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The oil connection, part two

Russian press has coverage of the last weekend’s Deep Purple visit to Khanty Mansiysk. They have headlined the eighth annual Yugra Festival, which was sponsored by oil companies and this year was dedicated to the 9,000,000,000-th (metric) ton of oil extracted from the fields surrounding the city (10 billionth ton is expected somewhere in 2012, so we can only assume that will be a really big deal over there). Italian duo Ricci e Poveri and Swedish pop band Secret Service, along with local acts, were also on the bill.

Regional edition of the rather respectable Russian business oriented newspaper Kommersant speculated:

Of course, artists’ fees for the festival are not publicized. But according to the president of Premier company Veniamin Kontraktov, Deep Purple’s fee for such a festival could not have been less than $200,000. “And after the Gazprom show in February and news that Deep Purple is the favourite band of Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, their fees have doubled”.

Remember, kids: there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Thanks to Andrey Gusenkov, Kommersant Yekaterinburg and Tiumenskiye Izvestiya for the info.

71 Comments to “The oil connection, part two”:

  1. 1
    Chip says:

    I remember many years ago during the early reunion years that DP turned down a lucrative gig in South Africa due to the band’s issues with Apartheid.

    I’m not sure they should be so happy to be so closely tied with a Russian regime that seems bent on bringing back the good ol days of the Soviet Union.

  2. 2
    Roberto says:

    Ricci e Poveri???ahahaha
    they are Ricchi and Poveri…
    70 italian pop rubbish.
    There were many others better bands in my country during the 70….

  3. 3
    stefan says:


    I´m with you, unfortunately I don´t think they give a toss! It´s the same old “money talks”……..!

  4. 4
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    I think that the purpose of all the bands is to play not for free and to be paid well. And I do not understand why not to play in Russia, especially if it is not a private gig but a public festival show.
    All you posts about Russian “regime” is a crap. I live here in Russia and support our government as the majority of the people that surronds me. They are not the angels but seems to be more clever that president Bush for example. We have a lot of freedom here and there is no any disturbance from the “regime” to the private life. Please wash your brains from the shit about Russia going from your mass media. So please put the politics aside and enjoy DP music.

  5. 5
    Jahor says:

    I live next to Russia in Belarus and we, too, have a crap regime so I think I may offer a (kinda) qualified opinion. The main factor in the decision on whether to play a gig or not is not about how crappy a government in that country. It is all about the relations between the artist and the audience. First, people love music and even more so in the countries with corrupt regimes and bad economies. It is not really a good idea to deprive your fans of the rare chance to hear your music live just because you have doubts about their gov’t. Second, music is supposed to promote creative and critical thinking, not political views. If you set the people’s spirit free with your music, there is a chance this freedom will show elsewhere.

    And now on to DP music. “Powerhouse” is on… 🙂

  6. 6
    Palkin says:

    Don’t you know, how many people were at this gig and what songs DP plays?

  7. 7
    Victor says:

    I live in kh-m. I visited this concert and It was REALLY cool!!!1.5 hour divine music.

  8. 8
    Markus says:

    Why not playing in Tiflis, capital of georgian republic. But I guess Micheil Saakaschwilli will not spend so much money for them. Or would they take the money from the EU – no, never, I have Gillans comments in my ears during the bananas tour regarding EU regulatians. They would not take EU money, never. So they should enjoy Gazprom money, that isn`t such critical.

    I`m really happy that Kim Yong-nam, north corea president does not like DP music. Otherwise, I`m sure they would play there.

    Gillan shoud overwork the lyrics on money talks – turning it more autobiographical.

  9. 9
    Markus says:

    Dear Konstantin,

    just reading your comment after sending mine. Please do not take my comment to serious. It`s still a good game here in germany to critisize anything which any government is doing – you should get my comments to Angela Merkel.
    And regarding George Bush – we are in complete agreement.

    I hope I didn`t offend your sensibilities.

  10. 10
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    Markus, no problem!
    I think that people in Georgia deserve DP show as people in Russia, USA, Nikaragua, San-Marino etc. People are the same and like music everywhere.
    I think it is not a good idea to play the private shows.
    And the show in Kremlin is for me equal to the show at some bank in Zurich which took place some time ago.
    But when someone is a sponsor for public show (maybe it was even with a free entrance) – why not?

    And concerning politics… There are some mass-media created stamps in minds. If some time ago Russia was “bears, vodka, balalaika, comminists etc” then nowdays it is “Gazprom, Putin dictator, KGB” etc.
    Life is not so black and white. Visit our country, talk to people. Ask them what do they prefer – nowdays “regime” or 10 previous years of “democracy”.

  11. 11
    AndreA says:

    mi hai anticipato,ieri quando ho letto sono rimasto esterefatto che non sono riuscito a scrivere nulla!!!

    hey people,if you all are able to listen Ricchi&Poveri
    you have to take care of your health….the worstpoppingitalianband…

    find them on youtube to understand what we (me and Roberto from italy) mean..

    oh my God…


  12. 12
    AndreA says:

    take it


    this is 1970…this kind of music was the major in italy,but we had also a lot of great rock bands,to be sincere PROG ROCK BANDS…the famoust perhaps was PFM
    and you people from USA should know them because in 1974 they broke in you country..

    after 2 years (1972) my brother was born and I remember when I went with my father to take him and my mother in Hospital by car,into a old FIAT 128 car but the song was differet than italian pop band R&P, that day because my father got the MACHINE HEAD tape..and since that day the riff guitar rape me, I was 4 years old.

    here you can see old father’s fiat car 🙂
    I miss it…



  13. 13
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Music has always been the universal escape for all people,no matter where you are from. Deep Purple music is one of the most sought after music in the areas where “Rock Music was Banned”. Such as in the Soviet Union. I remember in my early days of collecting Purple Music, many of the bootleg stuff I purchased came from over there. There were ‘underground networks’ whom had to hide the fact that they even owned a Deep Purple record. Music is probably the largest attraction towards the various countries joining together and communicating with each other. I still have a letter that was sent to me from a guy in Russia, whom couldn’t send me the records I had bought from him due to being arrested for having them in the first place.

    Now, as far as Mr. Bush, ‘MY PRESIDENT’….if it weren’t for the likes of our hard working United States Presidents such as him and Ronald Reagan, you Russians would still be hiding in the basement listening to Deep Purple bootlegs and never seeing them live, and the Iraqi’s would still be kept down an being tortured by Saddam.

    Practice what you preach about not paying attention to the ‘mass media’. The ‘mass media’ definitely paints a bad picture of President Bush. Especially the media in other countries whereby the very Government controls what you aloud to hear.

    We may be ‘Cowboys’, but we get shit done and usually, for the benefit of ‘Others’, such as yourself. So, enjoy your freedom that you are experiencing now, but if the ‘Soviet Union’ is in the future plans of your president, prepare to hide your music well, so you may listen to it in the future, and go to as many Deep Purple concerts as you can NOW!!!!!


  14. 14
    Andrés says:

    “…we get shit done and usually, for the benefit of ‘Others’…”

    You’ve learned history and politics from watching Hollywood movies. Open your eyes. Your entire economy depends on war, that’s why you people have invaded country after country killing millions (MILLIONS) on your own benefit for a century. You live from creating war everywhere and selling arms to each band on conflict. One day Iraq is your friend, next day is evil. Same with Panama, Iran, you name it. Team America: world police. Your time is gonna come. Greater empires had fall down. So will you.

  15. 15
    WindHawk says:

    George W. Bush : King of The Apes!!!!

  16. 16
    AndreA says:

    Tracy Heyder,
    I feel friendly with you,with all,with Russian but i think that to speak about politic is not good..Bush,Putin,Berlusconi are all “BOSS”…they are not good people,no less no more than Saddam…

    I know only one thing that I se,I note:in the latest years the wars are increased,the last is in Georgia,in the name of..? whre is democracy? Iraq lived with dictators for thousands years.
    The stupid men from West (europe,usa etc..) want bring democracy? whre is now democracy? let me stop because I could never finish to write..
    See in ex Jugoslavia (croazia,serbia,bosnia),see in kosovo,see in ggeorgia,see every where people make wars not freedom but for ethnic cleansing..There is not a good and a bad,there is that you see. Now we are waiting for a reply of NATO vs URSS,thank to Bush and Putin because of space shield..congratulations to these men,congratulations to Poland and all the states from ex URSS that need this shield:for what? for listen today that Russia point new missiles foward to west europe..

    I feel the same you are,russian is,african is, everybody is the same to others but who commands is only a poor man miserable coward and bastardo! oin this world nowdays there is something wrong,worst than before. I don’t need politic and religion,I need people wants love and peace like we all show here.

    Bush,Putin,Berlusconi…bye bye

  17. 17
    Tracy Heyder says:

    So……you are going to state here, that the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Iraq, France, Africa, etc. would be where they are today, without the efforts of the United States?

    That’s like stating we didn’t break the record in the Olympics for ‘Most Gold Medals’ won by a single competitor. FACTS are FACTS!!!!

    I’ll give you one up on your “Empires that have fallen” comment…..

    Yes, many “Empires” have fallen….Greater? Not hardly. History shows that all Great Democracies fall. This one has lasted the longest of them all though. What makes Democracies fall is from within. When the majority of the people become weak and begin to depend on the Government, that is how it crumbles and can no longer sustain itself. When the majority of the people strive for their own freedom and individual independence, the Democracy flourishes.

    Dictators are born out of dependant peoples whom don’t fight for Democracy and Freedom. The United States has freed many a Dictator run country, including yours….

    I am not going to get involved in a political battle here. Just as with the Blackmore Worshipers……”Remember his contribution to the Band” and “Appreciate it for what it was”. “Remember the United States Contributions to All Countries in Need” and “Appreciate it also”…….and hopefully this “Empire” won’t crumble and when you need us again, we will still be here to help again. Also, “GET OVER IT”!!!!!

    Look, this isn’t the “Red, White and Blue” site…..It’s the “PURPLE” site….

    Let’s not go there…..it’s too controversial and there are way too many opinions that will never be openly heard and it will only create personal conflict between us, whom should be corresponding about the great Rock Band Deep Purple. We have this ONE Great thing in common….Deep Purple. Let’s keep that in the forefront….


  18. 18
    Markus says:


    thanks for you`re response.

    I`ve visit your country twice and met very open minded people in St. Pete. Still love that city, and believe me or not, I`ve crossed my fingers when Zenit played against Bayern München in the international soccer european tournement.

    Now they are both in the champions league – great.

    But I`m afraid reading later comments on that issue today

    I was only kidding.

  19. 19
    AndreA says:

    Great Zenit,
    the make a very good playng! I am curious too see this team on next Champion,they could arrive to the best fours,I guess.

  20. 20
    stefan says:


    I´m useally being accused of being “Pro-American” by many of my friends, and they´re often right!I do however object to many of the Presidents in american history such as the present one,”Tricky Dick” Nixon and President “Alzheimer” Reagan! Bush is in my mind probably the most unintelligent President ever, and a christian fundamentalist wich makes him just as daft as any other fundamentalists!What Nixon and Reagan did and stood for is well documented!

    That said, it´s also a well know fact that if the U.S.
    hadn´t saved our asses in WWII,the entire European continent would probably speak german today and we would be force fed with horrible schlagers,Wagner and wearing lederhosen!Like it or not….we all have the Americans to thank for many things that we today take for granted!In the name of Robert E. Lee,Braxton Bragg and Jeb Stuart….a BIG rebel yell to you Tracy and all fabulous PURPLE PEOPLE around the globe!Yeeeeeha!!!!

  21. 21
    stefan says:

    By the way,today is september 11….do you remember?That´s why I´m playing “Red white and blue” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and saluting those who perished!Just call me “pro-american”, I´m fine with that!Cheers!

  22. 22
    Tracy Heyder says:

    STEFAN;…..since you brought that up….(I’ll respond in detail later).


    On Thursday, September 11th, 2008, an American flag, or any flag of freedom should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States and any Democratic Country. Every individual should make it their duty to display an American flag and their country’s supporting flag, or any flag of the support of freedom in their tribute on this seventh anniversary of one of our country’s worst tragedies. We do this to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11, their families, friends and loved ones who continue to endure the pain, and those who today are fighting at home and abroad to preserve our cherished freedoms for those who are citizens and those who dream of being citizens of this great land.

    In the days, weeks and months following 9/11, our country was bathed in American flags as citizens mourned the incredible losses and stood shoulder-to-shoulder against terrorism. Sadly, those flags have all but disappeared. Our patriotism pulled us through some tough times and it shouldn’t take another attack to galvanize us in solidarity. Our American flag is the fabric of our country as is with any other and together we can prevail over terrorism of all kinds.

    Action Plan:

    So, here’s what we need you to do .

    (1) Forward this to everyone you know. Please don’t be the one to break this chain. Take a moment to think back to how you felt on 9/11 and let those sentiments guide you.

    (2) Fly an American flag, or any flag of freedom of any size on 9/11 in support of the cause. Honestly, Americans should fly the flag year-round, but if you don’t, then at least make it a priority on this day.

    Thank you for your participation.
    God Bless You, God Bless this World and God Bless America!

    Cheers, SKÅL, ‘KIPPIS’ and ‘HÖLKYN KÖLKYN’…..

  23. 23
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    Tracey, every normal man in the world is with American people on 9/11.
    Russia also suffered from terrorist attacks and we understand what it is when ordinary people die to fulfill someone’s political ambitions.

    But there was two reasons of that case to be honest.
    First of all Bin Laden was made by USA 20 years ago to fight against USSR in Afganistan. By the way USA supported Saddam against Iran in middle eighties. The same way we can see in Georgia – USA supported fascist Saakashvili to make a harm to Russia. Now he is covered with shit from above to below and the part of this shit spotted USA. Do not dig a hole for someone – you’ll fall into it yourself.
    And the second reason is simple – do not try to dominate the world everywhere. Nobody likes it.
    It does not concern American people. It concerns the aggressive and short-sighted US politics.

    There is an anecdote.
    Q: Why America should bomb the Antarctiсa?
    A: The first point – Pingwins didn’t support America on 9/11 – so they support terrorism.
    The second point – they are dumb – so there are problems with the freedom of speech.
    And the last point – nobody lives there except Pingwins – so possibly there were ethnic cleanings.

    Your patriotic speech about american flag, fighting for “freedom” anywhere in the world etc reminds me the USSR in seventies – brainwashed people, faith in communist ideals and aggressive politics.

  24. 24
    AndreA says:

    I like you write Konstantin Gorlov.

    Well,today is normal to remind foward to Twins Towers..
    It is a sad page of the history,but like everything this must reflect and do not angry against all:nothing comes from the case.

    There must be respect for the victims,for the tragedy,because all people does not deserve the suffering and destruction of war, wherever they are.

    Yes Tracy Heyder,the Heroes from USA landed in Europe during the second war,but with all due respect had already started a war where the people had arisen throughout Europe, see throughout France and Italy. And the Americans came to help as did the Soviets in East Europe. Of course after there was a strategic interest but now is another question..

    Nowdays there is patriotic speech about american flag, fighting for “freedom everywhere”.
    The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is not the same thing, before the arrival of the Westerners were not the same dynamics of the second world war.
    But who can imagine to bring Western democracy in countries cited first used for millennia to another mode of State-Society?
    only a fanatic, daltronde if you produce as many weapons is also not to use them? to sperimentarle? but the worst is when a head fanatic other small animals follow him … this is the problem ..

    Today, our thoughts turn to the people of Twins T. death by the folly of a few that affect the world society, the life of all people in the world who biaogno of good things small and simple in order to hope for a better life, pink, full of hope. All of us would do less than these people, worldwide.

    Yes, God bless America, its people, and all the people of the world, the poor of the world, suffering from hunger in the world, all those who are now losing a house for a war. God bless worldwide, admitted that He exist…and bless DP of course.

  25. 25
    AndreA says:

    “The September 11, that of’73, has caused more victims of the twin towers. The orders were given by an international terrorist named Henry Kissinger, compared to which Osama Bin Laden is a inexperienced, and no Chilean thought to convene the United Nations to demand punitive action against the U.S. … ”

    Taken from A Dirty Story / The enemy by Luis Sepulveda.

  26. 26
    micke says:

    I’ll take US of A over just about any country in the world… why? Because you’re allowed to have a very different opinion if you choose to. That is what’s great with America.

  27. 27
    AndreA says:

    micke you are right,ok..
    but I don’t know how much people in west (europe and USA) are free to have different opinion..In italy I think I have to get attention for what he says and thinks…to stay calm must follow the mass of goats behind the pastor who commands .. if you change a little quiet street you are sure that someone is searching you, but not to give you a carrot ..but a stick on the teeth.

    I love american people,I don’t like the rest..the same is on over the world for me.


  28. 28
    Tvrtko says:

    The very same GANG, you call DP, who keeps playing songs composed and performed by REAL band Deep Purple, who went after the money and hang out with loons, and who abandoned humanity. They are musican McDonalds circus.
    I refused to buy any of their products manufactured after 2001.

    I call and pray dear, respected Richie B. and Almighty J. Lord to pull of their portion of copyrights for any songs performed or composed by them, from this pitifull gang of entertainers for Russian dictators, to save pride, face and dignity from selfish copiers and so-called “musicians” under the fake name DP.

  29. 29
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    To Tvrtko:
    Your respected Ritchie Blackmore played the secret gig for Medvedev in Moscow this year just the day before the concert in SPb.
    Please don’t buy his albums also if you are so principle.

    Buy the way, we elect our “dictators” every 4 years by free public voting. And the popularity rating of our “dictators” is more than 70%. People never lived better in Russia before.
    Please compare with USA “democracy” with the strange voting system and the rating of G. Bush in his own country.

  30. 30
    WindHawk says:

    Bush : The Idiot of the century!!

    DP MKVIII : Cashing In!!

  31. 31
    Tracy Heyder says:

    That’s the beauty of voting and speaking in the US. You can do it without being worried or arrested for voting for the wrong guy, and you can voice your opinion about it also without being beaten up.

    Nobody here can refute the fact that the US spends more money on foreign aid than most of your Governments even have as a total in their budget. I know this, because I pay the taxes whereby the money is spent to help countless less fortunate country. Something you would know nothing about. You like your Dictator……that doesn’t give much credence to your view of Mr. Bush. But I will agree with you….regarding the quality of life at the present in Russia. WE ARE WHO YOU SHOULD THANK!!!! Enjoy it while you can. I’m not sure how much longer “Putin” will allow you to be this happy. You better hope we are willing to fix your shithole again where not too long ago, ‘Rock Soup’ and a few slices of bread was the main food source.

    Also, your view regarding Deep Purple, further solidifies your overall view of things. You do not appreciate anything that is a gift to you. Even the fact that Deep Purple continue to produce superb music for your listening pleasure. Be careful, that right may be taken away from you soon……’So-be-it’, or should I say ‘So-vi-et’.


  32. 32
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    Dear Tracey,

    It is good to be such patriot as you are. And as I am.
    And I’m proud with my country, which has a lot of problems, but it is on the right way, not beacause of USA help but despite of USA “help” in nineties.
    I do not understand one thing – why Deep Purple is a “gift” for me. I buy the license CD’s and DVD’s and the tickets for their shows, the same way as you do. You have the same right for their music as I have. And as our “dictators” have this right also.
    I think there is no point in further discussion, because of your typical american arrogance and unwillingness to understand that there are some other countries except USA that have their own traditions and the way of life.
    You live in very simple world – “black and white”, “good guys – bad guys”, “the evil axis – the good axis”, “freedom countries – despotic countries” and so on…
    So enjoy life.
    If you believe that all the best in the world have USA roots, believe on. Buy the globe of USA and be happy. It is more easy to live, believing in some ideals.

  33. 33
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Konstantin Gorlov:

    The “Gift” I was referring to was the fact that we all have the gift of being treated to and exposed to DEEP PURPLE Music. The fact that they are to this day, still performing “Live” and giving us new stuff to listen to is the “Gift”. The Fact that you can partake in these events is the part that you are ignoring. It wasn’t long ago, when you were not permitted to listen to this stuff without hiding out in some dark place, using flashlights to see. My point is that your ‘nice guy Putin’ would love to put things back like it was before the Liberation took place. He has stated that publicly.

    Look, I’ve been to Germany, France, England, Switzerland, and Amsterdam. I truly love the cultures that exist, and love the fact that each one holds on to their way of life as much as possible. Our country is only 300 years old. Made up of people from all over the globe whom left their homeland to improve their way of life. Some of us are beginning to feel the effects of being “Too Gracious”. Like you, I wish to hold onto my county’s heritage. But I never slap a gift horse in the face. There is much to be thankful for. Pride always seems to interfere with that. Once a country is helped, they soon don’t want to recognize those who made their improved future possible. But we keep on putting out the money and hard work, all over the world. Not for World Dominants as with your prior regime and the Islamic Extremists. But to help spread the beauty of total Democracy and Freedom. If you enjoy answering to the Dictator for approval of your rights so-be-it again. Or again So-vi-et.


  34. 34
    Tracy Heyder says:

    At least give me a “Hell Yeah”…..or “Hell No”. Otherwise, you have made my point. “We All Came Down to My View”……”Smoke left on the Landscape, American Fire in the Sky”.

    That’s what you get if you decide to make the stupid mistake of being a little group of “terrorists” and attack our soil and the soil of those whom are decent enough to respect the rights of other ‘free will’ people on this round thing we all call earth. Our Home. Like it or not, we are your protectors. You know why? We will never give up our right to own guns or weapons to protect ourselves or YOU, if you wish to be our ally’s and live to be free. Go ahead, call me a ‘Red neck’. This ‘Red neck’ will save your ass one day. I promise. We’ve done it before. You better hope we are here to do it again. I say this with all due respect. This world is very messed up. Someone has to fix it………Who better than us, who have done nothing but try and cure the famine and brutal extremists. Sit by and watch. I have not problem with that. Just don’t become a part of the problem……

    Deep Purple are the SHIT!!!!! Especially MK8.



  35. 35
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    Dear Tracy,

    When I read the posts like above one, it makes me believe in saying that every nation deserve it’s government. So if the majority of US people have the same state of mind with you, then you really deserve your dull president Bush – the clinical idiot.
    Like we deserve our government (you can stick any labels to them like “dictators” etc., “it really doesn’t mean a thing” (“King Of Dreams”, DP)).
    Please shut your mouth with Big Mac at last, I will not post here anything anymore because you are provocing me and I will not go down to your level.

  36. 36
    Mikhail says:


    Didn’t you realise that you disputed with Mr George “IQ40” Bush himself?

    p.s. Did you get the ticket for 28th October?

  37. 37
    Undead says:

    You are really stupid redneck, Tracy. I’d like to live in constant unstability and fear than have ‘protectors’ as americans. Try
    to understand why even your ‘allies’ hate your country and your ‘free-will’ people.

  38. 38
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Clinical Idiot or not……he has done more for this world with the help of the great patriots of this land, than any other leader of any other country during the past 8 years. Especially more than your ‘Thug; Putin’, whom is beginning to show his true colors, befriending the likes of the leader of Iran. There is nothing positive about that relationship. Only the evidence of a power monger wanting to go back the old days. So-be-it, or more relative to your situation; ‘So-vi-et’.

    Good luck. Hope you still have that “Rock Soup” recipe which goes so well with small rations of bread.


  39. 39
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    To Mikhail:
    Yes, I got my ticket for 28th October.
    If Mr. “IQ40” Bush will not bomb St. Petersburg (a motherland of Russian dictators), then possibly I’ll g to the show.

  40. 40
    Mikhail says:

    Me too!
    Deep Purple for Russians!!!

  41. 41
    stefan says:


    As I previously stated I´m no fan of Mr.”Goddamn” Bush, but I fully sympathize with you on this one!To Mr.”Undead”….very bi(Tsar)view, to rather live in constant fear and unstability, than having an American protection makes me wonder `bout your sanity????

    What really matters, is that we all can gather around the band that we all love and cherish…DEEP PURPLE!!We can always agree to disagree when the topic is politics!Let´s face it….it´s a bloody minefield out there and as many opinions as people on this planet!Just some thoughts for sharing from a Swedish “Redneck” to `ya all!YEEEEEHAAA!!!

  42. 42
    Tracy Heyder says:

    And the “Battle Rages On”. ‘I will BRRREAK YOU’Konstantin Gorlov.

    Ah never mind. What’s the point? Where is the challange? It’s too easy to push a guy off a cliff, when he walks up the edge all by himself. It’s kind of like that old toy…the Slinky. Some people are like Slinkies. They are really good for nothing, but they bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs…..


  43. 43
    Mikhail says:

    Undear Tracy Hider,

    I wrote “Hider” intentionally.
    Just answer me one question: why do you, americans, think that you are better and above all other people?
    You are just the offsprings of british prisoners. Remember your history, yankee!

  44. 44
    Konstantin Gorlov says:


    You are wrong if you think that you “pushed me off the stairs” and that’s the reason that I don’t answer you.
    The reason why I retired from the discussion is simple. I prefer not to touch the shit to avoid the smell.

  45. 45
    stefan says:


    I think you´ve a cock up in your information! Isn´t it Australia you have in mind??? About history….Let´s see what the Russians gave the world….imbecill Tsar´s,depressing classical composers,unreadable writers,superstitious peasants,Lenin,Stalin,communism,genocide,gulag,Cuba crisis,Soviet imperialism,the iron curtain,nuclear disaster in Tjernobyl,enviromental disaster on the Kola peninsula and just about anywhere else,oilgarks,Putin,Russian “democracy”….etc,etc,etc….apart from that,you´re doing just fine!!

  46. 46
    Mikhail says:

    To Stefan:

    I intended to write some insulting joke, but no. Yes, you are right, Australia also, but they don’t have such ambitions to conquer all the world. And again I agree about all you mentioned except composers. We have had a lot of nice of them. And of course I don’t defend Stalin, communism, etc. (that is the difference between me and Tracy).

    But you can not consider the politics from good/bad or white/black point of view. I think the politics can not be purely white. The politicians always chase some interests which rarely coinside with the needs of their nations. We didn’t want the events which took place in Afganistan, Chechnya, etc. The same way, I think, most people in USA, didn’t want the ones in Herosima/Nagasaki, Vietnam, Iraq, Ugoslavia, now Afganistan and Georgia. But still there will always be a number of freaks like Tracy (but in fact I don’t think he believes in what he writes) who are totally brain washed by their governments.

    And the fact are facts. Most of the conflicts which take place on the Earth in our days are provoked by USA government (please pay attention, I don’t write USA). And thinking people know the real situation in Georgia and why it has happend.

    Speaking of russian oligarchs who even do not live in Russia they are totally the result of american politics against russia in ’90s.

    So Stefan, live in peace in your country and enjoy your life and ask God to defend your country from intervention of external politics based on oil and gas interests.

  47. 47
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    To Stefan:

    It is so strange to hear such things about my country from Swedish guy, from my neigbour. I visited Sweden several times and liked it very much. The last war between our countries was 300 years ago. We want to go on living in peace with our neigbours.
    What is the reason of such point of view? What bad things did Russia to Sweden and to you personaly?
    I have an answer. It all goes from old stereotypes and projections (USSR=Russia, Stalin=Putin etc.), from your brainwashing mass-media, from the lack of information about the real situation here. If you would visit us and talk to people, I believe you’ll change your mind.

  48. 48
    stefan says:

    Dear Mikhail & Konstantin!

    I have no intention of starting a new cold war! What I wrote was a little toungue in cheek, and not ment to be taken TOO seriously!

    I have absolutely nothing against Russians as such, and have visited your country on several occassions! Most of the times to play hockey in the eighties, but also after the breakdown of the Soviet empire!

    I know Russia have a short history of “democracy”, but I have the feeling they for some reason never will go all the way to achive full democracy…..At least not what we in the western hemisphere understand with that word!

    Another thing I can´t understand, is why the big Russian war machine can´t leave the small shitty (no offense),stamp sized countries alone!Come on….would it be so terrible let them have their independence if that´s what they want??? Don´t worry guys, there will be plenty of Russia left, and we would still be in need of magnifying glasses to find Chechnya and Georgia on the map! Oh, by the way….before I forget:please clean up your mess in the Murmansk area, Ignalina and other nuclear & enviromental bombs that you left behind after your empire collapsed,or I send you to bed without supper and confiscate all your DP albums!! ROCK ON… ..TAVARISH!

  49. 49
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    Dear Stefan,

    I absolutely agree wth you except the one point – about thing that Russia wants to size neigbour countries.
    Maybe it will be a new thing for you, but Georgia started the war operation and totaly destroyed Tshinvali, South Osetian city and 2000 people were killed. Children were pressed by tanks. People were hiding at the basements and Georgian soldiers throwed grenades there. It was the second Stalingrad.
    All those things are documented and filmed, but you TV doesn’t show such things.
    Could Russia wait when the genocide of Osetinian people will be finished?
    It seems that Russians are good only when they quietly allow to kill them. When we defend someone – we are agressors…

    When America bomb and destroy Yugoslavia – OK. When they need to have a territory for their military base, they support Kosovo and their leaders who were the human organs sellers – OK. When they bomb and destroy Iraq and seize their oil – OK.
    When they support Georgian fascist regime – it is a “democracy ideals”. When they surround Russia by radars and rockets – it is not “against us”. When they send their fleet to the Black Sea, it is a “humanitary mission” etc.
    It is obvious that they defend their commercial and military interests all over the world and stick the labels of “democracy” at all those things.

    But Russia also have it’s interests. And the main interest is to have a stable and normal countries around us, including Georgia. The one and only thing why Saakashvili is not hanged by his own nation is the money support from USA and anti-Russian propaganda which became their “national idea” and draw the people’s attention away from the internal difficulties in Georgia.

  50. 50
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Mikhail you said:

    “You are just the offsprings of british prisoners. Remember your history, yankee!”

    Yes, thanks for the reminder. We sought out our independence from the British Rule. We succeeded and kicked their arse. Then we built the greatest Free democratic society to ever exist on this earth and pave the way for others like yourselves to follow. It’s like growing up in a bad family. Some leave and better themselves while others stay behind and accomplish nothing.

    I have never said that I am better than anyone other countryman. I have only stated that the US has done more good for other countries than any other. Especially Yours. Please give me one example of contribution your Dictator Putin has contributed to the world. Hell if it weren’t for US, you wouldn’t even be allowed to type on your computer. Hell, you wouldn’t even be allowed to own one.

    Konstantin Gorlov you said:

    “The reason why I retired from the discussion is simple. I prefer not to touch the shit to avoid the smell.”

    All I have to say to that is “Hard to avoid the smell when you are ruled by Putin.”


  51. 51
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    To Tracy

    Sorry, I can not keep silence.

    “US has done more good for other countries than any other”
    That’s why the whole world hates US politics.

    “Please give me one example of contribution your Dictator Putin has contributed to the world”
    The maim purpose of every leader of the nation to improve the life level of this nation and not to teach all the other countries how to live.
    Putin did it for 8 years and I believe will do it in the future. Maybe sometimes it is hard for Ukraine to pay for gas the real price for example but he cares of Russians, not Ukrainians. It is a real politics.
    And your politics put their nose in every hole all over the world and and “pave the way for others like yourselves to follow”.
    US politics and you pretend to have a right for the truth.
    Again – that’s why the whole world hates US politics.

    “Hell if it weren’t for US, you wouldn’t even be allowed to type on your computer. Hell, you wouldn’t even be allowed to own one”
    Yes, we get down from the palm yesterday. We wouldn’t even allowed to read and write, to eat, to shit and to fuck.
    And the origin of elephants is USA. 🙂

  52. 52
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Konstantin Gorlov:

    I have read your response over and over. Trying to come up with a proper answer to it. I can’t. Your response says everything I want to say…….but in refute. I truly have no negative feeling towards you personally, but you arrogance against the reality causes me to be somewhat condescending….


    Which is what I already stated.

    thanks for totally showing what I was trying to say as being what it is. I only wish that you and the rest of your world would realize the reality and fight the dictatorship that is beginning to take over again…..”So-vi-et”…..so be it.

    I only pray that we are still here to defend again..It ain’t lookin’ too good though. In that case, good luck.

    Here’s one for ya….If we fall. Will your Country rescue the “Statue of Liberty”, resurrect it and fight for justice, freedom and liberty in our behalf for the benefit of the free world? I surely doubt it.

    Nuff Said…..


  53. 53
    Mikhail says:

    Has anyone read the book called “Ubique” by Phillip Kendred Dick? I think someone is in the wrong reality here, either me and Kostya or Tracy. By the way, Tracy, are you a man or a woman? Considering your name your are a woman, considering your comments you are a bloody man. 🙂

  54. 54
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    To Tracy:

    For your comment:
    “Here’s one for ya….If we fall. Will your Country rescue the “Statue of Liberty”, resurrect it and fight for justice, freedom and liberty in our behalf for the benefit of the free world? I surely doubt it”.

    Look 30 years back.
    Our country tried to teach all the other world how to live with the communist ideology. To prove it USSR used army sometimes. This ideology was totaly hypocritical and almost all over the world it failed. And all over the world people hated USSR.
    But the root of that was pragmatic national interests of USSR all over the world, ideology was a “fig-leaf” to cover it.
    Are you agree with me? It is really my true point of view.

    And nowdays.
    Now please change in the text above:
    “USSR” to “USA”
    “communist ideology” to “freedom and liberty ideals”
    and do not change everything else. And read once again.

    Don’t you see that the situation is absolutely similar? You really do not want to look at yourself from the other side of the world.

  55. 55
    Rascal says:

    If we place our trust in political ass-holes……… dont be so surprised when they fuck us up

  56. 56
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Konstantin Gorlov:
    Surely you don’t compare “communist ideology” to “freedom and liberty ideals”. Communist Russia, China, Cuba, etc. was similar to the “radical Islamic” ideology. Number One, they forcefully invade and through marshal law, attempt to conquer the world with a “Dictatorship’ at the helm, while the people have limited rights. You are still under a bit of the hand that wants to gain that “Fist” back. You have censorship and rules that you must follow, ordered by your “President/KGB/Dictator Wanabe”.

    Our country and it’s democratic government only partake in helping those move forward in the movement towards a Free and Democratic society, and aid all countries whom are less fortunate and are oppressed by either famine or rulers whom regard their countrymen as less than human…….

    Please, give me ONE piece of evidence that your wonderful leaders are even remotely concerned about World Peace and the idea of all nations, getting along and living as humanitarians instead of trying to take over the world…..

    As for Rascal:
    …..you are correct. Democracy is far from perfect when it is run by “Men”. There is always the politician whom will take advantage. The checks and balances only go so far. But they do exist. It just depends on who is checking and balancing. Unfortunately most politicians are Assholes, but it’s still the best system out there. Just like the judicial system. One judge will decide with his values and another will do so on his. 2 exact cases with 2 different judges, could have a completely different outcome. Again, human Assholes in charge. Again, still the best system out there. It’s the overall theory and concept that matters. Assholes can fuck up anything, no matter how good it is.


  57. 57
    stefan says:


    I second that….well said!

  58. 58
    Rascal says:

    Political beliefs………….

    All political parties will ‘shit’ on you, no matter what they say

    The only difference between them is the height the ‘shit’ is dropped from, and the level of ‘shit’ you have to live with.

    Democracy is all we have. Unfortunately its ran by Assholes…………

  59. 59
    WindHawk says:

    Sop sop sop. you said it , two ASSHOLES “in charge” will ruin it for everybody…..namely you Macy & that little man-Rascal!

  60. 60
    Rascal says:

    Its true………………WindHawks parents are actually brother & sister…………..

    Explains such alot…..sop sop

  61. 61
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Just exactly what are ‘Macy’ and ‘the little man-Rascal’ “in charge” of? And why are they ASSHOLES? And, who the hell is ‘Macy’? I would change sop to ‘Sob’ since it comes from “WindHawk”…much more appropriately “WhineLoon” Get the tissue out and wipe his little tears…..sob, sob, sob…and explain life to this whimpering loon.


  62. 62
    Rascal says:

    What does he know about my ‘little man’ anyway?

  63. 63
    Sergey Tomashevsky says:

    Tracy, please stop looking like average stupid American “we will save the world” clown!

    Better to read Sergey Esenin! Oh, I forgot! you are hardly know who is it…

  64. 64
    Tracy Heyder says:

    This is how it starts…….

    When one chooses to attack me because I am American, and proud to be so, that’s where the fight starts.

    Again, if you are lucky, we will save your ass from your Dictator when the time comes…..just like before.

    Now, what does this have do with this blog?……

    Back to PURPLE. Yeah I know…..you are more in like of RED….the old Communist Color. Looks like it may be coming back. I doubt you will stop it. Soooooo….we have your back.


  65. 65
    Mikhail says:

    I don’t want nobody to care my back.

    Don’t approach me from the backside, f**kin’ niga!!!! 🙂

    Or you are a woman?

    Tracy is a woman’s name, am I right?

  66. 66
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    Tracy, people like you, brainwashed fools, shames USA.
    The more silly things you write here, the more shame covers your country, because you positioning yourself here as a typical American.
    If you are talking about “saving asses”, take care of your own, seems that ASS is the main part of your body.
    I prefer to save my BRAIN from your silly messages and to save my SOUL from the “american life standard” spreading by USA all over the world by rockets, tanks and puppet governments.

  67. 67
    Rascal says:

    Look back at your history.

    Count the repression, depression and death it has caused within your own country……..

  68. 68
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Konstantin Gorlov, Mikhail, Sergey Tomashevsky:

    Again…..this is what I mean. Now you are lowering yourselves to namecalling…….Figures.

    I have only “Waved the Flag” here, do to being ridiculed by you “Foreigners” whom cast the first stone, whereby calling me a “Redneck American” every time I gallantly express some of my sarcastic views toward some of the entries here. I don’t mind you going off on my wit, since you obviously don’t get it. But I do mind your attacks on my origin or patriotism. It is upon those remarks against my beloved country and my obvious patriotic regard towards it, that causes me to lash out as I do in response. You don’t even have any idea who or what I am, yet you call me a redneck (I’ve been called much worse). I don’t even think you know what a redneck actually is. I’ll spare you the definition. It isn’t a bad thing to be though, so I don’t really give a rat’s ass. Just leave my country out of your pompous response and I will do the same. Cast another stone, and I will smash your glass house with a bigger one. That’s how it is done, and that is that. I can’t help it if you are under the KGB rule…..’Keeps Going Backwards’. Sorry if the fact that our country would love nothing more than for all countries to be as blessed as we are with a totally Free Democratic Society that where ever possible, we are there to spread the God Given Right for it…..someday you may be lucky enough to experience it, then you will understand. You can’t miss what you never had. But once you taste it, you will never allow it to slip away or be taken. That I guarantee. I pray that one day, you get the chance.

    Now, let’s stay away from slandering each others lineage. This is no place for it, and I truly don’t have the time or interest in meaningless, non productive jargon that only creates hostility and divisiveness.


    Ever see the film that floats on top of water when a drop of Oil is applied? From most angles it is a vivid “Deep Purple” in color.

    There we go….Back on topic.


  69. 69
    Konstantin Gorlov says:

    Here is a part of Ian Gillan interview in Russia. Sorry for the quality of my English translation.

    — Could you clarify your position about the gig at Gazprom jubilee in February? Many DP fans turned their faces off the group.

    — As a musicians, we are ready to play for christians, muslims, communists and capitalists.
    Russiams are very clever. West plays in “monopoly” and Russians plays chess. You look ad things very deep and understand what’s going on very well.
    And must to say the following. Imagine that our show in UK visited Tony Blair – one of the politicians who started the Iraq war. Should I knowing this cancel the concert? Or you will tear me apart becase I sing in front of him? Politics want to be involved in culture in many countries but it does not matter anything for me. And it does not matter anything for Deep Purple. I commet things on my web-site and concentrate on UK politics. But I try not to discuss the politics of another countries — I have no enough experince and historical knowledges, so I have no right for discussing their politics. But I thing that many people including Russians understand what’s going on in the world

    — Rarely fan likes when artist plays in company of “greats of this world”. In that case you started the fire to yourself.

    — This kind of critics — a big mistake of our fans. They try to mix politics and music – it is wrong. I was introdused to president Medvedev, he said that he likes DP since his 13 years in Soviet period, it was not legal. Why can’t I to get him as one of our admiers? I met sometines a man in Berlin who was jailed for owing “In Rock” vinyl. A lot things are canged since that time. Maybe not very fast and not deep enough as someone wants, but the positive changes are obvious. And I want to add that all said above is my personal position. I can not say for Deep Purple. But remember what I said about UK and Iraq war. I was born and I live in England, pay taxes there, it is my country. But I suppose that Tony Blair should be judged as a war criminal. Bombing civilians is a dirty deal.

  70. 70
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I have no problem with Purple performing there. AT ALL. I believe in the MUSIC is for All way of thinking and have seen what great barriers are broken through music.

    But……Tony Blair bombing civilians?

    You are totally toasted my friend. TOTALLY!

    You need to change your News Channel.


  71. 71
    murilo thomaz says:

    tracy heider
    is a poor lost soul, people should not pay attention to people like her
    people like her are just fade to be forgotten even for their sons and daughters
    people like her will disappear one day, as humanity is evolving, very very very slowly but it is
    at least the internal terrorism of state is going to end with obama
    it’s a pity that people like her hear DP
    are you also racist, poor tracy?
    the remarks of mr hugo chavez from venezuela about the pittbull sarah pailin are just as good for you
    may god have mercy on your soul and on people like you
    read more, read history from other sources than your dirty country sources
    tracy heider just a poor bitch
    give us a favour : stop breathing

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