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Alabama 3 covers SOTW

British band Alabama 3 has a cover of Smoke On The Water posted on their web site (Flash plugin required). Strictly speaking, it’s not really a cover, it’s a new song with new lyrics and melody, with the familiar riff featuring throughout. The track is for their new album, which according to their manifesto

will be created and disseminated without interference from labels, shops, manufacturers or distributors — a virus transmitted directly to the people

Three tracks are posted on their web site each month with the fans being invited to vote for the one that makes it on the album.

To the wider audience, Alabama 3 might be better known for their track Woke Up This Morning, which opened every episode of The Sopranos for many years. Don’t expect any hard rawk in there either.

Thanks to Kevin Dixon for the info.

2 Comments to “Alabama 3 covers SOTW”:

  1. 1
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Not the worst thing I’ve ever heard, much worse has been done over the years, Ray Sinjagard or however you spell his name comes to mind, even though Ian was involed in that, it was quite hit and miss.

    Than you Kevin!

  2. 2
    Thunderhawk says:

    Not only SOTW is in this song, Silver Machine from the band Hawkwind is also in this song.
    Funny, it’s like some sort of tribute to the music they grew up with i think.
    I think it’s very originally done, and it does,nt sound so bad either.

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