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Let the speculations begin

Deep Purple new Facebook profile logo

If you have already forgot about the teasy-whimsy Now what?! promotional campaign, a reminder arrived today in the form of the new profile picture on the official Deep Purple Facebook page and a video teaser to the earMUSIC Youtube channel:

Now, knock yourselves out with speculations.

51 Comments to “Let the speculations begin”:

  1. 1
    Milan says:

    I wager that this is the album cover already.

    Anyway, there go my hopes for the new album be titled “Wh…wha…wheee?” but then again it could also have been “Purpinfinite”.

  2. 2
    uwe says:

    How about “Deep Purple In Finite” (rather than granite errrm rock … ouch!)?

    Love the drum intro and Herr Airey’s snarling organ already. I wish they had crossed paths with Ezrin years or even decades earlier. Great fan of the man’s work with other artists too [Alice Cooper, Hanoi Rocks, Kiss (Destroyer stands as a sonic revelation among Kiss’ body of work and I even like The Elder, so there!), Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel].

  3. 3
    Andy Thompson says:

    ???It’s PURPLEYYYY?!

  4. 4
    Philippe Pomiès says:

    J’ai hâte de l’avoir entre les mains… Un nouvel album de Deep Purple c’est un remède contre la morosité… long life Deep Purple !

  5. 5
    Philippe Pomiès says:

    I can not wait to have it … A new album of Deep Purple is a remedy against the gloom … long life Deep Purple!

  6. 6
    Keith Livingstone says:

    The ‘Finite’ is different…the music is ‘Infinite’ but the band?….I wonder if this is the beginning of the end.

  7. 7
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Triple barreled & purpfectly accurate!. 🙂

  8. 8
    Palle Hichmann says:

    In Rock, In Finite. Like in finito perhaps?!

  9. 9
    Cyrille Godo says:


  10. 10
    Adel says:

    Doesn’t that sound so much like the intro of ‘Body line’ from Now What. Maybe this one will be called ‘Bodies in line’
    Can’t wait for Xmas to finish!!!

  11. 11
    Keith Livingstone says:

    Really, I didn’t….they’d just reformed, hardly the end (????)
    Besides, the band can’t go on forever…but the music will.

  12. 12
    Andres says:

    Clearly the name is “In Finite”. The end.


  13. 13
    George Bochorishvili says:


  14. 14
    Kim Peters says:


  15. 15
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    O.K., you asked for it… so now eat your hearts out Uriah Heep!.

  16. 16
    MacGregor says:

    I doubt that anyone will be knocked out with that 2 nano second sound byte! Seriously, a ‘teaser’ should be a little longer perhaps, or contain a few glimpses of a couple of sound bytes! Yawning repeatedly! Time for a nap! Cheers.

  17. 17
    Paul Brower says:

    I think Ian recently said that Deep Purple had 2 or 3 years left….but I can’t find the quote, can anyone help?

  18. 18
    No One Came says:

    Obviously the last album given title. Will be just Great for sure!

  19. 19
    errolarias says:

    never will be a “last” album.. always will be more.. is music industry..

  20. 20
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Tie dyed adventures are offering a Deep Purple Infinity scarf for $18. Infinite is also the name of a South Korean boy band…. Wow, whatever next?, this thing is getting quite deep people!.

  21. 21
    John says:

    Cannnnnnnnnnnnn’t wait!

    Never mind if it’s the end or the beggining. it’ll be superb. Incredible. 2017. Almost 50. God bless them.

  22. 22
    mike whiteley says:

    The only thing left open to speculation is a release date:
    IG has said February.
    RG has said it won’t be much longer
    This record company promo clip is far less specific.
    2017 .
    Really ??
    Save the split -second sound bites,tell us when we can buy the whole album.

  23. 23
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    I miss days of old…..

    WOW…. Here we go again. Seems like an eternity since NOW WHAT came about (2013) and started with these little snippets well in advance of the release. My statement at the beginning is in reference o the surprise factor that used to exist when an album came out. Back in the 60’s, 70’s and early to mid 80’s, we were pretty much guaranteed on a new album release every year. We didn’t get any info on what it would sound like, look like or be titled. We just knew that any day in a years time, we would waltz into our local record store and browse around the bins hoping for the new release to magically appear. Then when the jackpot hit, we would buy it, take it home and crank it up with overwhelming enthusiasm, listening, enjoying and dissecting each track with full focused attention. Each and every year this ritual became a scheduled woven fabric of our life. Then the BIZ began to change and things within that realm of our existence changed also. Albums were released further apart and the anticipation and expectations ran deeper and more frustrating. Eventually multiple years spanned between album releases and with that time in between we got instead, mumbo jumbo, speculation, hints and rumors of what may or may not happen regarding a new album release. The instant information highway opened up and replaced the music delivery highway. A bunch of yatta yatta filled the long awaited time span between album releases.

    I miss the time when it was simple and the music came at us like a birthday, Christmas or a Thanksgiving holiday. Just as with these annual events, we could also be surprised with an unknown album from our heroes without all the speculative drama in between. Now we wait years for maybe or maybe not and then when it finally does happen, we are inundated with preliminary news, samples and preliminary discussions to fill the void. Wouldn’t it have been grand had they stayed with the old system? The new album coming out in February would be #51 plus, due to the fact that MK-1 released 3 albums in 2 years. Burn and Stormbringer were both released in 1974. Not to mention the string of LIVE albums that came out throughout.

    Well either way, though “the times, they are a changin'” and have changed so much over the years, I am thankful for at least one more batch of NEW tunes to knowingly look forward to next year from this amazing group of musicians. Though the element of surprise is lessened by the INFO HIGHWAY, I will still approach it like I did back in the GOOD OLD DAYS, like a kid getting a new BB Gun or a bike. Like I did with NOW WHAT, which will be 4 years in between. Buy it, unwrap it, plug it in and crank it up with full focused attention on every note and beat while enjoying looking at the packaging it comes in. Over and Over…..

    I no longer have any of those old BB Guns or Bikes, but I do still have every DEEP PURPLE and related album, cassette, 8 track, CD, DVD and Laser Disc that I purchased over the last 40 plus years.


  24. 24
    josh says:

    Oooooh yessssss 🙂

  25. 25
    Donald Withers says:

    yes, been a massive fan since 1970, got every thing they have done plus dozens of bootlegs, Steve Morse is a good guitarist just twiddles to much for me.

  26. 26
    Chip says:

    16…if they follow the pattern of NW? Pr will put out multiple teasers leading up to a pre released single or 2.

  27. 27
    Xavier says:

    one is thing is clear, the selection of tracks, improvisation and momentum is missing in last 3 albums. the album caption and font looks amateurish… please seek a indiscreet meeting with Ritchie and get imaginative!

  28. 28
    Ivica says:

    Between a million drummers, distinctive recognized style Ian Paice

  29. 29
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    Wouldn’t have believed that they’ll be making another album after Now What?! Especially after what Mr. Gillan said about the expences of making an album these days. Knowing this I really welcome their last effort. It has been 20 years since the superb, sparkling, spectacular, splendid, shining and gigantic Purpendicular. Thank you for this forthcoming one!

  30. 30
    Kim Peters says:


    It’s fine that you follow a South Korean boy band, but it means nothing to me and 99.999% of DP fans.

    Talk about, whatever. lol


  31. 31
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @30 Kim Peters, OMG!, you seriously mean to tell me that you don’t follow the South Korean boy band scene?. AAAAARRRGGHH!. How can I possibly live with myself now that I know this about you?. My life is wasted….. 🙂

    @23 Tracy, it sounds like a massive wave of nostalgia has hit you smack bang right in the guts!. Now you know how RB feels, lol. Ain’t evolution a bitch?. We’re old men now, eh Grandpa?.

    As for what the new album will be like, it will be much the same as Now What?!, just more of the same. Why?, because Now What?! was their most popular & best selling album for many years.

    Cheer up… be happy & smiles to ya!.

  32. 32
    uwe says:

    ” … please seek a indiscreet meeting with Ritchie and get imaginative …”

    Yes, as imaginative perhaps as those Blackmore’s Night albums are, everyone radically different from the others, every new release a bold step where no musician has gone before? I really see Blackmore’s Night in one league with Frank Zappa & The Mothers and Captain Beefheart when it comes to stretching the bounds of conventional music. Ritchie & Candice are to cutting edge music what Bonnie & Clyde were to bank robberies. Or renaissance fairs.

  33. 33
    Tommy H. says:

    So this will be it – the 20th and last studio effort of Purple. Although I’m happy about this new album already and looking forward to it, at the same time there’s quite some melancholy accompanying it when thinking about the fact that there most likely won’t be another release anymore. As soon as Purple leaves the stage a magical era which lastet half a century will be over. During the 2000’s it felt like this day would never come but after Now What?! hit the shelves something has changed. Jon passing away played a big role and a lot of the lyrics from Now What?! are on the subject of “time”. It’s astonishing how time flies … not only when you’re having fun.

  34. 34
    Michael says:

    @33. Agree on what you say Tommy, time flies. And it will be an empty space after dp are finished as a working band.

  35. 35
    NWO says:

    @ 32 – LMAO!!

  36. 36
    Adel says:

    Blackwood Richmore @ 31
    Please keep up positivity of this feasting season and hope for change. More of the same as Now What is not music to Santa’s ears!!!

    @ 33 and 34
    There is more to life after DP final album. It’s called Ian Gillan playing with Don Airy’s band on classic FM Radio!!!

  37. 37
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @32 uwe, maybe Xavier meant Ritchie Sambora!. Lol. 🙂

    So everyone, what if IG, IP & RG left, or retired from DP… & then SM & DA continued on as DP with 3 new members?. Would that count as the real thing, or just a tribute band?. Would the fans accept it?.

    It’s a moot point anyway, as I’m sure that IG wants the band to end with his retirement. Smiles to ya.

  38. 38
    nupsi59 says:

    A final step (or a nightmare) would be an unplugged album.

    Have a nice Day!

  39. 39
    The Mechanic Ted says:

    I am actually sad. Last time I felt that way was when in 2006 Andre Agassi announced he is retiring after the US Open.

  40. 40
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 36:

    There are a lot of accomplished musicians walking this earth but put them together randomly and the result can be anything from bad to awesome – and maybe in some very rare cases everything fits and then it’s pure magic. If that happens in the right time chances are that you will call these musicians pioneers or legends one day and that doesn’t happen every year.

  41. 41
    Jérémie Cazeuneuve says:

    Deep Purple gig at 2017 Hellfest is announced as “Farewell Tour” !?!

  42. 42
    Another Martin says:

    Infinite. Never ends. A bit like everlasting life. If all or some of the musicians want to retire, they certainly merit it, having produced some of the best rock music ever, and certainly brought me much happiness – and accompanied me in my somber moods too. And if any other musicians want to step in, inherit the sound and the mantle of DP, and make new, extraordinary rock music, then who am I to bitch about it?

  43. 43
    Mike says:

    As long as they refrained from throwing any slop on this one like the last one, (Vincent Price), should be great!

  44. 44
    Rock Voorne says:

    Get it over with.
    This has been one of the longest rootcanalworks of my life.

  45. 45
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @43 Mike, speak for yourself buddy…. many others amongst us thought ‘Vincent Price’ was a fairly decent effort. The promo video was excellent too, one of their best. Smiles to ya.

  46. 46
    uwe says:

    @37 “So everyone, what if IG, IP & RG left, or retired from DP… & then SM & DA continued on as DP with 3 new members?. Would that count as the real thing, or just a tribute band?. Would the fans accept it?”

    Oh my, that is a hard one, I think Steve and Don have earned their place, but … I could perhaps imagine a DP without Roger or even Ian Gillan, but one without Little Ian is unfathomable for me. I believe a DP sans a single original (or at least MKk II pedigree) member would be roasted by the fans.

    Yet I would love all of them continue to do music outside of the Purple realm. Yes, I buy Morse and Airey solo albums and sessions.

    And hey, I’m still waiting for Clear Air Turbulence Vol. 2!!! Someone please call Fenwick, Nauseef, Towns and have them audition bassists! Bob Nouveau wouldn’t be half-bad playing in a John Gustafson vein.

  47. 47
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Blackwood Richmore @ 37,

    I actually made a comment on another post regarding this thought. If the transition happens, it happens. Sure, there will be those haters out there as there is even now that still bitch about Morse since TMIB bailed out. Not sure about it with just those 2 varying the torch though. Maybe if 3 stayed on at least. Hey it happened twice that way with MK2 and then with MK3. Losing 1 is a given. Why not? That is why we are presently at MK8. I say do it. Let the music be the deciding factor. There isn’t a Deep Purple album out there that I dislike. If I can put up with the JLT Deep Rainbow album, what the heck? Plus for some of the bigger complainers out there, it would open up the gambit of songs from all MK line-ups to be played live. The only thing keeping that from happening now is Gillan. I am not bitching about that but I do wish they would throw in a couple from those other eras. I would not be apposed to Purple carrying on if a member or 2 were to leave. I am not pushing for a change. I would be thrilled if present Purple lasted forever but we all know that isn’t possible. So, why not entertain the idea of a continuance beyond MK8?

    May the Line-Up speculations BEGIN….. 😉

    RV @ 44….. may your Root Canal Continue FOREVER!


  48. 48
    perfect street ranger says:

    Hard to tell what the albums going to be like from such a short blast of music. But if it’s anywhere near as good as “Now What?!”, then we are in for a treat. Is this the end for the band? Only they know for certain, but given the age of all participants, then it has to be a strong possibility. So catch them while you still can, &!enjoy the legacy of all the great music

  49. 49
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @48 perfect street ranger, given the popularity of ‘Now What ?!’, I think ‘Infinite’ will be just more of the same, however, RG has already said that it will be heavier sound. Think of the difference between the sound of the first Black Country Communion album & their 2nd album…. It’s down to the studio magic!.

    @47 Tracy, it’s a moot point now, Deep Purple is going to be mothballed, end of story. IG & RG are feeling their bones…. (age) & IP has that as well as continuing health issues. DA is currently 68, probably 70 by tours end…. it’s age…. Although SM is a lot younger, he wants to put more time into his other projects….. So it is finished.

    Don’t be sad about it…. just CELEBRATE the brillant career of a magnificent beast!. I say well done!.

    So now we begin to cast around for their successors… if that’s the correct terminology. We’re shooting into the dark, who will we find?. Does anyone have any suggestions?. I quite like the Demon’s Eye new(ish) album, but it ain’t quite there yet in terms of writing tunes… I love ‘Ten Years After’ (even without Alvin & Leo), but again they are as old as DP….

    There’s gotta be original tunes/songs, electric guitar with solos, Hammond organ, bass & drums…. & a great singer. No whiny little turds!. Lol. Be happy.

  50. 50
    Viareidi says:

    @ 49

    “So now we begin to cast around for their successors… if that’s the correct terminology. We’re shooting into the dark, who will we find?. Does anyone have any suggestions?. I quite like the Demon’s Eye new(ish) album, but it ain’t quite there yet in terms of writing tunes… I love ‘Ten Years After’ (even without Alvin & Leo), but again they are as old as DP….

    There’s gotta be original tunes/songs, electric guitar with solos, Hammond organ, bass & drums…. & a great singer.”

    Try the Inglorious album – Inglorious. Took a few listens but it was like listening to a Deep Purple/Rainbow mash-up with a sprinkling of Whitesnake thrown in (without Coverdale’s vocal/lyric sleaze thankfully) or, on the subject of Demon’s Eye, I was a guest at the Glasgow, Scotland, album launch of Doogie White’s other project, La Paz, back in March. The album is called ‘Shut Up and Rawk’. Give it a try as well. Great night, good album and performed by musicians who are like all of us on here – Deep Purple fanatics.

  51. 51
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @50 Viareidi, sorry, but they lack originality. Inglorious are very much a sound alike of the current version of Whitesnake… but without the keyboards. La Paz?, they sound just like any other modern metal band, but with Doogie!.

    There is no Hammond organ?, or Moog?. In fact, where is that missing element in sound & writing that sets them apart from the herd?. Deep Purple are streets ahead of the pack. We need that certain something extra….

    Anyone else got any clever ideas?…. well write them down & let me know. Best answer wins a shiny big no-prize!. Smiles to ya.

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