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Another Gillan’s Inn contest

At the Gillan’s Inn site, you can download versions of “Smoke on the Water” without lead vocals and lead guitar. You can then add your own talent and upload your version to the site. If you have a band, you can record the song from scratch and upload that.

The visitors to the site vote for the best track in each category and every week, one submission will move on to the finals based on the average votes of the visitors. At the end of the contest, Ian Gillan will choose one winner from each category.

The winners of the Vocal and the Lead Guitar categories will win a trip to Las Vegas to perform live with Ian Gillan at the House of Blues.The winner of the Band category will receive gear for their band.

The complete rules for the contest is available here and more info about the prizes can be found here.

21 Comments to “Another Gillan’s Inn contest”:

  1. 1
    Troy says:

    I have entered this contest in the “group” category under the name “Programme Three” and would appreciate your support in that I am one person who played all the instruments using primitive equipment up against actual groups.

    I tried to do an interpretation of “Smoke on the Water” rather than a note-for-note clone of it while retaining a kind of live spontenaeity.

    I would appreciate your vote!


  2. 2
    Troy says:

    I would like to thank everyone who voted for Programme Three in the “group” category of the gillansinn.com “Smoke on the Water” contest.

    As I predicted, the entries get better as time goes by. Who knows what the musicians and singers will come up with in the final weeks! I have heard some outstanding people and this week is better than the first. If you have not done so, I encourage you to go to http://www.gillansinn.com/contest.php to listen to and vote for the groups and individuals for all of their hard effort. It’s worth it!

    Let’s have everything louder than everything else.

    Troy Wickman

  3. 3
    Jam Stew says:

    Oy! Deep Burple (Week 2)!!!

    Enough with the cheating already!! It’s so glaringly obvious you guys are casting multiple votes for yourselves.

  4. 4
    Troy says:

    Nevertheless…GO OUT AND VOTE!!!! Your vote–and your friends’–can cancel a freebie.

    Email the link to everyone you know…and they know. If you have a favourite–or if you’re in the competition–let everyone know about it.

    I really thought the number of hits and entries would be much larger. I’m sure by Week Six they will be as the word gets out.

    I am now entered in “guitar” for Week 3 (T. Wickman) and would appreciate your support (again).

    Although I would like you to vote for me, go check out Croce Taylor Matthews–a very interesting interpretation–and Celtic Legacy’s Blackmore’s Nightish solo. “Vote for Pedro” is downright hilarious. Caitlyn Snow reminds me of the Out of Phase tribute group.

    Some are just downright bad…but that can be fun as well.

    Just great fun and a chance to hear people (and be heard) you otherwise would never be able to hear.

    It’s worth a visit.


    Vote for your favourites (and me)!

    T. Wickman

  5. 5
    Celtic Legacy says:

    Thanks mate. Blackmore’s Night? Well that wasn’t my intention but hey I won’t complain about that comparison.

    Thanks also to everyone who cast a vote for me, I just found out I made it to the final so please disregard the entry I have in for week 3, it’s the same version and I’ve asked for it to be taken down.

    And I’ll reiterate T’s point… log on and VOTE.

  6. 6
    Celtic Legacy says:

    Can I just voice my anger and disappointment at Immergent for suddenly putting a clause in the rules which effectively disqualifies my entry. When I entered the competition it was open to all. Now however, it appears ONLY US residents can enter. So, even though I’m through to the final I’ve been shut out. I notice they haven’t taken my week 2 winning entry down NOR have they refunded the ¬Ę1.98 they charged me to enter in the first place…not that the loss of a couple of dollars is the burning issue here.

    This is not a good way to endear yourself to fans who have made a bloody honest effort to win a competition which offered a dream prize.

    Bad form guys,
    Dave Morrissey a.k.a. Celtic Legacy

  7. 7
    Alan says:

    I want to register my dissapointment and back up what Dave (“Celtic Legacy”) has just said. It’s poor form to do as has been done and change the rules like that mid-way through. I’m as loyal to Ian Gillan as they come – and then some – and also very pro the current DP lineup – but if the management want to play that way then lets not buy any Gillan products outside of the US if they only consider US based fans of any value. I’m personally based in the country of Ian’s birth. Its short sightedness and poor management and a shoddy way to treat genuine fans

  8. 8
    Svante Pettersson says:

    I agree that it’s wrong to change the rules mid-way through the competition. I would think it has something to do with Immergent being an American company and the thing being a tie-in with the US tour. And it can of course be because it would cost too much to fly a winner in from Europe. Let’s hope a similar competiton is run whenever Gillan tours Europe.

    I would also recommend you mail Ian with your concerns. Email address is available on gillan.com.

  9. 9
    A Concerned Fan says:

    I believe the company should honour the entries.
    It is not the contestants’ fault that the rules – as they were published at the time the entered – have been changed. Changing the rules is unethical, unless there is a clear “we reserve the right” clause.

    How much does it cost to fly someone over to the US from Europe anyway?
    Surely it would be better to do this than risk losing the goodwill of European fans?

  10. 10
    vito1 says:

    Changing the rules after the start of any contest shows lack of integrity and poor intent. The word gets out just a fast in this regard as it does had you done the right thing. Maybe faster. You may have just wasted your efforts to bring people to your place, which I am guessing was your intention in the first place. If you can’t compete internationaly, you shouldn’t be on the WWW. JMHO

  11. 11
    vito1 says:

    Isn’t it odd that the Donation section has all those international flags?

    Thing that make you go ….. hmmmm

  12. 12
    Deep Burple says:

    hey Jam Stew how are you doing?

    I just wanted to say that Deep Burple weren’t ‘cheating’ as you put it. All we did was ask our freinds to support us and gave them a link. The rules clearly say that getting your freinds to vote for you is encouraged. Were you part of Purple Jam? Dam good outfit I thought, great rendition wtg.

    Anyway, good luck to all who enter, it’s just a bit of fun after all isn’t it?

    FWIW my view on the rule changes is that changing them mid competetion is concerning, however Deep Burple are just pleased that Ian Gillan may actually get to hear us. I think Ian is to be commended for running such a competetion and offering the likes of all of us a chance of winning something worthwhile. Long may you run Ian.

    Rolf G Riley
    Guitarist Deep Burple

  13. 13
    Terry Walker says:

    I don’t know what to say about all this. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out, then react accordingly. Regardless, wheather or not Deep Burple wins, the host of this contest should do the right thing! Changing the rules mid-contest just ain’t cool, especially considering those who entered are loyal fans, and have Purple in their blood!

    Terry Walker
    Singer – Deep Burple

  14. 14
    String Jammer says:

    Have I won yet?

    String Jammer – Deep Burple Fan

  15. 15
    Troy says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this contest DESPITE the controversey. I love to hear other people play and the talent has been impressive.

    Some thoughts on Week 5 so far. In NO particular order.

    My favourite has to be Council of One (so far). Very impressive use of the wah-pedal. I like unique interpretations best and this is a great example. This sounds sort of like DP meets Cecil Holmes’ Soulful Sounds in the backing track (that’s a compliment) and the lead breaks are very crisp and tasteful. A good solo follows, and he/she took the time to double-track parts. A very nice job. Very different.

    Parts of “Living Wreck’s” work reminds me of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Black & White” years, the first album in particular. Many Blackmore fans are BOC fans, and it’s no accident BOC played shows with Rainbow in the 70’s. LW’s a perfect example of not having to play a thousand miles an hour to be good. I like this version a lot.

    Joe Hart: Quiet until the solo then the beast is unleashed. A strong Steve Morse influence? That harmonic tremolo slide–WAY cool. Not a single dull moment.

    Erwin: Interesting opening. Kind of rough and raw–in your face. Another example of being simple but effective without all the glitz. A ‘crispy’ style.

    Larry Ludwikowski: Practically note-perfect “Machine Head” solo–even the timbre. I’ve *never* been able to do that and I’ve heard few pull it off without sounding mechanical.

    That’s all I’ve heard for now. Take the time to listen to all the entries! Rate *everyone*. Great fun.

  16. 16
    SilvioM says:

    Hi i’m (was) a contestant too as Silvio Mazzei and SilvioM and i’d like to express my disapointment with the changing of rules. They said the issue is the plane ticket but they had to state it clearer from the start. It’s been a huge deception to me.


  17. 17
    Troy says:

    My picks for the final week… Johnny Helbo first. AWSOME. Totally new interpretation. It blew me away. I also liked Enema Bootcamp’s version. Another unique interpretation. And what was that keyboard set on? Oboe? Very different. Also noteworthy was F-Jam. I like the vocal introduction with no instruments: “Smoooke on the waaater” before going into the actual riff. It was also cool how they put a “Made in Japan” sounding keyboard solo in the guitar solo chords with a completely different guitar solo playing over that at the same time.

    I knew the final week would bring out the creativity.

    I wish I knew who were the professionals and semi-professionals who have issued recordings and who were the garage bands and people doing the home-grown thing with a four-track. I see this contest as a way to be heard and it’s been very entertaining despite the controversey.

  18. 18
    RGR says:

    “I wish I knew who were the professionals and semi-professionals who have issued recordings and who were the garage bands and people doing the home-grown thing with a four-track”

    Well FWIW Deep Burple (tribute) are not a pro band (we are all skint!) , we’re doing the home grown thing lol!

    Good to see some cool late entries this week .

  19. 19
    SilvioM says:

    Well check out my band’s website http://www.inquisicao.com.br or you can visit http://www.garageband.com/artist/inquisicao to listen to our newest demos !!


  20. 20
    RGR says:

    Some high scoring votes in the last week in the band section WTG Guys!

    This is fun…Good luck to all. …I’d love to jam with some of you guys..maybe do anuvver purple toon..just for a laugh.

    Guitarist deep burple (tribute)

  21. 21
    RGR says:

    WTG Johnny Helbo!!

    I liked that version too. Cheerz.
    RGR Guitarist Deep Burple (tribute)

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