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Best laid plans come apart at the seams — April Fools

As our live calendar keeps filling up with strikeout, the anxiety levels keep rising in certain quarters about the fate of the upcoming Deep Purple tour which is scheduled to begin on May 31 — will it happen or will it not? Well, we have learned today that it’s both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’, […]

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It’s not just the virus

David Coverdale announced today that all remaining Whitesnake tours for 2020 — the mainland Europe, the UK, and the double header with Sammy Hagar in the US — are now cancelled.

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Virus bites the ‘snake

The ill-fated Whitesnake Japanese tour, that has already been rescheduled for March from October 2019, is now postponed until further notice due to “the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus”. We regret to announce that WHITESNAKE’S Japan Tour which had been scheduled for March has been unavoidably postponed due to the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus. […]

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Whitesnake in Brisbane cancelled

[UPDATED] Whitesnake show on the double bill with Scorpions on February 24 in Brisbane, Australia, has been cancelled:

Unfortunately due to a medical emergency within the Scorpions tour party, Scorpion and Whitesnake show scheduled to take place at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre tomorrow, Monday 24 February 2020 has been cancelled.

🎟️Tickets purchased by credit or debit card will be refunded in full

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Don Airey’s European tour postponed

Don Airey’s tour of continental Europe in March 2020 has been cancelled: The Colosseum II Remembered Tour is with great sadness being cancelled, to be rescheduled later in the year, due to unforeseen circumstances. The aforementioned unforeseen circumstances most likely refer to the fact that Don will be appearing with Deep Purple in Mexico on […]

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Dead Daisies on tour

A whole bunch of new European dates have been announced today for The Dead Daisies. In some of the bigger venues they will be opening for either Judas Priest or Foreigner, while headlining at smaller ones. The tour starts on May 29 in Essen, Germany, and will take them through Estonia, Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, […]

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Tea or tequila?

Whitesnake will embark on another extensive tour of the US, this time on a double bill with Sammy Hagar. Night Ranger will be opening on all dates. The itinerary is strategically arranged in 3 legs of 10 shows each — one per July, August, and September 2020 respectively. All venues will be big corporate sheds […]

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Don Airey’s UK tour cancelled

Don Airey & Friends UK tour in February 2020 appears to have been cancelled. It was supposed to be a double bill with Brian Downey’s Alive and Dangerous, and the following appears on the latter’s website: Shows Cancelled January 17, 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT: The following dates have been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Apologies for any […]

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July morning in January

Don Airey will be performing with Uriah Heep in place of Phil Lanzon on the two upcoming German gigs: January 14th in Würzburg and 15th in Frankfurt. Phil will not be able to perform due to family matters — he had lost his eldest son to cancer just before Christmas. Don graciously agreed to step […]

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Tuesday, we made another album

Ian Gillan, in his own whimsically cryptic way, confirms that the band has finished the new album to be released probably some time in spring 2020 and followed by a tour: […] now we gird our lions (yes, I know, but I’m in Africa) for a year of febrile activity into which a rare amount […]

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