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Durham Concerto on UK Radio


Durham Concerto, which was performed on October 20, was recorded for the British radio station Classic FM and will be on the air tomorrow, November 4, between 5 and 7pm as a part of The Hall of Fame Concerts program. You can listen to Classic FM over the Internet here (Windows Media format).

Thanks to Kevin Dixon for the info.

3 Comments to “Durham Concerto on UK Radio”:

  1. 1
    Carl says:

    I’m listening to it now and I love it! 🙂 The piece playing right now has some Hammond organ in it, very cool.

  2. 2
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, that was beautiful……….

    In the early 80’s I had to work like a madman to get the radiochannel right trying to listen to I Surrender, the new Rainbow single and some time later The Tommy Vance show, introducing us back again to the reformed Mark 2 line up.

    Back to 2007 :
    Still operating a Windows 98/SE machine I have the problem of that I keep logging OFF ……….Caused by the wit of a programmer at my provider? Or is the old sofware of 98?

    Anyway, Normally logging OFF many more times, this piece of junk checked out at 5 minutes before 20:00 (Dutch time). I got back on track after (!!!)15 minutes…… I hope I did not miss much?

    I have to listen more to it to make a better judgement but I think I like much of it.
    I am not able to copy/burn this…….But I am looking forward to the release instead………

    It reminded me of Pictured Within at first…….

    I do not mean the coughing by those invalids who should have stayed at home. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

    Good one, Jon!
    Way to go………


  3. 3
    Robert Daems says:

    I made a connection from my computer to my (home-built) hifi set.
    The sound quality was perfect!

    Despite the fact my children were playing around in the living room, I had a very good listen to this fantastic piece of music. I still have to get used to the Northumbrian Pipes, but they fit the piece very well.

    I hope I will be able to relisten later this week, when I’m home alone.
    Can’t wait for the cd / dvd to come out.

    Hopefully Jon Lord will take this piece of music around the world.
    The Royal Concert Building in Amsterdam would be a very good venue for a piece of music like this. The local orchestra should be able to play this.
    I would love to see Jon Lord performing this live.



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