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Uncommon Man

The record company has posted Uncommon Man from Celebrating Jon Lord, which sold so well, that it hit #1 in a number of European countries.

Thanks to Classic Rock for the info.

10 Comments to “Uncommon Man”:

  1. 1
    Larry Toering says:

    If this is anything like the other two clips(hasn’t arrived yet) then I’m not excited to see the rest when it arrives. If I were to point a finger at this point it would be at the lack of knowing who to film during what. The other two clips tend to resemble a lost cam crew.

  2. 2
    MacGregor says:

    A nice version of this song, wonderfully filmed & recorded. Interesting watching Paice holding it all together at the initial start of the instruments kicking in! A great moment IMHO, plenty of tension it seems, nerves also no doubt, playing at ‘that’ concert with an orchestra! Above & Beyond is the standout track for me, particularly poignant as we all know why!
    I personally think Gillan sings well & he looks really emotional at times, as he would be! So if anyone thinks he is struggling, maybe he is, but possibly from an emotional perspective. I may be wrong though. Cheers.

  3. 3
    LRT says:

    ^^^Is filming like a lost eagle eye, really wonderful filming? Of all the things, that is my one question. Quality is one thing, knowing who to focus on at what times is another. I found the first two clips to be detached from the stage atmosphere, and too focused on the overall flying around the venue. That isn’t bad filming, but perhaps bad preparation and planning that brings down the excitement. Most concert films also keep the crowd footage to a bare minimum. Maybe it was the editing that matters most here. I am tempted to watch this, but it will be in the mail soon enough.

  4. 4
    Svante Axbacke says:

    The difference between this and films done on tour is of course that there was no way for the crew to prepare properly. It was a one time show with no way to watch the show in advance to plan the filming. That said though, I agree that concert films seem to be done with less care these days. We did a show at work the other day, which was similar to the Lord celebration in that it was a one off event. We had a complete dress rehearsal though which the film crew chose not to attend. We never understood why. Probably financial reasons. We’ll see how the end result turns out.

  5. 5
    MacGregor says:

    LRT@ 3 – I haven’t watched the dvd, I am only talking about that one song. Although I have seen Above & Beyond also, they look good enough for me! But I know what you are saying in regards to camera ‘angles’ etc! It is still miles better than ‘the old days’. Remember the guitarist would be soloing & all you get to watch is his facial expressions or something else! Of course back then they had very little idea to ‘live’ filming, as it was a non event compared to these days. Yes, it should be more ‘focused’ on the moment! I don’t watch concert films that keep showing the audience etc, I loathe it & I can assure you I don’t go to a concert, to keep looking around at the crowd or the venue! Cheers.

  6. 6
    LRT says:

    Vocal mix seems low but this is computers. Must be viewed on hi-fi.

  7. 7
    Charles says:

    The perfect tribute. I would have dreamt of it, if they had not done it…

    …And I got to agree with Tracey about Gillan doing his best for sounding good!

  8. 8
    Charles says:

    Btw. I bought the DVD and it really is worth it! If you did not, then do it! =)

    So I’m not talking only about this one vid posted here, but the whole show. A very emotional thing and absolutely professional in the same time. Exactly the atmosphere I could hope for in a tribute concert to Jon Lord!

    Even if, yes, I do agree with the critics about the cameras. But that’s absolutely not the point, IMHO, for a thing like that. (Even if it can be frustrating at some points, okay!)

  9. 9
    Anita Nilsson says:

    Bästa bandet!!helt otroligt bra! Bara hoppas att jag får se dom live igen! Kram

  10. 10
    max -italy- says:

    the atmosphere would have been better if deep Purple had played the Concert for group & orchestra, and not their usual songs.

    I was there, and I was very sad, with a bitter taste for for the missed opportunity of stamp in memory one BIG EVENT represented in the second part of the evening, in commemoration of MAESTRO.
    this is the truth.

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