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MkII reunion rumour denied


Radio London claimed last week that the “original Deep Purple lineup” would reunite later this year for three shows at London’s O2 Arena. The news were made public on Danny Baker’s show and the were widely understood as a MkII reunion announcement. Not surprisingly, this started the whole whirlpool of rumours on and off the ‘net. Blackmore’s management quickly responded to the rumours by saying, “It is not happening and it is not going to happen.” So there you have it.

Thanks to The Rainbow Fanclan Legacy, Blabbermouth.net, Jerry Bloom, Mike Garrett and many others for the info.

152 Comments to “MkII reunion rumour denied”:

  1. 1
    69 says:

    Funny, that I get to read the denials before the actual rumours these days. 🙂

    Seriously though, the part about the 02 arena should have made things obvious from right from the start.

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Yet it is too late for April Fool’s day though……….

    Well, I m not losing any sleep on it.
    Like some would like to think……….


    Ofcourse I ll be there if things happen……….

    Well, hopefully I will………

    Maybe it’s time to pull some strings already……….

    I have to write someone close to the fire……..

    You know who you are………

  3. 3
    George says:

    And what does the DP management say?
    If BN’s manager denied this info, this doesn’t mean anything for Ritchie. in 1976 Ritchie left DEEP PURPLE – the greatest band at that time, because he wanted so…
    and if he wants to reunite with Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice (and if MK II members want to reunite) Ritchie will leave Blackmore’s Night…

    BN’s manager’s announcement is not as reliable as DP managements one will be.


  4. 4
    Maximiliano says:

    The miracle is possible!!
    we love blackmore

  5. 5
    stoffer says:

    quit freakin’ dreamin’ aingonnaappen

  6. 6
    jaro says:

    Imagine -sung J.Lennon 🙂

  7. 7
    R says:

    I hope!
    MK II – The greatest band ever!

  8. 8
    rich t says:

    i hope not. 3 gigs would mean someone not being able to get a ticket. a mini tour would be preferable but then this is all pie in the sky.

  9. 9
    AndreA says:

    I’d like it..with jon also of course but I think he is more involved in his stuff…He need it,He loves it. About re-MarkII…I love only Perfect Strangers (all the songs) and The House of Blue Light. The Battle Rages On has good only the titletrack…don’t you think?

  10. 10
    Martin Cook says:

    BN Management? Don’t you mean Candice’s mum!

  11. 11
    George says:

    Candice’s mum is BN and RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S manager? :))))))))))
    loooooollll I can’t help laughing :)))

  12. 12
    George says:

    and Candice’s mum won’t let Ritchie to join DP again?
    What a ridiculous…
    RB left Even Deep Purple when he wanted so…
    And if he wants to reunite MK II he will leave BN with no problem :))

  13. 13
    R says:

    MK II forever!

  14. 14
    Cranberry says:

    Three shows at the O2?? Come on ladies!! That comment alone proves it wasnt for real.

    One night at the O2 maybe, who were they gonna get to go to the other two nights???

  15. 15
    George says:

    are you joking???

    1 500 000 people registered to buy LZ tickets in O2 (2007), and you say that DP MK II (or even MK VIII) can’t sell 60 000 tickets? 😀

  16. 16
    George says:

    Rapture of the Deep was an Arena tour, most of the shows were in the arenas with capacity of more than 10 000 people and almost all gigs during this tour were sold out. DP sold out not only theaters or little venues, but stadiums and arenas.

  17. 17
    R says:

    Deep Purple is living legend, unless Led Zeppelin is death legend. That’s way interest of their gig was enormous.
    DP do hundreds of concerts from 1984 to this day. LZ gig in O2 was the first full gig after 27 years.

    I prefer R. Albert Hall for MK 2 gig/s/.

  18. 18
    George says:


    Ok, but d’you think that DP can’t sold out 3 shows in London O2 arena? O2 arena holds just 20 000 people.
    MKII and MKVIII are able to sold out even stadium-only tour.

  19. 19
    roberto says:

    WHILE MKII IN 1994!!!
    (I know it will be difficult due Coverdale’s succes and the opposition of Gillan)

  20. 20
    George says:

    MK III??? :)))

    Ok, maybe blackmore/coverdale/hughes/Lord…. What about Paice? 😀 I bet he won’t leave DP tu reunite Mk III

  21. 21
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Deep Purple Mark II Rest In Peace!

  22. 22
    tonyminstrel says:

    they are not a perfect strangers. that’s not bad idea. reunion MKII the best group on the earth!

  23. 23
    Annemie says:

    Well said SEVEN-47 !!! I agree.

    Hi AndreA,
    Here the longest answer ever!
    Find you here after admiring your ‘face art innovation’ last blog! :o}
    I love genious Lord too! I think he is at the same time such a charming man that he always can be invited for any ocation. It would never be a problem, but a hearty pleasure! I HUMBLY believe, that considering Ritchie’s behaviour in the past would give no celebration pleasure. For ex.I watched the Journey in Rock DVD of IG, and all artists involved can speak their opinion. When you hear then how disastres Blackmore was for DP or in what shape he brought them in…their was no love or worryings from him at all for ‘his band’.(neither for his fans). Jon was so concerned that he left only after knowing DP could go on splendid in the also brilliant hands of Don! It is only my thought… Only, I don’t believe you can force people to honnestly perform and have party fun, remembering ‘fake’ good old day’s! Unless all their hearts would wish fairly love and peace..
    I adore DP now and forever!!! I’m happy with no matter what they would decide, and I’m so full of confidence that I’m never puzzling about it, only enjoying.
    Sometimes I think that people want so badly what seems unreachable , but what are they chasing for…Ritchies playing should also deserve to get honnest critic, not only nostalgic adoration.
    Anyway, I vote for my own opinion( Blackmore not needed), but I respect everyones own thoughts!
    About the cd ‘The Battle Rages On’, who is there doing that week backing-vocals anyway? I strongly suspect it is Candice but I can’t read/find/ it anywhere!For me that ruins it all. But in the live shows it was OK. I liked also Anja and Twist In The Tail very much!
    And still doing home work about TL !
    Ciao !!! 😉

  24. 24
    stefan says:

    Ain´t gonna happen….Thank god! Why? Well, the simple facts speak for themselves. I dought no one in the present DP lineup & management is interested in bringing Ritchie back! The last thing DP needs is yet another run with the man in black for a year or two, just to see him jump ship again! Yes, RB is a genius but also bonkers! If DP is to keep the credibility they´ve worked so hard for the last 15 years,they have to keep that sulking, moody primadonna out of the band! Besides….Ritchie´s apparently happy were he is a the moment….with his manhood firmly in Candice´s grip!!!

  25. 25
    drew says:

    Hey come on lets get MK I back together first!!!

    hahahah just kidding

  26. 26
    stoffer says:

    Long Live DP MK VIII, well said SEVEN 47 & Stefan, “firmly in Candice’s grip” very good…LOL

  27. 27
    George says:


    D’you really think that on TBRO Candice is on backing vocals? As I know, on studio recording Gillan is both lead and backing vocalist.
    Actually, the only thing we can blame this album, is that the vocals are mixed bad.
    Listen to it again, title track is fantastic, Twist in the Tale is so energetic, Anya is real Deep Purple classic, and Solitaire is so hard lyrically and musically.

    I think The Battle is a great DP album (as much as The House of Blue Light). I really don’t know why this two great albums (the battle & the house) we’re not critically acclaimed, reviewers rated this albums with only 2-3 stars. For me they really worth 4 stars at least.

  28. 28
    George says:

    Actually, ALL MK II albums were just great.
    the only lineup (since MK II), we can say that is great with all means, are MKVII and MKVIII.

    Purpendicular – the best and contrast album since Machine Head (even better than Perfect Strangers)

    Abandon – have you ever thought how heavy this album is? almost as heavy as In Rock.

    Bananas – the most progressive and modern album DP has ever done

    Rapture of the Deep – hard, full of energy.

    and what about live performances?
    We now can say that MKII maybe was the best on stage, but during 1992-1993 their shows was too bad (due to Ritchies mood),can you see soul of group in Come Hell DVD? no at all…they are all playing for themselves.

    In contrast, have you ever heard about ANY MKVII or MKVIII bad live performance? all their lives seems to be their best of all time. With Steve they claim that Deep Purple is a fresh, live, energetic, charismatic, full of fire band, and one of the best live band ever!

    Yeah, this is rapture of MkVII/MkVIII 🙂

  29. 29
    R says:

    MK II.

    I dont want another new album by DP. Not with Morse not with Blackmore.
    I just want last MK II reunite for faraweel.

  30. 30
    Cranberry says:

    You think a MKII reunion would fill the O2 for three nights running??

    Cast you mind back to the 1985 knebworth home coming, you know the first MKII reunion. Deep Purple, Scorpions, Meatloaf, UFO, Blackfoot……

    They only just managed 80,000 fans with that lineup!!

  31. 31
    R says:

    I think 3 nights in O2 is too much for such a not media band as Purple.
    I prefer RAH.
    Just one night and end.
    After that everyone member of the band can do what he likes – medival, r’n roll, folk, jazz, classical music. But without the name Deep Purple.
    DP is these five people togheter. Everything else is compromise.
    Let’s the final be glorious. DP is not in Uriah Heep or Nazareth division – Cheap soup opera. If they continue with compromisses they will become.

    MK II.

  32. 32
    Alex says:

    Annemie and George ,

    The BACKING- vocals on the Battle Rages On Album are INDEED from CANDICE NIGHT .I found that out when I bought the DVD Blackmore’s Night 2005.There was a biography from Candice on it, saying she did backing vocals on this album.More thrusty source we can’t get! It disturbed me terrible too, she has no voice for this.It will stay also my first and last purchase from them.
    I love this wonderfull current line up , and I agree with Stefan and most of you that nothing else has to be forced or is needed!

  33. 33
    cpt.hook says:

    I agree with most of you. there’s actually no need for a reunion. Mk VIII is doing fine and Ritchie can dance in castles.
    if Deep Puprple are considering to call it a day sometime, then there should be a big bang – one concert with all different line-ups reunited for a couple of songs. with Joe Satriani stepping in for Tommy Bolin. how about that? 😉
    starting with Mk V, Mk I, then Mk IV and Mk III. continuing with Mk VIII & VII befor closing up with Mk II doing their greatest hits. 🙂
    serious again: Deep Puple are currently in a fine shape and don’t need no …-more Black-…Night… ups!

  34. 34
    roberto says:


    Ionia Free Fairground
    June 17th 2005

    Musically, one of the better concerts I’ve ever been to was the FoxFest bash at the Ionia Fairgrounds in Ionia, Michigan, on June 17th, headlined by Deep Purple. Nearly 100,000 were in attendance, a mini-Woodstock.

    Broken Sunday, a local band, played a surprisingly (first time I’d heard of them) good set from about 5:15pm-6pm under cloudy skies and 65 degrees. The crowd started to build for Blue Oyster Cult, who played an excellent gig that included a monster bass solo in the middle of Godzilla. I was disappointed B.O.C. only played for an hour, because they’re one of my favorite bands. They played, in no particular order: The Red & The Black, Don’t Fear (The Reaper), I’m Burning for You, E.T.I., Buck’s Boogie and Dominance & Submission, among others. It was superb, as always.

    Then Kenny Wayne Shepherd took the stage. I didn’t figure I’d be into that band much, because I’m not really into Southern blues rock, although Southern hard rock like Lynyrd Skynrd, .38 Special, the Allman Brothers, Outlaws, et al., I love. But Shepherd was extremely good. Shepherd may be the best young blues rock guitarist out there, and that’s no hyperbole. The singer’s was kind of like a Southern-flavored Paul Rodgers, if you can imagine that. They covered a lot of vintage tunes, including a sizzling rendition of Jimi Hendrix’ Voodoo Chile. I will definitely buy their albums, now that I’ve been indoctrinated.

    Then, on came Deep Purple. The crowd was so huge I couldn’t even see the back of it from up front, stage right. Ian Gillan recognized me right off and waved. The crowd went gaga. The set list was pretty much the same as in Pittsburgh earlier in the tour. Gillan and Morse seemed impressed by the tremendous size and enthusiasm of the crowd, based on their giggling early on. Or, perhaps it was the shenanigans in the crowd, what with an amazing amount of moshing and breast-baring, all of it, going on. Gillan joked that the breast-baring was what got him into rock ‘n’ roll. He did some Tai Chi-like hand movements and screamed his bloody head off. I’m just amazed that if you listened to Gillan circa 1988, his voice sounded roached, and now it sounds scintillating like the early ’70s, but he can’t scream or hit the high notes quite as consistently as back then. But, that’s no criticism: he still sounds phenomenal.

    Don Airey played better than I’ve seen him play before, and that’s pretty darn good. He was extremely creative, especially on the solo stuff, and the variations from classical to piano and sound effects. Amazing. Purple has to get more creative at promoting itself in the U.S. (or their record company does). I’ve never heard one song off Bananas played on the radio, anywhere, in this country. The last time the band got any real airplay at all was with Ted the Mechanic ten years ago. DP has not really charted in the U.S. since the mid-to-late 1980’s, but is actually playing better than then. Fans know the old hits, of course, and that’s what brought them out to Ionia. But I think the trick is to get on network television, like Saturday Night Live, the Late Show with David Letterman or The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

    review: James Gemmell, Grand Rapids, Michigan

  35. 35
    Martin Cook says:

    If you look at the contact details on BN website you will see, “For all Business and media matters (or like that) contact Blackmore Productions c/o Carol Stevens, etc
    Carol Stevens, I think you will find is Candy’s mummy.
    BTW CNs website inspires me to put fingers down throat,its that vomit inducing. So it’s not just RB who’s away with the fairies.

  36. 36
    AndreA says:

    eh…how many people among us know about Ritchie and his beahaviour with others of DP; in his thought,in his intimacy he could have all the reasons he thinks,but how many tmes he leaved the stage during a concert,leaving alone the others musicians,ora for example along THE BATTLE RAGES ON TOUR when Lord Paice Glover Gillan started the concert with the Highwaystar without him? or also before to leave MarkIII,Live in Paris,we have all the second CD without the guitar…so I remind to DP fans,in a concert o in a room with CD that feel to be betrayed by Blackmore. He could be the best guitarist in DP’s history but why to risk this good band with steve Morse? to be sincere I prefer Blacmore DP studio album,but on Stage they remaing a really great band…so I pray for a new beatiful album studio,mainly heavier,speed and with a bit of blues..

  37. 37
    George says:

    DP hasn’t charted in the USA? No my dear, you’re mistaken. Rapture of the Deep charted #43 in USA Billboard charts, it’s a really good result for DP. the last album (before Rapture) that charted in USA, was The Battle, which reached only #129.

    Rapture is really their extremely succesfull album. in the end of 2007 it was sold more copies than Perfect Strangers sold. Ian Gillan claimed in 2006 that Rapture of the Deep (regular album and tour edition) sold more than 1 500 000 copies worldwide. They’re going stronger and stronger.

    The main problem for DP is promoting their albums and tours. They need to change promoter. (even in the USA) although almost all gigs during the tours are sold out.

  38. 38
    Annemie says:

    Hi Alex
    Thanks for the info!

    To George,
    I love the title song TBRO very much ( but as you know without Candice disturbing Ians great voice!).I find it strange that Candice’s name is not mentioned on the CD.( warning for cats in March?) 🙂
    I find This titlesong also fantastically done by Steve and Don.Steve plays the solo so different then usual, just in the right mood. I love especially the ending higher and higher guitarnotes…
    I think the same way of the albums, but ROTD is also spiritual, with wonderfull lyrics, don’t you think? Cheers!

  39. 39
    Annemie says:

    Hello AndreA!
    I share your opinion. I’m very amazed with your extra information about RB.You know, I believe for sure there will come up with a new beautifull album !!!

    About Thin Lizzy,I was familiar with several song from them , but I was ignorant it was from them! .Forgive me, I think perhaps very wrong, but do they not sound heavier/harder these recenter years? They deserve absolutely appreciation!
    And :] Cheers!

  40. 40
    victor ponzo says:


  41. 41
    SEVEN-47 says:

    victor ponzo;

    You’re on dangerous ground! I included Steve Vai in my ultimate Whitesnake line-up; MAN DID I HEAR ABOUT THAT!!

  42. 42
    stefan says:

    Victor Putz….Sorry…Ponzo!

    You´re indeed on dangerous ground….If that should happen( GOD FORBID!)my love story with DP comes to an brutal end!!
    To SEVEN-47…Keep up the good work controling the demon…I have faith in you mate!!

  43. 43
    George says:

    You’re right, I love Rapture so much… Before Time Began is real DP classic, with it’s genious lyrics. the song ends with the words, that were my life-credo for time.
    “And for those, who remain with your chosen gods, may your prayers be answerd.”
    When I first heard this words from Gillan, my eyes just widened…

    But no official comment from DP management yet 🙁

  44. 44
    purplepriest1965 says:


  45. 45
    George says:

    Omg, Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????
    The god is punishing us…
    purplepriest is our punishement 😀

  46. 46
    purplepriest1965 says:

    No, I m your consciousness related to good taste, a wicked sense of humor and a brain that says : DP is Blackmore, Lord, Paice plus extra’s, nothing inferior else………….

  47. 47
    Annemie says:


    I’m sure that Purplepriest love this line-up the most! Especially Steve! Because the more Priest repeates his same song the more we hear the opposite !!!! This current line-up is TOP!!!
    We tháááááááááánk you!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    Fernando says:

    What for? I mean, Mk II was great, but there would be no great chemistry. The 80s reunion was not an inspired move. Better look ahead.

  49. 49
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Rewriting history is something some among us love to do…………..

    Me in my own way…………

    But what annoys me : people wriring down the REUNION was no good, that RB sucked during the The Battle rages On Tour………..


    But I would not be surprised to notice some really believe that BS.

    Annemie, where did you study “psychology”?

  50. 50
    Annemie says:

    To Purplepriest
    I din’t! Only watching replys.Many fans discover so much joy in the present or have find out more from the past. Most of those replys love this line up, and I believe they are all very honnest. Why shoudn’t they be? Nobody can help it that you dislike it, but you can’t blame us that we all are non-musical-idiots?
    Something personal that I find is that a different opinion (I respect always the complete opposite to my own) is not eaquel to an ordinnairy insult. When I read your reply saying: Next to Paice, Lord and Blackmore are standing inferiours… or : Steve is crap …etc.That sound for me just like you are a sulking thoughtless child!

    If I would try to be ‘the psychologist’ I would say you have a Blackmore obsession.Thats all right of course, but then you could better complain at the Blackmore online fanzine site, or enjoy Ritchie where he want’s to belong: Blackmore’s Night!

    And for me, please never stay away from this blogs, it is really true you turn a calm Deep Purple fan into a passionate one, only by reading your words…and so we are back at the start!!!!Cheers!

    P.S.You will not want to accept this, but NOT EVERYBODY AT ALL,, knows that BROT was good.You are really wishfull thinking! In one of the only performances we have from that reunion on DVD we can even witness how Blackmore sucks.
    I agree so much with AndreA some replys before.Read her again!She is clear and right!
    Also, the past is over, we should be so happy that we have MK VIII to perform for us!

  51. 51
    Tracy Heyder says:


    A Blog Subject made just for Purplepriest1965.

    A MK2 subject that purplepriest has repeated over and over again.

    Geeeee…..let’s see. Does this pretty much sum up the probable Priestly Input?…..

    “Ritchie is the Best”….”I Miss Ritchie”…..”Deep Purple isn’t Deep Purple without Ritchie”…..”I hate the Fiddler Steve Morse”…..”Bring Back Ritchie”……blah, blah, blah, blah….

    I think that about covers it.
    There you go purplepriest (AKA ritchiepriest). You have been spoken for….you may take a break or a nap.

    As far a MK2 Reunion…..the only way that would ever happen, is for a very important function such as the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” or something of that magnitude. The present band have no interest in it. Gillan especially. There is no need. MK8 IS DEEP PURPLE. MK2 Was Deep Purple 15 years ago. Ritchie’s female hormones ruinned it for the band. His overbearing selfishness bled over on to the shows and into the life of his band mates. He made his mark. It was GREAT to say the least, but in the end he was cancer that couldn’t be healed and had to be removed. Let’s be glad the surgery was a success. The band healed after his removal and has been getting better and better ever since.

    The tumor (Ritchie) has gone on to a different place, which seems to make him happy. Why not relish in the fact that as things have run their course, all in the “Purple Universe” are happy now, doing what they like.

    MK2 is DEAD. They had 3 seperate tries. ’69 through ’73, ’84 through ’88 and again from ’93 through ’93. That’s more than enough. It also shows that they can’t stand each other in this line-up for more than 4 years at a time. Deep Purple have been “Ritchieless” for a solid 14 years. AND WE THANK YOU for moving on and keeping on. It isn’t a bad thing. It’s a GREAT thing. It’s what it took to have MK3, MK4, MK5, MK6, MK7, and MK8. But let’s not forget the true “Original MK1”. If there was any “Reunion” to push for….I vote for that one….

    JUST ONCE. Now that would be a sight.

  52. 52
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Pfoehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, jumping the bandwagon again…………

    Just when I tried to be a bit more “nuanced” I m being throwed rocks at again……………

    It almost suggests that everyone here is of your vision but it happens that I see more people like me still having the same problem with “that sound”.

    And saying I should shut the **** up just because time was long since RB left……….

    Again a very justified argument on the other hand would be :
    If MK 2 is dead why are the current incarnation still playing mostly those oldies?

    Like I said, they have made some nice tunes themselves, so…………..

    Never would have complained (that much or like this)if they had trashed the critics with playing mostly songs from the era since SM got on board.

    If most people prefer the MK 8 or whatever(I lost count)version, why do they still prefer the MK 2 songs?
    I m not sure if that’s still the case but “DP ” themselves suggests that is that way. Giving us that “against Classic Rock radio song”was great, but …Hey, well put your money where your mouth is!

    Or should we pity them and think they can’t do what they want?
    That they are being ruled by external powers or stupid fabs that still only want to hear the oldies?

    I m afraid that it’s REALITY. They talk proud but don’t have power over it.
    Or maybe they care less about it than we’d like to care……
    I dunno……….

    I m a sulking child, hahaha

    Wishful thinking?
    Did you perhaps only see that DVD of that terrible night and not see a show on your own?
    Well, I saw 3 of them and years later I see plenty of evidence on the Internet taht I m not the only one who witnessed the great majesty during that tour.
    Even Simon Robinson of DPAS( Maybe I should explain who he is?)who has been very critical about RB sais things like that.

    Yeah, what a waste………….

    But never forget, Ian was not saying so well in those days.

    And so on………….

    Indeed, a repeat of discussion.

    I admit, I m being guily of charge.

    I miss the past.


  53. 53
    purplepriest1965 says:

    A balanced set list?
    Discussion again?

    Ok, here it comes : Just blabbering, I know…..

    Start :


    Strange ways

    7th HEAVEN

    Place in line

    Smooth dancer

    Loosen my strings

    Kiss tomorrow goodbye

    Sun goes down
    Hard loving man

    Purpendicular waltz

    Hey Cisco

    Before time began

    Hang me out to dry


    Into the fire


    King of dreams(Alternate lyrics?)
    Mandrake root(Long version)


    Would they really lose money on this one?

  54. 54
    Annemie says:

    Hi Priest,
    That ‘only night’ was compared with several others on internet even one of the better.More tracks from TBRO on you tube are much worse.During that time, you can compare Ritchie with Satriani,who gives EVERY PERFORMANCE sparling solo’s and a sunny face.(or Satriani is perhaps also useless for you?)

    About Ian, you should be aware that he human voice is ‘living’ instrument.You must be very thick for not understanding for ex.the influenze of stress or flew or disastres group spirit on the voice and probably also on the memory for all lyrics during rotten circumstances.And don’t mix that up with the witty spirit of IG to change often the lyrics just for fun!I love that!If RB would have been the singer, we wouln’t picked up not much anymore I bet! Almost all opinions about Ian are full of appreciation and admiration.Your Ritchie is probably using his thousand guitar, but Ian his same only voice. And he always gives all he can for his fans!And I know you hate it, but so does Steve, and Don and Paicey and Roger.They love their fans and the audience feels that.

    About Simon Robertson I think you should learn for not to isolate a few phrases during many years!

    About your saying of using songs from earlier times:
    I don’t think Ritchie has the exclusive claim for have made all songs on his own.And songs who are brilliant will stay that for all times.They are not played also now because once ritchie was there, but because they are just fantastic songs. I like Steve playing them and improvising on them with changing intro’s and solo’s exchanged by all members who have lots of fun together and with their fans!

    I will never say RB is a bad guitarist, or that he is crap like you call Steve. I believe I would make a fool of myself. We all got the message about your desires! Perhaps you should have the time machine to go back after all!!! With Steve as a pilot? 🙂

  55. 55
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Annemie…….you covered all the bases beautifully…..

    Well done!!!!!

    Perfect point on the question; “who’s songs are they anyway”. They are DEEP PURPLE SONGS. Blackmore isn’t in Deep Purple anymore, but he too relies on it by butchering Purple Tunes at “Blackmore’s Night” concerts. I presume we should be complaining that his band members don’t do the songs justice either?

    The MK2 stuff was written by 3 of the 5 present members of Deep Purple. Paice, Gillan and Glover. Thanks to Steve Morse and Don Airey, we get to hear very different and fresh versions of many those songs. By now, even I would be a little tired of the same old MK2 line-up. Especially the way Ritchie always relies on the same old songs played live. Nobody was more stagnate than him.

    I enjoy the variety. A quality narrow minded types are absent of. Thus causing them too much discontent with progress and thereby causing them to spin the same old record. Over and over again….. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers and GOD BLESS MK8 or MK 28 if need be.

    “Ritchie Who”?


  56. 56
    stefan says:

    Ritchie Blackpoof….You know…the pansy forestkeeper with the pointy hat & lute!!!

  57. 57
    Annemie says:

    Thanks Tracy!
    Your well-considered and informative replys always succeed to strike the essence, and with humor!I’m so impatient for your comments about 28/4! I wish you a most exciting and wonderfull day!!!

  58. 58
    purplepriest1965 says:

    To be short for once :

    I think it’s a weak argument to say RB uses DP tracks as weel. Because ; it’s only a litte;e part of the show.

    Ironic that some(…) cannot complain about the sound of a certain fiddler and others are permitted to compalin about The quality of the DP versions BN makes.

    I m sure I m not the only one who saw over the years that Ian was not always that professional with his singing. EVERYONE knows that. If not, well………

    Mind you a, I am one of his biggest fans.

    And yeah, I know that RB fucked up too……..

    My main compalint about RB is that he kinda changed his sound during the 80’s, before returning to it’s majesty in the early 90’s whwen Gillan was not around!

    The other complaint is about Ian, he clearly improved after RB left!

    Btw, what;s so informative about outings based mainly on a opinion?

    I will never say my replies are “well informed”.


    Based on what you saw on youtube that tour ws bad?
    Well, I thought it was possible to conclude mainly that RB was great on that one and Ian was ****ing a lot.

    But, ofcourse, taste is taste and I might still be without any sense of it after all those years.
    Possible, I m not an musician either………….

  59. 59
    Martin Cook says:

    I for one will not be wasting my cash on anymore DP concerts in the UK, and this comes from one who saw the MK1 version at Goldsmith’s College and a nascent MK2 at a pub in Epping Forest (that’s in Essex, England, for those of our non UK friends). Reasons, I too am p***ed off with continually “greatest hits” tours, the last effort; ROTD, imho, was c**p, and I have tried, I really have; and the barns in which they play, I have yet to say that the sound has been good. It was better at the Rainbow and Hammersmith Odeon in the seventies.
    You get better sound via DVDs now so why go to gigs where you know it’s gonna sound like a mega transistor radio. Every tour seems to produce a DVD from somewhere so I’ll just wait…… as long as it’s got something different on it. Dunno what I’ve spent on DP gigs and stuff since 1968, but no more guys unless it’s a blockbuster.

  60. 60
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Mr. Martin Cook;

    I understand what you’re saying, as far as “Greatest Hits” tours. The last time I saw them live was in 2005, and the only newer material played was “Contact Lost” and “Silver Tongue”!

  61. 61
    Annemie says:

    Hi Priest,
    You avoid the questions and forget so hasty. What about Satriani then? What about other TBRO -nights?
    I told you about the infuences on the voice,but I wrote it to a sieve! You and LOGIC ??? If Ian ‘improves’ after Blackmore left,is that a need to complain ? If you critisize about professionality,then you should look first at Ritchie: not appearing, leaving to early,not wanting to accompany when needed , not caring about the audience…And of course you can’t say your replies are informative. Only replies with a good knowledge or experience are.And replies based on opinions are very valuable if not endless repeated and containing the same . How can you claim that Gillan was not around in the early 90’s.The result of these times are my favorite albums. More beautifull and astonishing sung as ever.And what about their guitarist, Steve Morris? What about all that exiting band? No, I’m sorry , it is not with Ritchie.
    I follow all DP members also when they are not at DP.(with the exception of Coverdale, who is not my style and Turner who’s voice I don’t like.)And you… You have now complained about Steve, Gillan …is great Roger or Don coming next? I’m relieved that you aren’t a musician, I fear we would enjoy only one same old song! Mind you, we do have terrific musicians…MK 8…Always fresh and energizing!!!!!
    And to you :Good Black Night!

  62. 62
    purplepriest1965 says:

    You can argue anything you like but JLT was the singer in DP in the early 90’s…..

    I give up…….

  63. 63
    Annemie says:

    That’s got nothing to do with it.
    Joe was then a punishment for my ears (PERSONALLY), and I don’t waste my time with listening to something I don’t enjoy. Still I respect different tastes.

    Give up? Oh no, stimulance is always needed!

  64. 64
    elprupdeep says:

    stop the crap with this reunion business.every year is the same thing. go and see DP live and you will know what I am talking about. cheers . long live DP , and the man in black.

  65. 65
    MattDP says:

    Hey Purplepriest. The best band of all time was DP Mark 2 but NOT the reunion years. Except for a few songs I found the albums boring and more forced than free flowing like the 70’s or even Perpindicular and Bananas.

    Please find me a live video recording from the Mark 2 Reunion years where all 5 members are fireing on 5 cylinders and I will go buy it tomorrow.

  66. 66
    Tracy Heyder says:


    This Blog was put here just for you. You can stay here and present your “Blackmore is God” speech forever. You don’t have to ever leave this conversation. The very title of the blog “MkII Reunion Rumour Denied” makes it YOUR OWN. No need to infect the rest of the blogs with your “Blackmore Dribble”. Stay here and repeat after yourself over and over and over again until the end of time. Cry yourself to sleep every night after re-writing your same old complaint about “Blackmore Mo More”. You finally have a blog where you are King…..

    “Kill the King”…….if he thrusts this upon us in yon distant blogs…..sleigh him I say…..



  67. 67
    Annemie says:

    BRAVO elprupdeep!
    You’re 100% right! I drink to that!!!

  68. 68
    T says:

    Deep Purple has seen numerous line-ups. All are legitimate in their own way. Comparing Blackmore and Morse is a lot like comparing Evans and Turner or Glover and Hughes. Each version of Purple has penned its own classics and has had its ups and downs. And we each have our favorites. Mine is Mark I-VIII.

    Few could claim to be a bigger fan of Blackmore than I. However, Steve Morse is the guitarist in Deep Purple, and it would be inappropriate for Blackmore to just step in and usurp the current guitarist, who has now been in the band longer in a single stretch than any other Purple guitarist–including Blackmore.

    I would rather see Blackmore put together a band of his own in a sort of neo-Purple group (strong keyboards, drums, blitzkrieg guitar). But even that might be a step backwards. Been there and done that. It was called Rainbow. You just can’t blame the guy for not wanting to look back. Both Blackmore AND Lord have gone on to do what they’ve always wanted to do.

    I’m just glad we still have a Deep Purple after all these years. They originally formed in 1968. And they’re still touring, recording–and are all over the television! Few other bands can say that, and none other can say they are the greatest band in the world.

  69. 69
    AndreA says:

    One too many wasted sunsets
    One too many for the road
    And after dark the door is always open
    Hoping someone else will show

    Mark 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12……
    always we can enjoy if we want.

  70. 70
    N says:

    So Blackmore´s mum in law says no? Have anyone asked Gillan´s mum in law if Ian is allowed?

  71. 71
    Mike & Charlotte says:

    AndreA, for this thought I’made myself to intense replying! You did it more gentle and ready for the enjoyment!
    You know, I believe in free choice and no forced compulsion.

  72. 72
    Mike & Charlotte says:

    We were rereading all blogs, but our replies were intens on the Monteux Big Screen blog.I humbly excuse to my mate, I wrote I in stead of WE !!! (examinations are approaching for me!) abcent- minded Mike 🙁

  73. 73
    Annemie says:

    I agree with Mike & (oh yes also)Charlotte.:)

    I was also so busy and almost too intens replying on this blog ! All that matters is the huge pleasure and the freedom of taste!!!

    You expressed it lovely AndreA!!!

  74. 74
    AndreA says:

    Dears Mike & Charlotte
    sure,I believe like you2 say..in this world each of us always tends to idealize everything…from the simplest to the largest….so we risk not to accept everything that life gives us…so at the end not wonder if this sick earth there are so many wars…we are so good at arguing for everything…

    I don’t need religion, politicians,I love people (mainly if rockers :-@ )

  75. 75
    AndreA says:

    ciao Annemie
    wishin’well and
    cheers cìn cìn

  76. 76
    SEVEN-47 says:

    WOW! Maybe there is hope. If the people on this site can put aside their differnces and communicate, why can’t others?

  77. 77
    Tracy Heyder says:

    “I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLL”……..even rithciepriest.


  78. 78
    Bo says:

    MRK II again?
    YES YES AND YES. If not then Mrk III – also great, and both REAL Deep Purple (maybe my age = 53), but even that i like Deep Purple of today, they are in my opinion far far to safe. Never a surprise these days (also thanks to the internet 🙁
    The only reason why Ricthie might never do it, is he then can se how much better it will be with DP and not BN.
    I hope it will happen one day that they all join forces again, to the great pleasure of us all.

  79. 79
    AndreA says:

    Tracy Heyder!

    ritchiepriest?! richpriest!!??
    no DISTURBING THE PRIEST!!AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

    “….Let’s try getting to the sky, hang on or you’re going to die
    Sour life can turn sweet, it’s laying at your feet
    Sweet child with an innocent smile watches closely all the while
    Don’t be fooled when he cries, keep looking at the eyes…”


  80. 80
    Mike and Charlotte says:

    But AndreA…
    Tracy is not ‘Disturbing the Priest’…we’re now all waiting for his blessing! 😉

  81. 81
    AndreA says:


    yes I know..it was only for making a quote (everyone should have Born Again into the shelf..wonderful,evil..)

  82. 82
    Annemie says:

    Great! We are definitly on the same Hot Line!!!

  83. 83
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Oh Adrea, you Digital Bitch!!!!!!!


  84. 84
    AndreA says:

    all this amaze me,
    this is enjoyment,thank you all for this amusement…

    Annemie..eheh..It could be fine ahahah..

    Tracy Heyder..
    really really thank you,you are so “gentle” 😀

  85. 85
    Mike Eriksson says:

    When “Slaves And Masters” came out the official press release that went out to the media at that time mentioned that “Perfect Strangers” had sold 3.000.000 copies (I´m pretty sure I saw a later press thing which said 4.000.000) and “The House Of Blue Light” 2.500.000. After Joes period, when I used to interview him every now and then for my swedish DP club (and other media) he did mention that “Slaves And Masters” had done 1.300.000 copies by then. Naturally, since then, these records have kept on selling. The “dive” that Purple where in basically halted with “Purpendicular” and the obvious reason was that now DP toured like crazy, and built up that hard-to-get reputation again. An example. Here in Sweden, it took basically a five year period to crawl back up the ladder again. Lots of shows. An example? In 1998 they could hardly sell out a 3000 seater in Stockholm (they only did sell out when the opening act turned out to be a popular metal band called Hammerfall) – then a couple of years later they played the big places with the orchestra, and for “Bananas” they had huge interest as well. I´m not talking about all the festivals now, just their own gigs. In other words, good solid work do pay off. Steve Morse has played more shows than Ritchie in DP now, you got to respect that and be happy about the fact that they have survived. The current set list could be more interesting, sure, but it is still a band that makes a lot of people happy. As for record sales, if the last album has really done 1.500.000, as Gillan says, then that is an incredible success in a world with dwindling numbers. Most classic acts make their living on the road these days. With all the downloading that goes on now, we will never know how todays releases could stand up against the old. Also, I suspect that todays DP have strong markets that has reponded to the band pretty much during the Morse era, because the band has spent time there again and again in a way that a MK 2 tour of old would never have done. Loads of reasons. Everything changes. But the legacy is still being built, DP is not a musuem. MK 2 belongs to the past though. It was often a great band, but I also saw awful shows with a guitarist that could not care less, never mind returning for an encore. He did that in Stockholm in 1987 and then again next time around in 1991. High payed professionals should not behave like that, ever. In DP, with Ritchie, it could happen at any time. With Morse, I guess it still has to occour just once. MIKE

  86. 86
    roberto says:


  87. 87
    stefan says:

    Yeah, Mike….I remember you…back in the early ´80s! Sill residing in Östersund? Sorry `bout the flashback, just wanted to back you up! Could not agree with you more!

  88. 88
    AndreA says:

    Mike Eriksson says
    I suspect that todays DP have strong markets that has reponded to the band pretty much during the Morse era, because the band has spent time there again and again in a way that a MK 2 tour of old would never have done.

    yes..I am agree,furthermore we know that Steve Morse has recordered more work studio than RB did with DP. Steve Morse belong to DP,nothing and none wants could replace him,I think so surely. Only Steve Morse may decide this.

  89. 89
    Rover says:

    To all the musicians involved.
    Please no reunions, just move onward, all of you. Thanks.

  90. 90
    T says:

    Very good comments and observations, Mike.

  91. 91
    Felipe Blackmore's says:

    noooo que lata

    puxa la wuea blackmore deverian juntarse de nuevo mk II


  92. 92
    Rost says:

    Hello for all Purple Fans
    I just wonna tell you my opinion regarding these rumors.
    If it really (MK II reunion) gonna happen I will buy ticket immediately without any hesitation.
    I love Purple, I love what they are doing now specially last two albums (Bananas & Rapture), but you know what? For all those who criticize Ritchie, just listen to the shows from TBRO tour particularly the gigs in Stockholm (from the bootleg) and Stuttgart (official realize), at least for me these shows probably the BEST live shows I ever heard from Purple, even better than “Made In Japan”.
    I know that most of you are going to jump now . How it could be something better than “Made In Japan”. Believe me it could. When I tell it to one of my friends (old Purple fan) that gig in Stuttgart much better than “Made In Japan” he was thinking that I’m crazy (may be  ), but when he listen to “Live In Stuttgart” cd he agree with me.
    The Blackmore’s guitar playing when he is on mood is something from the God. And not fucking Hendrix (which guitar playing is a big crap) with Page and Clapton together are the miles behind the Ritchie.
    And current Purple didn’t change too much their set-list since 2001. I really tired to hear the same greatest hits. I wonna them play at least 5-6 songs from the Morse era and also something from the “House of Blue Light”.

  93. 93
    Bryan says:

    A reunion mark II? I don’t think so? Ian Gillan would never agree to be on stage with Richie Blackmore again. The real sad thing about the great success of bands like Deep Purple, they simply find it to difficult to put the past behind them. I love the current line up, but would certainly love to see this reunion happen. But hey! stranger things have happen in the world of rock music.

  94. 94
    George Fotis says:

    It’s never really been spoken much why Ian Gillan & Rithie are at war, check out the Come & Hell Or High Water DVD. It’s obvious they have different music idea’s but there is a lot more to it than that. I would be interested to know more?
    Who know’s say if Steve Morse leave’s to spend more time with his family & own band & Ian/Ritchie work things out , Ritchie may be back , not sure about Jon Lord he hates to much touring .
    Yes i have that bootleg box set & Ritchie is playing very nicley on that 93 concert, much better than on Come Hell Or High Water he was in a foul mood that night. But have a listen to Rainbow Rising and Long Live Rock & Roll what a super band Rainbow was with Dio, Blackmore played the best guitar riffs back then.It’s hard to believe Rainbow Rising is 32 years old when you hear it .

  95. 95
    Mike Eriksson says:

    1993 was great, yes. Best MK2 shows of the entire reunion era, no doubt. But it was a supernova and it blew up. Deep Purple is five people that has got to work together. Greatness without friendship and mutual respect will not last very long. A few shows, sure. Another record? Sure. If the check is enourmus. But an ongoing thing like the current Purple can only exist if people can stand to be on the same stage for 90 minutes a few times a week without walkouts and whatnot. I think Ritchies behaviour in 1993 catapulted the band far into the future. They just had to prove that they could survive without him. MK2 was great live for a short while there, but behind the scenes things were bad. A reunion would take them right back to that situation. I doubt that anybody would want that, except the nostalgia-minded fans. And should there ever be another reunion, even for just a few shows, then give us MK3. I would rather hear them belt out “Burn” than anything. If you enjoy history, I have a bunch of old interviews with these guys on my site Atlantis Online, which is located here…



  96. 96
    Stuart says:

    I went to the NEC some years ago when that plonker declined to play on the encore and turned up halfway through the opener. I also went to London some days later. At his best RB was wonderful but he thought so much of himself and so little of everyone else. Suprising really. He is articulate, yet on that fatefull night, he chose when to appear. Without the fans to put him in that exalted place in the first instance through buying the records, he would not have had that luxury, so in my opinion it was amateur and immature.

    When Steve Morse joined, the guys in the band looked as they were having fun. They smiled and laughed! That rubs off on the audience and quite frankly, whilst I adored the Blackmore albums to WDWTWA and Perfect Strangers, the time has gone. Long live the band.

  97. 97
    stefan says:

    Better than “Made in Japan”…YOU´RE TRIPPIN´ ROST!!!!

  98. 98
    tuggi says:

    Hey guyzzz!
    Don´t fool around – MK II is over and done, it has left massive scars and influences in rock-music-history – MK II is a tremendous influence to R´n´R-music and everyone of us is keeping the results of this band in his mind/heart/soul – I think we all should accept finally that this institution doesn´t exist anymore….
    At this place we also should realize that two NEW Bands stepped out of MK II´s split.
    – DP: It is not the same as it was with Ritchie but everyone should see that the band has developed itself in a really cool and relaxed direction – there is so much of positive energy and spirit in this formation and this is good so and has to be honoured. With Ritchie in the band again, this spirit would not be possible anymore….
    Ritchie: I wished so much he was playing real Rrrrock again but I think we HAVE to accept that this guy is living in a “castle” of his own perceptions. If this were not so, I suggest that DP MK II, III…, the whole Rainbow-thing etc…. would possibly not have happened….
    If Blackmore decided to do Rock – in which band ever – again, of course we all would be happy – let´s hope for it….
    Until then: Relax and enjoy the old MK II, III, Rainbow- etc.stuff by Blackmore – but also the “new” DP-stuff. Of course we are able to enjoy Blackmore´s Night-stuff too – if we want to do so……
    Keep on moving and have a nice day!

  99. 99
    roberto says:

    that concert is second to made in japan because blackmore was on fire but the rest of the band was no more than good.
    in made in japan all the members were on fire.
    I prefer the summer 1998 and 2005 concerts.These are the best ever!(check out some bootlegs)

  100. 100
    Zimmertune says:

    No Way!!! Ritchie is too whipped by his Manager Carole Stevens, for that to happen. I went to see BN in SF, CA a few years ago, and got in line B4 BN arrived. Carole was the first to get off of the bus, and she was definately the director telling everybody where to go and what to do. I tried to get RB’s autograph, but a number of the entourage surrounded him stating in unison ” Do Not Approach, Do Not Approach”… It was really strange. They played a mediocre show with no encore. He’s not the same RB that I remember tearing it up with DP and Rainbow back in the day. Zimmertune, Hayward, CA

  101. 101
    reidy says:

    why are we talking about a mk 2 reunion? It’s not gonna happen. Even when it did happen, it wasn’t that good. A few great songs an a few average albums and still taking no chances live. Even when in their prime, mk 2 took fewer and fewer chances as time went on and they were only together for 4 years.
    They never repeated what they did in the early 70s.
    Now, even though I still have reservations about Steve Morse, they’re doing as well as you could hope for, but it’s not exciting, there’s no edge live. The last album’s the best reunion album for me, cos there’s more good songs than most reunion albums, but there’s still the throwaway crap they put on every reunion album.
    And if I see ‘Fingers to the Bone’ mentioned in someone’s best of purple lists again I’ll top myself.

  102. 102
    DeepPurpleist says:

    Lets do a one time concert like Led Zep just did. Mark I – Mark VIII with Joe S doing Tommy B place. DVD and CD the show and everyone would be happy. From Chasing Shadows to Hard Lovin’ Man to Burn to You Keep On Moving to Spanish Archer to Wicked Ways to Battle to Ted The Mechanic to Any Fule Kno That to House of Pain to Before Time Began and a few others in between. Get all old members Rod Evans to David Coverdale to Joe Lynn Turner and Paciey could be the beat of them all. That would be a real treat!

  103. 103
    SEVEN-47 says:

    George Fotis;

    I too would like to know what exactly is the problem between Gillan and Blackmore, that water throwing incident was not necessary! As for MarkII; no thanks, I prefer the current line-up, and the previous one!

  104. 104
    Tracy Heyder says:

    It’s relatively simple actually. Gillan got tired of being fired and rehired. The rest of the band sided with Gillan most of the time, but were too afraid to stand up to Ritchie (whom decided in his mind that he was in charge). I will state that every band must have an in charge person to keep things from going off track, but the person needs to be a stable and sound diplomatic person who doesn’t bully the rest of the band mates around for things to last. Not Ritchie’s style. When Ritchie took the attitude as he did towards his final gigs, the band was finally totally fed up and he wasn’t used to being objected to by the masses. In this case, he called it quits, because his persona couldn’t handle not being in charge and his ego couldn’t take the heat from the others as well. Therefor, he quit. You see, usually it would be Gillan voicing his (and the others oppinion)which made his and Ritchies’s relationship what it was. They were the constant sounding board, while the others sat back and watched.

    If you watch the “Come Hell or High Water” DVD, and notice how each one of the members talks about Ritchie, only Gillan comes off with true conviction. Jon Lord sounds like a scared little girl when conveying his view of Blackmore. Even though Ritchie was already gone by the time this interview was made, you could detect the uncomfortable demeanor from the members when addressing Ritchie’s arrogance. Probably because they were afraid they would have to tuck their tails between their legs and take him back some day.

    Gillan (being the Frontman), basically has taken over and is apparently doing a better job “congealing” with the whole band. Steve came in through a unanimous vote from the whole band to replace Ritchie and the rest is history.


  105. 105
    stefan says:

    Spot on……….Thank you Tracy!

  106. 106
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Thanks for the lesson Tracy; I was always curious as to what caused the friction.

  107. 107
    Tracy Heyder says:

    It’s kind of the nature of the beasts.

    In most bands, there is usually
    a “Spotlight Syndrome” beween the Lead Singer and Lead Guitarist. It’s very common. Then, on top of that, when both are as hard headed as these 2, it multiplys the complications 10 fold. Ritchie was what I have always considered a “Thin Skinned” person. In other words, easy to piss off. He was quite the practical jokester, but he was a “One Way” jokester. He couldn’t take a joke at all and had no consideration for anyone else. Which is also why he developed “Rainbow”, with the idea of rotating musicians for each record. He was imposible to work with and I believe he knows it. In his arrogance, he made it clear that each line-up was temporary and no one was safe.

    Plus, I think he was ticked at Gillan for getting more “pu–y” than him.


  108. 108
    Highball Shooter says:

    Blackmore is right. It shouldn’t happen. Anything the mark II line-up has between Perfect Strangers and The Battle… was boring recycling.
    BUT! What should happen because it definitely would be exciting is: Mark III. That would be exciting.

  109. 109
    George says:

    As the latest news say, Jon Lord DID NOT REFUSE MK II reunion for ONLY 3 night in O2 Arena.

    What about the MK II reunion, watch again Come Hell Or High Water DVD and let’s agree, that NONE OF US WANT TO SEE SUCH SHOWS ANYMORE. Remember glass-throwing accident during Highway Star.

    I just adore Gillan, when during Highway Star Ritchie joined tha band, and when Gillan heard guitar’s voice, he introduced Ritchie to the audience with his hands waving. 😀

    And then ritchie throw glass to Gillan (or to camera man) during the main solo of Highway.

    Remember the end part of Smoke on the Water, when the whole band were saying goodbye to the audience, Blackmore Introduced Ian to the audience (in the same way Ian introduced him) and left the stage. Gillan was in too bad situation, he began screaming with non-stop and didn’t want to leave the stage. Jon Lord had to force Gillan with hands, to make him leave the stage.

    It was really their worst show ever. Gillan was right, when he didn’t let EMI to realase NEC 1993 Live CD in 2007…



    So, go on guys 😉

  110. 110
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself George!

  111. 111
    George Fotis says:

    Stranger things have happened who would have thought Black Sabbath would have reconconstructed there line up with Dio again! They broke up in the earley 80’s , then again in 92 & got back together last year. Ronnie Dio had major problem’s with them, but they have been sorted out now and they are making fine music. It’s very unlikley & i’m not sitting here obsessing for it to happen ,(Blackmore’s not into hard rock any way ) but if they were to reunite & work things out the feeling should be much better than Come Hell Of High Water. I agree that concert dvd is a total piece of crap. Can’t understand why they released that & not something from the Perfect Strangers era, not one concert has been released from back then when things were better.

  112. 112
    Sami says:

    Let’s get one thing straight : RB didn’t aim

    the water glass at Gillan…it was meant to the

    cameraman who despite being told several times not

    to shoot at Ritchie’s face, so to speak, didn’t

    honor the deal!!

    End of lesson 🙂

  113. 113
    Sami says:

    Tracy : Michael Schenker was DP’s first choice to

    replace the irreplaceable RB! Mr. Schenker declined,

    and Morse got the job (because of his undeniable

    abilities & talent!).

    I’m in a very good mood(I usually am), so credit where it’s

    due…to Steve Morse in this case. Can’t believe I’m typing this 🙂

    Take care everybody, Cheers

  114. 114
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Continuation of lesson :

    To pick ONE dvd as an example how DP played way back is not right.

    I witnessed a few shows in 93(I still wonder if George really did, apart from watching that dvd)and don’t have bad memories . On the contrary……

    Asking if anyone wants to see the situation of 93 and at the same thinking you know the right answer…………..

    Everyone (…)should by now know their facts rights.
    Sami, you seem to be spot on in that perspect.

    George, another thing :

    Gillan deciding to forbid that album to come out in 2007 is nonsense as well. The album was already out for many years………….It has gathered so much dust I have to sneeze.

    Their WORST show?

    Did you see them all?
    How many did you witness?
    What was your first show?

    Don’t speak for everybody else please………

  115. 115
    stefan says:

    Mad Mickey their first choice????? Can´t be true….talk about going from bad to worse! Schenker is undeniable a great guitarist, but if one should believe all articles about him, he should be locked up in a nuthouse indefinitely and the key thrown away!!

  116. 116
    Rascal says:

    Its all conjecture!!

    He said this, he did this, he meant this.

    Do any of you really know?????? Do I care???

    ‘Slags to Bitches’

  117. 117
    purplepriest1965 says:

    If you really would not care you would not cruise around here, hehehe

    Let’s go Space Truckin’!

  118. 118
    Tracy Heyder says:

    SAMI:……and other mental migets….

    Nice try. Look, I don’t take one small sentence and go from there. I answer to the whole of the subject. Which is why my responses are so long. Unfortunately, you and most others pick one sentence out of the whole statement and make your remark from that. Or only respond to the one thing that you are interested in, leaving the rest aside.

    Which is how you also get “snared in the trap” as many others, only dealing with a very narrow view. The view that only you are interested in. Which in the end…….IS THE SAME OLD SONG. As with priest (sorry).

    Number one, Schenker was a prospect. Not the actual finished first choice. Number two, none of us were there at the time and sad as it may be, statements are made (on the political side) for the public (you and I) that may or not be quite the facts. Actually, they offered the job to Joe Satriani whom bailed them out on the rest of the tour in Japan after “Bitchie” pussed out and quit. He had previous obligations and kindly refused the offer. They then apparantly took a vote and the person whom got the largest vote from the 4 remaining members was Steve Morse. Either way, in the end the story has it that according to the band, they unnanimously picked Steve Morse (who to this day is STILL the REIGNING CHAMPION). Obviously a good choice.

    Not to kill anyone’s particular self respect or credentials, but I have had much dialogue with the band at many “Meet and Greets” since ’95 and with roger Glover through E-Mail and all I can say is that whether you like it or not, they are all extremely happy with where they are at this time and that is what truly counts.

    The Present Line-up is DEEP PURPLE. Simple as that. And for those whom want to live in some fantasy world with other Guitarists and Keyboard players or Singers at the helm……..go find another band. This one is here to stay and ain’t for you…


  119. 119
    Rascal says:

    Some people enjoy the sound of their own voice……..others??? Well……..see above.

    Mental midgets unite…………..lets go cruising.

    ‘Meet & Greets’……….and expert in our midst!

    ‘I’m just a peasant in the Big Shitty’

  120. 120
    stefan says:

    Again…Thank you Tracy! Hope you don´t get short of stamina, in your attempts to get through to the “mental midgets”!!ROCK ON TRACY!!

  121. 121
    purplepriest1965 says:

    That “someone” is chosen 5 years in a row by a certain(USA)magazine or that the 4 of them had the same pick…………….

    It does NOT convince me.

    They all did stupid things over the history of DP.

    1) Letting Mark 2 die because of the workload.
    2) Not filming those 3 nights in Japan 1972
    3) Not keeping RB s attention during Stormbringer : It could have been much heavier
    4) Jon Lord said Come taste the band could be better. I think his mind was on recording “Sarabande”.
    5) Was hiring Tommy really a wise move? The remaining members(Perhaps not GH)all said later it was not.
    6) Trying to attempt to become more accepted by “ruining” an otherwise excellent album : HOBL.
    7) During PS Ian Gillan cut his hair short because he just had seen bruce Dickinson. (???)
    8) Hiring JLT was wise?
    9) NOT recording the right HOBL tour shows but releasing a collection of less played renditions was wise?
    10) keep changing members while first saying THIS BAND needs 5 members…………Gillan, Blackmore, Lord, Paice, Glover.
    11) Well………………spit it out………..

    Weary MiDget going off to the gym.

  122. 122
    purplepriest1965 says:

    8 *

  123. 123
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I’d like to make a point of clarification….

    I DO NOT claim to be an expert or even hold any authority in the realm of PURPLE or the sanctity of analyzing. I also don’t wish to have the wrong idea be interpreted again………(I didn’t mean to come off gruff with the term “Mental Midget”). It was used improperly and as someone wrote earlier somewhere else, the words can get crossed eventually when the fatigued fingers try to express what the mind and mouth are more capable of. I do appologize for the term. It wasn’t meant to be so personal, but we all have our day.

    But once more, please just slowly read ALL that I write and not just ONE SENTENCE. I recommend that for all. Too much is lost in the communication when someone responds souly about a sentence without truly absorbing the total context of one’s effort to express. (I have a wife for that…he he he).

    We obviously all here have one thing in common. We Love Deep Purple in some fashion or other. Everyone has their own view of the subject. You can be assured that I only partake in this blog because of my interest in this great band and the interest of the fans whom make entries. This is the only site I participate in any Blog activity. I don’t particularly like “Chatting” on the computer and you can see why. Eventually there is anymocity and that is something I try to avoid in my life. But being a fan of this band for almost 40 years makes me very passionate on the subject and I try to be as objective as I can regarding the various array of views that are expressed. I don’t mean to come off so staunch, but sometimes the words are mischosen……When I “Use my Silver Tongue”.

    The constant Morse Bash obviously hits a sour spot for me. It isn’t a personal thing between me and Priest. It’s just Priest takes that subject to such an extreme and we are all bombarded with it. I eventually must retaliate. Not that I care for Morse any more than I care for Blackmore or vise/versa. It just got to a point that no matter where you go and try to read and involve about a different Blog Subject, it seems to become the subject again and again and again. Which is where the term “Mental Miget” was derived. That repeated subject over and over again only means that a narrow minded view of Deep Purple exists and all though that is your right, you shouldn’t be surprised when someone becomes tired of it as with an old nag whom gets under your skin.

    Whatever the case may be, overall I do enjoy reading and conversing with you all and I learn a lot from this site and from the various pooints of view and wisdom that exists here.

    OK……..GROUP HUG???????????

    Cheers….(from another mental miget)

  124. 124
    Rascal says:

    Well their you have it………clarification at last…………

    Not bad for someone who doesnt ‘particularly like “Chatting”‘

    So no more bombarding us with ‘narrow minded’, and ‘extreme’ views. Oh ok, you can if you want

    ‘Who shot little Bambi?
    Never trust a hippie’

  125. 125
    George says:


    1. agree. In 1973 MkII could do a far more, they shouldn’t have hired Gillan and Glover from the band. But in 90’s, MkII had to die…it wasn’t real Deep Purple anymore.

    2. Absolutely agree, but it’s not the big mistake during band’s history. Made In Japan DVD would give DP just another hundred-thousands (perheps Millions) of sold items.

    3. Agree again, Stormbringer is really weak album. And Come Taste Band is NOT Rock, it’s beautifull compilation of funky-soul balads. But DP isn’t soul group you know 😉

    4. again as in 3.

    5. They didn’t hire Tommy Bolin, Tommy just WASN’T ABLE TO PLAY ANYMORE. The whole band disbanded, not only Tommy.

    6. THOBL is one of DP’s greatest album, just listen to Dead OR Alive, Strangeways, Unwritten Law…How heavy and energetic they are. Unwritten Law got the metal-direction, even Ian Paice is playing in a metal-drummer way.

    7. What a silly reason you said…Bruce stated Gillan to be his favourite vocalist and to be influesed MOSTLY by Gillan. IG has his hairs cut now too, and he says that in short hairs he feels more comfortable during shows, and during drinkind the beer (Gillan Humour) 😀

    8. Replacing IG with JLT was DP’s WORST AND SILLIEST LINE-UP CHANGE. I bet you haven’t listened to Slaves And Masters tour Bootlegs. JLT was just good in studio (though Gillan always was 5-times better always). What about JLT+DP Live shows, he just couldn’t sing more than 20-30 minutes. In Israel JLT performed Child In Time, he ONLY sang song-intro, and what about screaming parts, he was absolutely quiet and the whole crowd was screaming in stead of JLT. IG is IN 5 times better form now, than JLT was in 1991.

    9. Roger Glover wanted to play the whole HOBL album in front of 100-200 people, to record Live Version Of House Of Blue Light. But record company refused it. Don’t blame the band for this…

    10. DP didn’t need Ritchie in 90’s… fresh ideas, new energy, modern guitar-playing technique, not egoist human who KNEW difference between GROUP, BAND and between solo-guitarist. RB wasn’t included in band even before hiring, RB was just playing for himself on the stage, NOT with the band and NOT for the audience. Also DP needed more smilies, more happiness and charisma – this was what DP needed… And they got it – Steve Morse

  126. 126
    George says:

    fresh ideas, new energy, modern and coolest guitar-playing technique, feelings, not egoist human who KNEW difference between GROUP, BAND and between solo-guitarist, more smilies, more happiness and charisma – this was what DP needed in 90’s and they GOT IT – Steve Morse

  127. 127
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Long reply’s again…….

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh, what should i pick?(….)

    Don’t bet……………you will lose.

  128. 128
    George says:


    At first, I replied YOU, and maybe you have to read my reply. This is elementary rule of dialogue and disscussion

    and, on the other hand, if you have such position, that you read only 2-3 word comments, it’s your problem, I don’t care at all…

  129. 129
    Rascal says:

    Wait for it, wait for it!!!

    Its the resident shrinks turn for a comment on the ‘epic proportions’ scale.

    Was it DP who didnt need RB, or the other way??

    What say you ‘Mr Meet & Greet’?????

    ‘We’re all in the grip of a tyre fitter’s hand’

  130. 130
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Excuse me?!

    I read EVERYTHING.

    I might have been a bit lazy on the side.
    Did not realise you were waiting for a well wrought answer.

  131. 131
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Rascal: As I tried to clarify above, I hold no authority nore am I in any way shape or form an expert on Deep Purple or any other band (hardly even my own for that matter). I am though a devoted fan. I know a little about a lot of things and a lot about a few things. What I don’t know, I truly can’t answer. I don’t blow smoke. I really don’t have the time.

    If you are questioning “Bitchies” value to Deep Purple or the other way around, they are both insurmountable. Things happen for a reason. “Bitchie left on his own accord”…..but he knew that it was getting to the point that either the band was done or he had to go. It finally had gotten that bad. The other 4 members were finally all on the same page and “Bitchie” could detect the anamosity towards him regarding his BullShit. To save face, he left before he was fired. It’s that simple. It was melting down quickly and the only way Purple was to continue, was with a different guitarist. It was clear that the rest of the band would not tolerate Ian Gillan being fired again. It was “Bitchies” turn to leave. Besides, Candice probably ordered him to quit (ok, I might have made that part up).

    It’s not that Deep Purple didn’t need “Bitchie” anymore. They couldn’t have survived any longer with him. Period.

    I don’t know……maybe I’m wrong.


  132. 132
    Rascal says:

    Just chill, and soak up the ambience.

    ‘Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll’

  133. 133
    stefan says:

    Daer Tracy!

    It´s all speculation, but I truly believe you just about nailed it about the last MK.II split! Well done!!

  134. 134
    stefan says:

    Ahhh….sorry `bout the typo….DEAR!!!

  135. 135
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Everything fine with me but…………

    to be truly convincing they should play at least 80% of the show Morse era stuff.


    And everyone knows why.

  136. 136
    Tracy Heyder says:

    WHY?……..Because of those who are stuck in the past. It’s the duldrum of the fact that their audience is only interested in hearing familiar tunes that the “Radio” keeps playing. Very little or none is based on “Who” played the songs originally, it’s just the fact of when those songs were produced. The Early Seventies was their HayDay. As with Pink Floydd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Wishbone Ash, YES, KISS, etc. You can’t go to any of these bands shows and not be pummled with the majority of their songs played from that era. No matter how many records they put out after that. It’s the curse of that genre of music. It was the sparkle time for these giants and that music, and is their curse till today.


  137. 137
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, me as a real RB fan can appreciate a lot of Morse era songs.

    It could be so wonderful hearing more of them, espescially songs being EXTENDED like on Live In Japan…………

    Still, I could experience that with more of an open mind when it would NOT be called Deep Purple, I m sorry….

    Call me stuck in the past/whatever………….

    I m the first to admit being kinda sentimental about the past, being kinda unflexable?

    But blaming large proportions who are mainly interested in songs played on Classic Rock radio?

    Well, I m the first to cheer when staples like Smoke, etc will not be played for a while.
    Ofcourse that’s a shame for the youngsters who still have to experience that first DP(I m being contradicory , I apologize) show, but…………..

    Are “Deep Purple” not their own men?

    Why don’t they say :
    “Stuff it. We do what we like, we’ll play mainly Morse era songs and some oldies we like……”

    And once in a while they’ll play those classics.
    So that it will be SPECIAL again to hear them .

    Well, what do I know?
    I m the one who does not have a clue.
    Who am I to tell them(…)what to do……
    After all those years debating about this probably does not make sense.

  138. 138
    R says:

    Deep Purple are:




  139. 139
    Jerry Bloom says:

    I rarely contribute to these comment boards, as so often I find they collapse in to endless abuses going back and forth. Interesting to read the many comments that have been posted to date though, and Mike Eriksson makes many intelligent and valid points.

    As far as any possible Purple reunion, while we are all quick to make judgements one way or another, at the end of the day money talks.
    As some have pointed out, just because Carole Stevens says it won’t happen, shouldn’t be considered as the final word on it. Anyone who was at the convention will have heard how openly Glenn Hughes spoke about a possible reunion.
    Likewise Jon was very open and honest when I interviewed him last year. Forgive the plug but the interview can be found in issue 35 of More Black than Purple.
    With regards to the comments about the relationship between Messrs Blackmore and Gillan. I tried to open up the reasons why their relationship in the seventies initially deteriorated in Black Knight. Apologies for plugging that as well, but it’s worth reading even if I do say so myself.
    Fundamentally though, working alongside someone where a clash of personalities is involved with inevitably lead to friction.
    It happens in all walks of life. Some fans inability to understand that two people can get on each other’s nerves seems quite naive to me. In normal day jobs you rarely travel with work colleagues, share hotel rooms with them etc, in the way Purple did in the early days. While things were different in the eighties, the seed had been sown.
    If your old company asked you to go back to work with people that really got on your nerves, would you? Probably not.
    If they offered you sufficient amount of money to retire on for just a few weeks working together, would you consider it then?
    Answers on a postcard…

  140. 140
    Tracy Heyder says:

    R:…..you are right, 14 years ago. NOT ANYMORE.

    They have advanced to the present. Richie and Jon were begininning to hold them back. That’s what records and CDs are for. Playing what you like. I like most of all of the material that has come out throughout the years, and love the variety that exists due to the changes. Present line-up is just another chapter great Purple.


  141. 141
    R says:

    MK II
    It was, is and will be Deep Purple forever.

  142. 142
    Tracy Heyder says:

    R:….Yes, as long as you continue to listen to those CDs that were made more than 14 years ago, MK2 can live on forever in your mind. That’s the beauty of music. It never dies as long as you have a recording.

    MK8 lives and breathes today……


  143. 143
    R says:

    MK 8 works today.
    MK II lives today and forever…

  144. 144
    Tracy Heyder says:

    What does R stand for……REPEAT?

    Again…….that is the greatness to owning records. You can be happy “Forever” listening to what is gone. MK1-29 will be around “Forever” as long as someone has the records. It’s all about personal preference and nobody here is trying to convence you that your taste is wrong. That is your little “Island in the sun”. Travel there as often as you like. That’s the benefit to liking all the MKs. I have a much larger amount of stuff to listen to and enjoy. Hell, there are many people who don’t like Deep Purple Period…..again, their taste. Their loss as well.


  145. 145
    R says:

    Thank you.

  146. 146
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Thank yeowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  147. 147
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I d sell my soul for getting back with my old love I quit in 92(…)

    Yeah, I know………….

    I probably should know better.

    “ALGECIRCAS” till the day I die.

    You know who you are(…)

  148. 148
    Tracy Heyder says:

    And a year later, Blackmore left Deep Purple………..Oh the pain, the pain, the pain……..

    You poor, poor, poor man. How does one cope???????


  149. 149
    Johnny LaRue says:

    to the average rock fan, as long as the original, or best known singer is on stage – it is defined as a “reunion”. So every time Deep Purple has toured America with Lynrd Skynard, and these “rock classic package deals” and the like over the last 15 years, it’s been a “Reunion Tour”.

    An annoying aspect of the entertainment media, is every time a band plays a show it’s a “comeback”, despite the fact they might have been releasing records and touring all along. Frank Zappa said it best: “Rock journalism is written by people who can’t write, for people who can’t read” Best to ignore all that garbage, and draw your own conclusions based on knowledge and facts.

  150. 150
    Chip says:

    149 posts arguing about Mark 2 vs other Marks…This is why I quit posting on the site.

    Blackers is great. Morse is great. Blackers wants to play his medieval thing now…and the Gillan et al have been burned too many times by Ritchie’s pissy attitude.

    It’s not happening….all of this passion is just a waste of time.

  151. 151
    Mark says:

    Sorry but a MKII reunion will never happen because TMIB hates Ian G and Ian G hates TMIB.

  152. 152
    Steve says:

    I’m so BURNed out on MKII and the recent DP. Would much rather see MKIII pick up and do a couple of albums and tours and THEN maybe see one last MKII show. Glenn Hughes and even Coverdale currently still have voices, Ian lost his a long time ago. I saw the Burn tour, the Perfect Strangers tour and a several of the latest tours. Sorry, MKII fans, I love the MKII albums but that Burn tour kicked ass and Hughes and Coverdale still have something to offer. Like GH said, MKII is unfinished business, Indeed.

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