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Ian Gillan Interview

Larry Getlen at Bankrate.com did an interview with Ian Gillan recently. Here is a few bits:

About “Rapture Of The Deep”:
“In fact, this is one of the most enjoyable records, in a creative sense, we’ve ever done — very similar to how we worked in ’69 and ’70. The band was very hot, and there was not a single note or word written or preconceived notion of how the album would be.”

“We have some fantastic fans in America, but there’s an industry thing in the States called classic rock. If you were a success in the ’60s and ’70s and ’80s, you fall into that bracket, and consequently you’re considered to be dead and buried. You’re a historical event rather then a contemporary act. Whereas around the world, we tend to be viewed more in the context of the current, living, thriving Deep Purple.”

“The biggest income we make is from live performances, without any doubt. That’s about a 4-to-1 ratio from anything else.”

Read the whole interview here.
Thanks to Bankrate.com for the information.

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