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George Harrison guesting on Lucille

This is a clip from the (in)famous performance of Lucille in Sydney on Dec 13 1984 when the late George Harrison came on stage to jam with Purple.

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson for spotting this one.

17 Comments to “George Harrison guesting on Lucille”:

  1. 1
    igge says:

    Wow, I so would have wanted to see that show.

  2. 2
    Jim O'Brien says:

    This is great!!! My favorite Beatle with my favorite band. The sound quality is even better on the bootleg vinyl I got back in the 80s!!!! It is a shame you only see George’s back

  3. 3
    Paul S. says:

    Now that was cool.

  4. 4
    Micce says:

    Cool, Goldmedal for this one!!!!

  5. 5
    BILL MAJOR says:


  6. 6
    Nikos says:

    Ah that brings back memories. I was at that Sydney gig in 84. I was seated at the back of the Sydney Entertianment Centre with my brother and cousin and we had no idea who that guy was.

    Gillan had introduced him as Arnold from Liverpool NSW who had won a competition to play with the band.

    The next day while walking through the city I passed by a newsagents and noticed an article on the front page of The Sun. The title read “OUR GEORGE! BEATLE ROCKS SYDNEY AGAIN”. It then dawned on me why the people in the front rows went crazy last night, obviously they recognised George immediately.

  7. 7
    Robert Daems says:


    It looks like it that even Ritchie is having fun…

    At least I did watching this awesome video!


  8. 8
    ormandy says:

    GOOSEBUMPS is right.

    Perhaps the reunion artifacts are finally being gathered together.

  9. 9
    John Madric says:

    WOW! That takes me back. I was at that performance in Sydney… and the other 2 shows as well. Got to go backstage after the shows, and even joined in a game of soccer/football with the guys. The guys were in such good form having only just started their first reformation tour. All the passion and energy was in full swing. What a blast. But does anyone know what happened to the footage of the show on the following night (a Friday)? The entire show was professionally filmed and recorded. I’ve seen bits on a few DVD’s, but I don’t think the footage was ever released in it’s entirety.

  10. 10
    Eric E says:


  11. 11

    Awesome, The Beatles and Deep purple, alone with Elvis, Led Zepellin, Cream, The Stones, Pink Floyd and The Who are the foundations of rock music and most contemporary music too, this performance can only be labeled as historic and legendary, I love it !!!!!!! What ever is filmed from these shows should, no must be put out on DVD.

  12. 12
    Gerard Alberts says:

    Awesome, what an energy! And it was clearly Gillan’s party, he’s dancing all around. I hope that professional footage (if there is any) of this period will be released someday…

  13. 13
    Mike says:

    Fantastic. It’s amazing to watch such talented musicians ad libbing like that. Gillan’s directions and instincts were perfect and it was nice to see even Ritchie taking his cues from Ian.

  14. 14
    Simon says:

    Brillant stuff!!

    Apparently George Harrison was one of the (few) artists who could enter Ritchies part of the stage without risking getting bashed with his guitar.

  15. 15
    Domenico says:

    deep purple is the vbery best of rock band in the music’s story

  16. 16
    Wizard of Aus says:

    Nikos – you must have been sitting next to me – I was also right up the back and was confused for a while about what was happening. I was also there the next night, when I was about half way back on the right hand side.

    I also saw (and met) the band at the Canberra gig and managed to get my program signed and one of Roger’s pics. Unfortunately, on that night Ritchie just didnt appear interested – and this was the 4th night of the reunion!! Apart from that it was a great gig – there was a stage rush on the first note of highway star and I spent the whole night crushed against the barriers.

    If I remember correctly in Canberra and on the Friday he played the lead from Smoke slide with a Heinekin beer bottle. Not terribly well, either………

  17. 17
    Damon says:

    Totally awesome.

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