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Blackmore names his band

Blackmore’s hard rock band, or the 2016 incarnation of Rainbow (if you prefer), will be comprised of Ronnie Romero on vocals, Jens Johansson on keyboards, David Keith (a.k.a. Troubadour of Aberdeen from Blackmore’s Night) on drums, and Bob ‘Nouveau’ Curiano (a.k.a. Sir Robert of Normandie) on bass.

Given Blackmore’s track record of picking (relatively) unknown vocalists and turning them onto stardom, let’s pause for a moment on Ronnie Romero. He is Chilean born, now living in Spain, where he is involved in several Rainbow, Dio and Queen tribute bands, as well as Lords of Black — a band that plays original music.

With Rainbow tribute band Rising:

Doing Dio’s Rainbow in the Dark in the studio:

Stormbringer cover:

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

97 Comments to “Blackmore names his band”:

  1. 1
    Sal says:

    Wish Blackmore was doing a show near his home in Long Island, New York.

  2. 2
    Buttockss says:

    Jens Joehansson started his career in music with his brother mark in a band they formed called ( Silver Mountain ) then he went on to play with Yngvie Malmstein on a couple of his albums, he is quite an accomplished musican. How come the good t-shirts don’t come in extra large ?

  3. 3
    Rodney Phair says:

    Did Jens Johansson not play with Dio for a short period..

  4. 4
    Kasper Kjærsgaard says:



  5. 5
    John Harjo says:

    I know him from the early Yngwie albums Rising Force, Marching Out, Trilogy and Odyssey and live shows then.

  6. 6
    Junji Jimmy Seto says:

    No doubt Ronnie is good singer and other member is professional and famous but Ritchie=Rainbow which means his project, as he said a few show in europe only but I think other countrries promoter has not interest to them such as Udo Japan, maybe Carol Stevens did not want former member to save the money I reckon

  7. 7
    henrik says:

    I am glad, I’m not going. Totally uncharismatic band. The drummer cam’ t live up to it.

  8. 8
    Brian Hensley says:

    OMG, I almost bought a ticket, I would have been so pissed off.

  9. 9
    Jason Frost says:

    Haters stay at home! Including you Brian Hensley. Your absence gives other people a chance. You will not be missed 🙂

  10. 10
    Heepfan says:

    If this guy can really sing like that live, then he will be the second best singer that Rainbow has ever had….what a voice !!!

  11. 11
    Ron. says:

    I’m flying in from USA to see Rainbow in Germany. I will hold my judgement on the band since I’m going to see Ritchie and to hear these rock anthems. My initial take is not bad at all but I’m surprised Ritchie went for a pure Dio clone on vocals. I see something great and unique in all his previous choices, Dio, Bonnet, Turner and White. Each had something special with of course RJD being something very special. Not to mention Gillan and Coverdale in Purple. Im holding my judgement on Romero until the gig…..hopefully he’s not just a Dio clone and Rainbow tribute band singer.

  12. 12
    Harry Heathman says:

    Wish Richie would come to the States.

  13. 13
    Joe Arrington says:

    Blackmore put people in his band based on how sound NOW instead of 20 years ago. Don’t be a hater.

  14. 14
    Klaus Lengemann says:

    I think because of old enmity with big Ian Ritchie will put child in time in the setlist . And if it only serves a 70 -year-old Singer to prove that a young man still manages these sounds .
    But the young man can make every effort in the world , it remains big Ian ‘s song …

  15. 15
    MacGregor says:

    Looks like decent band indeed, recognised Jens Johansson immediately, the drummer is very experienced & would be looking forward to stepping up a level or three, as in harder rock. The lead vocalist sounds very Dio in a way, haven’t heard any other impersonations as yet, not that I have looked! Something good comes out of tribute’ bands eh? Does it pass the test of rabid Purple & or Rainbow ‘fans’? For some it will, others will never be satisfied, time will tell! Bring it on & hopefully it is only these five guys up there cranking it! No hangers on! Who’s Joe, sorry that should be Hey Joe shouldn’t it? Cheers.

  16. 16
    Carl Sampson says:

    blackmore is a god

  17. 17
    byron says:

    A great singer,no doubt about it!Johansson is a perfect choice too,he used to play with Malmsteen and Stratovarius (and did some keyboards with BN as well).Bob Nouveau ??do you mean Bob Daisley? it would be great!
    But frankly, why did he choose his current drummer?He’s not a Heavy/hard rock drummer at all and Rainbow needs a powerful drummer just like Cozy Powell,Rondinelli or Chuck Burgi..can’t imagine the guy playing “Kill the king” with the little drum kit he plays with BN!

  18. 18
    Lorenc Quni says:

    Every band Ritchie has been in has been gold . Bud said

  19. 19
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    They asked who is this Romero for & though I knew, this man with voice & moves serve ladies, gents & you; for to play unto the Rainbow fans was hot Ronnie sent, thus totally & out of shape shall these few gigs be bent!. Enjoy….

  20. 20
    Scott says:

    Please DO NOT post ” This guy should be singing for Purple”. I know that one is coming.

    Great vocalist. Has the Dio sound down Really good.

  21. 21
    Michael Troy Moore says:

    I wanted the audition, but right the band is ready!

  22. 22
    kraatzy says:


    And I have a ticket … 😉



  23. 23
    LRT says:

    Rainbow In The Dark. BUNK! Nuff said, period!

  24. 24
    Michael Edwards says:

    He sorta does a fair imitation of Dio, Turner and Bonnet but that’s all it is – an imitation. And, in the live videos, he’s singing just a little flat in the songs from all 3 eras, which means he’s probably singing above his natural range.

  25. 25
    George Martin says:

    I’m sure the band will be fine. It’s the set list I’m curious about. If these are the last 3 rock shows Ritchie ever performs then they better rock. I don’t want to see a ten minute drum solo, ten minute keyboard solo and a twenty minute version of Catch the Rainbow. No ballads Ritchie, make your fingers bleed!

  26. 26
    Paul Steinmayer says:

    I sure hope a DVD will be coming of this, since he’s not going to tour for the world to share in his fun… I really want to see this!!!

  27. 27
    Rock Voorne says:

    Great singer on the Dio tracks.
    I miss JLT when he is doing Death Alley Driver.

  28. 28
    Andreas Nagel says:

    In my opinion it makes no sense without Ronnie James Dio and Cozy Powell.

  29. 29
    Zlatan Hadzic says:

    This is so good choice… Can’t wait to see Blackers with this peculiar crew!

  30. 30
    Jeff Summers says:

    Interesting. Ronnie has a great voice, great tone, range and power. I wonder if Ritchie has noticed that he has short hair? 🙂

  31. 31
    Uwe says:

    Caray!, Ricardo Negromoro’s new singa has a soma pipes!!!

    Will he also do Chile in Time? ; – )

  32. 32
    Svante Axbacke says:

    He has 8 months to grow his hair. 🙂

  33. 33
    byron says:

    He’s very close to Jorn Lande IMO…but less expansive for sure.I’m sure he ‘ll do a great job.
    Certainly Yngwie will have a look at him…
    Can’t find nothing about Bob Nouveau..pretty sure he’s Daisley.Maybe they can’t give his real name for contractual reasons?

  34. 34
    Svante Axbacke says:

    “I am playing in Rainbow with the stage name “Bob Nouveau”. I am excited to be playing with Ritchie again and I’m sure we will “Rock”!”


  35. 35
    henrik says:

    This guy should be singing for Purple.

  36. 36
    Uwe says:

    “He has 8 months to grow his hair.”

    LOL! You never know, there might be a Graham Bonnet lurking in him!

  37. 37
    Uwe says:

    “In my opinion it makes no sense without Ronnie James Dio and Cozy Powell.”

    Yet both have confirmed their unavailability at such a short notice due to other – more permanent – commitments.

    I’ve seen Rainbow with so many singers, one more doesn’t bother me. The guy is young, will give his best and rehearse his ass off. And he is certainly better looking than Jorn Lande. It all comes down to the choice of songs though.

  38. 38
    Rick Carlson says:

    I like this guys voice. I liked hearing the videos of Stormbringer and the JLT tunes. It shows the tunes would have been just as good if Dio sang them and he would have fit nicely in Deep Purple. Bob Nouveau is a stage name. His real name is Bob Curcano or something. He was in Blackmores Night.
    And honestly when has Ritchie every been with a bad singer? I trust Ritchie if these guys are good for him its good for me! Please come to Chicago Ritchie!!!!!

  39. 39
    Russ Fleenor says:

    Remember that Ritchie said he’s doing these shows mostly for the nostalgia, so a singer who is reminiscent of those early days is what he wants, not a new lead singer for Rainbow.

  40. 40
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Well, Brian May had young Adam (‘I’m on the Lambert I ain’t no sheep’ [GROAN!]), while other bands have done similar things (Inxs & Judas Priest come to mind). Sssooooo…..

  41. 41
    Boswell's Johnson says:

    No Bobby Rondinelli = No Rainbow

  42. 42


  43. 43
    MacGregor says:

    byron @ 17- I would like to think Blackmore would know what his drummer is capable of & would have put him through his paces no doubt also! How many times jammimg or even at rehearsals & sound checks, would they have cranked a riff or three? Also, he wouldn’t be playing his ‘traditional’ BN kit. Check out his CV, he will be up to it no problem! Cheers.

  44. 44
    MacGregor says:

    henrik @ 35- you beat me to it, damn & blast, I wanted to say that! Cheers.

  45. 45
    Anthony says:

    The bass player used to play for Blackmore’s Night and he is really good. Knows Ritchie’s mannerisms on stage and they will get the best out of each other. Excellent singer and the guy will give some ‘zest’ to all the Rainbow/Purple songs. Fair dues to Ritchie for going for the guy..he could have played it very very safe and went for Dougie or Joe but that has been done before. The drummer is more akin to Ian Paice than Cozy in playing style but hey not a bad thing! The interplay between Anders and Ritchie will be a joy to listen to. All in all a great solid band and a Rainbow for 2016 🙂

  46. 46
    Jean says:

    This guy should be singing for Purple.

  47. 47
    Jaffa says:

    Why go for a DIO clone?
    Why not branch out and find a new sounding voice?

  48. 48
    Ralle says:

    @Svante: Yes, the first “Bob” (relating to Blackmore recently) came into my mind a few days ago was Bob Curiano, but
    at that point in time, nothing was stated on his website. Great player and great musician, he always had a sense of humor on stage with Mr. B. . Much to my regret he left BN in 2006 or so, but now as Bob Nouveau … fine .

  49. 49
    RAH says:

    @17 Don’t be naive, he’s a drummer and clearly will use a bigger kit.

    @8, @28 and possibly @23. Isn’t this what I”ve been reading that people want, for RB to rock out again without CN by his side??? For cryin’ out loud, take what you can from these shows. The man is 70, relish in this!!

    Plus, nice to see Bob “Nouveau” Curiano will be part of the team too. Wonder if Mick Servino got any consideration?

  50. 50
    al says:

    a lot of haters in here and ready to bash the band.Let’s get these things straight people:This is about Blackers and banjo man.The singer will sing whatever Ritchie gives him to sing and throws at him.The rhythm session the only link that i have problem with is the drummer.Saw him live and was not impressed ,but let’s give the singer a chance.Sure enough,he is a Dio/Coverdale/Gillan emulator but who he isn’t ?! It is hard to judge a singers from covers and classics,you get an idea of his range live! that is where you see his cojones!If you have any other expectations and expecting a “real band” and equality,this is not it.The Man in Black had said it.It is Nostalgia for the fans and that’s it,he wants to go back doing his music with his wife.No new album or big tour.I wish he could have had some more dates in North America or Europe,and maybe a new album,but this is not the case.Whoever got tickets to watch him,is lucky and enjoy!,whoever “refuses” for some reason to accept this,then shut your mouth and go back to whatever you listening and doing and leave us others”appreciate one more last time the Legend playing rock n roll!

  51. 51
    byron says:

    So Ritchie will play with the Blackmore’s Night rythm section.?strange choice .. they ‘re great musicians for sure,but don’t wait for an “heavy sound”.

  52. 52
    Dick Pimple says:

    I thought the singer sounds very good to be fair, I`m sure he`ll put on a good performance. I just can`t get away from the feeling its all a bit cabaret , Ritchie revisiting tracks he`s had to listen to others playing the last 20 years … I`ll do Birmingham hope my doubts are proved wrong

  53. 53
    Marcel says:

    Great that Bob Curiano is back with Ritchie. He sang (!!!) great live versions of Black Night years ago in Blackmore’s Night. Maybe he’ll be a second voice in Rainbow.

  54. 54
    Gary Entler says:

    You have a gross misconception of Carole Stevens

  55. 55
    Ivica says:

    Celebrating 40 years “Rainbow Rising” album
    Welcome home Ritchie

  56. 56
    Roberto says:

    Great singer, young band, full of energy and the master on guitar! Glad I’ve got my ticket for Birmingham, that will be great. Better than this, JLT and Dough White will NOT be performing. Ritchie knows what to do and this lineup seems that Mark III and Dio era will have most of songs. Can’t wait for that!

  57. 57
    Uwe says:

    Sir Robert of Normandy is a welcome return, he is by a stretch my favourite Blackmore’s Night bassist, possibly even musician, period. He always had that wry smile on his face like he was slightly bemused by it all (which, in truth, is the only way to survive Blackmore’s Night either as a listener or as a musician). He has more of a classic rock feel than both his predecessor and his successor. Let’s not even mention that one tour where Blackmore dared to take stage without a stringed bass and had some lady play keyboard bass, yuck! (the keyboard bass, not the lady, I hasten to add!). No slouch on the electric guitar either, I remember a concert where Herr Blackmore, in an inebriated state, traded instruments with him and they jammed Hendrix tunes with Ritchie playing bass. Bob C’s style is not that different to Bob D(aisley)’s style btw.

    And David Keith is an inventive drummer with a nice groove. Let’s not speak ill of the dead, but Cozy’s bludgeooning sledgehammer approach was always one of the points that spoke against Rainbow for me. He was way too heavy-handed for my taste. Now crucify me! ; – )

  58. 58
    Paulo Glover says:

    Ironic, the best track is Stormbringer, excellent interpretation from all musicians.

    ps- Is he reading Rainbow in the dark lyrics? WTF?
    Don’t you close your eyes when you sing Rainbow in the dark? 🙂

  59. 59
    LRT says:

    @35 – Yeah, because he sounds perfect for Glover, Paice, Morse and Airey. Hahahaha, that’s funny. No different than saying Glenn Hughes would be. MkII style turns cover singer and other marks-like. Where is the puke smiley?!

  60. 60
    Peter Mair says:

    Excited, looking forward to the German dates!

  61. 61
    Danny N says:

    Sorry but this was all done on the cheap. Decent (unknown) vocalist, excellent keyboardist and a challenged rythm section for lack of a better term. I am fortunate to have seen RB with Purple and Rainbow when he was at his best and surrounded by great musicians. Seeing him come out backed by the cheapest band he could find is a disappointment to say the least. You would think, even for nostalgia purposes, that he could have come up with a lineup that was sure to please and not possibly disappoint. Fanboys would disagree but it is what it is. Oh well, this should be interesting if nothing else.

  62. 62
    Jeannie says:

    Next Purple Line-Up: Blackmore, Glover, Paice, Airey, Romero

  63. 63
    Rascal says:

    Just glad he didn’t recruit JLT

  64. 64
    MacGregor says:

    Danny N @ 61 – Another woeful attempt at comedy & failing miserably! You must have some insight into the goings on about Blackmore’s band, good on you, we don’t! Well, we have no idea as to how much this whole thing is, financially, a cheap day return no doubt eh? Please humour us here with the financial arrangements, we would love to know what you know! Oh that’s right, you were hoping for the ‘super group’ rubbish, by the sound of it! Anticipating your reply. Cheers.

  65. 65
    Marcus Delvinci says:

    @ Danny N – You’ve been to a rehearsal or private show and were disappointed by what you heard?

    Or is this just another case of fan idiocy? judging something before you’ve heard it?

  66. 66
    Ivica says:


    O oooooooo NO
    Maybe Romero new singer Black Sabbath?
    Ritchie always in” all segments” was faster than Tony


  67. 67
    al says:

    @ 62 that might happen in a different planet ! lol

  68. 68
    RAH says:

    @51 Yes, you are absolutely right, Ritchie returns to “rock” with Rainbow and his bassist will play acoustic and the drummer will use brushes. You can’t be serious by saying don’t wait for a “heavy sound”? Hahahahahah.

    @61. Done on the cheap…yes, I’m sure it’s going to be horrible.

    On a side note. Prayers for the people of Paris and the the entire country of France.

  69. 69
    Marcus says:

    If DP did continue without big Ian I think they would do as they did with Steve and go with a great voice not a clone.

    My killer Rainbow set list: not in order:

    I surrender
    Can’t happen here
    Since you’ve been gone
    All night long
    Long Live Rock’n’roll
    Gates of Babylon
    Kill the King
    Do you close your eyes
    Star Gazer
    Light in the Black
    Man on the Silver Mountain
    16th C Greensleeves
    Temple of the king
    Cath the Rainbow
    Difficult to Cure

    Smoke on the Water

  70. 70
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:


    Hmmmm. Cheap? How about the first Rainbow line-up. He basically stepped into DIO’s old relatively unknown band ‘ELF’ by removing their guitarist and called it Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. I would have to state that was his ‘cheapest’ version of Rainbow on ‘record’…..

    Speaking of ‘record’, what truly makes this incarnation of Rainbow ‘Cheap’ is the lack of a record from this otherwise ‘Tribute Rainbow’. A new album with new music would make this something substantial and real. As it is, it is nothing more than Blackmore going out for a couple of shows with a hired backing band playing his old material. Not saying it won’t be good, just saying what it is. What would make this a ‘Rainbow’ line-up is a new album. In all actuality, ironically this is sadly just another version of ‘Over the Rainbow’ without JLT and Blackmore Senior replacing Blackmore Junior.


  71. 71
    Nick Vaz says:

    Was really expecting Joe Lynn Turner to be in it, he was in both Deep Purple & Rainbow . He would have done a great job at the microphone. Why not add some other past member’s of both bands. Could have been turned into some big event, maybe have jam with Steve Morse. Or reform Mark 3 with Don Airey on the organ. Doogie White sounds very good on the Live Rainbow dvd , his a good singer to.
    It’s good that Ritchie want’s to play like he used to again. He should stick to it & ditch boring Blackmore’s night .

  72. 72
    Anthony says:

    @69 I Surrender as the opener? surely not…Kill The King please ( it just has to be ). Do You Close Your Eyes? very weak song…Run With The Wolves please. Lots of Dio era songs and that’s what we wanna hear 🙂

  73. 73
    Danny N says:

    @ MacGregor… I wasn’t attempting comedy although I found your reply pretty funny actually. Anyone who thinks this is anything more than a money grab is deluding themselves but like I said… fanboys will disagree. Was I expecting a super group? Not at all but I hardly think his current lineup in BN have the skill set or the balls to play hard rock. There are many amazing musicians out there who would have jumped at the chance to appear with the man in black but of course none of them work for free. Ask the BN Night members what they are getting paid per show. It will be a pittance compared to what known pro musicians charge. Last time I checked, the bass player was doing a wine bar gig somewhere twice a week. No disrespect to him, he has to make a living the best way he can and I respect that. Is he the best choice for a Rainbow incarnation? Is the drummer the best choice as well? Absolutely not and far from it but no doubt they are the cheapest easiest solution because RB is doing a mini tour at the same time with BN. If you are going to do something then do it right.

    @ Marcus… I don’t have to hear it and wouldn’t want to. I have seen RB live and at his absolute best and prefer to keep those memories in tact.

  74. 74
    MacGregor says:

    Danny N@73 – your assertion that ‘this is a money grab’ is comical & at the same time, disrespectful. When certain ‘fans’ or as you say ‘fanboys’ of any artist, accuse the performer of a money grab, it is pathetic & incredibly shallow! Blackmore needing this for some cash?????? Now that is excellent comedy indeed! A bit like the so called Pink Floyd fans last year accusing Gilmour & Mason of the same, with the release of the Endless River album. These rock musicians from the 70’s, damn they must be doing it hard financially these days eh?
    So these BN musicians don’t have the ‘skill set or the balls to play hard rock’? How would you know that & Blackmore doesn’t know it? Yes, ‘there are many amazing musicians out there who would jump at the chance to play with Blackmore’, me included, but myself & they are not, so that is the way it is! Although whether any of them are working for ‘free’ is open to conjecture, but surely that is a false allegation if ever there was one! Rainbow has always been Blackmore’s band, he does what he does, & we all know he does it well. What are the BN members being paid for each show? Please entertain us with the facts, some sort of financial income statement or a contract perhaps, an invoice even, there must be some written evidence of this, surely? What does the bass players current activity have to do with this comment? ‘Is he the best choice for a Rainbow incarnation’? Evidently he is indeed! ‘Is the drummer the best choice as well’? Again, yes he is! ‘Absolutely not & far from it, but no doubt they are the cheapest easiest solution’! What is this obsession you have with ‘cheap & free’ about?
    Perhaps i can elaborate a little? We can go back as Tracy said, to the original Rainbow lineup for a ‘cheap’ grab etc! But I will go back even further, to the creation MK2 Purple. Gillan & Glover were unknowns at that point & most probably cheap also, green as the grass & totally open to being hired for next to nothing perhaps, by that cunning Blackmore. Then Coverdale eh? Talk about cheap, didn’t he work in a boutique shop or something, totally naive & incredibly vulnerable to Blackmore’s dastardly hiring of cheap musicians! Maybe that is why Paul Rodgers didn’t join? Too expensive, wouldn’t work for ‘Free’! Sorry, I couldn’t resist with that one!
    Onto the original Rainbow formation & yes indeed, Blackmore the cunning tyrant hires a bunch of unknowns, well R J Dio was known of course from TBB, but talk about a ‘free’ band there for Blackmore to manipulate, & for nothing. On & on we go through various other Rainbow members, most unknown, except Cozy Powell & Glover & Airey, even Graeme Bonnet had a pop hit or two, but surely they would have had price on their heads? But then again, that Blackmore he is a cunning fox indeed, always out to get things for nothing! JLT was unknown also, Doogie White & others, sheesh, I am starting to feel for all these musicians who have worked with Blackmore over the decades, they have all been conned big time! And now we have Blackmore sitting in his castle counting all his gold coins! Cheers.

  75. 75
    Danny N says:

    @ MacGregor Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. I am not a fanboy. I greatly appreciate RB’s work in Purple and Rainbow and the timeless music he has left behind for the world to enjoy. Would I pay money to see him play with the band he has put together for three shows in 2016…no way. Simply put given all the possible candidates for bass player and drummer (yourself included apparently) you can’t honestly sit there and say he made the best choices possible. One thing is certain he took the easiest least expensive route. Are you seriously comparing David Gilmour’s net worth to RB? If so then I suggest you break out the calculator because your math is suspect to say the least. In so far as RB hiring unknown musicians for previous incarnations of Deep Purple and Rainbow check your facts please. Most, if not all of the musicians hired on were well known in their respective music communities and already established as solid rock musicians. Please don’t throw together general statements. Joe Lynn Turner had released four albums with Fandago and they toured with acts like Billy Joel, The Allman Brothers and The Beach Boys before he got the call to audition for Rainbow. Gillan and Glover were ‘unknown’ at the time they joined Deep Purple? Unknown to who…the masses because they had not yet broken through perhaps. But in their own music community they were established in Episode Six. Doogie White? Really? Played with Praying Mantis and also auditioned for Iron Maiden before joining Rainbow. Was also recording for a Cozy Powell solo project. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s parade here. For those who have never had the opportunity to see TMIB I sincerely hope you enjoy the show. It’s just a real shame that he went the easy and cheap route in terms of hiring on a band for these shows. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves. I could go on and on but it’s pointless. The sad fact is RB could come onstage playing a pair of panty hose nailed to a 2 by 4 and certain people would call it amazing……

  76. 76
    Tony Carey says:

    Hi, I’m back. What MacGregor says!…. all of you armchair monday-morning quarterbacks know better than Wally who he should play with?? Shit, ladies – get a life.

  77. 77
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Hey MacGregor, in your list of ‘unknown nobodies’, you left out #76.

    Welcome back Tony. Tony, wouldn’t you agree that Ritchie should do a record to coincide with this line-up and outing? No new Rainbow line-up ever went out and played live without an album to promote. Same with Purple. New line-up, new album. So in that regard, this isn’t Rainbow. It is Ritchie and his little session band covering Ritchie tunes from the past…. Period. At least you got to create and play Rainbow music and the studio albums you contributed to are the living, physical testament. These guys are just going to be ‘Tributizing’ their way along with TMIB with no actual tangible stamp on the Rainbow Library. Doogie and Co. didn’t just play Old Rainbow stuff. They made an album. A damn good one for that matter. these guys should do the same.


  78. 78
    Zlatan Hadzic says:

    Danny, You will not come to see this incarnation of RB’s band which he named Rainbow, and You will not be missed. I’d like to thank You for leaving place to someone else who will hear Rainbow music played by Ritchie, live, for the first time.

    For me what Ritchie does is much more fair, closer to integrity, and better than so called DP (without him and Lord R.I.P.). Gillan can barely walk, let alone sing like he used to, but still we should take his side against Ritchie (like fans of course, nothing serious) just because he kept DP’s legacy alive and Ritchie, who is tyrant looking for easy money, hasn’t done that. My friend, it is this incarnation of DP that wants some more cash, living on old glory, embarrassing itself with singer who can only smile to please the crowd… Because Ritchie was not smiling, we all know that.. I’m thankful to Ritchie, as someone who loves this type of music, because he introduced an army of great musicians, gave them opportunity to become recognized for their talent, and give us plenty of great music. We had DP Mk2 and Mk3, we had Rainbow Rising line-up…

    Actually Episode Six was as popular then as Lords of Black today… Dio (R.I.P.) himself – no matter how angry he was on Ritchie for being “eccentric bastard” – was always thankful to him “for giving him an opportunity and carrier”; he stated it numerous times…

    Danny, don’t come! 🙂

  79. 79
    DeeperPurps says:

    Yes Tony C. @ 76!! Thank you for putting some proper perspective on all this. Ritchie B. is bloody well qualified to determine who is the best fit for his current band. Who is anybody to second guess that? Cheers, DP.

  80. 80
    RAH says:

    Ok Danny N, We get it, you don’t want to see RB with less then (in your opinion) top notch, cream of the crop rhythm musicians…oh,plus being paid with the change in Ritchies’ pocket. I stand by my sarcastic response in #68 to your original comment in #61..” Done on the cheap…yes, I’m sure it’s going to be horrible”.

    My bet is though, that you’ll be looking for you tube clips come the day after the shows are played out of curiosity… eh?

  81. 81
    j says:

    To: Tony Carey…since you are “back”
    YOU were the most distinctive of the keyboard players in Rainbow and there were some good ones. I wish there was some good video of your time with the band. In addition you have been extremely gracious and reasonable in how you have approached the subject of Rainbow and specifically Ritchie over the years. You didn’t have to be but you have been a class-act and a real survivor. You could have let your world implode but you went on and are having a great career.

  82. 82
    DeeperPurps says:

    Really!!! All of you in Purpleland here….how can you really doubt Ritchie B’s judge of talent??? Just think of the stars who have come into their own because of the chance Ritchie gave them: Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Carey, Bob Daisley, Don Airey, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner, Bobby Rondinelli, Greg Smith, and many others along the way. People talk of the University of Miles Davis! Well believe me, U of RB is way up there in the Ivy League of music too.

  83. 83
    Scott W says:

    Amidst all this back and forth above, being a long time RB fan (he is my fave musician period, and has been for decades BTW… Hi Tony Carey!) No one yet has made the connection or mentioned the fact of why Ritchie has decided to play these shows. I believe it is to promote the dvd which comes out tomorrow! You know, ‘The Ritchie Blackmore Story’ DVD with the bonus of the last Rainbow show before the reunion of DP in ’84. He would look foolish to release the dvd which focuses on his rock career when he has not played R&R since the 90’s right? All his ‘fans’ would be saying: ” Why this RB dvd about his rock career? He does not even play rock anymore!?” These shows will at least give validity releasing the DVD. I also feel deep down Ritchie still loves to rock out and this will raise his profile to people fortunate to see the handful of shows and buy the dvd. Then maybe he will convert some previous unbelievers to check out Blackmore’s Night which he will most likely continue with after these shows. You heard it here first…!

  84. 84
    Uwe says:

    Blackmore has never worked with people as or more famous than him. The closest he got was DP Mk 1 where Jon Lord probably had more reputation than him among “serious musicians” since a lot of Ritchie’s Joe Meek stuff was light weight while The Artwoods had credibility. He wasn’t as confident a soloist as Jon back then either, but he sure learned fast.

    It might be Blackmore’s Joe Meek days that keep him from working with famous people. He was a sideman long enough and probably found the stars he backed difficult. Or maybe he has a chip on his shoulder working with equals (though I don’t know why he should). (To be fair: He did want Paul Rodgers in the band following Mk. II.)

    In any case: He has always had a hand picking good and sometimes even great musicians so I am not worried. Were they ever as good as what he left with DP at various times? No, but let’s not get into that. And Jon is no longer with us. We have to make do.

  85. 85
    Tony Carey says:

    Well, I DO have an opinion, of course… who doesn’t? I’ll keep most of it where it belongs – to myself –
    but here’s what’s a hoot for me: in MY infinite wisdom, I would have called the project ‘RB’s new Pop Combo’, or whatever – but they’re promoting this with the ‘Rising’ artwork. Y’know? Gotta love it, you can’t make this shit up. I’ll leave y’all with this, though: I hope it goes wonderfully, the comment above comparing the School of Miles with the School of Wally is very perceptive. I never saw a better talent scout, fuck the money, fuck the tights, the wigs, fuck the lute… The Man is STILL The Man.

    Okay, I’ll pop by again when you least expect me. Stay well, brothers.


  86. 86
    Tony Carey says:

    PS: so much for my Dramatic Exit, I almost forgot: I included a fairly peppy version of ‘Tarot Woman’ in my set at Sweden Rock Festival this year, with a very talented guest. Go over to one of my Facebook pages, if you like, and check it out…

  87. 87
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    You can never please your critics…

  88. 88
    MacGregor says:

    Uwe @ 84- Seriously, i hope you are not suggesting all the musicians Blackmore has worked with post Purple, were ‘not as good’ as any of the Deep Purple musicians? Just wondering aloud. Cheers.

  89. 89
    al says:

    it is really mind boggling to me to see and read some of these reviews,bashing members of the Purple family with the sentences like :”they are in for the cash and nothing else,like they are some kind of washed up musicians with a mediocre career and maybe one or two songs! Gillan is not a singer anymore and should be replaced with this and that.Shame on you people!,talking about world class musicians,who are well known to stand to their true musicians roots as money grabbers and big jerks!I keep saying this and find myself repetitive:what “old school” bands are still around making music,playing,producing,contributing with all cylinders more than Purple?!
    no one! The guy represents an entity and a profile that cannot be compared and replaced by just some “new upcoming guy” who sounds like Dio or Coverdale( no disrespect to him) just because he turned 70yo,who could sing like he does and do it throughout year all around the world and selling stadiums and venues?!! not many.We have been complaining about Blackmore not playing rock and now we have him back for a few dates,playing some classics for his us,nostalgic fans and we are already complaining and bitchin trying to find the reason behind it! who cares people who is playing with,the promotors wants the banner of Rainbow and you are bashing him for not having a “real Rainbow line up band,with the likes of Joe Lynn Turner,Graham Bonnet .Don Airey or tony carey!! are you kidding me?! you forget that this musicians have moved on and have their own agenda and schedule(except maybe Joe Lynn waiting by the phone)and this is not a real “democratic band” but just musicians backing up the big star Blackmore! what the hell is wrong with the fans in here?! If you don’t like it move on if you do enjoy!Just enouggh with your critique!!

  90. 90
    Uwe says:

    MacGregor@88: Seriously?

    I’m afraid so. Individually, some Rainbow musicians might have been technically better than their Purple counterparts – I believe that Don Airey is technically better than Jon was, but that is not the point, similarly Bob Daisley could at least hold his ground with Glover and Hughes though his playing was still tame with Rainbow, he became a lot looser with Ozzy. BUT (and it is a HUGE BUT):

    Outside of Purple Blackmore never found musicians again that showed as much empathy for his music and at the same time challenged him as much. He never found a drummer with as much a natural swing as little Ian, never a keyboard player as organ-ic sounding as Jon, never a bass player as melodic as Roger (or Nick) in their prime, never one as rhythmically alert as Glenn. How many Rainbow songs do you remember for their bass runs (though Craig Gruber was real good on the debut album, just not what Ritchie wanted)?

    Blackmore probably did best with singers, Dio was a talent, Bonnet a stellar find and JLT – for all the jokes we make about him – can sing well, if hardly originally. But was the voice of any of them – Bonnet possibly excepted – as idiosyncratic as what you heard from Gillan in 1969-1973? And when Dio – I love the man on his own sword & scorcery turf or with the variety he had with Elf – sang Mistreated, did that for you match the raw emotion, the shattered-ness and the insulted macho-sex of DC? Dio might as well have been singing about his mistreated pet dragon.

    The keyboardsmiths Blackmore chose were always technically proficient, with Tony C. the one with the most entertaining gung ho atttitude and Airey probably the most inventive. Stone was a bit of a stiffer (but then his tenure in the band was short) and Rosenthal anodyne. Yet the fact that he turned down Eddie Jobson who auditioned with Rainbow says a lot: I don’t believe that Ritchie after Jon ever wanted to be challenged by a keyboard player again

    In the end, my issue with Rainbow is that they rocked at times, but never rolled. DP could do both in the course of one song. And that “roll” feel had a lot to do with how little Ian and Jon – that B-3 Keith Richards – played. Rainbow rocked, but to my ears sounded all too often either stiff or plodding.

    Don’t worry, I’m the faithful type. I see the riffmeister on every Blackmore’s Night tour and wince myself through 50% of their set, waiting for those highlights they offer too. And I’ve got tickets for both the German “Rainbow” shows (I’ve seen all the Rainbow line-ups and was at that legendary Munich show following Ritchie’s physical encounter with an over-eager Austrian bouncer). Plus ardently watched his biopic DVD last night (it’s neither great nor horrible, didn’t know that Brian May was such an acolyte of his, pleasant to watch, but you won’t dig it out more often, lamentably thin on his guitar technique). I’m just not convinced that Ritchie has always been his own best advisor or realized what’s good for him. No band made him shine like Deep Purple. Rainbow was the sound that for me saw him stalling/falling rather than rising, if I may quote a little without ending up here as blood in the sand. ; – )

  91. 91
    Uwe says:

    And to give credit where credit is due: Candice can sing too and has matured substantially with her voice since the early days. Janis Joplin she is not.

  92. 92
    MacGregor says:

    Uwe @ 90 – we are talking about rock music, so BN doesn’t really matter in regards to the comment you made earlier! Both Rainbow & Purple are totally different bands, we all know that. All individual opinions indeed, it isn’t about someone being ‘better’ than someone else, it is about what is created & where it takes you. To mention RJ Dio singing Mistreated is, well, unbelievable! If that is an effort to ‘judge’ his vocal ability on, it fails miserably indeed. It isn’t his song, nor his melody, so wouldn’t it be more realistic to pull out a Rainbow song or three, that he co wrote & created the melody for? Not to mention his lyrics, Dio was a good story teller, much more interesting & Rainbow at that time, were on another level indeed!!
    I am sure Dio had the same ‘issue’ when joining Sabbath, Coverdale also when he had to sing the odd MK2 song. Dio like Freddie Mercury, is much more than a rock vocalist, the same could be said of Gillan. No point comparing anyone, apples & oranges as they say, all good to the discernible listener or should that be the consumer? The same with frustrated ‘jazz’ drummers who love to play rock music, there are heaps of them. Bass guitarists, well another realm again. Keyboard players also, Lord was a master of the Hammond, but not as versatile as other keyboard players perhaps? In regards to Blackmore & post Lord keyboard players who he ‘didn’t want to be challenged by’, I wouldn’t put it like that at all. More like Blackmore didn’t want another version of DP, Rainbow was a different direction, a totally different beast! And much heavier at that mid to late 70’s period! More guitar driven & drums of course with Cozy Powell! Rainbow has had plenty of talent & more than enough to rattle the cage. Blackmore has been the most successful ex member of Purple, one would say. He has been around, he knows what he wants to try to achieve, like any band, some of it may work out well, to others it simply doesn’t work out at all! Same with DP at varying times eh? Thanks for the Blackmore doco comments, appreciated & i just hope it will focus on his life & career. heaps of him talking & also a few tit bits from Ian Anderson, Brian May & of course Jon Lord. Not sure if I am interested in some of the other ‘prima donna’s’ waffling on too much. Cheers.

  93. 93
    MacGregor says:

    In regards to the new Blackmore doco, i don’t think Jon Lord is on it, at least according to recent reviews I have read elsewhere. I thought I noticed somewhere else recently that Mr Lord’s name was mentioned. Can anyone confirm this? Cheers.

  94. 94
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @93: Yes, I can confirm Lord is in the RB documentary. Just a short bit from an older interview.

  95. 95
    MacGregor says:

    Svante @ 94- cheers for that, I was hoping he was going to be there in some way.

  96. 96
    Scott W. says:

    My opinion of Dio singing Mistreated is that if I had to pick ONE song where a re- interpretation was possibly better than the original by any band, the ‘On Stage’ version would be my choice over the ‘Made In Europe’ version. They are both fantastic versions but when I first heard that in ’77, Ritchie’s extended solos and Dio’s powerful vocals with Cozy’s dynamic drumming…it just does not get much better than that! They certainly did justice to an already great track.

  97. 97
    Louis says:

    Guy is really special, reminded me a bit of Freddie Mercury and of course Ronnie. All the best to this young man, what is next in his bright career?

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