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A few points from Roger

Roger Glover

In his latest message to the fans, Roger talks about his daughter Gillian’s new album (it’s out now), proper spelling, security at the gigs, MySpace squatters, and Finnish postal stamps, among other things.

Go get a few points.

6 Comments to “A few points from Roger”:

  1. 1
    Joanna says:

    I’ve already got Gillian’s CD. Quite a fine record, “Made you look” is the best, although I like “The bargain basement” the most:).

  2. 2
    Dan Glibals says:

    Will rog also be endorsing his wife’s cooking online shortly? :|)

  3. 3
    igge says:

    Cool news about the stamps. I’m gonna have to get me some.

  4. 4
    Bo says:

    Gillians CD is a VERY fine record. I can recomend it!!
    How can one buy rg DP stamps?

    Lots of regards

  5. 5
    David Sanderson says:

    Has Kevin Hall heard it yet?

  6. 6
    Rascal says:

    Bought the CD, played the CD, and like ‘The Bargain Basement’!!

    Problem is, thats where this CD will end up.

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