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New Album Teaser ??

A new teaser video clip has appeared on the Ear Music official video channel on youtube which offers the first chance to hear a sample of the upcoming album.

88 Comments to “New Album Teaser ??”:

  1. 1
    Nemanja says:

    Not even a teaser…

  2. 2
    Radek says:

    Very nice, sehr gut, bardzo fajowe……

  3. 3
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    They heard me screaming. Overteasing underteaser, however but still. Sounds a bit like a Woman From Tokyo bridge. Does anyone agree? You know what. It doesn’t matter what it will sound like! It will sound like one more Purple!
    My 7 year old son (he is fan, I assure you) yesterday told me, “Daddy, I want April now”! So do I!
    Thank you.

  4. 4
    Thunderhawk says:

    Sounds Progressive, nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong at all, this teaser makes me hunger for more haha!!!.
    Can’t wait, only a few months left people, let’s hope for a killer album!!.


  5. 5
    Scatty says:

    Noooooooooo! We need moooore!

  6. 6
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Gotta state here, I do believe this is going to shut up the nay sayers……

    nuff said.


  7. 7
    kraatzy says:

    Wow – it´s very awesome – but very short and it seems to sounded like a little bit of the beginning of CHILD IN TIME … very fresh, intensive and very very interesting …

    Can´t wait much longer – give me more …

    more …

    more …



  8. 8
    LRT says:

    Surprised to see no comments, but I suppose I will as soon as this is posted. I did share a link to this in another thread already. I also imagine the negator might still outway the positor here as usual. Bring on the retraction from predictions, and the spin it breeds. lol

  9. 9
    Carlos Henrique Naldoni says:

    Interesting but it’s too little…

  10. 10
    jim murphy says:

    Sounds very early jon lord, mouthwatering delicious!

  11. 11
    Rob says:

    This sounds really good! Like the production too. Nice live sounding.

  12. 12
    GerAssenHollandAge55 says:

    Way too short sample, hahaha !!!!!!!!

  13. 13
    Mads Rud Larsen says:

    It sounds wonderful!

  14. 14
    Roberto says:

    ok let’s listening it for the 20th time…’child in time’ + ‘before time began’ intro…

  15. 15
    Chris says:

    I’m excited!

  16. 16
    Andres says:

    LOVE IT!

  17. 17
    Chris says:

    There is a link to amazon to preorder in the description. Amazon lists the new album under the title “?”. So it can be expected, that the album is called that way!

  18. 18
    al says:

    sounds like Pink Floyd,kind of Dark side of The Moon feeling.I hope for a great album qith more classical sound.

  19. 19
    Michael Joseph says:

    What a great intro !

  20. 20
    buttockss says:

    It’s a bit of a mideastern brain fart or a tribute to jon ?

  21. 21
    buttockss says:

    Gates of babylon with a twist……interesting!

  22. 22
    Tommy H. says:

    I like the crescendo and the approach. Sounds like an improvisation on the Hammond organ in E (a lot of sus4 arpeggios, thin drawbar combination, most prominently the 8′-drawbar on the upper manual) with a kind of “Woman From Tokyo”-intro groove. It reminds me of the early days when such improvisations were part of the live show during “Child In Time” or “Space Truckin'”. Nice …

  23. 23
    Errol Arias says:

    If this is true.. I only can describe it with one word : INTERESTING !

    However, it’s too little… let’s wait..

  24. 24
    -MP- says:

    WfT comes to my mind too, along with CiT. Let’s see what mr Morse can do…

  25. 25
    jörg says:

    first of all : drumsound as weak as both last records. bassdrum Sound is awful. drumming is exactly the same as “women from tokyo.”
    the Keyboard intro is fantastic.

  26. 26
    IKEN says:

    Good sound!!!!! Can’t say anything about a strech of music this short,MORE PLEASE!!!! 😉

  27. 27
    iain says:

    sounds really good ..classic purple intro has a 70s feel but updated..gives me high hopes of a well written classic album.

  28. 28
    Ondok Patrik says:

    new tour start date:
    Deep Purple 2013.02.17 , Fly! festival, India,Delhi
    (but as yet not confirmed by the menagement.)

  29. 29
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, this says about nothing.

    Reminded me a bit of the The Way It intro Is by Glenn Hughes who might have been inspired by something Seal did.

    Progressive, maybe, but generic.

    Then again, it says nothing.

  30. 30
    lisbet palsdorf says:

    sounds good, but short, but a little bit more, back to the beginning?

  31. 31
    George says:


    Can’t stop listening it.

  32. 32
    The greek tie- coon says:

    Pink Floydish progressivness.
    Let’s hope…….

  33. 33
    Deep Purple Tour Page says:

    very cool … we want more

  34. 34
    George Martin says:

    I wish there was just 30 seconds more. I wanted to hear what is just about to kick in.

  35. 35
    funkilius says:

    Listen Carefully………………………….


  36. 36
    massimiliano gisolfi says:

    Well, it’s not much, but sure ’nuff it sounds 100-damn-%-purple !!!! Fresh, new, and at the same time it makes you go way back to the earlier years…
    And that’s what we all want!

  37. 37
    Sceamingdoug says:

    Teaser indeed! I very much would like to hear to BANG SMASH that comes after this little intro. You can hear it start to GROWL at the end of this little sample. Gotta agree that the production sounds good, very raw. Musicians like those in DP do not need a lot of producing…just the ability of someone to capture the amazing music that they make. Can’t wait for April!

  38. 38
    Seven-47 says:

    Child In Time/Woman From Tokyo Hybrid!

  39. 39
    RB says:

    Promising. Hope Big Ian digs deep, opens up the pipes, lets rip and Paicey flies round the kit like a demon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it’s not 1972 but I so want the boys to go for it and show the world again how fucking great Deep Purple can be in 2013!

  40. 40
    Jeogger Matthews says:


  41. 41
    Eddie6string says:

    Sounds a little like Butterfly Ball c/w Elements

    All Good to me!

    Isn’t there antwhere where it’s April already & we can link up to hear it? I’m sure ig would say it’s always April somewhere.

  42. 42
    Anton says:

    I thought it’s ROTD all over again….sigh……….

  43. 43
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Love the way it seems to build toward the end and most likely crank into a harder tune. If this is a sequel to ‘ROTD’, hopefully it leans more toward the hard side overall and Ezrin takes on the task of remastering and mixing ROTD properly as well and we get both. ROTD is a fantastic effort from the band that mainly suffered from poor production and too many filler tracks whereby the 7 year wait seemed even longer due to the fact that we were left with a disappointing album as the last album and it quickly lost its grip as to lasting satisfaction. Redone proper along with this NEW release would be a nice touch and give ROTD a chance to stand where it should. It’s a great album as far as I’m concerned that needed a proper producer. Most likely, even the fillers would be less objectionable with proper production also. This is a killer album that was reduced to mediocre status due to lack luster production. It’s missing the BALLS. The tunes are there. The sound is not. Here is the chance to put ROTD in a better standing with the rest. Come on Bob, do your magic.


  44. 44
    Blane Puderbaugh says:

    Wow!! Me Like… Me Want More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is gonna be the longest three month ever.

  45. 45
    AL says:

    Hopefully a better produced album than the last 2 ones and better quality of songs.I hope Ezrin got the best out of the band.I Hope for a more classical sound and heavy riffs !

  46. 46
    Paul Jacklin says:

    Love it – bring it on!

    #20 and #42 – do you ever get excited about anything anymore?

  47. 47
    Michel De Pourcq says:

    sounds like Jon!!!

  48. 48
    Daniel says:

    I wonder what the drawbar settings and effects are for the organ sound in the beginning? It sounds like more or less a single drawbar out but how to get that fat sound?

  49. 49
    Claudio says:

    Album of the year!!!!! Ha ha ha!!!
    Seriously, I’m counting down the minutes to April……

  50. 50
    Xavier says:

    good build up and intro, but agree that the drum and bass are not strong or in rock.

  51. 51
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I ve just read David Bowie, after a 9 year gap, released a NEW SINGLE.

    So it is still possible Purple dudes.

  52. 52
    T says:

    I find a lot to like about this little snippet. Although it is not clear if this is an intro or a bridge, the sound is instantly recognizable as Deep Purple–and that is a good sign. All of the elements are there–from Paice’s hi-hats and bass pedal to the harmonic percussion on the Hammond. Dynamics are another hallmark of Purple. When they get quiet like this you know something is going to happen.

    I agree the drum pattern is a little reminiscent of “Woman from Tokyo,” but it is in a very different context–a much darker sound. However, what I hear is more “Seventh Heaven” than “Woman from Tokyo”. The soft Hammond sound combined with punctuated bass–you can hear Glover’s fingers squeaking on the texture of the wound strings–is more akin to that song more than anything, and I fully expect the band to come in nice and hard at the end of that piano run. How many of you found yourselves tapping your feet?

    It is extremely difficult–and perhaps irresponsible–to extrapolate too much from a few seconds, but it seems that this example is sonically closer to a more progressive sound than some of the pop-oriented numbers of the past couple of albums. That people are throwing around references to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, “Child in Time”, “Rapture of the Deep” and “Woman From Tokyo” suggests a positive movement to Purple’s progressive pedigree.

    The overall impression seems to be that we’re intrigued.

    Can’t wait!

  53. 53
    LRT says:

    Needle to eleven on the Wall’s keyboards… high in the mix comes to mind.

  54. 54
    nzbiker says:

    That sounds GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. 55
    LRT says:

    I can’t hear a particularly bad bass drum here… not sure wha on earth that is even about. However, I do hear the Ian Paice symbol sound without grate, and that is corrected from the past two albums where he was criminally marred concerning it imo.

  56. 56
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    This tiny snippet is obviously too miniscule to make any pertinent evaluation, but it definitely does inspire a giant adrenal compulsion towards the anticipation of the release. My prediction is that will be quite a dynamic and technical offer. They are long overdue regarding showing what they are made of. It’s been 7 years. They collaborated with a top notch producer whom doesn’t skimp on his efforts or the expectations he demands from the artist. It’s time to show off their talents, each and every one. Whether or not Purple capitalizes on this monumental opportunity is up to them, but we are the recipients of what just may be the album we have been crying for. I just hope they receive what they deserve at this point. World Wide Acclaim, including the dark hole at the bottom of the abyss….the US. Not from the past, but from the present.


  57. 57
    cyclone says:

    More pudding please……sounds like a winner.

  58. 58
    johnny says:

    Feels like child in time giving way to Rapture of the deep… Good vibrations. It’s been 8!!!! years, same as 1976-1984. Let’s hope for a Perfect Strangers. It’s incredible, one NEW album in three months… (same time as my new child is expect to arrive in this world. Can’t wait both events!)
    Ah, by the way, Tracy Heder, I thing Rapture is great, but it’s my humble opinion, I’m not very wise on album’s production and so…

  59. 59
    Chip says:

    Tracy’s point has always been that the production marred a bunch of very good songs. I tend to agree with that assessment. That being said, in some ways ROTD is the best Morse era album…in terms of not being a lot of “filler.” With 7 years of ideas and a good producer I am optimistic too. A good producer does 2 big things for a band. Helps them get the best songs recorded in the best possible way. And make sure the sound quality is top notch.

    ROTD was good on count 1 and pretty bad on count 2. I hope for great on both this time.

  60. 60
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    johnny @58,

    Congrats on your new child….’a child in this time’. Yes, as you read, I thoroughly love ROTD also and agree with Chip @59 regarding it being the best Morse era album except for ‘Purpendicular’. The problem with it for me is the ‘tinny’ sound to it. The drums and bass especially. It just sounds flat. Proper production goes a long way towards the sound of a song. Without a doubt, the producer is like another musician in the band. No corners should be cut in that department. He makes or breaks the overall quality of the sound. Yes, the songs have to be there first, but a good producer is also a good guide and can steer a song in a better direction prior to putting it down in the recording session. ROTD was a really complex album that had some really nice dynamics in the songs. Unfortunately the production didn’t bring it out and it fell quite flat on the sound end. I truly would love to hear it reworked, remixed, remastered, re-something.


  61. 61
    jörg says:

    maybe the best part of the new Album?

  62. 62
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:


    You’ll have to buy it and see. Please buy it before you object though…..


  63. 63
    jörg says:


    hey Tracy I will do for sure. But the last two Albums: to weak for me.
    My favorites in Steve Morse decade are: Abandon and Purpendicular.
    But you are right. Cheers

  64. 64
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 62

    Can I return it when I dont like it? : )

  65. 65
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    Folks, frankly speaking I never really understood the fuss about producer and overall sound producing. W. Shakespeare agrees with me having written Much Ado About Nothing. I always thought that it is the songs which make you go crazy or give you goosebumps or even make you marry a wrong woman but not the producer’s work. It is important but not to the extent it is paid attention to. Take the Beatles songs. What about trivial Yesterday or Michelle? Actually no arrangement or proper sound work at all but they are sung by millions! In our case remember In Rock. My Goodness, it sounds as if it was recorded in the loo! But it is groundbreaking and astonishing album. Speaking of the last two albums. I have a perception that Bradford’s contribution is hugely sort of humiliated. We are talking about songs here, right? Both albums have Great songs and great fillers as any Purple album. Yes, it is subjective. I know. But we talk a lot about Ezrin’ s work having only listened to a tiny snippet of sound. We shouldn’t overestimate what he has done so far keeping in mind his basic merits were long long ago. Nevertheless, I await the album with all the fibres of my soul. It can’t be a priori as big as say Machine Head but it can be just One More Purple Album with capital A. Thank you.

  66. 66
    Zafirov says:

    Yes, finally a new album (eight years). I’m sure that I will again pleasantly surprised by the new album.

    Cheerz from Bulagria

  67. 67
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:


    Yeah, I can see your point regarding the last 2 albums mainly due to there being a larger percentage of lack luster tunes thrown in. There are some great songs on both, but there are also a couple that wouldn’t be missed if they weren’t included. As for the first 2, there are no throw aways. But as with any rejuvenation as happened to the band when they suddenly were new again and on fire due to the change in one member, their creative juices flowed and it showed up in the studio right off the bat. It toned down quite a bit after their second album together. But overall, Bananas and ROTD are really quite good, with Rapture had it been produced properly being right up there with Purpendicular.

    That’s the beauty of Purple records of old. Back in the hay-days during the 60’s and 70’s their albums had 7 great songs, mainly because that’s all that would fit on a vinyl album which would only hold about 50 minutes of music. Now they are expected to fill a 74 minute CD with 12-14 songs. Whole different ball game. This takes me back to an entry I shared in a previous subject a while ago. Using simple math, Purple put out only 4 albums since 1996. Purpendicular had 13 songs, Abandon 12, Bananas 12 and Rapture of the Deep had 13 on the Deluxe Edition. That’s 47 songs. Divide that by the usual 7 songs per album from the days of old and you get almost 7 albums worth of Deep Purple songs. So playing devil’s advocate regarding the gripe about the lack of albums over the years and there being 8 years since the last one, let me break it down further. They may have only officially put out 4 CDs in 10 years but there is 7 albums worth of songs we got from that. Now going a step further, divide 10 years by 7 and we get the equivalent of an album every 1.4 years. Now we take into consideration the 8 year span between ROTD and the new album coming out in April which is slated to have 14 songs. Officially that makes only 5 releases in 17 years which averages to just over 3 years between albums. Now add those new 14 songs to the previous 47 and we have 61 which is roughly the same as 9 albums from the old days. Divide 17 years by 9 and we get the equivalent of an album every 1.75 years….believe it or not. And that really ain’t too shabby now is it? Thanks for the 60 plus songs over the last 17 years you old Rock Geezers. Job well done!

    Yeah, I have way too much time on my hands……time to get a job.


  68. 68
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Nice Math thinking.

    But do you do you think those , ahem, 7 albums would have sold better?


  69. 69
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 67:

    I’m generally happy that Deep Purple is still around. And regarding the old days: Between 1968 and 1975 they recorded 10 studio albums (not counting their side projects). Even though they’ve been concentrating on touring over the last few years which is clearly more lucrative than going into the studio, still they could have offered 2 albums in the meantime easily. More or less they did so by recording their solo stuff which, to be honest, was mediocre compared to Purple’s albums. But I understand the point of doing them from time to time.

    ROTD was released in November 2005. When I remember it correctly, the first rumors about a new record started in 2009 when Ian talked about the possibility of going into the studio in early 2010. Well, it took more time but all the more I’m looking forward to the upcoming release. Speaking of upcoming releases, they should be updated on this very website – now that the release date of the new album is official.

  70. 70
    LRT says:


    Looks to me like he’s had his plate full up to the minute since whenever was a long long time ago. Kind of hard to underestimate him, but we’ll hear soon enough. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Ezrin

  71. 71
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:


    I think ALL of their albums would have sold better had there been proper marketing and promotion. PERIOD. They should be as much a household name as The Doors, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Sabbath etc. Anything they would do, it was heard about. All that proudness of being…’under the radar’ is a grand excuse for poor decisions and bad managing……

    Don’t forget as great as Purple was (and is), they had already made 6 albums before they really got their notoriety due to a total fluke. A song that almost didn’t even get put on the album and also one in which they thought wasn’t even worthy…..pure simple right place right time. Smoke on the Water is their defining moment and their anchor because they and their management missed the opportunity to take advantage of that energy and bring them to the next level. Hell, half the folks these days have heard the riff but don’t know the name of the song or the name of the band that played it. That in itself is it, in a nutshell.


  72. 72
    T says:

    Tracy’s math makes sense and he essentially makes a valid point. When taking into account the amount of songs compared by the old standard of seven songs per album, one could argue that the band is on track regarding recording new material. It is a very interesting point and one I had not thought of.

    However, the argument is based on an old standard for albums. Going even farther back, one could argue bands used to record singles, and if we take the number of years and the songs per album, we would get a new song every few weeks.

    Here is the point: We are getting quantity, but remove the fluff and you still get only a couple of high-level songs per album (I am only counting the last two. I thought both Purpendicular and Abandon to be on par with anything Purple did in the 1970’s). I took the past two albums, combined the best tracks each, and came up with a running order that compares with past accomplishments.

    Using the “singles” example, consider this: What if Purple recorded one new song every so often? This would allow virtually unlimited compromise on their part. With the advent of computer equipment and software such as Pro Tools, the band could generate a song on the road without having to go into a studio per se, and even record a new song “live” during a sound check. Purple could then spend the time concentrating on a single opus, rather than go through the stress of having to write and record a long album within the confines of expensive studio time–and hoping they will be simultaneously brilliant.

    With all due respect to Deep Purple, the past couple of albums have been lackluster and sound more like solo projects than the mother band. Bananas in particular sounded rushed, with a “let’s get this over with” feel to it. That is never a good way to make a record (yes, I still call it a “record”). The “single” approach would change all that, and fans would have something to look forward to every few months instead of every few years.

    With Purple in their twilight, this would be a much better musical approach than going into a studio, and would allow the members to get something down when inspiration hits rather than to try and motivate themselves when they may not really be “in the mood”. To anyone who has ever tried to record something, you know exactly what I mean. It is hard to say, “Today, I am going to write a ‘Child in Time’,” especially on-demand in a studio within a certain amount of time. But with the “singular” approach, if the band has had a good couple of nights and came up with a great idea, they could rehearse it during sound checks and put it down polished in a single take.

    With no studio and no manufacturing process, cost would be minimal, and posting the song on iTunes or some similar outlet might actually net some income–and generate interest among fans both old and new. This method would also cater to the current trend, and thus Purple spans the period between singles, LP’s, CD’s, and electronic media.

    Few bands have ever done that.

  73. 73
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Too little, too late.

    They could have done all those suggestions you and many others made through the years but……appearantly the WILL is not there.

    More solo albums than DP?
    I agree for a lot of it.
    Things like Clearly Quite Absurd and Girls Like That should have been on that other forgettable record One Eye To Morocco.

    Tracy, skip all the bad songs on the four albums and you ll NEVER get to so many songs as you suggest.
    They are definetely not albums filled to the rafters with gems.
    On the contrary, from Abandon it is mainly filler.
    I tried to pull the last 2 albums together as well, to have 1 good cd.

    It is impossible!!!!

    Only when I have a very wellwilling day I m able to pull it off.
    But reasoning from usual standards it is even hard to fill 1 cd with only good songs.

    I meant GOOD, not nice.

    They will NEVER write a ” Child In Time” because the ingredients are not there in the band to get that kind of inspiration or genius.

    Smoke is not their important song, it is highway star.

    Weird that I kinda appreciate bananas while most seem to favour rotd.

  74. 74
    Olivier says:

    Why do the fans have to bother if their loved band is big enough ??

    As long as the artists themselves are happy with the status they managed to get, I really don’t see what we as fans would get.

    I could understand 15 years olds for whom beeing a fan of a well-recognised band is an added chance to score.

    I could also understand (but not approve) people for whom fandom is an investment : buy a lot of merchandising and sell it at a bigger price when the band become huge.

    But for a “normal” fan, what does it do ?

  75. 75
    Andrey Barabanshchikov says:

    There should be a good promo video for at least one song (single if any)! It dosn’t necessarily cost 1mln USD as IG claims. The one that Bowie made for his last single costs approximately 10 times lesser. Check out how many views it got within a couple weeks. Maybe the management ordered it already? VH1, MTV Rocks heavy airplay? Am I dreaming?

  76. 76
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Hey Priest,

    You just couldn’t pull it off for long could you? For a short stint you have actually been rather positive about our present day heroes and their music. You even came to their defense a few times recently in response to some hecklers. I was wondering what was going on. You were very convincing. Now we know. You were just playing opossum. Waiting for the right time and person to pounce on and spew your negative BS in contrast to their positive point. Don’t you get the fact that what you call crap is just crap to you? Damn, not only have you only gotten 4 albums from Purple since 1996, but half the songs sucked according to you. Deep Purple as you liked has been gone for almost 20 years. Surely by now you have found a band you like enough to draw yourself away from this half assed, mediocre, has-been farce of an outfit and their below par music.


  77. 77
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    LRT @ 70:

    Great entry and point made to those whom discount the influence that Bob Ezrin may have regarding this long overdue Purple offering. Below is what I feel is the most significant portion of the site you pointed us to regarding Ezrin’s creds…..

    Partial Discography

    2Cellos: In2uition (2013) – producer and mixer
    30 Seconds to Mars: 30 Seconds to Mars (2002)
    Aerosmith: Get Your Wings (1974) – executive producer
    Alice Cooper Love It to Death (1971) – producer, co-writer, and mixer
    Killer (1971) – producer, co-writer, and mixer
    School’s Out (1972) – producer, co-writer, and mixer
    Billion Dollar Babies (1973) – producer, co-writer, and mixer
    Welcome to My Nightmare (1975) – producer, co-writer, and mixer
    Alice Cooper Goes to Hell (1976) – producer, co-writer, and mixer
    Lace and Whiskey (1977) – producer, co-writer, and mixer
    The Alice Cooper Show (1977) – producer, co-writer, and mixer
    DaDa (1983) – producer, co-writer, and mixer
    Brutal Planet (2000) – executive producer
    Dragontown (2001) – executive producer
    Old School box set (2011) – project producer
    Welcome 2 My Nightmare (2011) – producer, co-writer, and mixer

    Army of Anyone: Army of Anyone (2006) – producer and mixer
    The Babys: The Babys (1977) – co-producer with Brian Christian and mixer
    Berlin: “Count Three and Pray” (1986) – producer and mixer
    Robin Black: Instant Classic (2005) – co-producer with Gggarth and mixer
    Bonham: The Disregard of Timekeeping (1989) – producer and mixer
    The Canadian Tenors “Hallelujah” (2010), from the album The Perfect Gift – producer and mixer
    “Forever Young” (2012), from the album Lead with Your Heart – producer and mixer
    “World Stand Still” – (2012), from the album Lead with Your Heart – vocal producer and mixer

    Catherine Wheel: Adam and Eve (1997) – co-producer with Gggarth
    Christian Kane: The House Rules (2010) – co-producer with Jimmie Lee Sloas and mixer
    Tim Curry: Read My Lips (1978) – producer and mixer
    The Darkness: Hot Cakes (2012) – mixer and co-producer on one song (“Every Inch of You”)
    Deep Purple: New album (2013) – producer
    Deftones: Saturday Night Wrist (2006) – producer
    Dr. John: Hollywood Be Thy Name (1975) – producer and mixer
    Escape From Earth: Three Seconds East (2004) – producer and mixer
    Fefe Dobson: Joy (2010) – producer and mixer
    Flo and Eddie: Flo and Eddie (1973) – producer and mixer
    Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel (I) (1977) – producer and mixer
    “That’ll Do” (1998) (title track from the film, Babe – A Pig In The City) – producer
    Scratch My Back (2010) – co-producer with Peter Gabriel

    David Gilmour: About Face (1984) – co-producer with David Gilmour
    Hanoi Rocks: Two Steps From The Move (1984) – producer and mixer
    Héroes del Silencio: Avalancha (1995) – producer
    Steve Hunter: Swept Away (1978) – producer and mixer
    Hurricane: Over the Edge (1988) – co-producer with Mike Clink
    Jane’s Addiction: Strays (2003) – co-producer with Brian Virtue
    The Jayhawks: Smile (2000) – producer
    K’naan: Alone -single (2013) – co-writer, mixer, and co-producer with will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas))
    Kansas: In the Spirit of Things (1988) – producer and mixer
    The Kings The Kings Are Here (1980) – producer and mixer
    Amazon Beach (1981) – producer and mixer

    KISS Destroyer (1976) – producer and mixer
    Music from “The Elder” (1981) – producer and mixer
    Revenge (1992) – producer
    Destroyer: Resurrected (2012) – producer and mixer

    Kristin Chenoweth: Some Lessons Learned (2011) – producer, mixer, and co-writer
    Kula Shaker: Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts (1999) – producer
    Julian Lennon”: Help Yourself (1991) – producer
    Murray McLauchlan: Storm Warning (1981) – producer and mixer
    Nils Lofgren: Nils (1979) – producer and mixer
    Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile (1999) – album sequencing
    Geoffrey Oryema: Beat the Border (1993) – co-producer with Richard Blair and David Bottrill
    Our Generation: Our Generation (1971)
    Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio: album (2007) – producer and mixer
    Pink Floyd The Wall (1979) – co-producer with David Gilmour and Roger Waters
    A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987) co-producer with David Gilmour
    The Division Bell (1994) – co-producer with David Gilmour

    Soundtrack: “Babe: Pig In The City – Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture” (1998)
    Soundtrack: “Heavy Metal 2000” (1999)
    Trevor Rabin: Can’t Look Away (1989) – producer
    Lou Reed: Berlin (1973) – producer and mixer
    Rod Stewart: Rod Stewart (1986) – producer
    Téléphone: Dure Limite (1982) – producer and mixer
    Taylor Swift: Speak Now World Tour Live (2011) – mixer for both the CD and DVD
    The Throbs: The Language of Thieves and Vagabonds (1991) – co-producer with Richard Wagner and Brian Christian
    Ursa Major: [Ursa Major] (1972) – producer and mixer
    U2 and Green Day: live recording of The Saints Are Coming (2006)
    Villebillies: “Greatest Moment” single (2006) – producer and mixer
    Vow Wow: Mountain Top (1990) – co-producer with Brian Christian, mixer, and co-writer
    Richard Wagner: Richard Wagner (1978) – producer and mixer
    Young Artists for Haiti: “Wavin’ Flag” single (2010) – producer

    After seeing this and reading his other many facetted accomplishments, Purple made the right choice without a doubt. Too bad they waited this long to do so. Now fire the management and promotion team and hire a new crew……Yeah Baby!!!!

    Long Live Rock & Purple Roll!!!!


  78. 78
    LRT says:

    @74 -the first line in your post. Thank you for asking, let’s see what they say. Good on you for this.

    As for the second part, well that is only fandom because a band is involved, it should be a wise consumer issue for a hobby. Nothing wrong with that, especially when it can provide a wealth of knowledge and insight others haven’t the first clue about but still want to argue, call it debate, over their opinion that is not as educated thru the product because they’ve never so much as even examined it, only listened to the music. It’s simply called “record collecting,” and why collect something to gather dust and never replenish or get a return on? Makes no more sense.

  79. 79
    LRT says:

    @73 -They could have done all those suggestions you and many others made through the years but……appearantly the WILL is not there.

    Probably one of the more insightful posts I’ve ever seen on this website, man alive, didn’t think it would come from the Priest. I’m impressed, definitely a wise re-Mark!

    These “suggestions” always provide food for thought for us, but a lot of the time read like advice directly to the band, who might or might not take the time to read what’s published here, reasonably. Seems like quite the waste indeed, but likely therapuetic for the seemingly furstrated fans who do it.

  80. 80
    LRT says:

    Something else though, Mark, when you were doing so well… lol, if you find something “forgettable” doesn’t mean the next person does, so to call it that I would hope you don’t forget it is just your opinion, even though it’s expressed like a fact. 🙂 I’d like a list of records from you since the late 80s or so that you find all that memorable. In fact I’d like a list from anyone, I’m sure it’s limited. That might tell you where my head is about “OETM” being one of them surrounded by so many that are as you put it, “forgettable.” There is going to be some of that, as there has been every decade, we take our picks. 🙂 I’m glad nothing here is factual based really, could you imagine, would you be in here so much?

  81. 81
    LRT says:

    Sorry for the separated posts, but to whom it may concern, define band manager for me, please. Good luck with that, you have your work cut out for you more than Bruce. I’m giving no advice, except to say we learn we go and do the best we can unless we’re really corrupt, and come in knowing jack about it, in his case starting in their booking dept. 🙂 Moving into marketing, even more good luck with that! People act like there are some kind of rules to it all and they know what they are or something. Talk about funny.

  82. 82
    Tommy H. says:

    A band like Purple which had its prime between 1969 and 1974 will always be measured by that. To be honest I don’t think that it would be too hard for them to sound like this again (apart from the voice which ages with the singer) which would be appreciated by many in this forum I guess. I’m sure if they used the same equipement as back then – which is not impossible – they would sound very similar. I don’t really think that it is a matter of playing abilities. A guitarist and keyboard player like Steve and Don are able to nail the old stuff note for note even though it wouldn’t be as authentic. They could be a plain copy of that era. But I don’t want a copy, I want something I haven’t heard before – may it be as good or not, as long as it sounds authentic. I’m happy that we get another record after such a long time and I’m sure that I’ll buy one as soon as it’ll appear in the stores. The promotion and management behind the band has never been top notch, from what I’ve heard about it, but at this stage why bother anyway …

  83. 83
    purplepriest1965 says:


    It also depends on my mood of the day I write about it.

  84. 84
    Olivier says:

    @ above : amen to that.

    @ LRT in 78 : what I don’t get is that records are not unique arworks like paintings, the artist doesn’t sell them to you saying they will cost more later, in fact I don’t even understand why some people can put hundreads of dollars in vinyls just because that was the first print… I get the difference of sound between CD and vinyl, I can see myself buying some vinyls in the future just to get the original sound, but a reprint would be fine.

    So getting angry at the band for not doing the right moves to get bigger fame, or even simply discussing these matters as if you were part of the management, sounds rather out of place.

  85. 85
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    @83, so then we can’t take any of your remarks serious because they could all have different versions any given day depending on your mood? Maybe you should have been named ‘Mary’ instead of Mark cause that’s a chic glitch dude.


  86. 86
    purplepriest1965 says:


    By now it must be inevitable to conclude we both have our moodswings : )

  87. 87
    purplepriest1965 says:

    ” 80

    Btw, Larry

    Dont forget this the next time you are calling in at my FaceBook to add you as my friend.

    Alzheimer can be such a bitch.

  88. 88
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    I would have to state here emphatically that I don’t change my way of thinking constantly based on the mood I’m in. I am proud to state that I maintain a constant and consistent level of emotional stability regarding my expression of issues and how I view what I believe. Nothing I express is done so based on a ‘temporary moment of lapse of reason’ due to a change in the wind blowing up my dress.
    That would be you my friend….. Hence my nickname for you quite a while back if your mood allows you to reflect back that far…’Sybil’.


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