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Blackmore’s Night October 14 gig cancelled

Difficult to Cure

It looks like Ritchie’s illness proved to be difficult to cure. October 14 gig in Kent, Ohio, was cancelled as well. At this point we have no information if the appearance will be rescheduled or if it’s cancelled for good, and how to obtain a refund in either case.

Thanks to Kevin Dixon for the info.

16 Comments to “Blackmore’s Night October 14 gig cancelled”:

  1. 1
    Chrissy says:

    Damn I had tickets.I hope RB is alright.

  2. 2
    stefan says:

    Is possibly the “Black Plague”………………?

  3. 3
    Ray says:

    I have second row tickets for the show in chicago.. Hopefully it will on!!!

  4. 4
    joe crowley says:

    Thank god I saw the first show.2 1/2 hours they were super tight.I hear it’s only the flu,hopefully they’ll rescked for the shows they cancelled.

  5. 5
    T says:

    We all get ill at some point. ‘Tis the season! Hope Ritchie is feeling better soon.

  6. 6
    Corn Dog says:

    Obviously it depends what illness is actually affecting the Blackmore, but maybe one of the following may help him.

    I hope this helps Mr Blackmore:-

    For toothache:

    Take a candle and burn it close to the tooth. The worms that are gnawing the tooth will fall out into a cup of water held by the mouth.

    For evil spirits in the head:

    For this, surgeons use trepanning. This is where a surgeon cuts a hole into the skull to release evil spirits trapped in the brain. The operation might also include cutting out the part of the brain that had been ‘infected’ with these evil spirits.

    For general illnesses:

    Go on a pilgrimage to a holy shrine to show your love of God, make sure you consume copious amounts of holy water.

    Blood letting:

    Blood will be drained from a certain spot in your body, to release the ‘bad blood’ that ails you. Leeches, or dirty knives to be used only by a skilled physician.


    The physician will identify a certain part of your body that is ill and place red hot pokers on it.

    Obviously all the above can only be used safely when the moon passes through the middle of the sign of Gemini.

  7. 7
    Rasta Man says:

    Leeches are the cure

  8. 8
    Sour Grass says:

    Burn a few witches!!

  9. 9
    Gary says:

    When the history of Deep Purple is written years from now Ritchie Blackmore will have one of the most prominent places, if not the most. He has contributed more to rock and roll than any guitarist…or maybe less than a precious few.

    It’s childish to make fun of the man, especially if you’ve never met him and write as if you do.

  10. 10
    Gary says:

    oops… a grammatical error…last word should have been ‘ did ‘, and ‘ childish ‘ should have been replaced by ‘ ignorant ‘ 🙂

  11. 11
    Stefan says:

    A little toungue in cheek has never killed anyone Gary…..Sorry if you were offended,but with Ritchie making an ass of himself in longjohns and lute, it´s hard not to take a little piss…..I´m sure he can see the irony…not sure `bout the missus and mother in law though!!

  12. 12
    Gary says:

    Oh no, I wasn’t offended, Stefan. I allowed for the fact that those comments were possibly intended to be homorous 🙂

  13. 13
    Gary says:

    umm……humorous 🙂

  14. 14
    rakotovao says:

    est_ce_que vous me demarer cette music?

  15. 15
    Corn Dog says:

    Very childish to make fun of the tight wearing, pointy hatted, gypsy queen!

  16. 16
    Grindhouse Dean says:

    Whatever happened to the show must go on? I guess if you live in America that doesn’t count with Blackmore’s band: Uriah Heep on Don Kirschners Rock Concert 1975 Mick Box does the whole set with a broken arm, a cast from wrist to elbow and still plays guitar! Suck on that, RB. I had tickets to both Michigan and Kent shows, planned my whole vacation around it. If you live in Cleveland like I do, don’t plan on seeing them anytime soon. Last time thay played here was 8 years ago. Great show! That’s why I’m disgruntled. Of course if they do reschedule, I probably will plan another vacation around it again. That pompous bastard is fantastic.

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