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2011-06-03 – Whitesnake – Live at Donington 1990

Whitesnake - Live at Donington 1990
Friday, June 3, 2011
20:00 - - All Ages
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Comment to “2011-06-03 – Whitesnake – Live at Donington 1990”:

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    wish i could be there !!!!!!!!! famous rainbow dp ~ joe lynn turner with vinny appice of heaven ~ who also recorded with john lennon on walls & bridges & did handclaps on “whatever gets yah thru the nite its allright its allright!!!!!!!!!!!!!” & the quiet riot guitarist who replaced randy rhoades & a super bass guy & super keyplayer & the orleans band ~ he was super cool to hang out with all allday 1988 when he sang in woodstock tinker cafe { ozzy wrote tinker train song there {recorded at bearsville studio} 1990 oct ~ theres a empty train staion next to tinker cafe ~ only 2 tracks in a cover goin over a lil river heee heee heee heeeee heeee heeeeeee !!!!!! hey thats how ya write songs !!!!!!!!! woodstick {like benny hill says!!!!!!!} new york state !!!!!! ~ the orleans guy sings “youre the 1 !!!!!!” ~ i seen on = ticketmaster ~ they gonna be at macaffy fancy theatre in st petersburg florida june 4 sat 2011 by the awesome mind blowing amazing pschedelic way before beatles ~ salavor dali museum !!!!!yall allways make sure ya see any salvador dali stuff anytime ya can ya be glad ya did wooooooooo!!!!! he wanted to make museum by a bunch of boats docked ~ st petersberg florida ~ dali allways blows yer mind makes ya rollover laffiiiiing guffawing!!!! dali made zillions stuff they keep changin it dont all fit in!!!!!! if ya ever see his hologram of alice cooper its mindblowing alice in a glass & silver column tube laffing widly gallently holds a statue of venus with drawers sliding out as ya walk around the column hologram qith a sparkling tiara !!!!!!!! ~ ask the guys if ya cant find it!!!!!!! ya need like all day to really experience it like jimi said experience yeah!!!!!!!!!! youll allways see everything waaaay diff everytime ya come outtta the salvador dali place!!!!! my friends say enjoy his place in espania it really blows yer mind !!! they say when ya walk in espania dali place ~ he got a real car in a giant spoon in the roof!!!! ~ the hard rock cafe by i~4 freeway universal ~ ritchie smiling biggest & molly hatchet guys play electric show there 1992 days to save cats & dogs & all animals animal shelters super extroarfinarily !!!!!! i think if yall really really really want mk2 {hey last week 4real may21 sat a zillion americans thought world gonna end at 6pm so they gave lots money & good stuff away like yeshua jesus says for greatest grace & good karma allways anyway yknow & drove to californy for a preacher!!! it was named enamored the rapture kinda like hands across america 1987? days !!!!!! funnier than americanish whitesnake!!!!!!!! so anything is easy possible!!!!! get em motivated !!!!!!!!1 excited !!!!!!!!! gusto !!!!!!!! its new day eh !!!!!!! maybe best way is get ritchie to save zillions cats & dogs & all animals charity super probly if ya get candance singin with ian too i think he be happy as a kitten probly all animal saving websites like bigcats.care2 & animalrescuesite {his judy animal rescue is in there~she was at his 2009 show orlando plaza theatre}can help yknow!!!!!!! hard rock orlando cafe universal greatest food super awesome ya can walk in free too ~ archiotected like gigantic huuuuggggesst ritchie strat ~ he played smoooook on da ~~~~~~~~~~~~ super there in front of stain glass of elvis & lil richard & jimi ~ its fun to walk !!!!!!! they got john lennon & jimis suits zillion rock stuff gear from cream dp gold records allover from beatles everyone!!!!! planet hollywood cafe in downtown disney ya can go in free got super stuff like movie stuff like even got real allistar simms super scrooge suit in glass case 2nd fl by info desk!!!!!!!! “i feell as giddy as a youngman silly as a schoolboy!!!!!! i must stand on me head im as lite as a fairie!!!!!!!!” { without boots!!!!!!!! } enjoy life to the max be healthy get all the gusto save de world !!!!!! play yer geetars & drums write songs super ~ they got a plastic piano on space spacesation!!!!!! drew feustal & greg chamitoff whose pa went school 4real with capt kirk in montreal ~ plays it he did spacewalk {eva =extra vehicular activity } with mike finike yesterday yay !!!!!!mike finike {who did hubble space telescope also }4real out there said = ” yeeee~ haaaaw !!!!! yeeeee ~ haaaaw !!!!!!!!!!! “

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