’ll let it go at that.

  34. 34
    T says:

    To PurplePriest:

    I had no idea you asked me about my myspace page. I must have missed your question, and for that I do apologize. The page no longer exists, but if you would like to ask again, feel free to do so. 🙂

  35. 35
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Well T, what I’ve been on about here is at the usual risk myself, and I seriously did not mean to offend your opinion or your occupation, thats why I used the “lol’s” and could have used a few more of them. I just want unity and it’s hard to come by with someone who is obviously used to giving lessons to people and makes no effort that I can tell to follow discussions, but rather lead them, probably just because you’re used to it, as I am with the way I post.
    I’ve done the same when it comes you you ya know, and yes, not hitting the send button is the best idea and it is good therapy, I agree.

    All apologies, as I’d rather get along and share the good fortune of information, and even recordings with you as much as I do anyone else, and I’d even be quite happy to send you some stuff, but I have no platform for that because you don’t seem to be into trading practices and don’t have any other place I know of on the net to contact you, other than myspace of course, so perhaps I’ll send you a friend request and provided the time, perhaps we can chat more openly.

    Can’t remember printing my name here, but maybe some have mentioned it, but it’s not important, I know I’m not actually an internet ghost, lol!

  36. 36
    Crimson Ghost says:

    After reading your post to priest, I see you’re no longer at myspace, perhaps youtube would be a better idea?

  37. 37
    Mark Davis says:

    If Morse quits and goes back to Dregs full time, Gillan Glover and Paice should hire either John Norum or Richie Kotzen. That’s who I was hoping they were going to hire back in 1994.

  38. 38
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Just get one of them and they wouldn’t need Morse or Gillan, lol! Both of those guys can sing pretty well imo.

  39. 39
    blackmorse says:

    This really doesn´t belong here, but as afore mentioned I also think that Morse composes very much like Bolin. I´ll have an indepth look at that soon(Ted the Mechanic compared to Owed to “G” is one example)..or maybe someone could open a tread at the THS forum? Is it just because they both are from USA or what.
    I saw Satch with the Purps in Esbjerg and that was great fun and lotsa old/new songs. They should have made an album.

  40. 40
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Agreed… and it doesn’t seem fair to say he shouldn’t of because of something like not being right in ones mind, especially before they even tried.
    “He” may not have been right for them according to the opinion of some, but his guitar playing skills more than qualified him either way, so that opinion is quite arguable and then some.

  41. 41
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi T

    I slipped

    I meant that when I click on your T I see a YouTube which puzzles me


  42. 42
    T says:


    The ‘T’ goes to my YouTube page. That is correct.

    …and finally a holiday. Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it and best wishes to those who don’t!

  43. 43
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Cheers, not only Thanksgiving, but my Birthday as well, same day as Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee and others… I always play Hendrix on the 27th.

  44. 44
    AndreA says:

    My birthday is the same as Don Airey,
    21th june!

    I am gemini,like JON LORD


  45. 45
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Always confused about that astrology thing
    Was it the 21st or the 22 th the next sign begins?

    I m ARIES like Ritchie and JS Bach

    Cant be bad…..

    Although my other part is Libra and in China I m a wood snake
    What does it all mean?

  46. 46
    Tracy Heyder says:

    It means exactly what you want it to mean. Kind of like finding logic in living in the past…….

    As far as the SATCH thing. As with whom ever is the “Chosen One”, it would work. Deep Purple is comprised of 5 incredible musicians whom have chosen to continue the legacy of something that was stared in 1968 by 5 very gifted individuals and has spawned some incredible music, not only from Deep Purple, but from those whom left and those whom replace. When one listens to any of the music from any one talent whom has graced the membership of this great band, it is no wonder that they are as vibrant as they are. Look at all the separate projects that were there before, during and after Deep Purple. Satriani’s music prior and after his short stint with Purple is incredible to say the least. I was a fan prior to his Purple venture as I was Steve Morse. My band, LOzT CAUz did 2 songs from Satriani….’Cool No. 9′ and ‘Summersong’, both prior to his Purple Daze. Steve Morse’s records with the ‘Dreggs’ along with his solo stuff is incredible.

    I hope someday they do a G-3 tour together. I know Steve already guested once with the gang, but a total tour with Him, Satch and Vai as the main 3 would be incredible and just think of the possibilities of the 3 jamming Purple related stuff. All 3 are connected to Purple now. Vai from Whitesnake and the other 2 from Purple….WOW!!!!!

    Anyway, sorry I got lost in the giddiness of all this…BUT,
    my point being….It has all worked thus far, and of course, along the way there are those whom have their preference. That’s OK. As long as Purple Reigns…….I’ll leave the Reigncoat home and get drenched in the flood of it all…..


  47. 47
    AndreA says:


    sometimes 21th of june is the first but I know that also 22th is the first when the year is leap..or vice versa.

    sometime 21 is gemini,othertime is cancer

    but at the end it all does not mean anything to me..I don’t believe in zodiac…

  48. 48
    Sami says:

    For once I agree with Tracy : well put on the DP-part. Don’t like Vai’s guitar masturbation though, but was fortunate enough to witness the incredible Robert Fripp on G3-tour a few years back. Unique talent!!

    In Chinish signs I’m a Metal Pig….or was it Foreskin, I’m
    not quite sure. Well, I’m a little bit drunk, so forgive me, ladies & playboys. Take care.

  49. 49
    AndreA says:

    I liked Steve Vai with Davidi Lee Roth,real amusement (to me of course).. Instead of,Steve Vai with “Whitesnake” was not good to me….no no no…

    David Lee Roth/Steve Vai was maximum expression of the fun of casino and the musical colors.

    “Bright lights, city lights…”

  50. 50
    Sami says:

    That’s right, AndreA : Eat ’em and smile was a fantastic album, and with Sheehan & Bissonette on bass and drums you really can’t go wrong.

    Have a good weekend, cheers

  51. 51
    AndreA says:

    Cheers Sami..
    Eat’em and smile is great (but too short! gggrr!!)
    Skyscraper was good but…mmm…

    thank you Sami


  52. 52
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Saw one of the ‘Skyscraper Gigs’. what a show. I actually much preferred Roth’s solo stuff over his Halen stuff. Vai is a true phenomenon. Call it ‘masturbation’ if you like, but he is ‘masterful at it…..


  53. 53
    AndreA says:

    Well said Tracy!

    I remember (wow) when me too I went (wow) to a concert to see them on SKYSCRAPER (wow) tour here in italy..

    Hey Milanaaanooo
    how you feeeeeelll!?
    wow wau waaaaauuuuuu

    that wonderful pair!

  54. 54
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Hey, I’m ‘Just a Gigolo’…..and those were ‘Good Times’….


  55. 55
    Jackie says:

    As I have said in the past – Dont dwell on the past. Whats the point of arguing over who is best guitarist and contracts etc. It was so long ago.

    DP aren’t getting any younger and wont be around forever so lets stop the bitching and just enjoy them now while we still can.

  56. 56
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    It don’t get much plainer and simpler than that…..

    Right On Jackie…..It’s what I’ve been sayin’ for a lllllllooooooonnnnnggggg time, but I get smacked by the ‘Blackmore Worshippers’.

    Good Luck.


  57. 57
    purplepriest1965 says:

    The past

    How convenient!

    1 hour ago , thats THE PAST too

    Its all relative

    If you like or want it too

    But saying something is not worthy cause it s from the past?

    Do you agree then that they should get rid of most of the MK 2 setlist?

    I think you do

    I d agree that that would trigger my attention and even go through the annoyance again having to hear HIM

    You must be really sad that they still rely to much on the past and not playing all that everlasting exiting Morse era tracks.

    You re not?

    I m confused?

    No, you are.

  58. 58
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    NO LONG STANDING BAND relies strictly on their newer material after they have promoted it with a tour. They always fill the set list with what ‘the masses’, not the ‘purists’ want to hear. The majority of people whom purchase tickets at concerts want to hear their favorite or familiar songs. It’s the nature of the majority of concert goers. They want to sing and airguitar and airdrum to their favorite tunes…..

    That being said….OF COURSE I would much rather they totally change up the set list and play mostly the newer material and jam their asses off on ‘Sun goes Down’. We have one thing in common you and I. WE ARE TRUE LONG TIME FANS. That puts us in a different category than the majority of the concert attendees. What We Want would not sit well with the ‘Basic Casual Purple Listener’. It’s that simple. The Band Knows IT and that is where they draw the line.

    I do believe though (and I have stressed this Roger a multitude of times), that they should play at least 20 songs, and of the 20 half should be from MK7 and MK8. I truly believe it would go over tremendously well and they would give more credence to the present. I’ve stressed this many times before also on this site. You just don’t seem to remember…..hmmmm.


    That being said….OF COURSE I would much rather they totally change up the set list and play mostly the newer material and jam their asses off on ‘Sun goes Down’. We have one thing in common you and I. WE ARE TRUE LONG TIME FANS. That put’s us in a different catatgory than the majority of the concert attendees. What We Want would not sit well with the ‘Basic Casual Purple Listener’. It’s that simple. The Band Knows IT and that is where they draw the line.

    I do believe though (and I have stressed this Roger a multitude of times), that they should play at least 20 songs, and of the 20 half should be from MK7 and MK8. I truly believe it would go over tremendously well and they would give more credence to the present. I’ve stressed this many times before also on this site. You just don’t seem to remember…..hmmmm.


  59. 59
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    sorry for the duplicate paragraphs…….

  60. 60
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I dont remember that it was you I responded to.

  61. 61
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    You didn’t clarify…I wasn’t sure…so I took an interest…..

    Either way, what do you think of my point? Huh? We can come to terms on some issues, I’m sure.

  62. 62
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I dont think so
    One moment you re trying to become friends or something like that
    The other you re back into your kicking game

  63. 63
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Awe shucks……and I thought we were breaking ground.

    ‘Zero the Hero’ is kinda like the song ‘Dirty Laundry’ by the Eagles…..”Kick ’em when they’re up, kick when they’re down……..”

    Cheers anyway.

  64. 64
    tony says:

    I agree with what he says and believe him 100%. Steve Morse has turned his career into being the replacement for RB – at least that’s the public’s perception.

  65. 65
    purplepriest1965 says:

    When will be the day people say Steve Morse is or was THE guitarplayer of Deep Purple, just because he served more years than Ritchie in the band?

  66. 66
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Hmmmmm. Last time I checked…Steve Morse IS THE ONLY GUITARIST Deep Purple has. And has been for the past 15 years.

    What is so hard to understand? When Coverdale took over, HE WAS THE SINGER for Deep Purple. When your coveted JLT took Gillan’s spot, HE WAS THE SINGER for Deep Purple and if he continued until today, HE WOULD STILL BE the singer for Deep Purple….(thank god that isn’t the case).

    All this quibbling about Morse is amazing. Your coveted Man in Black Bailed Out, remember? The Band Didn’t. They found a superb guitarist to take the reigns and changed the course of a sinking ship, powering the sails with his own style of play which has taken them to a happier and actually much more successful place in their life, and we get to continue to enjoy Deep Purple. You still have Ritchie. Go crank-up some that Candice Night stuff that Ritchie is a session player for…..


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