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Naked without it

Another Jon Lord interview from the mu:zines archives. This one is from 1983, originally published in the May issue of Music UK magazine. Once again, this is a pro music magazine, and much of the discussion revolves around equipment and technique.

When Jon mentioned that he was still able to take his Hammond out on World tours with him I’d done an instant double-take. The old faithful keyboard is still revered by many experienced players but hasn’t been obtainable for many years now, later Hammonds (and many other organs) never seeming to have been able to quite capture that archetypal Hammond sound. But the Hammond was never really designed for a hard life on the road — so how had Jon kept his going?

“I had one Hammond when Purple started but that kind of exploded on one occasion. I must admit that I also find it quite remarkable that I’ve still got one going after all this time but I suppose that shows how well they were made — it’s a pity you can’t get them anymore.

“What I managed to do when Hammond stopped this model was get hold of four old tone wheel generator systems for them, so I’ve got the spares to keep me going. No synthesiser manages to get quite that sound. The Korg, for example, is a very good organ and it does a very creditable job of trying to get that Hammond sound but it’s not quite the same, there’s something more massive about the Hammond’s sound which no synthesiser has ever managed to duplicate. Certainly, I’d feel naked without it.”

Read more in mu:zines.

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    Uwe Hornung says:

    I can feel for Jon, being without your organ is indeed a frightening prospect.

    (Inspiration courtesy of an Ian Gillan quip on stage when Jon’s dilapidated Hammond was once again having technical issues: “It’s been a long tour and Jon Lord’s organ is somewhat worse for wear.” which had Jon grinning from ear to ear.)

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